Britney Spears – The Party Slave

Title: “Britney Spears – the Party Slave”

Britney gyrated to a techno song that was blasting in the New York club.
Sporting a tiny tshirt and sagging tight jeans that showed her belly and
a little touch of her butt crack, she humped some random guy who she
picked out to dance with. She knew she was being a bad girl, but that is
why she was doing it. The late night partying, the underage drinking,
the acts that no one even knew about. If the world even knew half of the
story, they would think her current bad girl image was that of an angel.
Britney thrusted a few more times as the song ended then headed to the
for yet another drink.

Britney waited for her drink to be poured as she blacked out for a
minute or so. “Britney…. BRITNEY!!!” the young male bartender yelled
as Britney snapped back to alertness.

“Girl if I would have known you could not handle your liquor, I never
would have served you so much. I could get in a shit load of trouble for
this ya know!” he said angrily.

“I gave you what you asked for, so just get another drink ready!
DA-YUM!” she shouted in a thick country accent.

The bartender grinned, remembering the night before when Britney took
off her shirt and bra as she sucked his dick in the back room of the bar
in exchange for serving Britney underage. The bartender poured the next
drink as he watched Britney sway with her eyes closed like a drunk.
Seconds later, she was out cold.

Britney came to and looked around, noticing street lights buzzing past
her. She was the passenger in a speeding car. She squinted at the driver
and noticed it was the same bartender. She didn’t even know his name.

“Where… where are… where are you taking me?” she said still groggy.

“Shhhhhhhh” he said calmly as he lightly pushed Britney down to a
reclined position.

“Just relax. I’ll take care of you.” his voice very soothing.

Britney looked around a bit, not aware of her surroundings at all. She
was too drunk to be scared or even nervous, but she had a funny feeling.
She couldn’t concentrate on what he was talking about as the car
continued to drive down the somewhat unfamiliar road. He then turned off
to a smaller side street and she tried to ask where they were going, but
was unsure if she formed the words properly.

“Don’t worry about it, Britney,” he said, and she really wasn’t.

She leaned against her door and was a afraid she might be sick or pass
out. She felt his hand on her shoulder and he pulled her over towards
him a little. She didn’t resist and rested her head on his shoulder. The
way she was now feeling she had very little choice, and it was softer
than the window. He put his arm around her and she felt his hand resting
on her chest.

“Oh, damn,” she thought somewhat humorously, “he’s gonna cop a feel.”
Those were her last thoughts as she succumbed to the overwhelming
tiredness she felt and drifted off into oblivion.

Brit was still groggy, but slowly becoming more alert, waking up. She
looked around, more puzzled than afraid. She saw him standing over her,
staring down at her.

“What’s going on?” she asked, with only a trace of alarm.

“Oh, I figure it’s about time I had some fun,” he said.


“Oh, yeah. Some real fun. I mean after all, holy shit, you are Britney.
The one and only! Do you know how many guys want to meet you, shake your
hand, touch you… FUCK YOU??? I mean, shit, you flaunt your shit all
over the place. You gave me and millions of other men blue balls for the
past few years. It’s about time SOMEONE cashed in.”

Just then he grabbed her right wrist roughly, moving her.

“Ow. That hurts. Let go of me, dammit!”, she said.

“Oh, I don’t think so.” Holding both wrists in one hand he produced a
roll of strapping tape with the other and began wrapping it around them

She tried to kick at him and shove him away, so he sat down on her while
he finished bonding her hands. She continued to kick and twist until he
slapped her full across the face… not hard enough to do any damage,
but enough to make his point. She looked up almost in shock. She
couldn’t believe he had really hit her. For the first time she realized
she might actually be in danger.

She ceased her struggle as he reached down and lifted up her right foot.
He slipped the shoe off, then removed the sock. Her feet were small..
very cute.

“Very suckable toes”, he smiled as he ran his nails along her sole.
She quivered slightly. He then preformed the same act on the other foot.
After it was exposed he again held it.
“Ummm… very suckable indeed,” he smiled as he lifted it to his mouth
and licked his tongue between two of her toes.
She jerked her foot away from him and again tried to kick him away. He
slapped her legs roughly, reached toward her chest and grabbed her tit
through her t-shirt and bra. He squeezed the nipple tightly with his
thumb and forefinger. She grimaced in pain and let out a little scream.
“Stop It! Let me go!” she said through clenched teeth.

“You know, I’ve been wanting to see those tits for a long time. What say
we unleash the puppies and take a peak.”

Her eyes got wide. He really meant it.

“Keep away from me”, she said, but knew there was little she could do to
stop him.

“Oh, it’ll be fun. I know you like to show ’em off. You like to show a
little side cleavage… a little middle cleavage. You are a DIRTY girl.”
he said with a chuckle. “Its about time I got to see them.”

He grabbed her chin in one hand and kissed her quickly on the lips. She
turned her head as he released her. He then grabbed the t-shirt collar
right below her chin and tugged it down quickly and roughly. The
material ripped in two as he tugged. Her neck chafed as the back of the
collar rubbed harshly against it. He then grabbed her bound arms and
thrust them above her head. She again shrieked a little as the muscles
in her shoulders strained. The ragged t-shirt revealed her bra… white
with a little lace, straining a bit to hold in her titties. Her belly
was also revealed.. she was a little pudgy, but he still liked the look.

“Now for the good part,” he said, and he ripped the bra in two as he had
done the t-shirt.
And there they were, the famous tits exposed. Amazing. The nipples were
brown and huge, stretched from the implants. He stared approvingly.

Looking from her tits to her face he said, “I’d barely be able to get my
mouth around one of those nipples”.

Angry and humiliated she again began to struggle. He reached down,
caressing the nipple area of her left tit this time.
“Don’t make me squeeze it,” he teased, pinching it gently.

She again subsided and he released her arms. She covered herself as best
she could with her bound arms, but frankly her body was too naked to
conceal. He came toward her again, grabbed one of her legs and began
strapping it to one chair leg with the tape, then he did the same with
the other. He then grabbed her arms again, lifting them up, and with
tape strapping them behind her neck, making her tits stick even further

“I think I really do like you this way,” he said.

“I got a surprise for you baby,” he said as he left her briefly. The
silence was too much, but suddenly the sound of blasting musc made her
jump. The man returned with a sinister smile. Britney recognized the
song. “I’m a…. SLAVE… for you…. I can’t deny it…. ” blasted
through the room. It was BRITNEY’s latest song, and one she now wishes
she never wrote.

The man approached her looking mockingly at her and asked “wow those are
strong lyrics. You are a slave for me?”

After a long silence she timidly said “it’s just a song”.

“JUST A SONG??? It’s more than just a song. IT’s a statement. You are
saying that you wanna fuck every guy with a boner for you. You wanna be
their slave. You wanna be MY slave!”

Britney began to sob, looking at the bulge in the man’s pants. She
wished she had never tried to be risque, pushing the fragile “POP”
envelope and over doing the sexual innuendo. She was about ot pay a big
price for her slut ways.

“Look slave.” She said nothing, only stared at him as he began to rub
his crotch. She noticed the bulge behind the zipper… he was obviously
very excited. He then unzipped his pants, and slowly withdrew his stiff
penis. She had never seen it before in the light, she had only sucked it
in the dark in the back of the bar. It was very hard.

“Oh yeah, those tits are quite a sight,” he said as he began rubbing his
cock… slowly, up and down. Several minutes had passed and Britney’s
“SLAVE” song was still playing. She knew this guy had put it on a loop
to play over and over again. He had this all planned out. The music was
giving her a headache. She thought about why she even made this shitty
music anyways. Not onlly was this pop music useless, but it got her to
this situation.

Britney broke her day dream when she saw the man lean in closer to her,
his erection maybe half a foot from her tits now.

“Damn fine titties,” he muttered again for the millionth time as he kept

He began to massage her tits, not roughly, but still causing her
discomfort because of the sensitivity of her nipples.

“Tell me to fuck your titties,” he said.

She just gave him a withering look.

Squeezing the tits harder he said it again – “Tell me to fuck your

“I can’t! I am Britney! I am not allowed to swear! I just cant!” she

“Sure you can. Its easy. Pretend like I am your manager. You always say
what manager’s tell you to say anyways, right? Never think for yourself.
So just say what I tell ya to. Just say ‘fuck my titties’,” as he
applied slightly more pressure.

“Oh, God!” she debated with herself.

“Fu….. FFFFFFFFUUU……….” she was in deep thought.

“Go on Britney….”

“Fuck my titties,” she whimpered.

“Yee haw you fucking hillbilly! See that wasn’t too hard. Now say it
again – louder.”

The music continued -“I’m a…. SLAAAAAAAAAAVE…. for you… I
can’t…” played on as tears filled her eyes. She shook her head, then
felt the stinging pain on her nipples again.

“God! Fuck my titties! Fuck my titties!” she nearly screamed.

“Mmmmmm…. good. Now say ‘Fuck my titties cause I’m a fake-titted
little slutty slave’.”

In tears she repeated his words. She scarcely noticed his cock had begun
exploring her upper torso again. The head rubbed against her large
mounds before settling into the cleavage between them.

“Now baby, I’m gonna fuck your titties, just like you asked,” he said
with a laugh. “You be a good little slut and keep chanting ‘fuck my
titties’.” He gave both nipples a pinch to reinforce his order.

The words came out as a whisper at first, “Fuck my titties. Fuck my
titties. Fuck my titties.”

He pressed her tits around his shaft and began a piston-like movement
between them.

“Fuck my titties. Fuck my titties. Fuck my titties,” she continued.

She felt him between them… pressing her tits to engulf his shaft….
moving up and down as she continued the demeaning chant. Then the
movement became more rapid. She felt a slickness on her chest, knowing
that his precum must be lubricating his path.

“Fuck my titties. Fuck my titties. Fuck my titties,” she still muttered,
praying that soon it would soon be over. Her wish was granted.

He suddenly stood her up and sucked on her titties. He was very gentle
with her now, but she was obviously not liking it. His hands moved to
her pants and she was depants in 2 seconds. His hands felt her silky
panties and the bubble butt that was encased in them. Then suddenly he
pulled the panties all the way down, leaving her totally naked like
himself. She hadn’t noticed, but his dick was again hard and throbbing.

“Well, what should we do now, hmmmmm,”

Suddenly he got an idea and began to sit her down again.

‘Britney, do you know how cute your feet are?”

She looked at him with a disgusted look on her face.

“I am serious. I am not a freak or anthing, but your feet are just so
tender and look ticklish”

He want on to describe her bare feet as he held her ankles and stared
closely at the soles and arches.

“Your soles are so smooth and tender. Your big toe is HUGE and so

He began to suck on her left big toe. Britney just froze. She had
explored a foot site for two on accident and had saw many of her
pictures and the comments. It turned her on a little, but this was not
sexy at all. The man began to hum and talk as he licked her toes and
sucked them all, one by one, then in groups.

“mmmmm your little toes look funny and crooked, but the big toe and
your soles make up for it. Mmmmm such cute feet” He paused.

“You’re going to jack me off with those talented toes,” he insisted. “Be
gentle. Rub my dick with your feet. Make my cum, .”

Having very little pride left she did as she was told, rubbing up his
hard shaft with her feet, tickling the head with her toes. Britney
gently rubbed her smooth bare soles up and down his shaft. Her toes bent
like little fingers and she tried to jerk him off the best she could
with her feet. It was not so much the action that was getting him off,
just the fact that Britney was rubbing her famous feet on his dick. Her
soles slid across the head and the shaft, brushing his balls every
stroke. The warm silky skin of her feet was too much for him, and he
stopped her after only 5 minutes, fearing he would cum.
He released her from the chair and firmly moved her over to the sofa

“Lay down,” he ordered.

She sank to the bed, lying on her back, vainly trying to cover her
breasts and pussy.

“No.. No… on your stomach.”

She didn’t move at once and he slapped her thigh roughly.

“On your stomach,”

She slowly turned over quivering, her head turned toward him to see what
he was going to do. Britney’s frightening thoughts returned as his palms
arched her butt cheeks.

He had begun to stare at her famous ass…. round and plump and so soft
to the touch. He covered a finger in lotion, then traced it along the
crack of her rear. She let out a little frightened noise, so he repeated
the motion, this time exploring a little deeper in the crack. She tried
to get up and he smacked one cheek harshly with his hand, the red print
showing up nicely on her white bottom. She settled down as he continued
to examine the crack. He spread the cheeks gently to get a better view
and discovered her puckered little hole. He toyed with it as she softly
writhed under him.

“You like this, don’t you Britney,” he demanded.
She only shook her head.

“You like it, don’t you,” he said more forcefully, smacking her other

“Yes! Yes! I like it!” she cried.

“What do you like?” he questioned.

“I like it! I like it! Just leave me alone!”

He smacked her cheek again.

“No Britney! Tell me what you like. Tell me you like me playing with
your asshole.”

She was again silent so he walloped away at her rear, first one cheek,
then the other… red welts rising from his punishment.

“I like it. I like you playing with my asshole!” she screamed out. She
felt dirty.

“Mmmmmm good. I knew you did”, as his finger continued to gently probe
the puckered hole.
He poured on more lotion and inserted his finger up to the first joint,
moving it in and out gently. His fingers occasionally would follow the
crack till its end and slowly caress her privates. She was doubly
humiliated, because she could feel how moist she’d become down there,
and knew that he too was aware of it.

Then he abruptly stopped. She craned her neck to see what he was doing.
He stood above her then kneeled on the sofa, placing one knee across the
small of her back and straddling her. She felt the pressure from his
dick and balls as he settled them there, inches above her rear. He
leaned forward and moved her long blond hair from the back of her neck.
He began breathing on it and kissing it gently. She shuddered again at
his touch. He slid one hand under her and cupped one large tit that
pressed against the fabric of the sofa. He continued to nuzzle, and
kiss, and lick the side and back of her neck. He slid his body back
slightly and she felt his cock slightly protrude into the top of her
crack. He was now shaking in nervous anticipation. He had Britney laying
here, bare ass up, NAKED, and he was on top of her. Sweat dripped on to
the bed as he acknowledged…. “I am about to fuck Britney right up her
butt!” He moved down and Britney cringed.

“Oh God,” she thought, “he’s going to do it.”

Then he whispered in her ear, “Okay, babe, now tell me what you really

“Oh, no, no, no… he really is going to make me say it,” she thought.

In defiance she said, “I want you to get off of me!”

His hand beneath her squeezed her tit tightly.

“No, now that’s not what I want to hear. You know what I want, now say
it,” punctuating the last comment with another squeeze.

“I want you to…ahhh”.


“I.. ahhh.. I want you to…”

“Come on babe. You can say it.”

“I.. ahhh… I ahhh… I ahhhh want you to fuck me up the butt.” She
couldn’t believe she said it. That was dirty.

“Fuck you where?” he mocked, tickling her butt hole with his cock.

“Fuck me up my tight butt hole.”

“Beg me to fuck it.”

“Nooooo….” she whined.

“You better…”

She whimpered like a puppy, saying “Hhhhhnnnnnnn….. please… oh
please fuck me up the butt. I need it. I am dirty and I need my butt
cleaned with your cock.”

He laughed. “WOW! That was a mouthful, but if you insist….”

He then slid back a little and she felt her ass cheeks part. She knew it
wasn’t his finger this time that was probing her tight, puckered hole.
He stared at the little TATTOO she had gotten on her lower back. He knew
this was a sign. Any girl with a tattoo on her lower back is BEGGING for
anal sex. Especially celebrities with this mark. (Britney, Charisma,

Brit clenched her teeth as she felt the lotion-annoited head go slightly
in. He wiggled it against the tight opening, then pressed a little
further. She couldn’t help but make a small, whelping noise as she felt
the hole widen as if being ripped.

He paused then said, “Allright, Britney, tell me what you want me to

She had no choice, and the words gurgled from her mouth almost
involuntarily, “Fuck me in the ass.”.

“Yes,” he almost squealed as he shoved his full six inches deep within
her nearly virgin hole.

She screamed in pain, feeling as though she were being ripped apart.

“Oh, god,” she thought, or maybe even said.

She felt him begin to extract his cock as her muscles contracted, then
the searing pain again as he lunged back into her, his balls slapping
her on the cheeks. She was weeping, crying and screaming, but somehow
the only words that emerged from her mouth were “Fuck me in the ass!
Fuck me in the ass!”.

Oh, god, and he did. In and out, his eight inches feeling like twelve as
he impaled her repeatedly. She could sense his excitement and pleasure..
even more palpable then his earlier encounters with her. He knew she was
totally demeaned by this act, and he revelled in it. Then finally the
movement stopped with him still wedged deep inside her. Her senses where
nearly numb down there, but she knew his cock was spewing his hot cum
deep in her hole. He twitched a little and let out a moan.
“mmmmmmm…. Brit… baby…. you’re ass is Hot!” he said.

She lay silently, the pain only beginning to subside. He slowly slid his
cock from between her cheeks, his hardon relieved, it was slowly

“Mmmmmm…,” he said again, looking down at his handiwork as some of his
thick creamy cum bubbled up from the once tight hole. All he felt was
great satisfaction. His dick was satisfied, having shot another huge
load, and he was also smugly satisfied from having violated Britney’s

She still lay there whimpering from the pain and humiliation, but he
knew that despite herself, she was also excited. She knew it too, which
made her degradation even worse. He turned her over, tears streaming
down her face. She rubbed her eyes and looked up helplessly.

“Don’t worry, baby, it’s your turn now.”

She looked at him puzzled through her tears. His hand again slid between
her legs and he again felt the moistness there.

“Stop it!” she thought, but no words came from her dry mouth.

“Mmmmmm… such a hot little cunt,” he murmured as he played with her

Then he situated himself between her legs again. He began kissing and
licking her belly… twirling his tongue in her belly button piercing.
She writhed gently under him. His mouth moved down, rubbing against her
pubic hair. It was usually nicely trimmed, but she knew there must be
stubble. It had been days since she had been able to preform her
bathroom rituals. Then she felt his hot breath on her clit… his tongue
tickling it… his lips sucking it.

“Oh, no,” she thought. “I don’t want him to make me cum. Please don’t
let that happen.”

But despite herself the pleasure was welling up between her thighs. He
continued to nurse on her swollen clit as she felt his hand probe her
slit. He finger-fucked her as he licked and slurped at her delicious
morsel. She twitched and turned, unable to control her body. She knew
she was only moments for experiencing a rapture.

But then he stopped and looked up at her, his chin resting on her pubic
region.. his eyes peering over the mounds of her reclining breasts.

“I can tell you’re gonna cum soon,” he said. “I want to be inside you
when you do.”

He pulled her legs past the end of the couch, separated them and stood
between them. His cock, which had so recently raped her backside, now
stood poised and erect to enter her front. He shoved it in gently and
the sensations of pleasure returned.

“Not this… please don’t let this awful man make me cum with his dick
inside me.”

He moved his rod back and forth through her warm moistness until she
could bear it no longer.

“Ohhhhh yesssssss…,” she screamed involuntarily.

He felt her juices wash over his cock. She writhed for what seemed like
minutes, unable to control the pleasure, then collapsed. He removed
himself from inside her. He was still hard, having not yet shot a second
load. He walked up and stood by her reclining head.

“Here you go,” he said, his cock rising inches from her mouth. “Taste
yourself on it.”

His hand clutched one of her tits in warning, but she didn’t even bother
to resist. She was too spent to argue or fight and allowed him entry
into her mouth. In a very short span he had violated each of her holes
now. She continued to suck his dick as he fondled his balls, until
finally he again ejaculated. She gagged briefly on the cum until she
could swallow it down, grateful he had already shot one load before
forcing this act upon her. He removed his dick from her mouth and small
drops of his cum and her saliva dotted her face as he shook it. He
continued to rub one of her large nipples between his fingers until he

“I understand you are trying to do some acting…. i have a script for
you.” Britney swallowed and looked at him scared.

“You are my lover and you want to fuck me.”

Britney didn’t know what exactly Viagra was, or what it looked like, but
she knew this guy was on it. She watched his cock spring to full size
for the ump-teenth time.

He yelled “ACTION” and laid back on the bed. Britney stood up, yet

“Do it now or I will hurt you bitch!”

‘I’m a ..SLAAAAAAVE’ continued to fill her ears and she got into
character. She started to dance and wiggle to her own song, It was like
she was in a music video. She started gyrating very sexually. The guy
just dropped his jaw as he watched her dance like a……. like a ..
well, like a SLUT. Damn she moved! With bare titties wiggling and
jiggling, ass bare and shaking in his face as she spun. Then she mounted
him and thought of the first time she had sex.

It was during her filming of the video “Slave”. During the live shoot,
when all the dancers were around her, someone pulled down her pants and
started to finger her. She couldn’t yell CUT to the director, so she
went ahead and lip-sank the video, hoping the dancer would stop. He
pulled his finger out, then poked her right up the butt and fingered her
there! Before she could move away, a cock slammed into her virgin pussy
and began to gyrate. Other dancers thought Britney was just being
sexual, so they began to hump and lick her as the video played on. So
technically, Britney is in a porno that plays every afternoon on music

Britney used the memory as sexual energy and mounted the guy completely.
He felt her wet pussy touch his erect cock. Britney smiled a little,
then dropped as her pussy surrounded him She began to ride him hard as
he held her titties. He could faintly hear her moan. She was screaming
in horny lust, but the music was drowning her out. She began bouncing up
and down in his lap, his cock deep within her.

“Oh, yeah, baby – fuck me!” he shouted.

“I’m fucking you. You’re my stallion. Fuck my pussy you big stallion.”

He could hardly believe the words she was saying, but it was clear that
this was what he wanted to hear. It was one of the longer sessions they
spent as she coaxed his cock,

“Give me that cum. Shoot that hot cum in me. I want to feel it inside

The music stopped for a few moments.


Britney was really getting off and the guy could feel her pussy
twitching and milking his cock.


Just then the music started again and Britney picked up the pace,
riding his hard cock.


Britney wiggled and fucked the man’s large cock until she felt his sperm
squirt into her pussy. She tried to jump off of hiim, but the guy held
her wiggling body down and didn’t let her leave. She struggled but that
just made the orgasm that much more intense.

“NOOOO!! I’ll get pregnant!!!” she cried, but the man just laughed and
held her down.

“MMMMM Yeah wiggle baby…. ahhhhhh…. wiggle around like that, slut!”

Britney began to cry but tried to still act tough.

“You fucker!!! I am gonna let everyone know what you did and….”

“No you aren’t” he was confindent.

“Yes yes YES I AM”

“No no NOOOOO YOU ARENT!!! Look over there.”

He pointed to a moniter that was on the ground, slightly hidden. There
was an image on the screen…. some porno… a guy and a girl… wait…

She gasped out loud and cried “YOU VIDEOTAPED ME RIDING YOU??? YOU
FUCKER!!!!” slapping him weakly. He just laughed.

“What a dirty mouth you have you little slave.”

He let her go and she jumped to her feet.

“You won’t tell anyone because if you do, I’ll have that video in the
hands of every male who wants you… every movie executive… every tv
producer… every record label… you will be done…. well, you are
already done, but you will never work again. Unless you work for a major
porno company.” His laughter made her cry aloud, sobbing hysterically.

“Please… dont show anyone the video. I’ll do anything. ANYTHING!”

“Okay then. Go take a shower. You are my new girlfriend.”

“For tonight… right?”

“Nope. For as long as you want that video to stay private.”

He laughed again, and Britney knew she was defeated. The man guided her
to the showers, putting his hand on her ass and sliding a single finger
up it. He held her bare ass cheek and made her walk as he felt her butt
flex and her tight butt hole clamp on his finger. The fun was just

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