Britney Spears – Command Performance

Britney Spears- Command Performance
By Mdolizer

This is fiction. That is to say that most of this never happened. Probably.
Please do not read if you are under 18. Thank you.

Britney Spears bounded off the stage and headed to her dressing room,
winded, sweating, and relieved that this was her last scheduled performance
in her current tour. She relished the thought of being able to take it easy
for a couple of months, with nothing more strenuous planned for her than
a couple of award shows.
This was just what she was afraid of months ago, when her career
started to take off.
Britney loved her fans, and their adoration for her. She loved the attention
she got from day to day and the money that came with her fame. She loved
all these things, but she hated them, as well, because they were finally staring
to wear her down. And she knew, as she’s known since she started to pick up
steam, that she would soon have to face the downside of her success.
This would probably be the night.
Trying to move down the hall to her dressing room as quickly as possible,
Britney almost ran right into a trio of her backup dancers before they finally
caught her attention.
"Brit! Hey, Brit!"
She finally looked up as she heard her name.
"Oh. Hey, Will. Good show. What’s up?" Britney said as she flashed a tired smile.
"Listen, we were all going to get together and hit the town. One huge wrap
party! But you know it wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t have the star with us!
What do you say!?" the dancer said, as he nudged at Britney’s arm trying to
coyly prod her into coming.
Britney smiled wanly and chuckled under her breath, slowly pulling away.
"Uh…no, no I’d better just hit my dressing room. I feel all sweaty and I really
need a shower and a good, long nap. You guys go on ahead."
"Aw, come on, Brit! You know you have to come. Who’s going to jump on
my back and keep me from getting wasted? You know the others are going
to be to far gone themselves!"
"No…..well, maybe after I catch a shower I’ll catch up with you guys a
little later, okay?"
"Well…alright. But you had better hurry up before we’re all too wasted to
recognize you!" Will said as he slowly turned down the hall and prepared
to join the others near the rear exit. "We’ll leave a message with your driver
so you’ll know where we decide to go!"
Britney smiled brightly. "Okay!" she yelled, watching her friends head
out the door.

As she finally entered her dressing room, she plopped down into the chair in
front of her full-length mirror. Dead tired, she had to rest for a few minutes
before getting back up to grab a shower.
She slowly peeled off the tight outfit that she’d worn for the last performance
of the show and headed for the shower. Sometimes, nothing felt more satisfying
than spending long minutes in a hot shower, and this time was no different.
After a while, Britney stepped out feeling much more refreshed than before,
and she actually considered heading out to catch up with her friends. Why
had she felt so glum before? What was she thinking about "paying a price"
for her success? She just couldn’t remember and she decided to get dressed
and head out.
Britney pulled on a baby blue tank top that clung tight to her large breasts, and
a pair of white spandex pants that she had to work over her round, full butt. Her
still damp, straightened blond hair hung down over her shoulders.
Hey, she did like the attention after all, right?
Just as she made for the door, Britney felt a chill come over her, and she stopped
in her tracks. She thought she smelled something…foul…something like burning
sulfur…or….But just as she was coping with the smell, she noticed that her chill
was being replaced with a heat that seemed to be coming from everywhere all
at once. Despite the climate controlled backstage area she was now in, the heat
in Britney’s room continued to increase, even though her thermostat continued
to register a comfortable 70 degrees, Britney began to sweat.. Fearing a fire
somewhere, Britney jerked toward the doorknob and frantically tried to open
the door with no luck.
"HELP!" Britney now yelled at the top of her lungs ,sweat now beginning to
bead on her body. "Somebody HELP ME!"
Britney knew someone should be able to hear her as she wasn’t far from the
other rooms. Surely they wouldn’t have left without her, fire or not? Surely
someone would have thought to get her or sound an alarm or something?
"Oh God, help me…!" Britney began to openly weep now as she pounded on her door.
"Come on, Britney…give it up." Said a voice from somewhere behind Britney,
nearly growling. She turned slowly to face it. "Surely somewhere in that pretty
little head of yours, you remember me?"
Britney’s frightened eyes slowly took in the sight before her- a man, about six
and a half feet tall, dressed in a long black trench coat, wearing all black underneath,
his dark hair slicked back, pushed away from his forehead, the only visible patch
of skin. But that was what caught Britney’s attention-his skin. It was red.
Deep red.
And against the wall behind him, Britney could see the distortion of heat
waves rising from him.
This was all so impossible, she thought. She must have fallen asleep after
all. She must be in the middle of a dream. But if so, why did this all seem so…..familiar?
"Been having fun, Brit?" The red-faced man smiled. "You’re looking well.
Much better than the last time we met." The man made no motion toward Britney,
and simply stood with his hands in his coat pockets.
Britney, meanwhile, had stopped sobbing and stood transfixed.
"I…know you…? How do I know you?"
"I’m surprised you don’t remember. Most people’s memories usually snap back
to them as soon as they see me." The man walk over to a chair at his side and sat
down. It immediately began to smoke. "Either you’re particularly brave or
spectacularly dense. Which is it, Brit, hmm?"
"Oh…oh, no…I do remember you….." Britney’s eyes went wide.
"Are you sure? Because I was thinking you were falling toward the "dense" category."
"I didn’t think…I didn’t know you were real…"
"Dense as granite" the man said under his breath. "Brit, you say that every time you
see me. Can we just skip all this and get to the tithing?"
"The…tithing" Britney half-heartedly asked.
"Ms. Spears." The man said, stepping towards Britney. "Please try to remember: I came
to you when you were starting out, and in exchange for my granting you a spectacular career,
you are to be at my disposal once every month for as long as I desire. Any of this ring a bell?"
"Oh, yeah. I remember it all now." Britney looked at the man, finally really recognizing him.
"So, what are we going to do this time?" Britney was also remembering how much she was
starting to like these little visits. She watched as the man raised his red hand to her abundant
breasts and slowly rolled one under his palm.
"Didn’t I tell you that larger tits’d work wonders? And none of that nasty surgery, either."
he said, letting his hand roam all over Britney’s firm, young chest. Britney was getting into this.
She looked up at him with a totally sexy look.
"That isn’t all you want to do to me is it?" she said, pushing her chest out and further into
his hand. She slowly moved from side to side so both her boobs would get their share of
attention and she began to moan deep in her chest.
She opened her eyes in disappointment when she felt him pull his hand away.
"Well, Brit. It’s not about what I want right now." As the man stepped back, two young
men appeared from behind him, one white, one black. Both appeared to be a couple of
years younger than her and well-built. Of more immediate concern to Britney, though,
was the way they were both looking at her- their eyes hovering around her tits and her
thighs, and all points in between. They looked hungry.
"Britney Spears, meet Cole and Brian, two of my most loyal servants." The man stepped
back and sat down in a chair across the room. There was now nothing between the singer
and the two leering boys. "These boys made a deal similar to yours, except they were a
little less ambitious; they have served me for months now, and in return, they requested…you."
Britney was watching the boys intently, her arms still behind her back, pushing her
considerable chest out towards them. She turned to look at the man staring calmly from
his chair as she felt the first set of hands prodding and pawing at her tits, far harder than
she was prepared for. She winced and looked at the boy in front of her who had no reason
to look up at her face, having found two new toys to play with. Britney had to work to
steady herself as the other boy, the one who she thought was Cole, came up beside her,
kneeled down, and began to shove his hands between her legs from both sides. He
clamped onto her firm, round butt as if it were the first he’d ever felt, shaking the girl this
way and that, as he squeezed and pulled her tight cheeks. The boy who must have been
Brian, the one who was having his way with her breasts, now stood up and looked at
Britney’s face. As Britney was still looking across the room, she didn’t notice until he
placed his hand on her jaw, turned her toward him, and shoved his tongue deep into
her mouth while continuing to work her tits over. Cole, as if on cue, also stood up behind
Britney as his hands slid around her perfect hips, slipping across the smooth fabric. His
hands met again at Britney’s crotch, one pushing its way down the front of her pants,
caressing her warm mound, and the other insistently worming its way between her round,
tight, closed thighs to slide between her legs, from her ass to her pussy. As he did this,
Cole was pressing his erection into the warm crease of Britney’s bountiful ass ,the excitement
of the moment welling up within him.
Britney looked passively across the room as the two young boys continued to play with
her endowments, and she would be lying if she said she didn’t enjoy it all on some level.
She figured that these boys had never been with a woman before from the way they were
pawing at her, and it kind of excited her that she might be their first. She would have preferred
things a little gentler, surely, but she knew that it was all out of her hands. This was part of
her deal for fame and she had no choice but to live up to her end.
She was having trouble staying on her feet, and she would have fallen over by now but for
the fact that she was being sandwiched in between to boys who had no intention of breaking
contact with this body that was just made to be played with, this adolescent boys wet dream,
men of all ages in fact. Hand moved all across Britney’s body. Rock hard erections, screaming
to get at the young beauty, pressed up against her body wherever they could. Tongues
licked across Britney’s face and neck, as if the boys couldn’t wait to taste her. Finally Cole,
trying not to separate from Britney’s ass, unable to handle much more, began to tug at his
pants and underwear, leaving his fully erect cock to spring up against the underside of the
star’s warm ass. Brian, for his part, slid his hands under Britney’s pants at her hips, and
peeled the clinging fabric down her legs until they gathered around her knees. The boys
both threatened to cum immediately when they could see that Britney was wearing no
underwear, her blond pubic area and high, round butt now in clear view of their excited eyes.
Britney stood with her hands clenched tightly at her sides, trying to cope with the intense
feelings as she felt one tongue traveling up and down crack of her butt, and another furrowing
deep into her pussy. Both boys were grasping tightly onto Britney’s hips to try to keep her
steady under the pressure, but she ended up falling forward several times, pushing on the head
in front of her which in turn forced his tongue deeper into her, and giving the Cole, behind her,
more opportunity to nestle his face into her ass. Taking advantage of the kneeling Britney, Cole
stood up, placed his throbbing cock in between Britney’s tight buns, and began to thrust quickly.
The pressure there was astounding and the tingles that shot up his body forced him to go faster
and faster as he violated Britney’s ass. Seeing this, Brian became very eager to get his first
blowjob from the hot young singer. He stood up and slid his cock along Britney’s wet, plump
lips as she occasionally let her tongue stick out and give it a quick lick. Holding back no more,
he finally thrust himself into her mouth, where Britney’s tongue went to work full time over his
excited tool. As he felt Britney sucking on his aching cock, he leaned over enough to fondle
and squeeze her breasts as they shimmied underneath her.
Britney was barely even thinking at this point, having thrown herself completely into the part
of a sexual toy for these two adolescent boys. She pressed and licked at the cock in her mouth
as she felt Cole bury his as deep into her as he seemed able, as his balls came to rest against
her thighs before he began to drive in and out of her. As Brian grabbed the sides of her head
and began to frantically fuck in and out of her mouth, she felt Cole’s finger’s burying themselves
between her pliant buttcheeks, sliding around and grabbing handfuls of her flesh. She knew
that they would not last long at this rate, and felt a bit disappointed by that. Just then, she
heard Brian moaning loudly just before she felt his hot sperm explode into her mouth. Her
cheeks ballooned out as her mouth was filled with his seed, and she struggled to gulp it down,
as Brian was apparently not about to let her spit. She continued to drive back into Cole, and
as she felt him losing control, she pushed her ass back into his pelvis and just wiggled it there,
sending him into a frenzy. He finally shot his load into her wriggling body, several streams
that he half-thought would blow out the other end of her.
Both boys withdrew from Britney’s holes and slid down onto the floor, completely spent.
Britney, beginning to recover from the moment, stood upright, wiped the bits of cum that
had escaped from her mouth, and slowly pulled her pants back up. She stared back over
at the mysterious man that had brought them all together tonight.
Clearing her throat, she slowly gathered her voice.
"Is that all…?" She asked the man, not sure if she wanted it to be or not.
"Not quite, my sweet." The man simply snapped his fingers and instantly Britney was in a
new, familiar outfit; a white button-down short sleeve dress shirt, and a tartan, pleated schoolgirl
skirt. Her hair was now in pigtails. The only difference from the last time she’d worn this was that
the shirt was considerably more strained to contain her now bursting endowments. "I hadn’t
planned on this, but seeing you just then, playing the little slut for these two, well, every guy
has his limits, right?" the man said, walking over to Britney. "Boys?"
At that, the boys got up from there rest on the floor, each taking hold of one of Britney’s arms,
and sat her down between them on the cot behind them. Britney looked back and forth between
the two as each took one of her strong, firm legs and put it over his lap, leaving her still glistening
pussy, now encased in white cotton panties, in full view as her skirt was pulled open just above
her thighs. The boys, aroused again, took turns rubbing the moist heat of Britney’s crotch and
her tits that threatened to explode the buttons off her tight shirt. There was always at least one
hand working itself under her panties into her hot, tingling pussy and sliding between the buttons
of her shirt, squeezing hers sweet tits and flicking her nipples. One of the boys was leaning over
and nibbling on Britney’s tits thru her shirt while molesting the other with his hand.
After watching all this for several minutes, the man slowly unzipped his black pants,
reached inside, and pulled out his growing penis. Britney, in a daze up to this point, stared
wide-eyed at his tool, as it had to have been about 12 inches long and very thick. Britney
was rocking back and forth under the attentions of the boys as she looked up at the man before
her, and he just smiled back at her. She wasn’t sure if she could take that cock, but then again,
she said that every time.
"Get her ready, gentlemen." The man said, watching his two agents remove their hands from
Britney’s breasts and pussy, and pull her to the edge of the cot. The man began to rub his
massive cock along Britney’s soft, pouty lips as she looked up at him impassively. Slowly
he began to push his way into her warm mouth. He knew she had never been able to take his
full girth before, in her mouth or anywhere else, but every time she took a little more. Maybe
today would be the day. Now, half of his cock was gliding in and out of Britney’s drooling mouth,
her closed as she was once again being used as a fucktoy for someone not of her choosing.
The man slid his head around to the back of Britney’s head and began to try to force a few
more inches down her throat, but she seemed to have maxed out at about eight or nine inches.
Somewhat annoyed by this, the man drove himself as deep as he could into Britney’s throat
twice more before pulling out, watching Britney gag and cough as he did so. He lifted the
girl by her arm, and flipped her over onto her hands and knees at the edge of the cot. Britney
felt the fat cockhead pressing at her wet, puffy cuntlips thru the soaked material of her panties.
Without thinking, she began to wiggle her bottom, actually trying to fit the cock into her cunt
thru her panties. Taking the cue, the man behind her ripped a small hole in Britney’s cotton
underwear and quickly ran his cock straight thru, shoving into her as deeply as possible with
the first thrust. Britney moaned and yelped loudly as she was impaled on the man’s frantically
thrusting rod, and it came to the point where she had to brace one hand against the wall in
front of her for fear of rammed into it.
She cooed loudly when she felt the man’s hands going to work on her ass, molding and kneading
them over her cotton panties almost until it hurt. Brian slid between Britney’s face and the wall
in front of her, pulled out his once again erect cock, and quickly placed it in Britney’s panting
mouth. He began to drill in and out of her face almost immediately, scrunching her body up
between the fucking she was receiving at both ends now. Britney moaned and whined at the
duel penetration and actually was relieved when she felt Brian’s second load firing down her
throat. Her break was short lived however, when Cole took Brian’s place and was soon fucking
her face even harder than the first boy.
Meanwhile, the man behind her was stuffing her pussy over and over again with more meat
than she would have ever thought was possible. He would stop every few minutes to lean over
and nibble on her big, firm buttcheeks or to tongue her tight little asshole. And every time he
resumed his fucking of her firm pussy, he’d fuck her harder and faster, until, after about an hour
into it, Britney was completely pushed against the wall, her arms between it and her head in an
effort to keep from banging her head. She began to wonder if this would ever end. The boys
had no more energy left, and stopped playing with her about fifteen minutes ago. They were now
lying in heaps on the floor, completely spent. Now, Britney only had to endure this devil’s
unrelenting assault, and she wondered how much longer he could possibly last. She got her answer
as she felt the first blast of his seed launch deep within her, with almost enough force to blast her
off his cock. He slowly pulled out of Britney and shot several more loads of semen all over her
jiggling ass before flipping Britney over, straddling her stomach, and drenching her tits and face
with the last few sprays.
He climbed off of her and Britney slowly sat up against the wall, struggling to swallow the massive
amount of sperm that had landed in her mouth. She looked at the red man as he straightened his
clothes and regained his composure.
"Not too many women can make me lose control like that Britney." He said as he reached over to
caress her soft lips with his finger. "You should be proud. Boys?"
Britney watched as the man and the two boys all headed for the door, acting as if nothing had
"See you next time, Brit. Not that you’ll remember…" he said as he closed the door behind him.
Britney immediately fixed her clothes as best she could, wiped her face, and ran to the door. As
she opened it and looked down the hall in either direction, she wondered how they could have
gotten out so quickly. They…"they"…"they" who? Suddenly she couldn’t even remember who
she was looking for.
Oh well, Britney thought as she slid a hand down her baby blue tank top, smoothing the material.
"If I hurry," she thought," I might be able to catch up to the guys!" Britney ran out into the hall,
and asked her driver to take her to meet her friends in town.

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