Britney Spears – Parental Non-Consent

Britney Spears – Parental Non-Consent

by David Oberman

Part One

The 21-year-old pop diva was beginning to lag in her singing

career, and her attempt at acting didn’t help her image much

either. Though she still has a dynamite body, she was finding it

harder to hold out for the hardship of the concert tours.

So at the urging of her manager Britney started a disciplined

regimen of physical fitness that she tried her best to adhere to.

Every morning she would get up, weigh herself, eat a healthy

and then go out for a long run. Those first few weeks

was hard for her to keep honest to the training schedule, so her

trainer would accompany her, but now she was actually enjoying

those morning runs in the woods around her neighborhood.

This was a quiet neighborhood along some high mountain forest

that was open to anybody who wanted to use it. Occasionally she

would even see some wildlife during her jogs. Deer, coyotes, she

even saw a few mountain goats that came down to graze in the

woods. But normally she would pass by families talking walks

with the kids, or owners walking their dogs, and even a few

strays were spotted but they didn’t seem to present any danger to

anybody. Or like her, others who enjoyed the natural beauty of

the woods for their jogs.

Of course, still being a teen icon, she would be wearing the

sexiest jogging outfits she could find. Tight, form-fitting

Lycra bottoms and tops would show off her sexy figure for anybody

to see. And being a bit of an exhibitionist, she rarely bothered

with a bra under the skin-tight tops. In that respect, she

didn’t mind the staring from other joggers. She actually got a

kick being such a tease towards them. However, she did feel a

bit uncomfortable when women would look at her with those same

sex-hungry eyes as the men.

‘What a bunch of lesbian weirdoes,’ she would think of those

women. ‘Why don’t they find themselves a guy to screw with?’

She has been on this exercise kick for about four months now, and

it was now a very normal routine to her. She was looking forward

to her morning jogs now, her tits bouncing in the tight-fitting



Though Britney’s career was influencing many young girls in their

appearance, and clothing choices, parents all around America

didn’t have the same feeling towards this tramp’s negative

influence on their daughters. Over the past six years, she’d

been performing in the most scandalous costumes parents had ever

seen on a teenager, and most of them were distressed as they

watched their own daughters follow her lead

One such parent was James Alexander, whose 15-year-old daughter

had taken to follow in Britney Spears’ fashion statement and was

constantly dressing and looking like a street-whore. The man was

a normal kind of family man, overweight with a potbelly, and old

enough to be Britney Spear’s father. But the straw that finally

broke his back about these pop-divas was when his Jenny got raped

by a bunch of guys in broad daylight, and they got off in court

because the jury felt that his 15-year-old daughter had been

asking for it by the way she dressed.

For months he had been fuming over this and on this particular

morning he was driving along in a fashionable wooded area and

noticed this hot looking girl jogging along the parkway. As he

drove by this young beauty, he turned his head to follow her

bouncing boobs.

Imagine his shock when it hit him that it was that slut Britney

Spears herself. The same slutty diva that had gotten his

precious Jenny raped, impregnated and branded a whore by the


He didn’t know what he would ever do if he ever got to meet her

in person, and now his mind was forced to consider that this must

have been a sign from above.

He sped off and headed straight home to make plans for this bitch

that had caused his family such sorrow.

Over the next few weeks, James Alexander drove that same

neighborhood to make sure of Britney’s routine. He was gleaming

with joy once he found out that she was jogging every day, rain

or shine. With this settled he was now ready to pay her back for

Jenny’s pain.

He spent the next few days gathering everything he felt he would

need to exact his vengeance over her. He bought some nylon rope

from a hardware store, a ball-gag from a sex-shop, and purchased

a hunting knife from a sporting-store. He even managed to steal

an ear-piercer from a jeweler without being caught. All of this

he packed in a backpack that he dumped into the trunk of his car.

The time was soon coming when Britney Spears would find out what

it’s like to be a whore, if she wasn’t one already.

Part Two

Over the next four weeks, James Alexander kept a watchful eye on

Britney Spears, stalking her until the opportunity would present

itself for him to exact his revenge on behalf of his daughter.

Then on a cool morning, the chance presented itself to him. It

was Saturday morning of a long weekend, so it seemed that many

people went out of town as the woodland seemed very empty. But

Britney didn’t mind that as James watched her jog out of her

house and down the wooded paths for her daily routine.

Leering at the nubile diva, he quickly drove down the road to get

ahead of her and got out of his car in his jogging suit and

pulled out his revenge package from the trunk and started running

after the blonde songstress.

He patiently waited for Britney to come down her regular path,

hidden in the bushes. Spying down the path he finally saw her

lithe body coming around the corner. He got down low and

prepared his trap.

As Britney came jogging past his hiding place, James Alexander

let out a mournful groan to catch her attention. As expected,

Britney stopped and looked around for the source of the sound.

“Help!” James groaned out in a half-whisper.

“Anybody out there?” Britney called out, trying to locate him.

As she shoved the bushes around nearby, James deftly snuck around

them and came up behind the naïve diva. With a powerful lunge he

tackled her hard, knocking the breath out of her as he had


Now that she was temporarily subdued he quickly and deftly

stuffed the ball-gag in her mouth and strapped it tightly to the

back of her neck.

“Ugnhm-m-m-m-m-m!” Was all that Britney could grunt out before

her voice was blocked.

But she quickly came to the realization that this was a dangerous

situation for her. She began kicking and wiggling, trying to

push this person off her back, but James was too heavy and she

had no leverage to move him off.

James then grabbed her wrist and pulled them both all the way

back so that Britney could actually touch her own opposite elbow.

He now wrapped the nylon rope around her forearm, until both were

tightly bound to each other from elbow to wrist.

“Now you little cunt,” James growled at her. “Now you get to

find out how slutty you are.”

He roughly dragged her to her feet by her arm, causing her

excruciating pain and shoved her deeper into the all so familiar

woods of her own neighborhood.

‘God! What… what’s going to happen to me?” Britney could only

wonder as she stared in terror at the forty-plus man attacking


James shoved and pushed her repeatedly as he guided her deeper

into the woods. His plan was to get her as far away as possible

from any possible assistance.

Britney’s eyes were darting left and right constantly,

desperately looking for help, but there was no one in sight.

Despite what was happening, she was somewhat relieved that this

strange man hadn’t touched her since his first assault.

‘Maybe this isn’t a rape,’ she told herself. ‘Maybe this is just

a kidnap, and all he really wants is a ransom.’

After a good hours walk into the deep recesses of the forest,

James found what he was looking for. He had scouted this area

for over a month looking for such a site. It was a grassy

opening amidst the towering trees, but still completely hidden

from view, even from the air as the trees created a natural

canopy of leaves above their heads.

“Sit down!” He growled as he shoved Britney to the ground.

With her arms bound as they were, she couldn’t protect herself

from the fall and landed heavily on her boobs.

James dropped his backpack and pulled out the hunting knife and

walked towards the helpless songstress.

Britney struggled to turn around just in time to see James

approaching her with a menacing knife.

“N-n-n-no-o-o-g-g-g-g-h-h!” Britney tried yelling through the


“SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOU WHORE!” James shouted as he grabbed her

by her elastic top, and pulled her to a sitting position.

Struggling, Britney closed her eyes as she got a last glimpse of

the knife coming down towards her chest.

‘I’m going to die,’ was her final thought.

But James Alexander had greater plans for this slut.

“Get that top off, slut!” James ordered, waving his razor-sharp

knife at her.

Britney immediately complied to his demands and peeled off the

skin-tight T-shirt off her body.

“The bra too,” he waved the knife again.

First one shoulder strap came off then the other. But James was

getting impatient with her slowness and walked up to her and

simply sliced the tit-confining garment. The well-endowed 21-

year-old singer instinctly brought her tiny hands up to cover

herself. Despite her wild reputation as a sex-tart, Britney was

basically just a shy girl about her own body.

“That’s better,” James glared down at her. “I always knew you

were a slut.”

The sudden coolness of the air and the imminent danger she was in

stiffened Britney’s nipples almost instantly. Opening her eyes

cautiously, Britney stared down at her now exposed breast, with

no way for her to cover herself, then turned her attention back

up to the man holding the knife. She could see in his eyes that

he wasn’t finished with her yet.

James then roughly flipped her over on the ground and proceeded

to slice away Britney’s jogging shorts off her ass. The

synthetic material offered no resistance to his sharpened hunting

knife and Britney soon found herself with nothing more than a

tiny g-string panty for clothing along with socks and her jogging


James just stood there, towering over her trembling body and

leered at her beautiful young, and tight body. Then Britney

cringed as he came down on her and grabbed hold of her panties

and yanked them down her slim legs and tossed them aside, leaving

her now totally exposed.

“No wonder you act like such a slut,” he grunted down at her.

“You don’t only dress like one, but you have the body of a whore


Britney just shook her head in response in denial to his



Her head snapped back from his hand hitting her across the cheek.

When she recovered, tears were streaming down her cheeks.

“Don’t lie to me, you slut,” he said furiously. “It’s because of

sluts like you that my poor Jenny got raped. You and your

whorish clothes.”

With those final words, James Alexander pulled off his tear-away

jogging pants, exposing is already hard cock to the frightened

singing star. Britney’s eyes opened wide in fear as she realized

what this madman had planned for her.

James grabbed her ankles and pulled them apart, exposing the gash

of her cunt to him. He then forcibly plunged his body on top of

her’s and rubbed himself over her, grabbing and squashing at her

ample tits.

“I knew you were a slut,” he mouthed at her as he ran his tongue

across her right cheek. “You couldn’t even wait to get your

nipples all hard,” he added as he pinched those nipples hard in


“Gungh! Ugnh-h!” Britney groaned behind the ball-gag stuck in

her mouth. ‘God! This can’t be happening to me.’

James then forced his knees between hers and proceeded to force

her legs wider apart to give his hard cock full access to her

cunt. With one vicious lunge he buried his eight-inch cock fully

in her struggling body and proceeded to give her a savage fuck.

“Is this what you teach our little girls, cunt,” he spat at her

still struggling body. “You want all our daughters to be sluts

like you. Cunts who just want some hard cock.”

“Nungh! M-m-m-m-h-h-h!” Britney could only moan in silence.

Savagely he continued his rape of the superstar, feeling his cock

reach the deep recesses of her moistening pussy. When he felt

her lubricating herself for his cock, he felt sure that he was

now justified in his vengeance.

“I feel you cumming, you slut,” he gloated at her. “I feel your

juices all around my fucking shaft. You’re loving this, aren’t

you cunt?”

‘No-o-o-o-o, I’m not cumming,’ she tried convincing herself.

‘I’m not cumming because of this bastard. I’m… I’m not that

kind of girl. I… I can’t be.’

But despite her self-protestation, Britney Spears was indeed

climaxing at this man’s raping her. She couldn’t deny it any

longer as her grunts of disgust were soon changing to moans of


Despite his initial intention of teaching this whorish young star

a lesson, James was thoroughly enjoying the feel of her tight

cunt around his pistoning cock. He didn’t think he could hold

out much longer, but he fully intended to get all the pleasure he

could out of her.

“I’m gonna fill ya with my spunk, bitch,” he told her. “If

you’re lucky, you might get knocked up like my poor Jenny did

because of you.”

Britney shook her head from side to side, not wanting to have

this monster’s baby.

“Get ready bitch,” he grunted. “I’m cumming. Cumming!


Britney began crying as she felt the scalding heat of James cum

pouring into her young vagina. Despite her disreputable fashion

that brought James to this, Britney was very careful about sex,

but this situation was no longer in her control.

She could only squirm and cry as James grunted and groaned as he

continued to empty his balls in her tight pussy. He roughly

grabbed at her tits and pulled them by her stiff nipples until

they felt like they were being pulled off her chest.

Seeing that, James couldn’t help but bring his head down and bite

down hard on Britney’s nipples causing her to both groaned in

pain, and cum once again as his cum swirled inside of her. Then

James simply collapsed on top of her, his overweight body

crushing the breath out of her.

Part Three

Britney’s skin was being marked by black and blue as James

continued his vicious rape of the popstar. And all she could do

was cry silently behind the gag, and submit to this man’s attack.

“How do you like being a sex symbol now, cunt,” he grunted as he

slammed his 200-plus pounds into her. “This is how my Jenny got

treated because of you.”

Britney could only weep in pain as the father kept fucking her

tight pussy as viciously as he could. She could hear his balls

slapping at her ass with each hard stroke, and embarrassingly,

she could feel herself cumming.

“NUNNGGHH!” She tried to protest past the ball-gag.

“Oh yeah, bitch,” James grunted as he felt his seed rushing

through his dick. “I’m cumming you whore. I’m cumming in that

sloppy cunt of yours.”

As he came, his older body couldn’t take the strain and he simply

collapsed on top of her, crushing her under his weight. Britney

was in no position to roll him off of her, or escape. Not with

her arms tightly bound at her back. All she could do was try to

calm herself and feel this man’s cock shrink inside of her.


After what seemed an eternity to her, Britney felt the man

finally stirring. She then felt great relief as he lifted

himself off from on top of her and leer down at her.

“How… how did you like that, you cunt?” He asked, still

breathless. “Want some more?”

Britney shook her head violently, which was the wrong thing to do

with this vengeance seeking man. She watched in terror as he

reached down and grabbed her by her scalp, pulling her up to her

feet. The pain from the hair pulling was excruciating and she

had no choice but to comply.

James shoved her ahead of him and guided her bound body towards

the forest’s edge. There in front of her was a huge fallen tree,

easily two-feet around its trunk. As soon as they got near it,

James shoved her hard, causing Britney to fall over it and

knocking her breath away.

There she lay across her stomach, her rear completely vulnerable

to this man’s desires.

James kneeled behind her up-turned ass and inserted a callused

finger in her unlubricated asshole. Britney squirmed

uncomfortably as her ass tried to squeeze his invading digit out.

But James was too forceful and was easily winning the battle.

Quite easily he got his finger past the joint and kept on


When he started pulling his finger out Britney sighed a sigh of

relief. This quickly changed when the invasion resumed, this

time with two fingers, and then three. James was enjoying his

finger rape so much, his cock was reviving itself. This was

something he hadn’t been able to manage for many years.

‘A few more minutes of this and I’ll be ready for another fuck,’

he was thinking to himself with glee.

‘Oh god! Please make this stop,’ Britney was praying. “And,

please, please, don’t let him rape my ass.’

But her prayer would go unanswered, for a few minutes later she

felt him pull out his finger and then felt the warm presence of

his cockhead poking at her anal entrance. She desperately tried

wiggling her ass to keep him away from her but she knew that any

such attempt would prove hopeless.


She winced, feeling the sharp sting of his hand striking her

naked ass.


Her ass quivered and her skin began to redden from the next slap.


“You gonna stay still?” James asked her.


Finally, she acquiesced and stopped struggling. Weeping openly

through the ball-gag, Britney awaited the final humiliating act

of her virgin ass being taken by this mad rapist.

James began to hump her quivering ass hard. With each thrust,

her ass rippled like Jell-O, and her clit was being rubbed

roughly over the bark of the fallen log under her.

“Ungh! Ungh!” He could hear Britney moan as an orgasm was

building within her.

“You like this, don’t you bitch,” he gloated openly. “You love

getting a hard cock up your slutty ass.”

“Nungh! Ungh!” Britney tried to deny his statement, to no avail

as she came despite her revulsion. “Oooooh! Un-n-n-g-g-g-h-h-


“Cumming! I’m cumming again you cunt!” James groaned as he

thrust himself harder into her bound body.

He unloaded in her once again and pulled out unceremoniously,

letting his jism pour out of her hole.

“NUNGH!” Britney groaned through the ball-gag helplessly as the

relief of her ass being set free overwhelmed her into another


James then walked around her slumped body, lifted her head and

unstrapped the ball-gag from her mouth.

“Cough! Cough!” She gasped in relief. “Wh… why are you doing


“Shut the fuck up, you slut!” He spat down at her. “Right now

you’re gonna clean off my cock, understand. You’re gonna lick

and suck your shit right off it.”

“NO!” She snapped back at him. “No fucking way you pervert.”

James pulled out his knife again and ran it across her throat.

“You will clean off my dick,” he told her. “And no funny stuff.

If I feel your teeth clamping down on me, so will this knife.”

He pressed down harder to drive the point across.

“O… okay,” Britney said shakily. “I… I’ll do it.”

James grinned and pushed her chest down over the log and got to

his knees at her head and slapped his shit-covered cock across

her lips and cheeks.

Britney then reluctantly parted her lips and let her tongue run

across it, tasting shit for the first time in her life. She had

to fight the urge to puke in this man’s lap, for fear of deadly


“Oh yeah, bitch!” He groaned. “Take it down your hole, slut.”

As he said that, he pushed his cockhead past her lips and began

humping the young singer’s mouth. Feeling secure that his threat

was taken seriously, he used his knife and cut the rope binding

her wrists.

Just as he was getting into a steady rhythm in her young throat

James heard the bushes rustling in front of him. Grabbing the

knife, he thought for sure that he had been found out.

Then out came bounding a large German Shepherd, its tongue

hanging down the side of his jaw.

“God damn!” He laughed. “It’s just a stupid mutt.”

He put the knife aside and resumed his mouth-fuck of Britney


The large dog just tilted his head in confusion as he watched the

two humans fuck. What really got the large canine confused was

why the big male was trying to fuck the human bitch the wrong

way. Couldn’t he see that her fuck hole was on the other side?

Part Four

As James continued mouth-fucking Britney Spears, the dog came

closer to the active couple. Within a few steps his sensitive

nose picked up a distinctive scent. The scent of sex. This

encouraged him to lurch forward even more.

All the while James kept a watchful eye on the animal. He

remained at the ready to fight off the dog if it decided to

rescue the captive diva.

Meanwhile, Britney was having a hard time breathing past the cock

stuffing down her throat. She was totally unaware of the

presence of the Shepherd in the clearing. Right now she simply

had to concentrate on surviving this rape.

James kept thrusting his hard cock down the singer’s throat,

trying to shoot his jism in that filthy mouth of hers. All the

while, the dog began circling them, his nose up in the air

sniffing her sexy aroma.

“Get the fuck out of here, you mangy mutt,” the rapist yelled at

the dog.

‘Who is he talking to?’ Britney was wondering as her mouth rape

went on.

Then she felt the cold nose of the dog as it pushed against her

cunt mound. She wiggled her ass the best she could in the

awkward position she was in, trying desperately to get whoever

was there to move away, but that proved a fruitless attempt.

James eyes went wide at the sight of the beast trying to get at

Britney Spears’ cunt, and then a wide grin spread across his


“Now I know you’re a slut,” he told her. “Even dogs know a bitch

when they smell one. Ya heard that, bitch! Ha-ha-ha!”

‘Wha… what is this bastard talking about?’ Britney was more

confused then ever. ‘Why is he talking about dogs at a time like


James must have been reading her mind, because just then he

pulled his cock out of her mouth and turned her head so she could

see who was at her cunt.

“NOOO!” Britney shouted in shocked terror. “GET HIM AWAY FROM


Instead of shooing the dog away, James forced her head back to

him and shoved his hard cock back in her mouth and began to fuck

her harder still.

Just then the dog began lapping at the young diva’s pussylips,

having discovered the succulent flavor of her pussy-juices.

“O-o-o-o! O-o-m-m-m-m! M-m-m-m-m-m-h!” James heard Britney

moan as he watched the dog’s wide tongue lapping at her



Britney squirmed helplessly as the dog lapped away at her, and

this rapist continued ravaging her throat with his cock.

“This is even better than I could have imagined,” he said

gleefully at the young diva’s ultimate degradation.

Then, without any forewarning, the dog backed away and stared at

her intently for a moment.

‘Damn it! He’s lost interest,’ James thought to himself in


But then the dog did the most unexpected thing. He leapt up on

top of Britney Spears’ back and began humping his hips as he

tried locating her cunt hole.

“HOT DAMN!” James yelled out. “You’re about to get what you

deserve now, you slut.”

“UUNNGGHH! NUMPH!” Britney tried protesting as she quickly

realized what was about to happen to her.

She couldn’t have ignored the dog’s heavy weight when he landed

on her, or his slithering hardness as it slid along her calf in

search of her pussy entrance. She knew what the animal was

looking for, and she knew she could do nothing to stop this from


James increased his own thrust in her mouth as he watched the

horny beast licking at her bulging tits. He could see the dog’s

back curve sharply as the animal desperately humped his ass in

search of his ultimate goal.

All the while, James was debating if he should pull out of the

songstress so he can get a better view of a dog-cock burying

itself in her cunt. But he couldn’t pull himself away from such

a good cocksucking mouth.

That’s when he decided on a compromise. He doubled his tempo and

tried to shoot his jism in her before the dog could get to

fucking her. This way he would get the benefit of both worlds.

Britney was breathing hard as the surging cock kept blocking her

windpipe and the dog was getting closer and closer to her wet

pussy. She still couldn’t understand how her body could betray

her so fully. First because a man raped her, and now because an

animal was about to do the same.

“Suck it, bitch! Make me cum!” James grunted as he felt his

balls tighten. “Make me cum, you fucking perverted little cunt!

See how my kid felt when your influence got her raped!”

Britney could do little else but suck this vile man’s ravaging

cock and hope that this ordeal would then be over. Maybe then

she could escape the beast trying to find her hole.

“OH YEAH! I’M CUMMING, BITCH!” He shouted in triumph as he

sprayed her face with his sticky jism. “TAKE IT ALL, YOU FUCKING


That is when the most unbelievable happened to her. Without any

physical guidance from her, or James, the dog’s spear-shaped cock

found its target and swooshed its way inside Britney’s exposed


“YYYESSSS!” James cheered loudly as the huge dog finally

penetrated the young diva’s vulnerable pussy. “Now you’re gonna

get it!”

“M-m-m-m-m-h! G-u-r-r-l-g-g-g-g!” Was all the noise Britney

could utter with a cock still stuffed down her throat.

Now that the brute of a dog had found purchase within her, he

began humping the human bitch in bestial earnest. Within three

hard strokes, his nine-inch cock had completely disappeared

inside her leaking vagina.

“YOU GO, YOU MUTT!” James was cheering the animal on. “YOU FUCK


Tears were streaking down Britney Spears cheeks as she heard the

vile words coming out of this strange man’s lips.

‘How can he think this of me?’ She kept asking herself in

confusion. ‘I’m… I’m a good girl. I don’t do bad things. Why

does he hate me so much?’

“YIP! YIP! YAP!” The excited German Shepherd cried out.

And in the openness of nature, these bestial cries of pleasure

reached far and about.

James watched in utter fascination as Britney Spears, diva to all

young girls, became a bitch to some stray dog out in the woods.

He watched as the dog’s cock slid in and out of her shaved pussy,

pushing in and pulling out her tight pussylips with each savage


This whole scene just kept his own stamina from waning.

Normally, his cock should have shot its load and he would be

through, but to his own amazement after he had emptied his balls

in her young throat, it stayed as hard as ever while he watched

her bestial rape.

“I gotta get this on film,” James said aloud so Britney could


With that, James Alexander stepped back from the bestial couple

and tried to stuff his inflated dick back in his pants as he made

his way back towards his waiting car.

And poor Britney was left there, still impaled by the Shepherd’s

horny cock, slouched over the fallen log. There was no escape

for her right now, so all she could do was endure what this

aroused beast had to do to her.

“Oh God! Thi… this can’t be happening,” she moaned from the

exhaustive fucking she had received thus far.

Part Five

James Alexander tried to get to his car as fast as he could,

hoping that he could get back in time to capture Britney Spears

dog fuck with his camera. Unfortunately, because of his stiff

cock, he was almost limping his way through the thick brush.

‘Damn it! This is going to take me too long,’ he swore in his

mind. ‘I sure hope the mutt is as horny as he looks.’


Meanwhile, back in the clearing where he had left the young diva,

the large Shepherd had managed to shove his knot deep past her

pussylips and remained locked in her aching cunt. Now that he

had found the purchase that he was seeking, he hunched down and

humped her harder still.

“Pleas… please doggy, pull yourself out of my pussy,” she

pleaded breathlessly from the multiple orgasms she had already

had. “You… you’re hurting my cunny so much.”

But the large animal didn’t understand any of her pleas. All

that he knew was that he had found a bitch in heat and he needed

to finish his business. Once in a while the large dog would tug

experimentally, only to drag Britney by her pussylips causing her

to yelp out painfully and he would stop and wait patiently for

his knot to shrink.

After what seemed an eternity to the young singing diva, the dog

finally managed to pull his thick knot out of her cunt hole with

a loud slurping, popping sound. This was quickly followed by a

deluge of canine semen pouring out of her and running down

between her asscheeks.

“O-O-O-O-O-O-H!” Britney moaned in orgasm as the pressure

release caused her to cum once again.

As soon as he was free of her cunt, that large dog buried his

snout in her crotch and proceeded to clean her out with his rough

tongue. He somehow managed to get as deep inside her young

vagina as his cock had, which only served to get Britney’s juices

all worked up again.

“OH GOD! OH GOD!” Britney was moaning lavishly at the dog’s



The Shepherd yelped in surprise as his snout was sprayed by the

young woman’s juices. But he quickly recuperated and dug in to

drink it all up. Once she was cleaned out in her pussy, he

lowered his large head and began tonguing her asscheeks as he

tried to gather up his own semen there.


accept how good this all was to her.

It probably helped that she was sure that there was no one to see

her in such a bestial lust.

Finally the dog seemed to have been fully satiated and he simply

trotted away, his half limp dick still dangling between his legs.

Britney could only watch as the beast disappeared through the

bushes and then she was left alone again.

‘What do I do now?’ She thought to herself as her weakened body

struggled to get up.

But this was a fruitless effort. Mr. Alexander had fucked her so

hard, which was soon followed by the bestial rape by a sexually

aroused dog, she didn’t have the strength to get to her feet. So

she just lay there sprawled across the fallen log, its rough bark

biting into her skin.

‘I’ve gotta get out of here before he comes back,’ she decided.

Her mind was made up. Despite the fact that she was naked, she

would try to get away before her attacker returned as he

suggested he would.

‘First thing I need to do is get back on my feet,’ she decided.

The easiest way to do this she decided was to push herself off

the log and then simply stand up. She bent her knees until she

felt sure she could keep her balance and rested for a moment on

her stomach, that bark biting into her skin.

Just as she was about to push herself up, she heard rustling from

the trees nearby and she froze. Expecting it to be the man

again, her eyes popped wide open when a buck Deer leapt into the


“Thank God!” She breathed out.

Ignoring the wild animal, she concentrated on her efforts to get

to her feet. But then she was roughly butted on her ass by the

Buck’s antler, shoving her back down across the rough log.

“Hey you! Stop that!” She complained staring back at the wild


Again the Buck butted her ass down.

“I said stop that!”

Expecting another head butt, she was caught unawares when a thin

tongue slashed across her rear.

“Oh no! Not again!” She groaned as she suspected something

unnatural was about to happen to her again.

And that is exactly what happened next. The elk-like animal

began licking her asscheeks, delving between them towards her

tiny puckered asshole where doggy jism had seeped in.

“No-no-no-no! When will this end?” She was moaning aloud.

As Britney tried to wiggle herself away from the exploring Deer-

tongue, her knees would part, opening up her asscheeks

unintentionally to the wild animal. This was all the opening

that the Buck was looking for. With a hungry stab, his thin

tongue wiggled its way into her tiny anal passage and was deftly

cleaning her insides for her.

This was a new experience for the diva superstar. Before this

day she had done everything she could to preserve her virginity.

A hard thing to do with her wild reputation and her music. And

now she had been forced to do things that she would never have

even considered.

First she was raped by a deranged father who blamed her for his

daughter’s rape. This was soon followed by his letting a dog

rape her while she was forced to suck his hard cock. And now, of

all things, a Deer was trying to have his way with her virgin


As Britney lay sprawled over the rough log, her legs dangling in

the air helplessly, the Buck climbed up and began to hump in

search for the sexually aroused hole that his instinct said was

waiting for him.

“Please God! Don’t let this happen to me-e-e-e-e-e-e!” Britney

cried out as the wild animal found what he was looking for.

The Buck’s thin twelve-inch penis slithered past her tight anal

passage and pushed down on her helpless body. This added

pressure caused her pussylips to rub painfully across the rough

bark of the fallen log.


Just then James Alexander returned into the clearing with his

camera expecting to catch the young diva still with the dog.

Imagine his shock when he came upon the drastically changed scene

before him.

“Damn!” He swore, causing Britney to turn her head and face her

rapist once more. “I knew you were a slut.”

“Plea… please help me,” Britney whimpered weakly from the

onslaught she was enduring from the Deer.

“No fucking way, cunt,” James leered down at her. “I’m gonna

take pics of this and put them up on the Internet so everybody

can see what a whore the big and famous Britney Spears is.”

“NO-O-O-O-O!” The young singing diva moaned out in despair.

James began snapping one picture after another with his camera

paying particular attention to the Buck’s thin prong of a cock as

it slid in and out of Britney’s puckered anus. He especially

enjoyed watching her inner skin being dragged out then shoved

back into her. He then switched over to video mode as he thought

a movie of Britney Spears debasement would be an even bigger

thrill on the Internet

All the while Britney’s clit was being brutally ravaged by the

seesawing it was enduring again the log’s bark. She came and

came and came again as the large Buck thrust his long, thin cock

in and out of her tight ass.

Suddenly the beast froze in place. His horned head lifted

suddenly as he scanned the surroundings in obvious alarm. Then

with a quick movement he pulled himself out of the young diva’s

ass and bolted for the forest.

“AAIIIEEEE!” Britney cried out from the painful retreat of the

Buck’s hard cock.

“What the fuck was that all about?” James wondered aloud.

Then a sudden rustling caused him to turn around at the thick

bushes behind him. He too froze as six large Timber Wolves came

out one after another, surrounding him.

Part Six

As the Wolves emerged, they encircled the startled man and paced

around them in curiosity.

“Oh Crap!” He gulped.

The Wolf Pack gingerly circled the man, ignoring the presence of

the sprawled woman nearby, though their sense of smell had picked

up on the scent of an aroused bitch nearby. Already their

penises were showing and growing at a phenomenal rate.

James noticed this and decided to add the wild canines arousal to

his video clip. He slowly aimed his camera and tried to catch

their cocks as they slipped out of their furry sheaths.

“Maybe they’ll just ignore me and go for that slutty superstar,”

he said aloud so that Britney could hear.

“Please… no” Britney pleaded weakly nearby. “Don… don’t let

them get to me. I… I beg you.”

But James ignored her pleas and concentrated his attention to the

circling beasts.

Then suddenly the lead Wolf leaped up and brought the man down.

“NO-O-O! GET OFF!” James cried out in panic. “GET OFF ME! NO-


One after another the other Wolves jumped in as they ferociously

attacked the man, tearing at his clothes, his skin. James could

feel every bite as he struggled to get free of the attacking

animals and escape.

“OH GOD! NO-O-O-O!” Britney heard his cries as she stared in

utter shock at the savage attack. “A-A-A-A-A-R-R-R-G-G-G-H-H-H-


She slowly tried to slip away from this wild attack before the

Wolves noticed her and attacked her as well. In her already

distressed mind, she didn’t even bother trying to find the

tattered remains of her clothing, she just grabbed what she could

and ran. All she wanted to do was get away from the man that had

so grossly raped her, and let animals use her for sex.

‘I hope they kill the bastard,’ she thought to herself.

For what seemed an eternity the pack attacked James until his

body finally lay still. One of the Wolves had clenched his

powerful jaw around his neck and snapped it.

Britney Spears’ tormentor now lay dead in the woods, the Wolves

devouring his flesh as predators do.


Britney had finally gotten away from the clearing and stopped to

catch her breath. She looked at what little clothing she had

managed to grab in her escape and was ashamed to see that all she

took with her was her g-string panties, and her T-shirt.

She couldn’t hear her attacker’s cries for help and feared the

worst, but at this point she didn’t much care what had happened

to the man.

The bushes and low hanging branches adding even more deep

scratches on her once smooth skin. So she stopped to try and put

what little she had for clothing. With only her T-shirt and g-

string panties left of her clothing, she didn’t bother thinking

how to explain her appearance when she got out of here. All she

knew was that she had to get away from this place as fast as she


After running through the woods for five minutes, Britney finally

slowed, and then stopped as she tried getting her breath back.

Now with some time to rest she realized that she was still naked,

except for her socks and shoes. Almost sleepily she looked down

to her hands and saw that all she had managed to save were her

panties and T-shirt.

‘Better than nothing,’ she thought to herself.

She quickly slipped the T-shirt over her head and shoulder, not

bothering yet to pull it completely down over her exposed breast.

Then, slipping one foot, then the other, she put on her g-string


A sudden rustling behind her stopped her in mid-dressing.

Turning around cautiously to see what might be lurking, she was

completely off-guard when one of the wolves that attacked James

Alexander moments before leapt up and knocked her to the ground


“NO-O-O! HELP!” She screamed in terror.

With her panties wrapped around her knees, she didn’t have much

leverage to protect herself, but luckily her knees were between

her and the savage beast. Britney tried desperately to kick the

animal off her in an attempt to save herself from the same fate

that had come to her rapist. But the Wolf was too heavy for her

exhausted body to push off


The attacking Wolf was one of the younger ones of the pack and

had trailed her while the others finished one the man. He had

picked up the scent of the female and found her swiftly. His

keen sense of smell had also picked up another unmistakable

scent. The scent of a bitch in heat. His penis had begun to

expand even before he found the struggling diva as she was about

to cover herself with the little clothing she had on hand.

“NO! GET AWAY FROM ME!” Britney was screaming her lungs out in


But there was no one near enough to hear her cries. With her

panties tying her knees together, she could already feel them

giving way as the Wolf’s jaw came closer and closer to her

exposed neck.

“I don’t want to die,” she cried, expectant the same fate as the

man that had abducted her. “Pleas God, don’t let it end like


But then the unexpected happened. Instead of feeling the

crushing of that savage beast’s teeth on her skin, she got the

unmistakable lick of his sandpapery tongue.

“Oh God! It… it’s going to happen again,” she cried, both in

shame and relief.

And that is exactly what was happening to her. The Wolf’s sexual

instinct had taken over and he was now seeking some satisfaction

from this bitch. He began hunching his ass down trying to find

purchase with his already hard cock. In doing so he was curling

Britney Spears’ body back so that her knees were now almost

touching her shoulders. This was also pulling up her ass off the

ground, placing her still exposed pussy dangerously close to the

animal’s eight-inch cock.

“OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD!” Britney moaned as she could feel

another impending bestial rape about to happen to her.

Then it finally happened. With her panties wrapped tightly at

her knees, the lupine penis found its mark and buried itself

deeply in the struggling singer. All the while, all she could do

is stare blankly at the menacing maw of jagged teeth just inches

from her face.

“AAAIIIEEEEE!” Britney cried out from the painful penetration.

This Wolf wasn’t bothered by this in the least as he continued to

hump into her wet, squishy womb, burying his hard cock to the

fullest. After a few more strokes, his canine knot started

bumping hard against her bruised pussylips.

“OH GOD, NO!” She was crying profoundly as the lupine rape

continued. “Not that again. I… I can’t take a dog’s thing

again. Not again…”

The Wolf didn’t know anything of the sort and intensified its

efforts to bury himself fully in his bitch. A few more hard

pounding and his thick knot slurped its way past her restrictive


“UNGH!” Britney groaned from the painful penetration.

“ARO-O-O-O-o-o-o!” The wolf howled in satisfaction as he

continued humping the young diva despite being tied to her.

Just then five more dog figures burst into the scene and

surrounded the bestial coupling. They quickly assumed a circling

pattern and paced around them as the first Wolf continued his


Britney had heard them bursting through and could hear the heavy

panting and growling as they stalked her like fresh prey. She

couldn’t bring herself to open her eyes and face this new menace.

But what shocked her even more is that this pending doom caused

her to cum so strong it caused the animal fucking her to shudder

above in surprise.

The sudden outpour of her female cum made the others sniff the

air energetically in search of that delectable scent. It didn’t

take long for the Alpha male to pinpoint its source and bury his

snout under his fucking companion and begin to lick around the

cock-stuffed pussy that lay before him.

“Oooooh!” Britney moaned, no longer in fear but in shear


Another of the pack joined in to attack her cunt, making her moan

even more in pleasure. Then another.

Thus far she had three Wolf tongues licking her while a fourth

Wolf was still busy fucking her senseless.

But this wasn’t about the end there. The remainder of the pack,

feeling left out, began sniffing other parts of her body. This

brought them to her mouth. The same mouth that had been forced

to suck the human rapist. The same mouth that still contained

the scent of fresh sperm just past the lips.

That was all the incentive these beasts needed. Britney soon

found herself being licked feverishly around her mouth as they

tried to gain entry past tightly clenched lips.

‘No! No! No!’ She thought insistently. ‘I… I can’t let them

do that.’

But these wild animals were ever persistent. And their tongues

were hard, almost piercing as they tried to work them into her


“O-O-O-U-U-M-M-M-M-m-m-m-m!” Britney moaned open mouthed as she

came again hard from the fucking she was receiving.

In that instance, her parted lips gave the last two Wolves the

perfect opportunity and was excitedly licking the inside of her

mouth, nearly causing her to gag as their tongues reached to the

back of her gulping throat.

For fear of being attacked, Britney didn’t even dare close her

mouth off to the invading animals so she forced herself to keep

her lips parted enough for them to have their oral way with her.

This multiple attack went on for a good ten minutes before the

Wolf fucking her poor pussy finally howled and ejaculated his

load of jism into her clenching cunt. Britney could only shiver

in orgasm as the others were still giving her multiple tongue


“O-O-U-U-M-M-M-m-m!” She moaned feverishly as the strongest

climax ever hit her full force.

As soon as the Wolf in her pussy made a move to dislodge himself

from her vagina, one of the others in front of her moved towards

her head and began humping the air just above her face.

Britney blinked in disbelief as the huge member dangled inches

from her lips. What should she do? What did this beast expect

from her?

In her confused state, all she could relate to this situation was

the gang rapes she had heard stories of. And of how those women

had to do everything possible to satisfy the rapists as quickly

as possible so that they would end the ordeal and leave them.

Using that as a guideline, Britney Spears felt that the only

thing she could do is allow them to get their desires fulfilled

and hopefully they would leave her alone.

Lifting her head slowly, she parted her lips and allowed the

dangling cock above her to touch her lips, then forced her tongue

to reach out and lick the turgid shaft before letting it slip

past her lips and into her mouth.

The Wolf knew nothing of blowjobs, but feeling the tight fit of

this human female’s lips around his shaft, he didn’t really care

either. All he knew was that his penis was now in something hot

and enveloping, as good as any cunt and began humping his ass,

driving his hard cock past her lips to the back of her throat.

Meanwhile, the one fucking her cunt had broken free and was

quickly replaced by the Alpha male of the pack. This Wolf was

nearly twice as big as the one that had just taken her.

So now Britney Spears, super-diva to millions was not only being

fucked by a wild dog, but she was also sucking one at the same


Now that she had resigned herself to her fate, Britney began to

suck earnestly on the large Wolf at her head, while letting the

other have his way with her already sore pussy.

Both Wolves humped furiously into the tight holes this female had

presented to them. The Alpha male fucking her cunt hard, eager

to sink his baseball-sized knot into her tight confines. While

the one mouth-fucking her was trying to accomplish the same with

this strange hole he had discovered.

Meanwhile, the remainder of the pack backed off and observed in

mild confusion at the strange picture this bestial threesome was

presenting to them. They had never seen a female eat a penis

before, yet their pack-mate didn’t show any ill signs at this

treatment. In fact, its lolling tongue indicated to them that he

was indeed enjoying this new experience.

Britney was starting to enjoy these large cocks driving into her

slender body, invading any hole that was presented to them. This

was indeed the most insane day of her young life, one that she

would not soon forget. And as time passed, regret.

The large Alpha male kept trying to bury his huge knot inside

this bitch, but Britney’s cuntlips couldn’t stretch that far

apart. And whit each pounding the large canine gave her, it felt

as if someone had punched her hard on her already sore mound.

“UNGH! UNGH! UNGHHH!” Britney groaned painfully at that

constant pounding.

Just was she was about to dare reach down and push the savage

beast away from her tender pussy, the Wolf fucking her mouth

started shooting his warm jism down her throat, causing her to

cough and gag uncontrollably at the strong gushing load.

“M-m-m-m-m-h! M-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m!” Her groaning quickly changed

to moaning as this cum made her climax, squirting all over the

Alpha male’s already aroused cock and urging him on even harder.

After what seemed an hour, though only a few minutes had passed,

the cock in her mouth pulled back, leaving a trail of hot, gooey

cum dripping from her lips. Britney had this dreamy look in her

eyes as her sexual fervor overcame any revulsion she might have

had in her predicament.

That Wolf quickly vacated his spot and found a soft patch of

grass where he could lick clean his now depleted cock.

A few minutes later, the Alpha male howled and shot his full load

of jism deep inside her womb, launching Britney into another


“O-O-O-o-o-o-o-m-m-m!” She moaned in ecstasy as she licked her

tongue to gather the lupine jism from her lips.

Meanwhile, the remainder of the pack started to circle this most

unusual bitch. Their confusion caused them to hesitate any

further sexual action for the moment. Britney just looked at

them with a thirsty look in her eyes. All sense of propriety had

been erased from her sense of value. All she cared for anymore

was cock. Any cock.

And right now, the only cocks available to her belonged to these


Part Seven

Britney stared at the large canines and was silently hoping that

they would come and fuck her as their companions had just done.

She began to unconsciously lick her lips hungrily as she saw the

three remaining cocks dangling tentatively under their bellies.

Finally two of them approached her and began sniffing at her from

all sides. One went to her ass and began smelling the Wolf cum

leaking from her there, as well as her own juices. Meanwhile his

companion got to her side and tried to mount her sideways, which

wouldn’t work in any case.

“M-m-m-m-m-m-m-h!” Britney moaned in anticipation of further

bestial fucking.

She began wiggling her ass at the beast, trying to entice him to

fuck her. This physical participation from a bitch was something

new to them. They were used to their mates standing still for

them, not this constant moving about.

“Yesss, you horny dogs!” She moaned excitedly awaiting her next

fuck. “You got me all worked up and now I want to feel your hard

cocks in me again.”

As if understanding her request, which they didn’t, the Wolves

assumed their positions and tried mounting this horny human

bitch. The one who tried mounting her sideways realized he would

get no action there, so he moved to her face and mounted her at

her head, preparing to give Britney Spears another cock to suck


The one that was sniffing at her rear mounted her as expected and

began humping furiously in search of the wet hole waiting for


All the while Britney kept wiggling her ass, doing what she

thought all males liked from girls, some physical interaction.

All of this moving around was only making it harder for the Wolf

to locate her cunt hole.

Not realizing she was causing that one a problem, she turned her

attention back to the one in front of her and reached out with

her hand to guide his turgid cock past her lips. As soon as its

pointy tip touched her lips she sucked it in with a deep breath.

The Wolf reacted instantly and thrust forward driving his

cockhead past her tonsils and down her throat passage.

“Mmmmmm-mmmmm!” Britney moaned enthusiastically at the fresh

cock in her mouth. ‘I… I love doggy dicks!’ She thought to

herself as she concentrated on blowing the Wolf cock.

Meanwhile the Wolf trying to get into her cunt was humping

frustratingly at her, his cockhead bouncing off her ass, or up

her ass crack. Britney didn’t seem to mind this. She just

thought of it as canine foreplay.

Then the unexpected happened. Rather than managing to bury his

cock in her vagina, the Wolf had somehow found her anal passage

and its spear-shaped cockhead easily slid past her tight


“UNGHH!” Britney groaned in shock at the anal intrusion.

This wasn’t something that she had expected to happen, or wanted.

But she was in no position to stop this from happening, not now.

She was trapped between two savage beasts, skewered by two fleshy

spit shafts. And all she could do was surrender and let it


Despite her discomfort at being fucked in the ass, she gathered

up her strength and intensified her suction of the cock in her

mouth. She wanted to taste that hot salty jism shooting into her

hungry stomach once more.

The Wolf in her ass continued thrusting in and out of her tight

anal passage. Luckily for her the spear shape of the cock made

it much less painful than when her rapist did it to her, oh so

long ago.

What she hadn’t taken into consideration is how big it would

inflate as the animal got more and more aroused inside her. With

each powerful stroke forward, the Wolf’s cock began to grow in

girth, tightening inside her more and more.

At first it didn’t bother Britney that much. In fact, it felt

rather good to have a thicker shaft in her ass. But quickly it

became much larger than her tiny ass could handle. So much so

that the Wolf was starting to have his own problem moving at all

inside her.

“UNGH! U-N-N-G-G-H-H!” Britney began grunting in response to

the brutal beast cock in her ass.

The Wolf humping her face increased his tempo, trying urgently to

empty his balls of his seed into this strange bitch they had

found. And Britney was only too eager to suck the life out of

him. With that in mind, she sucked so hard that her cheeks caved

in as she bobbed her head to and fro with the animal.

“M-m-m-m-m-m-m-h!” She moaned ecstatically on the canine cock.

All of this sucking was having the effect of allowing her to

forget about the Wolf cock inflating in her tiny sphincter.

Her sucking was finally paying off as she could taste the first

dribble of Wolf cum leaking to her tongue. Her first taste of

beast jism wasn’t that pleasant, but now she figured that her

distaste was because of her situation. Thinking back on it now,

she found that it had a very distinctive flavor to it, not at all

like a man’s.

The Wolf in question could feel his time was near as well as he

increased his humping to an even faster pace. He ached to

liberate his seed in this bitch and nurse his own sore cock next

to his companions.

By now, the Wolf fucking Britney Spears ass had inflated to such

a size that no matter how hard he tried to plunge into her there

was no give. They were as good as tied, but without using his


“AROOOOOOOOOOOOO!” There was an ear-shattering howl as the beast

fucking Britney’s mouth began to shoot a geyser of jism down her


Britney gulped as fast as she could but she couldn’t keep up with

the vast amount of cum that was flooding into her cheeks.

Already her cheeks had ballooned as she clenched her lips tightly

around the Wolf cock to prevent any to escape. But despite her

best efforts, the cum began to squirt past her lips and down her

chin, but still she kept gulping it down.

In her orgasmic reaction, she unintentionally tightened her

sphincter muscle, squeezing the Wolf cock stuck there which

triggered that beast’s own climax. Britney moaned around the

cockshaft in her mouth as that too made her cum as hard as any

other orgasm so far.

Begrudgingly, the Wolf getting a blowjob from the young diva

pulled away, with only a stringy line of cum stretching from her

lips to his cocktip. It continued to stretch and stretch until

it could no longer hold itself and snapped off, splattering

against Britney’s chin and she gulped in a fresh gasp of air into

her burning lungs.

In exhaustion, she dropped to her side on the ground, the Wolf in

her ass still tightly imbedded in her. And all she could do was

grimace at the strain his ass-plugging cock was putting on her

already sore tunnel.

All the Wolf knew was that he had found himself a new place to

inject his seed. Somewhere that they had never even considered


“Oh doggy, be gentle,” Britney sobbed as the lupine beast tried

to reach his own climax. “Oh God! Tha… that hurts!”

“AROOOOOOOOOOO!” The long awaited howl came from the beast as

Britney felt the scalding jet of its jism fill her bowel.

“OHHH YES! YES! YESSSSSSSS!” Britney howled herself as another

orgasm hit her hard.

With a loud sloshing and popping sound that Wolf soon pulled

himself free from Britney Spears gripping ass, which was quickly

followed by a strong stream of leaking lupine cum running down

her calf.

In total, satisfied, exhaustion Britney rolled over on her back

and took in deep breaths of fresh air. Her nose twinkled as even

she could pick up the unmistakable scent of sex all around her

and the Wolves that had just fucked her. But in her dazed mood,

she had completely forgotten about the fifth Wolf of the pack of

dogs. She had forgotten that only four of them had had her body,

and that one more remained.

‘Oh God! Wha… what have I done?!?’ She began to question her

sanity. ‘I’ve… I’ve fucked animals… beasts!’

She tried desperately to make sense of all that had happened to

her. Of how she had been raped by a man, and how that man had

allowed a stray mutt to have her too. Then came the Deer. And

finally, in a final act of depravity, she had been mated with a

pack of Wolves.

And as all of these thoughts filled her head, her hands hadn’t

been idle. They had drifted, as if of their own accord down to

her pussy and was digging into the squishy mixture of female cum

and Wolf jism.

This new explosion of cum in the air brought the last Wolf to her

prone, cum stained body. Before she realized it, the fifth and

final Wolf lowered himself on top of her, his maw just inches

above her hard nipples. Then the unbelievable happened. This

wild and ferocious beast tried to mount her as any normal man

would, face to face.

But what shocked Britney even more, was sensing her body hunch

itself up to meet the Wolf’s thrust. How could her body betray

her in such a way, to be an actual willing participant in her own

bestial rape.

But that was exactly what was happening to her. It was as if she

was acting outside of herself. That some entity, not her own,

wanted this to keep happening to her. That she wanted to feel

yet another hard cock slice her soul in half.

For the next fifteen minutes, Britney was humping her crotch as

hard as she could to absorb every inch that this wild beast was

thrusting at her. She wanted to feel her cunt full of cock, any

cock, any wild thick Wolf cock.

“UNGH! UNGH! UNGH!” She grunted loudly with each powerful

thrust of the Wolf’s cock as it sliced its way past her clenching

pussylips, its furry belly rubbing enticingly against her already

blood-engorged clitoris.

She could feel another overpowering orgasm coming to the surface

and knew that this would be the best one yet. In urgency she

doubled her own crotch-thrust as she tried desperately to bury

those last enticing inches of canine cock inside her womb.

Her efforts hadn’t gone unnoticed to the Wolf either as he too

intensified his downward thrust, trying to bury his already

bloated knot past those tight cuntlips of the human bitch he had

unceremoniously mounted.

Then it happened!

In a final, powerful thrust down, which coincided with an upward

thrust from Britney Spears, the Wolf’s grapefruit-sized knot

cracked its way past her defenses and tied with her.

“OOHHH! UNGHH!” The young diva groaned as the oversized


No human pussy could have ever been prepared for something so

massive to be forced inside it. At least that was Britney’s

belief before this day. Yet here she was, fully impaled on this

humongous cock and its weird ball-shaped end, and all she could

do was lie there beneath the beast, its saliva dribbling on her

bare chest.

Luckily for her, the Wolf wasn’t experienced to fucking in this

face-to-face position. It confused him sufficiently enough that

he never even attempted to turn himself around as dogs sometimes

do. He simply loomed above her, content to let his seed leave

his balls and fill the bitch beneath him.

The other Wolves began circling her again while their companion

was tied to her. Britney just dreamily stared at them, not

realizing the danger she could be in, and naively expecting them

to behave with her now.

Then one of the Wolves ventured forward and began lapping up the

saliva from one upthrust tit. Then another assaulted her other

breast. The last two split on her and attacked her mouth and her

still cock-tied pussy mound.

“OOOHHH! MMMMMH! YEEESSMMM!” She moaned in ecstasy as the

multiple tongues cleaned her skin of sweat, jism and saliva.

Her nipples became instantly hard at the rough sandpapery contact

of those tongues. Not to mention her still hard clit. In her

bliss she parted her lips and allowed that Wolf to frenchkiss

her, driving his snake-like tongue to reach the very back of her


For the next thirty minutes the Wolf pack eagerly cleaned off

their newfound bitch, and Britney squirmed and moaned in orgasmic

pleasure as they licked her cum covered skin clean.

Just before they trotted off back into the woods, each of her

lupine lovers paused next to her and she stared blankly as one

after another they would raise a hind leg and mark her with their

urine. The warm fluid cascaded over her, running between her

heaving mounds, between her shaking calves and even down her


“No! (gurgle)! NO-O-O-o-o-o!” She moaned in defeat as she let

this final degradation happen.

Then the Wolves disappeared, leaving Britney to moan and sob in

her own juices. She just stayed there for what seemed like hours

trying to recover from the devastating rape she had endured, by

man and beasts.

Part Eight

Britney Spears lay shaking on the damp ground as the shock began

to wear off her. By the time she had the nerve to move again the

sun had fallen into dusk, barely lighting the forest floor around


She begrudgingly pulled herself up to her shaky legs, almost

drunkenly, and slowly made her way through the brush. In slow

measured steps, she trudged on, hoping beyond hope to find some

kind of help.

She was so dazed and confused that she wasn’t even noticing what

little clothing she had remaining was being torn and ripped by

the branches snagging them. Soon, the remnants of her panties

and even her T-shirt got pulled off her, leaving her only in her

socks and sneakers, and still she forced herself to move on.

It had been hours since her abduction by James Alexander, and now

freedom was nearing for Britney. For what seemed like miles of

stumbling through the thick forest, she stumbled along her way,

hoping beyond hope that she would come across a pathway, a road,

any kind of sign of civilization.


Officer Cecile Noble was patrolling this isolated back road. The

beautiful black woman was in her third year with the Sheriff’s

department and had demonstrated a good leadership quality that

quickly let her climb through the ranks. As usual she had her

long brown hair tied back tightly into a bun as per regulations.

Her enthusiasm in her job also gave her opportunities for

specialized training.

During their daily briefing this day, the Police had been

notified of a celebrity gone missing in their area, one Britney

Spears. It was feared that she had been abducted, or injured

herself and was unable to return home after her daily jogging


Officer Noble volunteered for this back road assignment because

of the special Search and Rescue training she had received over

the years. Her and her partner Clint had received multiple

commendations in this field. The Sheriff felt that if anybody

had a good chance of finding this missing person, it would be

this team.


Britney finally came stumbling out of the woods right in the

middle of what felt like a logging road. She just stood there in

disbelief that she had made it out of the forest. With her knees

shaking uncontrollably she stared blankly down one direction of

the road, then the other, unable to decide which direction she

should take.

She begrudgingly started to walk in one direction, hoping that

she was making the right choice. One step after another, she

moved along. Now that there seemed to be a glimmer of hope that

she would get home, the shock was beginning to wear off her and

she started shivering in the cold night air. She tried to rub

her arms to warm them up, but that didn’t help much considering

her nudity.

Then a glaring beam of light illuminated her naked dirty, naked

body. Bringing her arms up to shield her eyes, she squinted as

she tried to see who was there.

That’s when she made out the shape of the car, a Police car. It

was officer Cecile Noble in her K9 unit, along with her partner

Clint, a large black Labrador dog.

“Miss! Are you all right?” A strong authoritive voice called

out from behind the glaring lights. “This is the Police, are you

all right?”

“UH!?! What?!” Was all that Britney could utter.

An arm came up and wrapped a blanket around her bare skin.

“I asked if you were okay?” Officer Noble asked again. “Are you


“N… no,” Britney stammered, relief finally flooding over her.

“I… I was raped. He… he raped me.”

“Who? Who raped you honey?” Cecile asked the shivering diva.

“A… a man,” Britney told her. “I… I think he’s dead… back


Officer Noble shined her flashlight into the thick bushes to make

sure no one was there. But her priority right now was to get

this girl out of the area. She escorted the freezing singer back

to her car and opened the back door for her and settled the

scared young woman there.

“IN Clint!” Cecile commanded.

The large dog leapt into the Police cruiser as trained, settling

himself next to the vulnerable young blonde woman in the back


This was a common practice towards victims. The friendly nature

of the animal usually comforted them, making it easier to

interview them back at the station.

After her distressful experience of today, Britney backed away

from the large animal, wrapping herself tightly in the blanket

that now covered her.

“Don’t you worry about Clint Miss Spears,” Cecile reassured her.

“He’s the friendliest dog you’ll ever meet.

That didn’t seem to reassure the young diva in the least. But

then officer Noble still had no idea of the kind of assault she

had endured this day.

“K9-13 to base,” officer Noble called on her radio.

“Go K9-13,” the dispatcher called back.

“This is K9-13, code four on the missing person,” Cecile informed

the base unit. “Notify commander of a sexual assault. Will be

taking victim to Hodgekins Hospital.”

“10-4 K9-13,” the dispatcher confirmed. “Detectives will meet

you there.”

“K9-13 out,” Cecile ended her report. “Don’t you worry dear.

I’m taking you to the hospital and we’ll get the details from you

after the doctors have you checked out.”

But Britney wasn’t listening at this point. She had passed out

from exhaustion next to Clint in the back seat.

“Poor girl,” Cecile said to herself softly.


The Police unit was driving along the curvy back road, snaking

its way back to the main highway. This would take a good forty,

fifty minutes at least, especially in the darkness that now

enveloped them. There was no avoiding this and officer Noble

knew full well she couldn’t risk high speed driving under these

conditions. At a leisurely pace the car weaved its way through

the forest.

Fifteen minutes into the trip, Britney stirred herself awake and

bolted back in fear at the nearness of the large Police dog next

to her. Then she remembered that she was now in a Police car.

She was now safe. She instantly relaxed and dropped her

protective hands from her chest.

“Wher… where are we?” She asked from the back seat.

“Still in the woods miss,” Cecile told her. “It’ll take a while

before we can get to the highway.”

“Who… who are you?” The young diva asked, not recalling

anything of her rescue.

“Officer Noble. Cecile Noble,” the officer introduced herself.

“And that’s Clint. He’s my partner.”

“Thank you so much,” Britney blubbered, her relief finally

breaking out.

“Do you know who did this to you miss?” The officer tried to get

details of her rape.

“N… no, but… but I think he might be dead now,” Britney


“What makes you think that?” Cecile asked.

“A… a pack of… a pack of Wolves attacked him,” Britney

explained nervously, not wanting to go into any great detail.

“Tha… that’s how I got away.”

“You were really lucky then.” Cecile said. “I’ll notify the

Ranger Service to do a search just to make sure once I get you

out of here.”

Britney was now feeling much more secure in her surroundings.

She didn’t even mind the presence of the large dog next to her

anymore. In fact, its presence was reassuring to her. So much

so that she no longer held the blanket tightly around her, even

allowing it to slip off her shoulders, exposing her breasts.

Despite all of his training and discipline, Clint had picked up

an unmistakable scent off this female sitting next to him. A

scent that was affecting him in a most peculiar way. His cock

was stiffening.

It didn’t take long for Britney Spears to notice the dog’s

aroused condition. But rather than be shocked about it, she

darted her eyes to the front to see if the officer could see her.

She figured that in the darkness of the woods, she wouldn’t have

any idea of what her thoughts were telling her to do.

Deftly, Britney lowered herself low on the back seat and began

rubbing Clint’s rapidly growing shaft. She watched in amazement

as the canine penis grew and grew and grew some more. It already

surpassed the length and girth of any of the animals that had

raped her today, but this time it was different. This time it

wasn’t the animal raping her, it was her raping an animal.

Moving her head closer to the cocktip Britney stuck out her

tongue and licked the head lightly. She couldn’t believe that

she was doing this all over again, and yet she couldn’t stop

herself. She deftly ran her tongue up and down the length of

Clint’s hard cock, savoring the weird metallic taste it had, but

loving it at the same time.

“YIP! YIP!” Clint barked excitedly as he stood in aroused


Britney froze in terror at the dog’s unexpected barking. Never

taking her mouth away from Clint’s cock she turned her eyes

towards the front seat and half expected to see the Police

officer’s face staring down at her.

“CLINT! QUIET!” Cecile commanded, unaware of the reason for her

partner’s excitement.

Cecile knew better than to take her eyes off such a traitorous

road. A simple command to the dog would suffice to keep him


Realizing that she was safe, Britney returned her aroused

attention to the hard dog-cock before her. Parting her lips she

sucked in Clint’s cock down her gullet towards the back of her

throat, all the while keeping her eyes to the front of the car on

the officer driving her.

“M-m-m-m-m-m-h!” She moaned, trying to keep her own response as

quiet as possible.

Clint just stood there, quiet as a mouse as his training told him

to. But nothing in his training could have prepared him for such

a situation.

Britney was feeling a bit too exposed in the present position she

had assumed, so she squirmed down on the car seat and wiggled

herself under the large Police dog. Once she was set there she

resumed her licking and sucking, urgently trying to get that

yummy fluid out of him before his mistress turned and saw what

she was doing.

In this new position, Clint’s thick cock was nestled between

Britney Spears famous boobs. The twin mounds nudged against his

sensitive penis which caused him to crunch down and hump

instinctively between them.

Britney was pleasantly surprised as Clint, a dog, began giving

her a titty-fuck. She had done this sort of thing before back in

her highschool days, but she never would have thought it possible

for an animal, a dog, could do this as well. Remembering how she

did it in the past, she squeezed her hands on either side of her

voluptuous breast and crushed them around Clint’s raging hard-on.

As soon as he felt that pressure around his dick, Clint began

thrusting his ass even harder, driving his leaking cock up to

Britney’s chin, sliming juices along the way.

Seeing that delicious cockhead poking at her chin with each doggy

thrust got over Britney quickly. She tilted her head forward and

parted her lips and let the huge dog cock slide past her lips,

letting him fuck her in the mouth as if it was a cunt. She was

loving the warm feel of Clint’s cock between her tits, and the

metallic taste of his doggy pre-cum as he continued humping the

strange bitch beneath him.

She was amazed at how thick Clint’s cock was, but not so much as

when she felt it bloat even thicker with each passing moment.

“Mmmmmh!” A soft moan escaped her sucking mouth.

“Sorry if the road is so bumpy honey,” she heard Cecile say from

the front seat. “But we’ll be out of the woods soon, and then

the ride will be smoother.”

Thanks to the darkness of the forest, officer Noble had no idea

what was going on a mere foot behind her head. Though she did

admonish Clint once before, he had remained quiet since. And she

mistook Britney’s moan as one of discomfort, not ecstasy.

Realizing that some lighting was imminent, Britney increased her

sucking tempo, urgently trying to get the dog to cum before

officer Noble caught her with a dog cock in her mouth.

“G-W-R-R-R-r-r-r!” Clint groaned, still trying to obey his

mistress’ last command.

“What is it with you tonight boy,” Cecile said, still keeping a

sharp eye on the curvy back road.

“O-o-o-o-o-h! M-m-m-m-m-m-m-h!” Britney moaned even louder this


Cecile sensed that that was not a moan of discomfort. There was

something disconcerting in her passenger’s tone as she moaned

this time. Something definitely familiar.

“What is going on back there?” Officer Noble said as she slammed

on the breaks.

“ARO-O-O-O-O!” Just then Clint howled as his balls emptied

straight into Britney Spears sucking mouth.

Cecile Noble grabbed her patrol flashlight and shone to the back

seat. The scene that she saw caught even her totally unprepared.

Her rape victim was actively sucking on her partner’s cock, a

dog’s cock. She could clearly see Britney’s throat muscles

working as the young diva was gulping down Clint’s obvious load.

When she felt the bright light shining at her, Britney released

her tits from around Clint’s thrusting cock and stared blankly at

the policewoman witnessing her depraved act.

As soon as he felt his cock released from between the girl’s

cleavage Clint rose to his feet, towering above her face, his

long, turgid cock slipping out of the reach of her sucking lips,

dripping his last spurt of cum all over her young face.

Britney didn’t want to waste a drop of that cum, despite the

officer watching her action, and so she curled her tongue out and

tried to catch every last drip as it continued leaking out of the

large animal.

Officer Cecile Noble could only watch in total disbelief at the

depraved act that the famous diva was performing before her very

eyes. Of course she had read all about this sort of thing at the

Police Academy, but she never really believed that anyone did

such things for real. So shocked was she by this turn of events,

she wasn’t even sure how to proceed next.

Britney remained oblivious to her predicament, all she wanted was

to finish what she had started, and that meant drinking Clint’s


Then, snapping herself out of her reverie, officer Noble got out

of the car and opened the back passenger door.

“CLINT! OUT!” She commanded.

The well-trained Police dog leapt out of the Police cruiser,

leaving a naked, and cum stained Britney Spears lying alone.

Still in a daze, Britney looked out the door at the shocked

Police officer staring her down. Suddenly, the predicament she

was in hit her, and she lifted her hands to cover her nakedness

from the leering eyes of the officer.

“Get out of the vehicle!” Cecile Noble ordered in a stern voice.

Britney slowly pulled herself up and out of the backseat and

stood shakily before the tall black woman officer.

“I’m going to read you your rights now,” Cecile said

authoritatively. “You have the right to remain silent. You have

the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, the

courts will appoint on for you. If you give up the right to

remain silent, all you say can and will be used against you in a

court of law. Do you understand these rights as I have read them

to you?”

“UH? Yes,” Britney said, confused as to what was going on here.

“But why are you reading them to me?”

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” the Policewoman replied in

disbelief. “Fornicating with animals is a criminal offense in

this state girl.”

“What?!? You don’t mean…”

“That’s exactly what I mean,” Cecile said. “Now turn around so I

can cuff you.”

“Bu… but you can’t,” Britney was weeping. “I… I was raped,

remember. They raped me.”

“Oh, so now it’s THEY,” Cecile was finding hard to believe

anything the famous singer was saying now. “I always suspected

you superstars were weird, and now I guess I know that for sure.”


Once the handcuffs were secured behind her back, officer Noble

got Britney Spears back in the rear seat and let Clint climb back

next to her prisoner. She then resumed driving along the dirt

road towards the main highway.

“K9-13 to base,” Cecile called on her radio.

“Go K9-13!” The dispatcher returned the call.

“Change in situation here,” the officer said. “Victim is an

arrest now. Taking her straight in to the station.”

“Any details K9-13?” The dispatcher asked.

Officer Noble paused before replying to that.

“Not at this time base,” she decided on discretion at this time.

“ETA ten minutes.”

“Roger that K9-13. ETA ten minutes,” the dispatcher confirmed.

“You can’t do this to me!” Britney was now shouting from the

backseat. “I’m… I’m Britney Spears. YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME,


“QUIET!” Cecile shouted back. “You’re busted and that’s all

there is to it.”

The drive to the Police station was excruciating for Britney.

How could she live this down if it got public? What would her

fans think? What would her mom and sister think? If they hear of

these charges the officer was talking about, her career, and her

life would be in ruins.

After an eternal drive the Police cruiser finally pulled into the

station’s lot and drove up to the back where prisoners are

usually unloaded. There waiting for them was a gauntlet of

paparazzi that had been monitoring Police frequencies when news

of her going missing became news. And now they were there

waiting for her to be lead out of a Police cruiser, her hands

cuffed behind her back like a common criminal.

As soon as the rear door was opened cameras began flashing in her

direction. Officer Noble pulled her out by the arm and guided

her through the media frenzy. Along the way, the blanket

covering her was snagged and came off her, exposing her naked

diva body to the paparazzi. Flashes went off like fireworks as

they tried to capture the rare scene of Britney Spears naked.

Sure there had been all kinds of pictures of her naked on the

Internet, but most of those were fakes made by some fans’ wishful

fantasizing. But these pics would be totally authentic and would

nab them big bucks.

Police officers came rushing out of the station to push the

frenzied paparazzi away from the prisoner. Regardless of her

fame, even the lowest of criminals got proper protection in these


Part Nine

For the next three hours, Britney Spears was being processed for

internment until her attorney could get here. Needless to say,

officer Cecile Noble didn’t have to question her prisoner or get

a confession from the prisoner, as she was the active witness to

the offense the diva was being charged under.

As she wrote out her report of the events, Cecile couldn’t help

but think back at the sight of Clint’s huge cock as it sliced

through Britney Spears firm young tit-valley. Or how strange it

was to see that blood-red cock disappear into the young singer’s

sucking mouth.

Though she had been partnered with the dog for close to three

years, she had never taken much notice of his penis, or his

sexual prowess. Seeing it in such a depraved fashion made her

wonder for herself what the young celebrity saw in such behavior.

She had to look up the code for bestiality in the criminal books.

Sure she knew that this short of thing was in the books, but

until tonight she always believed that is was just an old wives

tale. She reread line by line her report before she turned it

over to her Sergeant. She had no idea how he would take to

reading such a thing, but a crime is a crime, regardless of who

or what was involved.


Meanwhile, in the holding cells, Britney Spears was given an

orange prison jumpsuit to put on, which was a great relief after

a day being naked most of the time. She gave much thought to

what she would have to say to her attorney when he showed up for

her. She realized that she’ll have to give him every detail of

the events that lead her to this arrest if she hoped to have any

chance to be released.

That was a scary thought, because even she found it hard to

believe what had happened to her in the last eighteen hours.

Never mind the embarrassment of describing it all to a man, her



“Are you sure you want to turn in this report Cecile?” The

Sergeant asked.

“What can I say, Sarge,” she told him. “It’s what happened.”

“Damn! In my twenty-five years at this job, this is the weirdest

thing I’ve ever read,” he quipped. “We’re pressing charge

against miss Britney Spears for gross indecency, bestiality and

filing a false rape report. Are you sure about this? Did you

get the right criminal code number for it?”

“I double checked it, Sarge. First she claimed to be raped, and

as I was taking her to the hospital to be checked out she had

oral sex with my partner,” Cecile reiterated. “Doesn’t do much

for her credibility as a rape victim, don’t you think.”

“Did she really suck off old Clint?” The Sergeant asked in


“With me right there in the front seat,” she repeated her

previous statement. “If I hadn’t had to keep close attention to

the logging road I might have stopped it before it got that far,

but those were the circumstances, Sarge.”

“Damn! Wish I had been there,” the Sergeant quipped.

“C’mon Sarge, have some decency,” she squinted at the man’s

obvious curiosity.

“Uh!? Oh, sorry,” he said apologetically. “Guess it got the

better of me. Okay then, if you’re sure. Sign off and we’ll

process it.”

Cecile leaned forward and signed off on her report, making it

official. The Sergeant couldn’t help but notice his black

officer’s large breast in the tight shirt, nor could he miss her

hardened nipples. In the four years he has been here, he’s never

seen Cecile show any sign of arousal while on duty and this

intrigued him.

“It kinda got to you too, uh?” He asked.

“SARGE!” Cecile reprimanded him.

“Sorry,” he apologized again. “Your shift is over, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, me and Clint will be heading home now,” she smiled as she

turned and walked towards the door.

‘Damn! She’s got a nice ass,’ her Sergeant thought as his eyes

followed her out.

Being well trained, Clint was waiting for his mistress outside

the Sergeant’s office and got up when he saw her exit.

“The day’s done boy,” she said as she snapped on his leash and

headed for her car in the parking lot. “This was one for the

books, uh boy?”

“WRUFFF!” Clint barked in response.

As was the normal practice with K9 partnerships, Clint lived with

Cecile Noble in her house. Their relationship could be

considered as strong as a marriage, as some wives had mentioned

with their husband’s canine partner.

Officer Cecile Noble lived alone in a two-floor home, which had a

number of empty guest rooms. She got the house when she and her

deadbeat husband divorced after she joined the Police department.

The court gave it to her when it was determined that he had

emptied their saving account to pay off his gambling debts. It

ruled then that he had already had his share of what should have

been equal shares of their property.


On the way home, Cecile Noble couldn’t shake the sight of Clint’s

cock out of her head. He was so big. How could she not have

noticed that before this night. And how could he let a woman

suck him like that. Isn’t it against a dog’s nature to fuck

anything else but other dogs? Or can dogs really have

intercourse with a woman?

‘I’ll have to look that up when we get home?’ She decided


She stopped by the market to pick up supplies, including a bottle

of Vodka. She didn’t usually drink alcohol, but tonight she felt

as if she might need a shot to steady her own nerves. She’d

faced down criminals shooting at her, but that didn’t faze her as

much as what she had witnessed on this tour of duty.


As soon as she walked into her place, Clint went straight to his

water-food bowl and waited impatiently to be served his meal.

“Ok! Ok! I’m coming, you big lug,” she laughed at Clint’s

playful demeanor.

Whenever he acted like this, he looked more like a puppy than a

full-grown Police dog. Not that she minded his change of

attitude when they went off duty, it was refreshing to her.

She leaned over with his food bag and filled his bowl, which he

dug into almost as fast as she poured it out. She then filled

his water bowl with fresh water and headed to her bedroom to


She could hear Clint’s tongue lapping at the water and that made

her wonder how that would feel on a girl’s pussy.

“What are you thinking girl,” she chided herself for even

thinking that.

With her curiosity getting the better of her, she walked over to

her computer and googled for bestiality information. What popped

up shocked her even more. Not only did woman have sex with dogs,

but even teenage girls have been know to experiment in this. She

also found pictures of women, and girls, fornicating with goats,

pigs, snakes, and even full-grown horses. On a few sites she

downloaded video clips showing actual bestiality acts, proving to

her that those pictures weren’t likely to be fakes. The sight of

those cocks in female genitalia was causing her to hold her

breath with each new clip.

“Good God!” She gasped. “How can they take something like


Then she found a detailed site that explained all she might want

to know about dogs and women, and more. By then it didn’t

surprise her to find out that dogs weren’t as finicky as she had

first thought about what kind of pussy they fucked with. She

quickly learned that they were simply reacting to the scent of an

aroused female, regardless of species, and that once aroused,

they would try to hump anything, including a human. She also

read a poll report that stated that well over 66% of American

women have fantasized about sex with animals, and over half of

those have done it at least once in their life.

Reading this was making her feel a bit uncomfortable in her tight

jeans. She could feel herself wetting her panties and she didn’t

like that feeling. Shutting down her computer, she headed for

her bedroom to get out of her clothes.

She pulled out her shirt from her pant waistband and stripped it

off. Then came off her tight fitting pants, followed right after

with her underwear. After a hard days work she always enjoyed a

hot relaxing bath, which she was getting ready for now.

Putting on her bathrobe, she cinched it around her waist and went

back to the kitchen to fix herself a drink first. She poured a

generous portion of Vodka in a tall glass, followed with some

orange juice for a stiff screwdriver.

Looking down at Clint devouring his food, she took a sip and

headed for her bathroom.

As soon as she walked in she set about getting a bath ready for

herself. Hot steam was floating above the tub as she sipped on

the drink in her hands. She then disrobed, hanging it on the

door and stepped gingerly into the hot water with the drink in


She settled down the glass on the tub rim and sank her aching

body into the hot water, her nipples just poking above the


“M-m-m-m-m-m-h! That feels good,” she murmured in satisfaction.

As she relaxed in the tub, she unconsciously lowered her fingers

between her legs and began rubbing her aroused clit. She kept

seeing all of those animal penises floating in her mind, to

finally focus on Clint’s cock.

As she continued fingering herself her breathing became more

labored and her chest rose and fell heavily in the water filled

tub. All of this moving around was beginning to slosh water over

the rim and on the bathroom floor.

“M-M-M-m-m-m-m-h! M-m-m-m-m-h!” Cecile moaned louder and louder

with each passing second.

She could feel an orgasm reaching its peak inside her and buried

a finger in her pussy crack, finger-fucking herself with much

urgency. She didn’t care what had gotten her to this point, all

she cared for was to cum, and cum strongly.

“OH YES! YES! YES! YES-S-s-s-s-s!” She was shouting now.


Down in the kitchen, Clint lifted his head in alarm. He

recognized his mistress’ cry and his training was telling him

that she might be in trouble. He scampered up the stairs and

pushed the bedroom door open.

He scurried around the room, sniffing the floor as he tried to

locate Cecile’s whereabouts. As any good tracker, he quickly

located her in the bathroom and tried to get the door open to

come to her rescue.


Back in the tub, Cecile heard the whimpering and scratching of

Clint trying to gain entry. She quickly pulled her fingers out

of her cunt and regained her composure.

“It’s okay, Clint,” she called out to him. “Damn! What was I


She looked around and saw all the water on the floor.

“Shit! Now I have to clean that up,” she chided herself.

Pulling herself out of the tub, and pulled the plug from the

drain so it would empty the tub. She then grabbed some towels

from the hamper and got on her knees to start soaking the water


All the while, Clint kept trying to get the door open to save his

mistress from a presumed threat.

Cecile started near the door and then turned herself around and

worked her way back towards the tub, wringing the damp towels in

the tub whenever they got soaked too much. For the next few

minutes she labored to clean up the mess that she had caused in

her masturbating.

Finally Clint managed to turn the door handle to the bathroom and

shoved the door open with his nose, he then bolted inside and

slipped on the wet floor right into Cecile’s exposed butt crack.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!?” The startled Policewoman cried out. “CLINT!


The large dog didn’t think he did anything wrong, so he

begrudgingly backed away from Cecile’s rear. But then his nose

picked up a distinguished scent. Something he had smelled

earlier that same evening.

“HA-HA-HA-HA!” Cecile started to laugh when she realized that

her canine partner had slid accidentally into her ass. “It’s

okay, big fella. I’m not angry with you.”

Sensing that she really wasn’t angry with him, the big Labrador

approached her again. This time so that he could investigate

that delectable scent his nose had picked up.

Ignorant of her vulnerable position, Cecile resumed her clean up

job on the floor, her back to the large dog.

Unfortunately for her, Clint recognized a good opportunity when

he saw one. He quickly dove his snout under her crotch and began

sniffing at her exposed pussylips. Then his thick tongue came

slithering out and lapped at Cecile’s pussylips.

“Oooooh!” Cecile moaned involuntarily.

The large dog kept on with his licking and officer Noble was too

disoriented to stop him. His tongue would stiffen and then drive

itself past her pussylips so that it almost acted like a live

dildo inside her now overly aroused vagina.

“Noooo Clint,” she moaned again weakly. “You… can’t… you

mustn’t do… this.”

Clint didn’t sense any authority in her command, so he continued

lapping at the horny cunt hole offered to him. And with each

hard lick, his cock began to show itself. Slowly at first, but

then it literally shot out of his furry sheath to telescope to a

hard seven inches of canine cock.

Cecile was as yet unaware of her canine partner’s condition. She

was too busy trying to worm herself out of the predicament she

found herself in with him to worry about what might come later.

On all fours she scurried forward, trying to escape that

delicious, but wrong tongue-lashing.

Unfortunately for her, the tight confinement of a bathroom didn’t

offer her much room to maneuver. Just two steps forward and she

found herself stopped by the bathtub she had vacated just moments


“Damn it! I got to get up,” she said aloud as she grasped the

rim of the tub to pull herself up and away from her overexcited


Then the unexpected happened. Her wet hand slipped on the tub

edge to fall inside, leaving her straddling on her belly across

the porcelain rim.

At that exact moment, Clint mounted her and his heavy body pinned

her against the tub’s hard edge.

“OOOF!” She grunted as her dog’s weight fell on her back.

“Clint!?! What do you think you’re doing?”

Instinct had overcome his years of training. Right now all that

Clint wanted was to mount a bitch, and his mistress was the only

one in sight as far as his sense of smell told him. He began

hunching his ass as he tried to find purchase with his cock into

Cecile’s exposed cunt slit.

“NO CLINT! NO!” She commanded him, but he wouldn’t obey.

She kept feeling the probing of his cock shaft as it poked or

slid up her ass-crack. He still couldn’t find what he was

looking for, but he kept humping nonetheless.

“Damn you Clint, get off me!” She finally shouted at him. “GET


But Clint just kept ignoring her commands. He kept hunching and

humping at her rear, first jumping up high, thinking that her

cunt was there, and then lowering his ass trying to find a tight

fit there.

“NO-O-O-o-o-o-o!” Cecile cried out when it finally did happen.

That did it. In one hard swoosh his spear-shaped cockhead wormed

its way past Cecile’s pussylips and buried a good four inches

inside her. And once he found the purchase he was looking for,

that’s when he really went to work. With bestial fervor, Clint

was now fucking his mistress, his partner.

“OH-MY-GOD!” Cecile groaned. “It… it’s happening. It’s

really happening to me. I’m… I’m being raped by Clint. Raped

by a dog just as miss Spears claimed!”

Cecile couldn’t believe that her dog, her partner had fitted his

penis inside her, and yet she didn’t find it all that

uncomfortable. Luckily for her, what she noticed just prior to

his jumping on her back showed a very slim cock, so she didn’t

expect it to hurt if he did manage to sink it in her.

As hard as it was to believe the young diva after what she had

witnessed in the backseat of her Police cruiser, Cecile Noble now

had to consider that maybe the poor girl did indeed get raped by

man and beast. But right now there was nothing she could do

about it. She had her own ordeal to deal with first. The one of

getting fucked by her canine partner.

Clint kept up his thrusting, almost lifting her knees off the

ground with each hard thrust. And with each pummel forward, more

of his cock made its way in her now over aroused cunt. Already a

good six inches had worked its way in, with more in the offering.

“Oh God! I… I don’t believe how good this feels,” the

Policewoman moaned.

After months without sex, this was almost a godsend if it wasn’t

so depraved. She could feel her pussy soaking Clint’s cockshaft

as he kept on fucking her as fast a jackhammer.

“Oh fuck! I think… I think I’m going to cum!” She groaned

again. “Cum on my dog’s cock!”

And sure enough, Cecile Noble, Policewoman, came with such force

that she nearly passed out from it. Her slit squirting her warm

juices over Clint’s slicing shaft, which only served to excite

him even more.

What was unexpected to Cecile was feeling the once slender shaft

of cock flesh suddenly begin to inflate inside her womb. What

once felt like a pencil was now beginning to fill her like a

thick banana, then a thicker dildo that she sometimes used on


All the while, the virile Labrador increased his tempo and his

force, driving another few inches into her. He now had nine

inches in Cecile’s cunt and still a few more remained, which

included a growing knot of flesh that Cecile was yet unaware of.

“Yes Clint! Fuck mama! Make me cum again boy!” Cecile was now

changing her mood to the even that overtook her.

She was now a willing partner in this bestial rape, or should we

call it lovemaking now?

With her arms over the bathtub rim, Cecile had no control over

Clint’s fucking, nor could she reach back to protect her sore

pussyhole when the hard knot of his cock began banging her

painfully there.

“UNGH! UNGH! UNGH!” She moaned uncomfortably. “Wha… what

are you doing to me Clint?”

But Clint knew just what he was doing. It was perfectly natural

for him to bang his knot into his bitches. In fact, nature

dictated to him that he HAD to fit that hard ball of flesh in her

to improve his chances to impregnate the bitch.

Too bad for him that the chances of getting a litter of puppies

out of Cecile wasn’t feasible.

“UNGH! OW-W-W!” Cecile kept grunting as Clint tried to bury

that knot into her tight cunthole. “God, Clint! What are you

doing to me! I’m cumming again. Cumming! Cumming! OH GOD!


Once again Clint’s thrusting cock was coated with Cecile’s hot

cum juice, lubricating her tight pussy even more. And that was

all that he needed to allow his knot to punch its way past her

clenching pussylips.


With a knuckle cracking sound, his orange sized knot broke past

her pussy barrier.

“UNGH!” The policewoman grunted loudly at the painful


Never had Cecile felt so filled by anything before. Not a dildo,

not a hand, and most especially not a cock. If she didn’t know

any better she could swear that Clint’s cock was distending her

tummy out as if she was pregnant, but that was just her

imagination running away with her.

A few more hard thrust and suddenly Clint stopped moving, resting

his big head on her shoulder next to her gasping face.

Turning her head around slightly, Cecile gave Clint a dreamy

smile as she came to realize that he was giving her a very

special gift. She puckered her lips in a kissy fashion and was

pleasantly surprised when he returned it with a doggy lick across

her mouth.

“O-O-O-o-o-o-o-h yes-s-s-s Clint,” she moaned ecstatically now

that the pain of his knot was subsiding. “Good boy!”

But when she parted her lips to say those words, Clint’s tongue

slithered past and began tonguing her in frenchkiss fashion.

Cecile instinctively returned that frenching and sucked on the

dog’s tongue.

“Ou-m-m-m!” Cecile moaned in rapt pleasure.

Then she felt something scalding burning her insides. That’s

when she realized that Clint was filling her womb with his seed.

Her canine partner was actually filling her womb with his doggy

jism and that triggered yet another orgasm in the poor woman.

Never in her sexual experience had she ever had three climaxes,

much less orgasms so powerful in nature.

Clint was huffing and puffing as his heavy balls emptied its load

in the dark-skinned beauty that was acting as his bitch this

night. This was much better than that other woman’s mouth that

had first assaulted his loin earlier in the Police cruiser.

Over and over Cecile was being washed over by one orgasm after

another, which was triggered by the knowledge that a dog was

cumming in her wanton cunt. And yet she was surprised that none

of the hot sperm seemed to be leaking from her pussy. From what

she could gauge, Clint had already dumped more cum than any of

the past lovers she had had, and their jism always leaked from

her at this time.

She of course, failed to understand the purpose of that thick

knot that had squeezed into her a moment before. Nature had

manipulated dogs’ genitals to act as a plug during intercourse

for the precise purpose of keeping the canine seed inside a

bitch’s hole for impregnation.

“UNGH! M-M-m-m-m-m-h!” Cecile moaned as her orgasms into one

long climax.

She couldn’t even tell when one ended and the next started by

this time. All she knew was that this was the best fuck she had

ever received. She was still confused as to how she felt about

Clint doing the fucking, but right now she didn’t care.

Then Clint started pulling himself away from her, dragging the

now distraught Policewoman back along with him. His knot still

very much secure in her cunt.

“OWW! OWW! OWW!” Cecile was crying out in painful torment of

feeling her pussylips being ripped apart by the locked dog-cock.

Clint just kept pulling and dragging her back until she slid off

the edge of the tub and landed heavily on her stomach to the wet

floor. Then in a final tug, his knot pulled free and a deluge of

human and doggy jism came pouring out of her to mix in with the

bath water still covering her bathroom floor.

The Nubian beauty couldn’t get over the amount of jism that was

pouring out of her, or dripping on her bare back from the tip of

Clint’s still hard cock.

Her eyes drooped in dreamy satisfaction as the orgasms of the

last thirty minutes drifted through her soul.

“O-o-o-o-o-h! Clint,” she moaned. “You were such a goo-o-o-o-d

boy. You made Cecile cum like she never has before, boy!”

And with those words the nubile Policewoman rolled onto her back

to stare at her four-legged partner’s face. What she saw was him

with his thick tongue hanging in exhausted satisfaction. He

lowered he big head and began licking her all around her heaving


Cecile could feel her nipples hardening beyond what she had ever

experienced before, but she let him keep licking her as he

wished. This whole evening was beyond her wildest imagining, or


She drew her hands down her body, along her cum stained belly and

rubbed it into her dark skin. She then moved on to her stretched

out pussylips and easily inserted three fingers after the workout

that Clint had given her there. This was quickly followed by a

fourth, and before she knew what she was doing, she shoved in her

whole hand in her own pussy.

She could feel her fingers squishing inside her womb as the

overflow of doggy jism allowed her to freely fist-fuck herself

for the first time in her life. This too was something she could

have never imagined happening to her before this night.

“U-M-M-m-m-m-m!” She moaned aloud as she came again, this time

on her fist.

Clint didn’t let that orgasmic moan go to waste either. He moved

his large head up to Cecile’s and began frenchkissing her again.

Cecile reciprocated and sucked in his tongue and swirled her own

around his like a snake. But she need to breathe so pushed him

away from her face for a moment.

But when she looked down along their bodies, her eyes widened in

disbelief when she finally got to see what had fucked her so

well. The shaft that greeted her sight was immense in length and

girth. Much, much bigger than she could have ever imagined

possible on a dog, much less her dog.

Seeing that tempting cock, all wet and dripping was too much for

Cecile. And before she knew what she was doing, she slid her

body along the wet floor until her head was a mere inches of

Clint’s still vibrating cock.

Lifting her face a touch, she parted her lips and swallowed his

shaft as an expert sword-swallower would. Inch by inch, the

dog’s thick cock disappeared between her dark-skinned lips until

he was hitting the back of her throat.

Cecile wasn’t used to such a thick cock in her mouth, and even

then, she never really got a hang of deepthroating her past

lovers. But in this instance, she was willing to give it her

best shot.

“M-M-m-m-m-m-h! M-m-m-m-m-h!” The black Policewoman moaned as

she sucked in the dog’s cock deeper into her mouth.

Cecile figured that the best way to deepthroat such a long cock

would be to arch her head back so that the passage of her throat

was more in line with her mouth. As soon as she assumed that

position, Clint shoved forward and drove another four inches down

her throat, causing it to bulge visibly on the outside.

The Policewomen nearly panicked as she gagged around the invading

shaft, but she managed to get her fear under control and sucked

back more.

This encouraged the large Police dog to begin humping his human

partner’s face as he had her cunt just moments before. Slowly,

but progressively, his ten-inch dick disappeared past her

clenching lips.

Only an inch remained visible on the outside along with his knot,

which Cecile had no intention of allowing past her lips this

time. Defensively, she got her hand around that frightening

bulge and managed to control Clint’s fuck motion that way.

Clint eagerly accepted that restriction and went merrily fucking

her mouth with what he had in her already.

“M-m-m-m-m-h! Ungh! M-m-m-m-m-h!” Cecile continued to moan as

yet more orgasms began to build in the pit of her stomach. ‘How

many times can I keep cumming like this?’ She wondered in the

deep recesses of her mind. “M-M-M-m-m-m-m-h!” And she came


Clint could feel his balls churning as his second climax was

nearing. Any second now he would empty his balls for the third

time that evening, twice with his female partner.

Cecile’s tongue could feel Clint’s cockshaft vibrate alarmingly

and she suspected that he too must be near cumming. She

reluctantly pulled her mouth back away from his thick cock until

only the tip remained in her gullet.

Then suddenly her throat was ravaged by a deluge of hot, almost

scalding jism as Clint came in her mouth.

“AR-R-O-O-O-O-O-O!” Clint howled into the depth of night.

Before she could decide to spit him out, Cecile began gulping and

swallowing as much of the doggy jism as she could. Clint was

cumming so fast and hard that his cum began squirting past her

sucking lips and dribbling down her cheeks. She had already

swallowed the first three spurts of his cumming before it hit her

that this was dog spunk she was drinking down.

She spat out his still squirting cock from her mouth, gagging and

choking as she did so. This in no way stopped Clint from

shooting his hot jism all over her face, hitting her in the eyes,

her nose, and in her long black hair.

All Cecile could do was close her eyes to the eye-stinging spray

and try to clear her vision again. She could feel squirt after

hot squirt of her dog’s jism dribble over her lips and she had to

fight for her self-control not to lick it all up. But her sexual

instinct won over and she began licking the creamy jism from the

corner of her mouth to swallow it in.

‘How can I keep doing this?’ She had to keep asking herself as

her tongue acted as if on its own. ‘This is so sick. Drinking

dog sperm like a common whore.’

And drink she did. All she could.

By the time Clint was done, Cecile was covered with his jism.

She had some in her eyes, her hair, even over her taught belly

after he had fucked her moments before. And she was just too

exhausted to get up and clean any of it off.


Cecile fell asleep in the cold puddle of water in her bathroom

all night and didn’t wake till late the next morning. She had to

struggle to get to her feet and was shocked when she looked at

herself in the mirror.

“Oh fucking shit!” She swore.

Her hair was matted with dried up cum, and she could clearly see

the crusty jism on her dark skin. And when she looked over at

her alarm clock she was shocked to see that she was already late

for her tour of duty.

She rushed to the phone and called in to let them know that she

was running late and came back to the bathroom and turned on the

water for a shower. There was no way that she was going to work

covered in her dog’s cum, no matter how late she was.

She scrubbed as hard as she could to erase any sign of what had

happened to her the night before, she even went as far as trying

to wash out her mouth with a soapy washcloth. She could still

recall Clint’s thick cock filling her throat with his jism and

was afraid that if she didn’t wash it out, someone at work would

smell it on her breath.

“DAMN-DAMN-DAMN!” She kept swearing as she shampooed her hair

for the third time. “How could I have let this happen?!?”

When Cecile’s heart started to stop pounding like a freight train

she started to replay of yesterday’s events in her mind. She

thought of what Britney Spears had told her, of how a man and

some animals had raped her. And then she thought back at how her

faithful Clint had done exactly the same thing to him only a few

hours later.

‘Could I have been wrong about the little slut?’ She started

second-guessing herself. ‘Might she have actually been raped

like that as she said? But that still doesn’t explain why she

sucked on Clint’s cock in the cruiser… or does it.’

She remembered her own action with her canine partner the night

before. Sure he had ‘forced’ himself on her for the fuck, but

then she went on to suck him on her own volition minutes later.

‘Shit! Now how am I going to fix this?’ Her conscious told her.

All the way to the station she gave it a lot of thought as to how

she could explain her change to the Sergeant, and then the

Captain. Never mind the District Attorney.


She quickly got changed into uniform and went straight to her

Sergeant’s office. A slight knock on his door to announce

herself and then she walked in and took a seat.

“Sarge, I’d like to amend my arrest report on miss Spears,” she

told him flatly.

“Why the change of heart?”

“The whole thing was so surreal yesterday that I did some

Internet research when I got home,” she told him. “It seems that

it is quite possible that she was raped as she said she was.

According to some of the sites I found on bestiality, and you

wouldn’t believe how many are out there, it seems that dogs get

attracted to any kind of female with a scent of sex around them,

including women. So if she was raped by a man prior, then a dog,

or any other animal would be attracted to that smell and get


“Really,” the Sergeant said, raising an eyebrow.

“Don’t get obnoxious,” she glared back at him. “Anyway, we

should check out her story more before we do anything drastic. I

mean, can you imagine if we’re wrong on this. We’d get sued up

the ying-yang.”

“I guess you’re right on that,” he finally agreed. “What else

did you find out?”

“Well, I’ve read similar cases of animal rape,” Cecile lied,

since the only other bestial rape she knew of was her own. “I

just can’t remember what site I found them on. Do you think we

can convince the DA’s office to hold off?”

“I’m not too sure about that,” he said after some thought. “You

know how they go nuts when a celebrity is brought up. It’s a

career maker for those guys.”

“Or a career breaker if they prosecute without cause,” Cecile


“Lets push it up to the Captain and see what he says,” her

supervisor suggested.


For the next three hours Policewoman Cecile Noble went through

the steps necessary to amend such a damaging arrest report on

Britney Spears. Finally by the end of the day everyone agreed

that it should be amended so that it would be passed over for a

rape investigation.

The District Attorney wasn’t too pleased on giving up such a

juicy celebrity trial, but he eventually came to realize the

downside of it if he lost. And now that he seems to have lost

the supporting testimony of his prime witness, a Policewoman no

less, his chances were nearly zero.


Britney jumped into her lawyer’s arms when he told her the good

news. The authorities have decided to drop the charges against

her and would be investigating her rape instead.

“But… why? How?” The blonde diva asked, confused.

“Well, it seems the Police officer that brought you in has

reconsidered,” the sharply dressed attorney explained. “As to

why, who knows.”

“Thank God,” Britney wept. “Thank God my mom won’t have to hear

about any of this.”

“I can understand miss Spears,” the lawyer agreed, a gleam of

arousal in his eyes after having heard what the beautiful girl

had gone through. “Perhaps we should make arrangements to get

you out of here.”

“Oh yes, most definitely,” she readily agreed. “But I’m going to

need some of my clothes.”

“We’ve thought of that,” her attorney’s assistant said, holding

out a suitcase with some of the singer’s own clothing.

The legal entourage stepped out of the room, giving Britney

Spears the privacy she needed to slip out of the orange prison

garb she had on. After ten minutes, she knocked on the door and

the officer on the other side opened up for her.

The teen idol came out dressed in a loose shirt top, and a very

mini jean skirt. This kind of getup always got people to notice

her, and the diva loved the tease of it all.

Escorted by her entourage Britney made her way through the Police

station to their underground garage. They would slip her out in

one of the many Navigators waiting for them.


Officer Noble finished off the rest of her tour and headed home

as normal. When she finally got home, she couldn’t wait to try

things with Clint again. At first she was ashamed about how her

mind was drifting to his cock all day, then it finally hit her,

it was the best fuck she’d ever had and she didn’t want to give

that up.

“C’mon you lunkhead,” she called Clint into the house. “We’re

gonna try some new stuff today.”

The large Labrador didn’t understand what his mistress/partner

was talking about, but her tone suggested something fun was about

to happen between them. He rushed passed her and headed for the

kitchen for his meal, which Cecile did as normal.

While Clint was crunching on his food, Cecile went back into her

bedroom and stripped off her clothes. With what she had in mind

later she decided to skip her bath for now. She just grabbed her

short robe and went back to the kitchen to join Clint in a meal.

Once they had both finished eating, Cecile went into the

livingroom and turned on the TV set. She figured that the set

would muffle any outcry she made while fooling around with her

canine partner. As she sat on her sofa, she uncinched her robe

and parted her legs as she settled back.

“Come over her Clint,” she called. “Come lick Cecy.”

The black Labrador trotted up to her and began sniffing around

his law enforcement partner. He quickly recognized the delicious

scent emanating from her crotch and immediately began lapping at


“Oh yes Clint,” Cecile moaned. “I didn’t just imagine how good

it felt to get licked by you. How come you never shoed me how

good you were before?”

With the black woman’s hand on his head, Clint hungrily buried

his snout in between her parted legs, trying to snout-fuck her

cunt hole. Cecile’s breathing was getting more labored by the

second. Despite her finely tuned body, this was more exhausting

than a five mile run.

Clint’s cock was already beginning to poke out of his furry

sheath. The pale penis was only a few inches out, but from her

previous experience with him she knew that more was going to



Her doorbell suddenly rang out.


“Damn it!” Cecile swore in disappointment. “Just when things

were getting good.”

The policewoman got up from her couch, cinching her robe as she

did so, and walked over to the door. She hoped that it wouldn’t

take long so that she could get back to Clint and his talented


When she opened the door she was shocked to see Britney Spears

there, in the background she could see a limousine and chauffeur

waiting. She was wearing a short jean mini and a white shirt,

tied to the waist.

“Miss Spears? Uh, what are you doing here?” Cecile asked,

flabbergasted. “Speaking of which… how did you get my


“Uh, officer Noble,” Britney said, a bit shy in facing this woman

again after what she had witnessed her do with her dog. “My…

my attorney made inquiries and gave me your address. I… I hope

its okay. I just wanted to thank you for dropping those charges


“No problem,” Cecile smiled demurely. “You’re lucky I took the

time to do some research on my own.”

“I guess so,” Britney returned the smile. “Uh, could we talk for

a moment?”

“Sure, come on inside,” Cecile opened her door wider to let the

superstar in.

“Thanks,” Britney smiled again as she walked past the black


Britney noticed as soon as the woman first opened her door that

the officer seemed somewhat aroused. Her stiff nipples were

poking tentatively through the thin robe she was wearing. She

had never thought about women in that way before, but ever since

that infamous kiss with Madonna during the Grammy’s, the idea

would pop into her head from time to time. This was the first

time in months that the thought of touching another girl crept

back in.

“Have a seat,” Cecile pointed towards the couch. “Uh, I guess

you remember Clint.”

“WOOF!” The large Labrador barked.

“Uh, yeah, I… I didn’t hurt him, did I?” Britney asked.

“Not in the least,” Cecile couldn’t help but smile. “In fact, I

think it did him a world of good.”

As soon as the words left her lips she regretted it.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to say that,” Cecile apologized immediately.

“No need,” Britney replied. “I guess he did enjoy it too.”

Just then Clint came up to Cecile and buried his snout under her

loose robe. Before she could stop him he slobbered his thick

tongue across her pussylips.

“Oh! Clint, don’t!” She protested, but it was too late.

Clint had tasted her and now he was eagerly pushing his big head

harder against her crotch.

“Damn it! Sorry about this,” Cecile turned to Britney.

As she was about to rise from the couch, Britney put a hand on

her arm.

“Don’t go,” the 21-year-old diva said. “You… you’ve let him do

it to you too, didn’t you?”

“Not… not exactly,” Cecile blushed. “I… I guess he raped

me… sorta.”

“Is that why you changed your report?” Britney asked.

“Ye… yessss,” she moaned as she felt Clint’s tongue run across

her cunt again.

“Can… can I watch?” Britney asked.

Without giving it a second thought Cecile uncinched her robe and

parted them before the young woman sitting next to her. Britney

gasped as she got a good look at Cecile’s 38-inch breast. And

Clint didn’t lose any time diving into his partner’s now

accessible slit.

Without thinking what she was doing, Britney Spears reached over

and began to caress the beautiful black woman’s tits. She

started with the left, then moved over to the right. She could

feel her own chest rising and falling in aroused excitement.

“Wha… what did you do with him?” Britney had to know.

“He… Clint fucked me in the bathroom,” Cecile said breathlessly

as an orgasm was building. “Then… then I sucked him off like

you did.”

“Really!?! Did you like it?” The diva asked on.

“Not at first,” Cecile said. “It… it made me sick in my

stomach. But after… after my first cum… I couldn’t let him


“That… that’s how it was with me too,” Britney admitted. “I

guess that’s why I had to suck him in your car.”

“I know what you mean,” Cecile told her.

She then reached her hand behind Britney’s head and pulled her

down to her heaving chest.

“Lick my nipples,” the policewoman told the superstar.

Without hesitation Britney lowered her face and began to lick and

suck on Cecile’s hardening nipples. She would clamp her teeth

around the nubs and run her tongue back and forth, causing the

officer to moan in sheer pleasure.

“M-m-m-m-h! That feels nice,” Cecile moaned.

Caught up in the excitement, Britney began to strip her clothes

off. First came the shirt, which was quickly followed by her

panties, and her skirt. Before Cecile knew what was happening

Britney Spears lay naked next to her as Clint continued with his


As Clint continued licking Cecile’s pussy, Britney began

salivating over the black woman’s naked breasts.

“Good boy Clint,” Cecile moaned as she began caressing her

breast, ignoring the blonde beauty sitting inches away.

By now Britney was sitting totally naked next to the ebony

Policewoman. She watched at her large breast rose and fell with

each gasping breath. About this time her mind wandered back to

her Grammy kiss with Madonna.

Without giving any thought to what she was doing, Britney leaned

over and began kissing Cecile’s tits, her petite hands caressing

them as she moved from one tit to the other.

“O-o-o-o-o-o-h! M-m-m-m-m-m-m-h!” Cecile moaned as she felt the

younger woman’s lips on her nipples.

All the while Clint kept slurping his thick tongue across her

cunt. She could quite literally feel her pussylips puff up with

blood as her arousal grew larger in intensity.

Britney could feel her own excitement grow as she explored her

first true lesbian experience. Madonna was a stunt, but this was

real and her body was accepting it in a disturbingly natural


“Ooh yesss!” Cecile moaned in satisfaction. “That feels nice

miss Spears.”

“Call me Britney,” the young diva said as she lifted her head

from the officer’s chest.

“I’m… I’m Cecile,” the dark skinned officer replied.

With the cordial introduction taken care of, Britney moved down

and began delving into Cecile’s crotch towards the black woman’s

juicing cunt. Despite her young age and inexperience with a

female partner, Britney seemed to know instinctively what buttons

to push.

“O-o-o-o-h yes-s-s-s!” Cecile moaned as she closed her eyes and

luxuriated in the famous diva’s tonguing.

Britney couldn’t get over how good the older woman tasted to her.

‘If I’d have known girls tasted so yummy, I would’ve eaten out

Madonna when she asked me to after the Grammy kiss,’ she thought

to herself as she buried her face between Cecile’s legs.

“Oh God you’re good!” Cecile moaned as she orgasmed on the

famous singer’s tongue. “You’re gonna make me cum girl! Almost

there! Almost there! Oh GOD! I’M GONNA CUM! I’M GONNA CUM


Britney couldn’t swallow fast enough, but she tried to get every

last drop of the female officer’s juices. For what seemed like

at least twenty minutes, though only a minute had passed, Britney

kept licking and sucking the older woman’s cunt, trying

desperately to get those last few drops of cum juice. Finally

she fell back, both satisfied and happy.

“Oh baby, that was so-o-o-o good,” Cecile smiled down at the

superstar. “Now it’s my turn.”

Without further words spoken, Cecile Noble pushed Britney Spears

back on her couch and proceeded to touch the young blonde in ways

she never thought she would have dared before this night.

Britney arched her back, her head falling back in shear pleasure

as she felt the ebony woman exploring her over heated pussy.

Cecile’s eyes glistened as she watched Britney’s over developed

breast heaving up and down with each breath just inches from her


“Oooh, touch me,” Britney moaned.

“I want to taste you,” was Cecile’s response and she slid down to

the floor and parted Britney milky white thighs.

Before she knew what was happening, Britney felt the older

woman’s tongue lavish across her puffed up pussylips. Even if

she didn’t want things to go this far, it just felt too good for

her to object.

“Oh God yesss!” Britney moaned as she felt an orgasm creeping

deep inside her belly.

This was a new experience for policewoman Cecile Noble also. She

had never experimented in lesbian sex, not even during her

college days and all the wild parties she went to. She could

still recall the razing she got from her roommate back then for

backing out of a threesome with another girl. And now she almost

regretted not trying it at that time.

“Oh shit Cecile, I think… I think I’m gonna cum too,” Britney

was moaning uncontrollably. “Keep licking me. Yes, yes, right

there. Oh shit! I’m gonna cum too! I… I can feel it!



As Britney screamed her brains out in orgasm, Cecile doubled her

own efforts at swallowing the hot juices that the diva was

shooting at her.

‘Jeez! This little girl sure cums a lot,’ the black woman

thought to herself.

“O-O-O-o-o-o-h yes-s-s-s-s,” Britney kept moaning. “That… that

feels so-o-o-o hot!”

“Glad you liked it,” Cecile smiled up at the blonde singer.

“Uh, Cecile,” Britney said softly. “Can I… can Clint and me do


“You mean, can he lick you too,” the black officer smiled back.

“Well, uh, yeah,” Britney blushed in embarrassment.

“Sure, why not,” Cecile said. “Clint, come here boy.”

The obedient Police dog came rushing over. With all the

oversexed scent in the room, he was waiting quietly in his

corner. It took all of his will power then to fight against his

instincts and not to bound in and mount one of these two bitches

that had him aroused so teasingly.

“Here boy, mama’s got a new toy for you,” Cecile slapped

Britney’s thigh to direct him to her.

The large Lab didn’t waste any time, he shoved his snout into

Britney’s crotch, almost burying it past her clenching pussylips.

“OH YESSSS!” Britney cried out. “Lick me Clint! Make me cum


Officer Noble felt strange as she watched her canine partner

ravish his thick tongue across the young diva’s pussy. Then it

hit her. She was jealous of sharing him with the beautiful

blonde girl lying across her couch. She was actually resentful

of allowing her to use him as she had only started to.

‘Well, if you can’t beat them, join them,’ Cecile thought as she

watched the younger woman squirm at Clint’s licking.

But rather than letting her jealousy take her feelings over, she

figured she might as well join in on this bestial lovemaking

session. She leaned over and started sucking on Britney’s

voluptuous breasts, moving from one to the other while Clint

continued eating out the oversexed diva.

The more the large dog lapped on the juicing pussy, the more his

cock slid out of its furry sheath. Within a matter of seconds,

his bony shaft was sticking out provocatively from its hiding

place and vibrated with pent up sexual tension.

“M-M-m-m-m-h! That fee-e-e-ls so-o-o goo-o-o-d!” Britney moaned

as she recalled all of the animals that had her body in the last

24 hours.

Clint’s cock hadn’t gone unnoticed to Cecile. She had caught

sight of that slick shaft and wondered what the blonde would do

if she saw it under her partner’s belly.

“O-O-o-o-h! Look!” Britney gurgled as she finally noticed

Clint’s aroused condition. “He’s got a hard-on. Will he let me

tough him like before?”

“Why don’t you get down on the floor and find out,” Cecile


Britney eagerly did just that. Sliding off the edge of the

couch, she reached under the large Lab’s belly and gingerly

touched his slimy cockshaft. Despite how yucky she thought it

felt in her grasp, she loved the heat and stiffness of it too

much to quit.

“You know, I really never did this before yesterday,” Britney

looked up at the black Policewoman. “It all happened because of

that man that raped me.”

“I’m sure,” Cecile replied, only half believing the young diva.

“Honest,” Britney sensed the older woman’s doubts. “Before that

day, I… I never even thought dogs could do stuff like that.”

“You didn’t seem to mind doing it for yourself in the car,”

Cecile reminded her.

“But that’s not the same,” Britney replied. “I… I couldn’t

help myself back then. It all happened to quick.”

“Have you had other dogs do things with you?” Cecile asked,

unaware of the extent of Britney’s bestial rape.

Preferring to keep most of her bad experience to herself, she did

admit that a dog had fucked her once. The truth of the matter is

that many animal cocks had found their way in her tight young

snatch that day.

“Would you like to fuck Clint?” Cecile said. “I’m sure he’d

like that now.”

“Gee, can I?” The blonde superstar grinned.

“Sure, why stop now,” Cecile grinned back. “But let’s try

something different this time.”

“Like what?”

“Clint! Here boy!” Cecile called for the dog.

The well trained Labrador scurried over and sat next to his

Police partner.

“Roll over boy!”

he obediently rolled onto his back, his raging hard-on flapping

across his furry belly.

“Now you can climb on him like a guy,” Cecile grinned.

Britney returned the grin at the possibility and scrambled on her

hands and knees until she was straddling the turned over animal.

She assumed a position that allowed her to face Cecile with

Clint’s head behind her. Giving a final look in Cecile’s

direction, she used her hand and guided Clint’s cockshaft in past

her waiting pussylips.

As soon as he felt the warmth of her clutching pussylips Clint

tried to hump upward, but this wasn’t a natural fucking position

for a dog, so Britney maintained full control of the fucking she

was about to receive. And after enduring all of the bestial rape

of the previous day she was glad to have this measure of control.

The sight of that bright red cock stuffing Britney Spears’ tight

pussy was too much for officer Noble, she quickly bent her head

and began lapping both the young diva’s pussylips as well as her

canine partner’s cockshaft as it slid in and out of the

megastar’s cunthole.

“UR-R-R! R-R-R-R-R-R!” They could both hear the large dog growl

as he got this double treatment from the young blonde and his


“O-O-O-o-o-h-h! That feels so-o-o-o-o good Cecile!” Britney


She could feel the dog’s cock inflating even more, pushing

against the inner wall of her young vagina. And at the same

time, she felt the gentle caress of Cecile’s tongue as the

Policewoman continued licking her overexcited clit. And then

something unusual happened.

As Clint was fucking her tight pussy, and Cecile was licking her

so tantalizingly, she suddenly felt pressure being placed near

her anus. Cecile was slowly trying to insert a finger up her

bunghole as the large dog was still imbedded in her cunt.

Slowly and gently Cecile managed to insert a slender digit past

Britney’s tight sphincter as she continued the pleasurable cunt


‘O-o-o-h yeah! Why haven’t I ever tried pussy before now?’

Cecile asked herself again. ‘This is so hot!’

When she finally got her finger past the first knuckle into

Britney’s ass she then began to pull it out, then shove it back

in. Within a matter of seconds she had paced her finger thrust

to match Clint’s pussy humping.

“O-O-O-o-o-o-h! Yes-s-s!” Britney moaned excitedly as she got a

double fucking treatment from this police team. “I… I wish

that was another… another cock in my ass…”

Cecile couldn’t believe her ears, but after all that had gone on

tonight with this younger woman, she wasn’t all that shocked

either. So she continued ramming her fingers in and out of

Britney’s tight sphincter hole.

“EEEH YESSSS!” Britney squealed. “DEEPER! DEEPER! O-O-O-o-o-

o-o-h! I’m almost there… just a bit more! I’m cumming!

Cumming! CUM-M-M-M-I-N-G!”

And the black woman was cumming along with the young music diva.

Both of them were squirming and cumming as Clint’s balls

continued to empty themselves into Britney Spears’ clenching

cunt. His knot securely locked inside her, holding all of his

scalding jism within her tight vagina walls.

Without considering her action, Cecile slid herself up along

Britney’s shaking body and they instantly began frenchkissing

each other while in the throes of their climaxes.

After what must have been fifteen minutes, Clint’s knot had

shrunk sufficiently for him to finally pull free of Britney’s

cunt, which was immediately followed by a torrent of doggy jism

that Cecile dove down to drink up. Britney just held the black

Policewoman’s head into her soaked crotch till she felt yet

another orgasm overtake her.

“O-O-O-o-o-o-o-h! That fee-e-e-e-l-s… so-o-o-o nice” Britney

moaned as her clit exploded into Cecile’s sucking mouth.


After resting on the soaked couch for a good half hour, both

women begrudgingly pulled themselves up and supported each other

as they made their way to Cecile’s bathroom to wash up.

Clint decided to follow them closely until his partner/mistress

locked him out of her bedroom. This was something new to him.

She had never excluded him from any part of their home in the

past, and he couldn’t understand why she was doing so today.

The two women decided on a bath, because they felt that their

legs were too shaky to allow them to stand steadily under a

shower. They proceeded to take turns washing out each others

pussy, Britney diving down once or twice to try to lick her

newfound friend clean with her tongue rather than soap and water.

“Hey, stop that you little scamp,” Cecile would squeal teasingly,

not really wanting the tonguing to end.

Once clean, Cecile invited Britney to spend the night.

“I don’t think I should,” Britney told her. “My mom and manager

always want to know where I am. They might get too worried if I

don’t get back to the hotel. Especially with that whole police

arrest you put me through.”

“I’m… I’m really sorry about that,” Cecile replied. “I hope

you know that I was only doing my job.”

“Hey, it’s okay,” Britney smiled back. “I would have probably

called the cops myself if I found a girl doing what I was in the

backseat of your car, eh-eh-eh.”

They both laughed and hugged as Britney tried to get her skimpy

clothing back on. Once she was dressed and ready to go, Cecile

offered to give her a ride, since her limo had left earlier.

Britney settled for a cab that the Policewoman called for.

“Will you call me… next time you’re in town?” Cecile asked.

“Will you have Clint handy?” Britney smiled.

“Always,” the black woman grinned.

“Then, you bet,” the young diva laughed.

Cecile just stood in her bathrobe at the doorway as the taxicab

drove off with the blonde superstar, doubting very much that she

would ever hear from her again.

Part Ten

The next day Cecile Noble reported for her regular shift at the

station and walked into the female personnel locker room. Clint

followed her into the room as he always did and laid down next to

her locker as she prepared to get change her clothes for duty.

No one else was in the room when she walked in, so Cecile began

by unbuttoning her shirt and pulling it free from the waistband

of her tight jeans. Her well-endowed breast pushed suggestively

in the tight confines of her black bra. She then unfastened her

belt and her jeans, kicking off her shoes in the process.

In her semi-dressed state, she fiddled with her combination lock

to get to her uniform and gun belt. Upon opening the metal door

a folded piece of paper slipped out and dropped to the floor.

She could see that it was folded twice over, leaving a crease

through it.

“What’s this?” She wondered as she bent down to pick it up.

She correctly deduced that one of her co-workers must have

slipped it through a vent slot of her locker. She gingerly

unfolded the parchment and dropped it almost immediately in


“Oh shit!” She swore, staring back and forth to make sure nobody

was around.

She bent to retrieve it again and look at it more closely. It

was a picture printed from the Internet with an added message

written across it, and it was obviously addressed to her by her

initials, and it read:

I know what you did last night!!

We’ll talk about this later!!

There was no doubt as to the meaning of this message. The fact

that this bestial picture displayed a female Police officer with

a dog made it all too clear to her.

The shadow she thought she had seen the evening before when she

was fooling around with Britney Spears and her canine partner was

not her imagination. It was now obvious to her that someone from

the station had dropped by and spied on her and saw what she had

gotten involved with.

‘Damn, who could it be?’ She thought to herself. ‘Am I through

with the force? Is this blackmail?’

She quickly folded the offensive piece of paper and stuffed it

into her shirt pocket. This revelation really shook Cecile up.

Twice she had to re-button her shirt for missing a buttonhole.

She was sure that Internal Affairs would hear of this and be

waiting for her in the briefing room in front of all her

comrades. She almost decided right then and there to run, but

then thought better of it.

‘No, it’s best to face the music,’ she told herself. ‘Well, lets

get this over with then.’

Checking herself one last time in the locker room mirror, she

slapped her hand on her thigh for Clint to heel and they both

walked out and headed for the pre-shift briefing.

During the whole morning briefing she couldn’t help but dart her

eyes around the room for any sign of who might have slipped her

the obscene note. But none gave any indication that seemed out

of the ordinary.

She begrudgingly smiled as the officers got to their vehicles to

assume their patrols for the day. Again, there seemed to be no

indication from any of them that told her who might have spied of

her and Clint the night before.

For the rest of the morning her mind wandered back to that

anonymous note and what kind of threat it holds for her, both

personally and professionally. So perturbed was she that twice

she missed a radio call for the canine unit, Clint had to alert

her with a loud bark.

She decided then to call for a coffee break at a nearby drive-in

so she could get her head back to the job at hand.

“K9-13 to base,” she called on the radio.

“Base go K9-13,” the operator replied.

“Requesting code 7 at Park and Fenway,” she requested.

“10-4 K9-13, code 7 at Park and Fenway,” the base operator


She drove the Police cruiser into the drive-in and stopped in a

vacant slot. A minute passed and one of the waitresses came by

and took her coffee order. A short time after that she returned

and handed the black Policewoman her coffee just as another

cruiser parked next to her.

Cecile smiled as she saw that it was her good friend Samantha

Hanson. Officer Hanson was a short brunette that kept her hair

very short, almost butch. Standing at only 5’3″, she barely

passed minimum height requirement when she joined the Police

Academy, but her martial arts skills more than made up for her

diminutive size.

Cecile lifted her cup in greeting and nudged her to join her in

her cruiser while they both took a break.

“How’s it going Sam?” She asked.

“Not too bad, and you?” The newcomer asked.

“Can’t complain either,” Cecile quipped.

“I bet,” Sam grinned. “I heard you had a weird bust the other


“Yeah, but it turned out to be a gross misunderstanding,” Cecile

told her. “I got the DA to drop the charges.”

“Really? That’s not like you,” Sam retorted. “What made you

change your mind?”

“Did some research on the net,” Cecile told her. “Found out that

her claims might have been valid.”

“What claims?” Sam wanted to know.

“Can’t get into that,” the black woman said. “Privacy issue.”

“You mean about the dog,” Sam said bluntly with a smile.

Cecile was shocked. What ever made Sam say such a thing. Then

it dawned on her. Sam was supposed to come by last night, she

must have been the shadow she spotted, and the one that slipped

her that note.

“YOU!” Cecile hushed herself.

All Samantha could do was grin sheepishly at her close friend.

Then she did the most unexpected thing. The petite policewoman

slipped her slender hand between Cecile’s les and rubbed them

tenderly from her knees up to her crotch.

“It got me so worked up watching you and Clint go at it like

that,” Sam whispered. “Who was the blonde bimbo with you last

night? I didn’t know you liked the female persuasion CC.”

The glint in the petite woman’s eyes told Cecile that her good

friend played it that way too, maybe even exclusively.

“You… you’re a lesbian?” She finally uttered between breaths.

“Sure, aren’t you?” Sam inquired.

“No… I mean, I don’t know,” Cecile said, flustered. “Last

night was the first time.”

“No shit,” Sam smiled. “Well, you sure know how to pick them.

So, you gonna tell me who the bimbo was or not?”

“Britney… Britney Spears,” Cecile whispered without thinking of

the consequences of such a revelation.

“No way!” Sam gushed. “How the fuck did you ever manage that?”

There was a long pause of silence as they both nervously stared

at each other.

“Holy shit! She was your bust, wasn’t she?” Sam suddenly said.

“You busted her for fucking a dog!”

“Sam! Keep it down!” Cecile squeezed Sam’s thigh to emphasize

the point. “it… it wasn’t like that… well, it was, but it


“Details girl,” Sam insisted. “Gimme details.”

Cecile went on to explain why the charges were brought forward,

and why she reconsidered after what happened to her later that

night with Clint. Then she explained how the young diva came to

be at her place when Sam had dropped by and nobody answered.

Obviously, Sam, being a Police officer, got concerned when her

friend didn’t answer the doorbell checked through the windows

until she came to Cecile’s bedroom where she found the bestial

threesome going at it in various positions.

“Wow! That’s some day you had,” Samantha Hanson said with a


“You’re not going to report this, are you Sam?” Cecile said tone

dripping with concern.

“No way,” Sam assured her. “But I have to tell you… I never

got so turned on than when I saw you sucking that blonde bitch’s


Cecile grinned bashfully at being described in that way,

especially by a fellow officer and friend. But she also had to

admit to herself that this conversation was getting to her as


“Uh, Cecile, you think I can come over to your place tonight?”

Officer Hanson asked, keeping her voice down.

“What for?” Cecile said.

“You know… to try stuff,” Sam scowled at her friend.

“You mean with Clint,” Cecile teased openly.

“You bitch,” Sam laughed back. “Yes with Clint. And with you

too if you’re nice.”

Both female officers laughed out loud, not caring who heard them.

And even if someone did, they would just think that the two

officers were joking about some dumb crook or something.

“How about 8:00?” Cecile suggested.

“Sounds great,” Sam replied. “Do… do you think she’ll be


“Who? You mean Britney?” Cecile was a bit confused at first.

“I doubt it. I think it was only a one-time thing with her. But

that don’t mean we have to stop on her account.”

“Too bad,” Sam giggled. “She looked delicious.”

Both women laughed as they paid their checks and prepared to

return to their assigned patrol areas.

At the end of their watch, both women met up in the lockers to

change and get ready for their night of rapture. Cecile could

see Sam’s skin turning shades of pink in her excitement for what

she was about to do this evening.


At 7:30 Cecile’s doorbell rang and she smiled as she opened the

door to let Samantha into her home. Clint immediately jumped up

of the new woman in the room, someone he was well acquainted with

from the job.

“Hi there Clint, old boy,” Sam petted him energetically. “I miss

you too boy.”

“You’re early,” Cecile smiled. “What’s the matter, couldn’t wait

anymore. HA-HA-HA-HA!”

“You got that right,” Samantha grinned back sheepishly. “I kept

rubbing myself all day after our chat.”

“Too bad you didn’t have anyone around to help you with that.”

They both broke out laughing as Samantha removed her leather

jacket. While Cecile threw it on a nearby chair, the petite

Policewoman began stripping off her top, and followed that by

undoing the snaps of her jeans. She couldn’t wait to get naked

for the taller black woman and her canine partner.

“Geesh Sam,” Cecile gasped as she turned back to face her.

“Can’t you wait till we get in the bedroom?

“Fuck, no,” Sam giggled, as she tugged her tight jeans down her

knees, dragging her panties with her.

At the sight of her bare crotch, Clint buried his snout on her

cuntlips and sniffed energetically. As soon as he picked up the

whiff of her sexual arousal, his tongue slithered out and began

lapping her for all he was worth.

“Holy shit! Look at him go!” Samantha squealed.

“What can I say… he’s a natural,” Cecile said.

Both of them laughed as they watched the large Police dog licking

the petite woman’s leaking pussy.

Cecile noticed Sam’s nipples stiffening as her friend’s arousal

grew exponentially to her first bestial contact. Throwing

caution to the wind, she leaned down and suckled on Sam’s left

nipple, and then moved to the right.

Sam’s knees were shacking, as a monster orgasm was about to hit

her. She still couldn’t quite decide if it was Clint’s tonguing

her Cecile’s tit sucking that was going to do it for her. She

settled on the fact that it was the whole picture, the dual

action that her body was responding to, and that was okay also.


Just then the phone rang, but neither of them wanted to stop what

they were doing.

“Let the machine pick up,” Sam moaned.

A few seconds passed and they heard a very familiar voice out of

the answering machine’s speaker.

{Officer Noble,} Britney Spears voice came across clearly. {This

is Britney Spears again. I just wanted to thank you ever so much

for all the help you gave me the other day.}

Both female Police officers stopped what they were doing and

listened to what the young blonde diva had to say.

{Anyway, I was kinda hoping we could get together again some

day,} Britney said. {What you and Clint did for me was… well,

terrific. I enjoyed our night together so much that I went out

and got me a partner too. Maybe you can try him next time. I

gave him to the name Eastwood. He-he-he! I thought that was

cute. I’ve been kinda hoping to get a chance to get screwed by

Clint-Eastwood. He-he-he! Call me when you got a chance, bye!}

Both Policewomen broke out laughed, alarming Clint in the

process. They couldn’t believe what they had just heard.

Britney Spears, superstar, was looking to get gangbanged by two

dogs. Of course they had no way of knowing about her Wolf Pack

ordeal that day.

“Damn!” Cecile breathed out.

“Shit, Cecile,” Sam gasped out herself. “You gonna call her


“I don’t know,” Cecile was hesitant. “I guess it would be nice

to get her back in the sack.”

“Hey, what about me,” Sam objected to being excluded. “I wanna

meet her too you know.”

“Of course you do,” Cecile laughed out. “Maybe I should call her

up right now and make plans.”

“Damn, hearing that little slut on the phone got me all horny,”

Sam complained.

“Why don’t you get down on your hands and knees so Clint can take

care of that for you,” Cecile smiled as she reached over for the


Officer Samantha Hanson quickly got down as instructed and Clint

rushed around to her rear. Now that he had practical experiences

with human females, he knew what he had to do next. He buried

his snout under her upraised ass and prepared this bitch for


“O-o-o-o-o-h!” Cecile grinned as she heard Sam moan.

Cecile then picked up the phone receiver and dialed the number

Britney had left her as she watched her petite friend getting the

pleasure she craved for. She waited as the phone rang a few

times and then stopped.

{Hello?} She immediately recognized Britney’s voice.

“Miss Spears, this is Officer Noble,” she said nonchalantly.

“You called a moment ago.”

{Gosh!} Britney took in a deep breath. {I… I didn’t expect

you to call back so quick.}

“I hear you found yourself a new friend to keep you company,” the

black officer grinned as she continued teasing the pop diva. “I

bet he’s handy when you’re on the road.”

{He sure is,} Cecile could hear the subdued giggling from

Britney’s voice. {Anyway, do you think we could get together

again some time?}

“I’d like that, as I’m sure Clint would too,” Cecile couldn’t

help but smile. “I have a friend that would like to meet you

when you do come over.”

{Oh? Another furry friend?} Britney had to ask.

“Err, no,” Cecile was sounding a bit nervous. “She’s… well,

she’s a fellow officer.”

{Not shit!} This time there was no mistaking the giggling.

{Sure, any friend of yours… uh, does she know about you and


“Actually, he’s training her as we speak,” Cecile revealed.

{HOLY CRAP!} Britney exclaimed. {You mean he’s fucking her


“Not yet, but he’s on her back right in front of me right now,”

Cecile described to the diva.

{Err, can I talk with your friend?} Britney gasped.

Without a moments hesitation Cecile brought the receiver next to

Samantha’s ear and held it there while Clint was desperately

trying to find her hole.

“Someone wants to talk with you,” the black woman said.

“Who… who is it?” Samantha asked.

“Britney Spears,” Cecile grinned.

“Uh, hello?” Samantha said, trying to catch her breath.

{Hi, this is Britney,} the diva’s voice rang through. {Is Clint

in you yet?}

“Err, no, but he’s trying,” Sam said nervously.

{Just you wait till he finds your hole,} the young pop singer

giggled. {You’ll just love it.}

“I’m sure I will,” Sam gasped. “I could see how much you loved

his dick the other night.”

{Uh? You… you know about that?} Britney was caught off guard.

“I don’t only know it, I saw it,” Sam grinned. “I saw it all.”

{Oh shit!} A concerned tone was in Britney’s voice. {You…

you’re not going to tell anyone, are you?}

“Not if you’re nice to me too,” Sam laughed.

Just then Clint’s cockhead found her anal passage and squeezed

past her tight sphincter.

“AAARGH!” Sam grunted over the phone. “UNGH!”

{Hey! What’s going on?} Britney asked at the strange noises Sam

was making in the background.

“Hi Britney, it’s Cecile again,” Cecile took charge of the phone

again. “Clint just got her ass.”

{No Shit!} Britney squealed. {I would have loved to have seen


“Then why don’t you come over sometime,” Cecile suggested. “I’m

sure we can do a repeat performance for you, he-he-he!”

{Maybe I will,} Britney giggled back.

“You’re fingering yourself, aren’t you?” Cecile asked.

{Err, yeah, I guess I am,} the pop-diva admitted. {I couldn’t

help myself. Uh-oh!}

“What is it? What’s wrong?” Cecile caught the sense that

something was going on at Britney’s end.

{Ah, my new dog just stuck his snout up my snatch,} the young

singer informed her new friend. {I guess he musta smelled me.}

“Must have,” Cecile agreed. “You want to fuck him, don’t you?”

{Yeah, I do,} Britney admitted. {Hearing about your friend with

Clint got me all worked up again. I can’t seem to help myself


“Well, don’t let me stop you, you horny bitch,” the black female

officer replied. “Get down on the ground and let the poor dear

fuck his concubine.”

{Jesus, don’t do that,} the popstar said in return. {Hearing you

talk to me like that is just making me hornier.}

“AR-R-G-G-G-H-H-H!” Samantha’s scream carried across the room,

shocking Cecile into dropping the phone to the floor. “TAKE IT



The black woman rushed to her fellow law enforcement officer in a

panic. Once she got there she could see tears streaming down her

friend’s cheeks. She looked Sam over and quickly realized what

had caused her to scream out so loudly. Clint’s knot had

inflated and tied with her petite companion in the tight confines

of the tiny woman’s sphincter. The pressure that must be placing

on her had to be both painful and immense.

Cecile kneeled next to Samantha’s head and began caressing it

tenderly, trying to ease the obvious discomfort the young

brunette was trying to endure.

“Sh-h-h-h-h, its okay,” she cooed to her friend, wiping away the

tears. “Just try and relax, baby. It’ll be over soon.”

{Officer Noble… Cecile? What’s going on?} Britney’s

disembodied voice carried from the dropped receiver.

But nobody picked it up.


Britney kept trying to listen for her policewoman friend as she

kept fingering herself, imagining the scene that must be going on

at the other end of the line. Just then, her new dog, a large

Great Dane she had named Eastwood, came up behind her and began

nudging at her ass. He quickly picked up on the scent of his new

mistress’ sex seeping out of her hole.

The large animal was as quick learner and he knew exactly what

was expected of him. Without pausing he jumped up on her back

and began humping at the young diva’s tight ass, trying to find

that warm hole he had already experienced.

“O-o-o-o-h yes, boy!” Britney squealed. “Mama needs your hot

cock in her cunny hole right about now.”

The dog was humping frantically as he kept trying to fit his

thick cock into the blonde singer’s pussy hole.

Britney dropped the phone to the floor as her attention was on

something much more fun than listening in on her policewoman and

her friend.

“GO FOR IT YOU BIG HUNK OF DOG MEAT!” Britney Spears cried out.


And at that moment he found the mark and buried eight inches of

canine cock in one swift lunge forward.

“ARGH-H-H!” She cried out in shocked surprise.

In the few times that she had copulated with her new pet, he had

never penetrated so deeply, so fast. But it only took her a

moment to get over the initial shock and then she concentrated on

how good his cock felt as it filled her. After all, she had

picked him for his ten-inch cock in the first place, and he

already had eight of those inside her. Why, she could already

feel the banging of his knot against her blood puffed pussylips

and couldn’t wait to feel that plug shoved inside her cunt again.


Just then officer Noble came back on the line.

{Miss Spears,} the black policewoman said over the phone. {Are

you there?}

But there was no answer. Cecile Noble waited patiently hoping to

hear back from the blonde beauty she and Clint had so enjoyed all

too recently.

But Britney was much too preoccupied with her own bestial

pleasure to be bothered with the phone just then. She was busily

pinching her voluptuous tits, trying to get the best orgasm she

can as her new pet kept pounding her cunt as hard as he could.

{Britney?} The voice on the phone called out again with still no


“O-O-o-o-o-h!” Britney moaned, feeling an orgasm surfacing.


Eastwood, the large Great Dane wanted nothing better than to fill

his mistress/bitch with his seed. He grabbed her tightly around

the waist and pulled mightily, burying his softball knot into her

clenching cunt.

{Britney?} Cecile Noble tried one more time. {You still there?

What the hell is going on? You still on the line…}

CLICK! B-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z!

Still not getting any response from the blonde diva, officer

Noble hung up her telephone and turned her attention back to her

police comrade who was still trying to handle the knot stuck up

her ass.

“Oh yes-s-s-s! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” Britney moaned.

“CUMMING! CUMMING SO HARD!” She sang out in an almost melodious


But this was only going to be the beginning for the blonde

superstar’s new lifestyle. She would hook up with officer Noble

again, and officer Hanson as well. She would also introduce her

dog to some of her female dancers as well as other celebrities.

No, this was definitely not the end of this story.

The End…

For Now

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helps to inspire more out of me and any other author.

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