Britney Spears Story

Britney Spears Story
by stormystacky <>

Britney Spears was desperate. She had dumped her ex-boyfriend two
weeks ago, since she found out he was just dating her because she
was famous. She couldn’t believe what this asshole had done to her.
She had given him her virginity five months earlier, and they had a
steady love life going since that time, but she had no idea he was
trying to propel himself to celebrity status. She had gone through,

as George Costanza once eloquently put it, a metamorphosis. She had
taken a large
interest, all be it an amorous one, in the female sex. She noticed
that after she dumped her boyfriend, she had been exploring her body
alot more lately. Granted, she didn’t need to get herself off all
the time, since she had a guy to take care of that problem. But, she
had been noticing, and admiring, herself and her great body more
often in the mirror lately. All these feeling had really built up
lately, until she finally decided to take a stab at lesbianism. But
who would be the lucky woman to spend a night of passion with
Britney Spears…?

Debbi Smith was a high school librarian, merely trying to make ends
meet. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be in the hell hole she was buried in
now. She knew what the horny guys were thinking when they passed her
in the hall. They sure as hell weren’t staring at her face. She was
absolutely gorgeous. Her long black excentuated her facial features.
Her face was perfect, but her body grabbed the attention. D cup
breasts and a killer ass got the attention before any guy’s eyes
would get up to her face. She knew they were looking, but she wasn’t
in a position to complain. Money was tight, and she couldn’t afford
to lose this job. Still, she longed for people to appreciate her for
her brains, not her beauty. Besides, it didn’t matter that the guys
stared, because she had been a lesbian for 7 years, since she was

Debbi was listening to the radio in her small apartment when she
heard of a promotion going on. Apparently, one of her favourite
singers was coming to town, and the station was giving away one
ticket. The DJ said he was dialing a number from a list, at random,
and if that person answered, the ticket was there’s. It was about 5
seconds later that her phone rang. She ran over and answered it,
when she heard the DJ’s voice on the other end. After a short
conversation on air, the station cut to commercial and Debbi was
told where to go to pick up her ticket. She was surprised to hear
that she also had a two hour time space where she would be alone
with Britney, in a chance to meet and talk to the star. It was for
later tonight, so she decided to go shopping. She bought a new black
lace bra (she needed a new one), a white sleeveless shirt, and a new
pair of tight black jeans. She barely had enough time to go home and
change into her new clothes that she had to be on the road, the road
that would take her to places that had only existed in her dreams.

Britney was busy prepping for the concert. She was feeling more
amorous tonight, and this affected her choice of clothing. She
decided to wear a tight, low cut, pink t-shirt, tight pink leather
pants, a pink satin bra, and matching panties. Finally, it was time
to go on-stage. She gave a very sexual concert, gyrating her hips
and running her hands over her body more suggestively than usual.
After she finished her last song, she took her final bow and
proceeded to her dressing room. She was already well aware that she
had to spend an hour with a fan, and she was used to doing this sort
of promotional angle. But, she had no idea the person she was about
to meet would change her life, at least for this one night.

It finally came time for Debbi to get backstage. She was very
excited, and a thousand thoughts were going through her head at
once. The premier thought in her head was whether or not Britney was
of the same
‘persuassion’. She had heard the rumours on the Internet, and right
now, she was hoping they were true. After what seemed like an
eternity of walking, she finally got to the star’s door. She took
one deep breath and knocked on the door. After hearing Britney ask
her to come in, she opened to door and stepped into the room.

"Hi, I’m guessing you won WNVE’s contest?" Britney asked. Debbi
replied with a nod of her head. "I hope you aren’t nervous, because
you don’t have to be. Just relax and we can hang out for two hours.
Just think of me as a good friend." Britney tried to take some of
the tension out of the room. Debbi sat down beside Britney on the
couch. Britney was still wearing her outfit from the concert. The
two girls talked for about 45 minutes, ranging from shopping to men.
The conversation finally
turned to relationships, when Britney asked if Debbi had a
boyfriend. "Nope, I think you may be surprised to hear this, but I’m
a lesbian.", Debbi replied. She saw the look on Britney’s face, and
she thought she had made a mistake. Her face turned beet red and she
got up to leave. As soon as she stood up, Britney got up and tried
to comfort her. "You don’t have to be embarrassed. I’m a lesbian,
too.". There was a long pause, without any movements or verbal
contact. For Debbi, her mind was going even faster than before.

Finally, Britney leaned over and kissed Debbi on the lips. The kiss
was apprehensive at first, but soon grew to be very passionate. Both
women had their toungues intertwined with the other’s. Debbi’s hand
moved up and cupped Britney’s breast through her shirt and bra.
Britney soon followed suit and had both hands massaging Debbi’s
ample breasts. Britney pulled Debbi’s shirt over her head and
continued kneading her tits through her lace bra. She reached behind
her and unhooked her bra, freeing her perfect chest. Britney got
down on her knees and took one of her nipples into her mouth and bit
down gently. Debbi tilted her head back and moaned slightly,
enjoying the sensations running through her body. Britney then went
to Debbi’s other nipple and started the same illictitations. Debbi
was almost cumming in her pants just from this. Britney decided she
had tortured her enough and it was time for her to go lower. She
pulled off Debbi’s pants, and then her panties soon followed. She
sat her down and opened her legs. She brought her head down to her
center and began licking the lips. She then dived inside, which
brought out another moan from Debbi. She found her clit rather
quickly and began going after it. Debbi couldn’t hold out very long,
as she was soon cumming in floods. She then collapsed on the couch
and her breathing became very heavy. After she had some time to
rest, she decided to return the pleasure she had just recieved to
Britney. She switched positions with Britney and slipped her t-shirt
over her head. She gave her breasts a quick rub as she moved down
and removed Britney’s pants. She began rubbing Britney’s crotch over
the thin cloth of her panties. She reached up and unhooked her bra,
releasing those famous tits. She then slid her panties down her legs
and slipped them off, exposing her sweet pussy lips. She bent her
head down and began licking the already moist cunt. It was soon that
Britney was bucking her hips against Debbi’s face. Her whole body
began to shake as she was racked with an immense orgasm. Both women
collapsed and fell asleep on the couch, holding each other tight.
When they woke up, they exchanged phone numbers so they could always
stay in touch.

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