Britney Spears: Making The Vid

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"Ms. Spears, can i see you for a minute?" Jeffrey Jones the producer of
Britneys latest movie hollored out to the young aspiring actress. "Sure Jeff.. Whats up?" She said gleefully as she made her way to his office. "Well.. I was just notified that your against doing the full frontal nude scene" he said confidently as he fondled through some paperwork. "Well its not exactly me thats against it, you see my agent says that it would hurt my 'sweet angel' image" she told him as she sat down in the leather love seat directly in front of his desk. "Well.. You see thats not good.. This movie calls for this nude scene for the movie to pull in the audience were looking for.. So if your not up for it then we can find someone who is" he firmly stated staring deep into her dark blue eyes. A tear formed at the thought of them replacing her. She was the main star. "Come on Jeff... You CANT make me choose between music and movies. I love both" she cried out wiping the tear from her innocent eye. "I only see one other alternative" he stated forming an evil grin on his face. "What do you mean" she slowly asked. "Well.. As i see it I could do something for you.. If in turn you do something for me" He said as he slowly slid his chair back and began to stand up. "Fuck NO! If you think for one second that i would have sex with you to keep this spot you can forget it. Jeff placed his hand on the intercom button "Marty.. Send in Ms. Aguilara, i have something to discuss with her" He looked back at Britney as she was trembling in fear and hatred. "Ok then.. Your dismissed" he said as he pointed towards the door.

!Knock! !knock! "So.. Whats it going to be? Do what i say, or lose your first mainstream movie?" "ok.. ok.. Ill do whatever it takes." Britney cried as she sat back in the chair buring her face in her hands. "Come in Christina" Jeffrey said. In walks the 5 foot 4 110 pound blonde latino beauty. "You wanted to see me?" she questioned. "Yes.. I may be doing a movie coming up next fall and I was just wondering if you were available" he asked her as she looked over at Britney crying. "Well.. Im not sure.. I may be on tour, but ill get back to you" she said as she turned around to leave. "Ok" he said turning back to Britney.

"Now quit that crying... There will be enough of that tonight im sure" he snarled as he ran his long fingers through her blonde wavy hair. "Now.. I want you to go home, shower up, and get ready. I want you at apartment 6 lakeview apartments at 8:30 tonight. Wear that tight pink leather outfit. If your even five minutes late the deals off and Ms. Aguilera would be delighted to take her spot. Britney arose from the seat and started to walk to the door. "Wait a minute" he demanded as he made his way infront of her. He wrapped his hands around her placing his hands on her small firm ass. "So you can remember me" he said as he gently placed a kiss on her tender moist lips. Britney immediatly pulled back. "Remember tonight 8:30" he said as she quickly made her way out the door.

Britney quickly went home and fell down on her couch. "How'd the meeing go" Justin asked placing his hand on his future wifes back. "It was alright.. I dont have to do the nude scence" she said wiping the tears from her eyes. "Well whats the matter then?" He asked brushing her hair from her soft beautiful face. "Nothing.. Its a long story" she said getting up. I gotta go take a shower" she said making her way upstairs. "And by the way, your going to have to find something on your own for dinner. I uh.. I got a dinner date with a couple of my girlfriends i havent seen in a while" she said as Justin just sat there confused. "Ok.. I guess" he replied. Britney couldnt believe she just lied to her future husband. She couldnt tell him the truth. She just couldnt. She got to the bathroom and began to undress. She stared at herself in the full body mirror. "How can this be.. Im the most lusted after teen in the world, and now i have to degrade myself for some noname producer just so that i dont have to do a nude scene." she thought to herself. She stood for a few minutes later admiring herself in the mirror before she got in the shower.

She grabbed a washcloth and began to lather herself up. Starting with her slender legs she rubbed up reaching her midsized thighes. As she continued up she began to remember Jeffrey's hands on her firm ass. She was so disguested. She fiercly rubbed her ass where Jeff had just had his hands trying to get the thought out of her head. She finally realized that it was pointless and moved on. She pulled the washcloth over to her clit and began to rub around her tiny slit. She lathered up her short blonde stubby pubic hair before rinsing it clean. She continued up her petite body to her stomach. She ran the washcloth around her tiny dark stomach. She continued up lathering up her rather large perky breasts. She moved the washcloth to the center of the two mountains just rubbing ever so gently. She then moved over to her dark nipples and began to tease them by softly taking the washcloth over the tips of each nipple making them grow ever so erect. She continued up rubbing her neck and on to her soft rosey face. Just as she started applying the shampoo to her long blonde hair she heard a knock on the door. "Hey... Brit... Chritina's here, shes watching television.. But i gotta go to an autograph signing so i just wanted to let you know" he told her as he made his way back downstairs. Britney continued to apply the shampoo wondering to herself what Christina was doing here. She finallly got done with her shower grabbed up her robe and made her way downstairs.

"Christina? What are you doing here?" Britney asked in a soft worried voice. "I just came by to see how you were doing.. I saw you crying at the office today" she said as she got up and moved over towards Britney. She then took her arms and wrapped them around the young beauty bringing her closer. "Is everything alright" she asked in a concerned voice. The two continued to hug as Britney replied "Yes.. Everythings fine. When you came in he told me that i had to do the nude scene for the 'sake' of the movie" I just dont want to do it." Christina began caressing the back of Britneys head "This could be your big break that you had always been waiting for though." Christina said trying to encourage her distrout friend. "Could be my big break.. But it could also break me" Britney told her as she peeled her head from Christina's shoulder. "If it was me.. I would do it.. I mean you make more money in movies anyway, and what man wouldnt want to see these beauties" she said as she raised up her size B cup tits. "Thats just the thing, the men just watch me now so they can fantasize about me nude. If i do a nude scene for real then what will they have to fantasize about?" Britney rebutted. "A lesbian nude scene" Christina said grinning from ear to ear. "HAHA I could see them asking me to do that. Thats when i would have to retire" Britney said as she glanced over at the clock. "Oh shit.. Its 7:45 I gotta get ready. Im sorry, but i got a dinner date with some old friends. We'll talk later ok?" Britney said as she rushed back upstairs to locate the tight leather pink outfit Jeffrey demanded she wore.

She quickly fondled through her closet looking for the outfit Jeffrey specifically picked out for her to wear. She found it, quickly through off her robe and grabbed a pair of hot pink string thongs pulled them deep into her apple shaped ass. She then grabbed the tight silver leather pants and tugged them up her long slender legs. She then took the top over her head and onto her braless chest. She adjusted herself, ran back downstairs and out the door. She got into her red corvette and drove to the lakeview apartments. She made it there at 8:27. She quickly jumped out of the car, ran up the stairs and stood in front of apartment number 6. "Ok.. Brit, this is it.. What do you want to do?" She thought to herself as she non-conciously raised her hand knocking on the door.

The door opened and there stood Satan personifyied. Jeffrey invited her in locking the door behind them. "Hi there sweetheart.. Im glad you took my advice and wearnt late." he said as he checked her out from head to toe. "And im just loving your choice in clothing" he said taking his fingertips and moving them up and down both of her goosebump strickin arms. "What the fuck do you want with me you sicko" She firmly stated. "I want you..." he smirked. "I want you to promise me that you will do anything I ask of you tonight." He stated in a strong demanding voice. "Do you?" he asked again. "I ASKED a QuESTION BITCH.. I EXPECT an answer!" he shouted. "Yes.. Yes I promise" she said as she began to break down in tears. "Theres no need for these" he said as he gently placed his gently over her soft rosey cheeks wiping away the tears. Britney just shivered. Jeff moved forward and grabbed the back of her innocent head pulling it towards his. "I want you to allow my tounge into your mouth." he said just before he drew her head onto his placing his lips onto hers. Britney kept her mouth shut as Jeff tried inserting his tounge infuriating him even more. "GodDamnit! I said I WANT you TO ALLOW my tounge into YOUR MOUTH! If your not going to cooperate tell me now so I dont waste my fucking time. NOW I WANT YOU TO ALLOW MY TOUNGE INTO YOUR MOUTH!" he said fiercly placing another kiss onto her thick luscious lips. He opened his mouth and stuck his tounge on her moist lips. This time to his delight she opened up greeting his tounge with hers. The passionatly kissed for a few minutes tangling there tounges together. "Much better" he said wiping the saliva from his lips.

Britney just stood there in shock. "Now i want you to go over to the bed.. Im going to get something out of the other room." he said as he went to another room. She followed his instructions and made her way to the bed. She sat down and waited for her master to return. And return he did. He was holding a poloroid camera in his hands. "Now i want you to do some of them sexy poses for me" he demanded. "Jeff.. Please.. I cant.. I dont feel up to it.." she pleaded with him. "You know im betting Ms. Aguilara would appreciate a couple star roles in some upcoming movies. Hearing that and hearing what she said about doing nude scenes she knew she had to do it. "Fine.." she said trembling in fear over losing her position. She focused on the camera gave it a weak smile as Jeff began to snap photos. She then took her hands ran them through her long blonde hair. "You know this is good.. But what would be better is if you went ahead and removed them pants." he commanded. "Ya lets see them undies" he muttered. "NO!! PLEASE GOD!! NO!!" she pleaded with him again. "Dont tell me im going to have to threatin you again.. Besides im the only one that will ever see these photos.. Now go ahead" he demanded. That convinced her.. She took her fingers under the upper part of her lether pants and started to slide them down her legs. "Slower" he said as he continued snapping photos. She finally got the pants off and threw them aside. "God your sexy" he said snapping photos from all different angles. "Lets see you do some naughty" he commanded of the young temptress. "Turn around on your hands and knees and rub your pussy through the material. "Jeff!! NO!!" She again tried to plead her way out of it. "IF YOU WINE TO ME AGAIN I SWEAR TO GOD YOU WILL NEVER EVER HAVE ANOTHER MOVIE or MUSIC DEAL AGAIN!!!" he shouted at the frigtend young girl. She slowly turned around exposing her apple shaped ass. She slowly began rubbing between her legs. As she rubbed Jeff snapped photos of her ass and of her clit. "Ok.. Enough of that.. Now lets see the bra we decided to wear tonight. Take that wonderful top off" he told her smiling from ear to ear. "umm Im not wearing a bra.." she said in a soft trembling voice.

"Ok.. Then take that shirt off and lets snap some photos of that wonderful chest of yours" he said with an even BIGGER smile on his face. "N.." she started to plead as he rose his finger pointing at her with a stern look on his face. She remember what had said earlier and slowly began removing her top. Jeff continued taking pictures up until she got the top to the bottom of her breasts. He put the camera down to his side and just stood in awe. Britney took her top the rest of the way off exposing her two perfectly round breasts. She quickly crossed her arms over her chest hiding the two beautiful perky tits. "Oh Hell NO! Move your arms to your side" he commanded as he situated his snake inside his jeans. Britney dropped her head and looked down as she slowly took her arms away from her chest again exposing her two most prized possessions. Jeff stared at her for what seemed like hours before regaining his composure and snapped a couple more photos. "Pose for me Brit... Act like you having fun" he told her. She began to give a couple of poses as Jeff continuted snapping. "Lay all the way down on the bed, arch your back and look directly at the camera." he commanded the young beauty. She obeyed.. Laying all the way on the bed slowly arching her back forcing her chest even further into the air. He snapped a few more pictures before stopping. "Alright.. Thats enough of that for now" he said throwing the camera aside. Britney quickly covered up her exposed chest. "There will be more action.. I just said enough photos" Jeff told her as he made his way to the bed.

"Now its time to heat things up a little bit" Jeff said as he placed his hand on Britney's thigh. This sent a jolt of electricity racing through her petite body. "Its time i introduce a guest. Im sure you two have already met. Christina.. Could you come out here please?" he hollard as the young latino beauty made her way out of the back room. "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE@!!" Britney yelled as her eyes widened at the site of her best friend. "Hey Brit.. How ya doing" She giggled seeing the defenseless blonde beauty. She walked over to the bed as Jeff got up and moved to the chair. Christina sat down and began to stroke Britneys long blonde hair. "W..h..y?!" Britney asked.. "Trust me hun.. Ive wanted this since I saw you at the VMA's ripping off that tux like a proffessional stripper." She told her. Britneys mouth just dropped. Christina's hand moved from her hair down her soft trembling face down her neck. "Sorry to interrupt.. But I would prefer that one of you remove that blanket from Britney please" Jeff commanded still seated in the chair enjoying his show. Christina quickly threw the blanket into the floor again exposing Britneys two round perky breasts. Christnina then coninued her journey down Britneys upper chest down until she met the top of the two mountains. Slowly taking her fingernails and gently scratching the smooth skin on top of the lusious tits. She took her two small fingers and stuck Britneys nipple in between softly squeezing on the dark pink erect mound. She continued this as she took her mouth down to the other and began ever so softly sucking the fully erect nipple. "PLlleAASE STOOP@!!! PLEASE!!" Britney cried out as Christina continued sucking and licking all around Britneys tender nebula. "mmmm... You taste so sweet" Christina said teasing Britneys dark tip of her large breasts. "Christina PLEASE!!!!" Britney cried again to no avail.

Christina got on top of Britney straddling her pinning her to the bed. "Thats enough.. PLEASE!!" Britney again tried pleading with the sex drivin temptress as she placed her hands on Christina's small shoulders pushing her off of her tan belly. "What the hell are you doing? This is what I want and YOU already said I GET WHAT I WANT TONIGHT!" Jeffrey called out from his chair. "Jeffrey PLease Im not gay, bi, or anything.. Im getting married in a couple months PLEASE!!!" Britney cried out as all sheds of hope left her body. "Christina, please mount her once again" Jeffrey advised the young blonde latino. She ablidged placing each of her legs on both sides of Britneys trembling body. "You dont have to go through with it.. Ill take the stardome that will come with the movies" Christina smirked at the frightend superstar. "Fuck off" Britney shot back. Christina then took her fingers and traced a circle around Britneys small inner belly button before leaning down and kissing her softly. She then stuck out her tounge re-tracing the circle she drew with her finger leaving a trail of saliva on Britneys warm belly. Britney just layed there helplessly crying for someone to stop this insanity. Christina continuing with her wet tounge on Britneys warm shaking body slowly moved back up licking her way back to Britneys oversized breasts. Taking her hands she lifted up her left breast licking the area just underneath the soft perky breast. She licked her way over to the other soft mound lifting it up and licking underneath into the unknown. She made a trail of liquade saliva around her round perky breast to her neck. She sucked on Britneys hot neck as if sucking all the life out of the defensless girl. She removed her suction from Britneys neck leaving the slightest brown mark on the lower left side of her neck.

She then continued up Britneys warm tan body with her long pointy tounge licking every inch as she made her way past Britneys small boney chin. She licked across her rosey red cheeks meeting Britneys thick lucious lips once again. She made laps around the thick moist lips before settling down for another long passionate kiss with her pop rival. As they continued to kiss Christinas hands began to travel the long journey back down Britneys small slender body before reaching their destination at her pantyline. Britney quickly jumped as Christina slowly reached two of her fingers underneath her tight panties twirling her fingers around Britneys short blonde pubic hair. Christina finally released the kiss then wiped the remaining saliva from Britneys frigid lips.

She took her free hand down to Britneys promise land easily rubbing her snatch through the leathery surface making up her panties. As soon as she placed her hand upon the top of her clit she immediatly jumped back getting Jeffreys attention again. "This may be a good time to take a few more pictures.. Go ahead and remover her panties" he instructed the older pop star. Again she oblidged. She took her hand out from underneath Britneys panties and placed her hands on each side of Britneys loftier thighs grabbing the string. She gave it a swift tug and the two parts seperated. Jeffrey again began snapping photos this time of both of the hottest pop singers. "Ok... Finish removing" he instructed. Christina grabbed the top layer of the seperated panties and Britney began to cry out "PlEaSE NO MORE PICTURES!!! PLLLLEEASE!!" "God Damn your a bitch.." Christina said as she quickly removed the last article of clothing Britney had on her small tender body.

Jeffrey immediatly began taking pictures as Britney covered up her small teenage slit as well as she could with her tiny hands. "If you dont stop this we WILL tie your ass up so UNCOVERR yourself" he shouted with a loud stern voice. Britney immediatly broke out in tears and removed her hands from her tiny virgin slit. "Lets see some poses sweety" Christina smirked.. "Ya pose for us slut lets see the inside of that "juicy fruit" Jeffrey instructed. "Noooo... PLEASE GOD.. JUST STOP!!" Britney cried out again. Christina crotched down at the end of the bed taking her fingers and gripping each lip of Britneys pussy and stretched them as far as the tight virgin slit would go. "Look at that sweet sweet pussy.. All pink and MoIsT" Christina said as she released one of the lips only to take her finger and insert it into Britneys warm moist hole. Britney couldnt help but let out a moan... She knew she wasent enjoying it, but it just came over her. "PPPLLLEASE CHRIS.. STOP IM BEGGING YOU!!" she pleaded yet again with the non-cohearant woman.

Jeffrey again stopped snapping photos and returned to his seat to enjoy the show. Christina began furiously probing her fingers in and out of the tight teen pussy. Everytime she would take one finger out she would replace it with two and then back with one over and over and over. Britney continued pleading with the two to stop. Christina did in fact stop fingering her. Only to move on to more pleasuarble events. She took her fingers again parting the two lips like the red sea again making Britney yell out in agony. Christina dug her face deep inside tasting all of Britneys feminime juices that she could. She then stuck her long pointy tounge probing it deep inside Britneys body. She lashed the inside of her clit with her tounge Over, and Around, and Over, Britney was now getting excited. She couldnt believe how good this felt. For the first time in her life she was being ate out and she LOVED IT! "mmmmhhmmmm!!" she moaned as Christina continued to protrude her sacred spot. She began violently ripping at her own breasts, grabbing them into her small hands and pulling them up as far as they would go before they would crash back down to her petite body. "GOD THIS IS GREAT!!" She moaned as Christina experimented with sticking a couple fingers inside her deep abyss while continuing to wipe her clean. "IM GOING TO CUMM!! IM GONNA CUMM!!" Britney exhaulled.

As soon as she said those magic words Jeffrey stood up "Alright... Christina thats enough. Christina almost immediatly backed away from the fully aroused teenie. "Thats all for today Brit.. You get the part" he said as he laughed his way to the back room. "What the hell?" Britney thought to herself as Christina stood there staring at the exciting young vixxin. "Was it worth it?" Christina asked. "Fuck NO! ..but why did he make you stop?" Britney asked her master of the evening. "Weve got bigger plans for you now you better get home or ol Justin will get worried" she said laughing. "Bigger plans?" She asked.. Christina just left her there in the room by herself.

Britney soon after jumped out of the bed got her close on and made her way down to her car. She couldnt help but think what the plans were. She made it home a couple of minutes later with Justin sitting on the couch holding a manilla envolope. The look on his face Britney knew something was wrong. "Whats up sweetie?" she asked in a concerned voice. He just threw the envelope back at her. She slowly opened it up and pulled out a poloroid that Jeffrey had taken of her fully nude. She then frantically looked through the folder and saw a note that said:

SunnyDale Apartments

Apt: 7

8:30pm July 24 2002




This was an act of pure fiction.. All names were made up for the sole purpose of this story.. Anyway.. Who is Britney Spears or Christina Aguilaria.. Anyway if this was a true account i would like too see it.. But its not so we can only FANTASIZE which what a coincedence this is.. A FANTASY. I would love your comments or suggestions if you didnt see the email at the top of the page its


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