Britney Spears goes Back To School

Britney Spears goes back to school
by Player of the Year

Not many people really knew Britney Spears, at least who she really was.
Britney had been famous now for a little over a year, and although
people could sometimes tell her happy go lucky attitude was fake, no
one really had a clue what the real Britney was like. Well, no one
outside of a select few.

Growing up Britney lost her virginity early. At the age of 13 she fucked
a 16 year old black kid in her neighborhood. She didn’t know him well
at all but she had always loved black guys. Britney got around with
of the black kids in her high school. She just felt like her pussy
couldn’t get enough black dick inside it. She had a reputation of being
a slut but always covered it up with her sweet smile and fake attitude.
Only the guys she lusted for and a few close girlfriends knew how
Britney really was.

Since Britney started her tour, she had very little time for sexual
contact at all. She was horny as fuck, but had to control herself many
times in fear of word getting out. Britney would sometimes tongue kiss
some of her fans backstage if she felt they looked really good, but was
afraid to take it much further then that. She was trying to leave her
past behind her, but one day, it all caught up with her.

Britney was visiting New York when a friend of hers, a teacher, asked if
she might come by the school and give a speech against drugs. Britney
figured it would be fun and agreed, also looking forward to seeing some
of the cute guys in high school. Britney arrived in a very bad
neighborhood, and to her surprise this was where she was to give her
"say no" speech. As she got out of her limo she saw bums laying around,
black people all over the corners and streets.

Although she loved black guys, she only found one or two of them on the
street attractive. Walking up the stairs in the school, she saw some of
the black boys in the school. They where all checking her out, from her
gorgeous white face, to her huge C titts. Britney wore a tight sports
bra that grabbed her titts and made them look oh so sweet. She knew it
was probably inappropriate but she didn’t really care, she loved
attention from black guys, and she was really enjoying the attention
from the younger black kids. Britney wore blue sweat pants that really
allowed her large ass to stick out. As she walked up the hall alone (at
her own request) she heard the boys say many things to her. " Look at
this fine ass white girl," said one. Britney smiled at him. Another
walked right in front of her and put his hands on her soft stomach,
stopping her. " Dam girl your fine, I aint seen you here before. What
your name?" "Britney" she said, taking his hands and moving them off
her stomach so she could walk away. Britney didn’t mind his hands at
all, but it was out in the open and she would be in trouble if someone
saw them.

Finally she arrived backstage and was asked to wait for about 20 minutes
until the first speaker was finished. She agreed. Britney sat down
backstage and started to doze off, when she felt someone rubbing her
shoulder. She turned around and it was the black boy that had stopped
her before, this time he had 2 friends with him. "Why you leave?" he
asked. Britney looked around and realized no one was backstage except
the four of them. "Sorry, I had to be here" said Britney. "Dam right
your sorry girl, why would you wanna walk away from a guy like me?"
Britney gave him a confused look. He was somewhat trashy, had a little
beard, and didn’t smell great. One of his friends was real black, which
Britney liked, but chubby, and the other was small and white, not
Britney’s favorite choice by far. "How old are you guys?" Britney
asked. "I’m 18, my names Devin" Said the first black boy. "This my
friend Jerome, he 19(the fat kid) , and this white boy here, this is
little jimmy. He 20, this his second senior year." Britney was in
shock, not at the boys, but the fact she was somewhat turned on by
them. She had not done much with a black guy in a while, but she knew
that was about to change.

"Your a fucking fine ass white girl" said Devin. "I know" said Britney.
Devin made his way around Britney. "Stand up for a second." Britney
stood up. Devin took Britney’s seat and then asked her to sit on his
lap. Britney looked around, and figured she had time, so what the hell.
She sat down on Devin’s lap. Immediately Britney felt Devin’s hard
black dick pressing against her. He wrapped his arms around Britney’s
stomach and grinded against her ass. The others watched. "It feels good
huh" Britney said. "fuck yeah" responded Devin, surprised she was going
along with it so easy. "Common Devin let me get some" said Jerome.
Jerome knew he was big and had only gotten with fat white girls, and
saw this as a huge opportunity. "Come here sweetie" Britney said.
Jerome got in front of her. "Let me see your Dick" Britney demanded.
Jerome whipped his huge Dick out, to Brittany’s pleasure. "Mmmmm, I
love tasting black cock." With that she grabbed Jerome’s huge black
cock and started rubbing it with her soft white hand. Devin had been
working Britney’s sweat pants down and now had them to her ankles. He
the began rubbing her pussy. "I love white pussy" He told Britney. "And
I love black dick" she said, thrusting her pussy against his fingers,
now deep inside her. Britney then grabbed Jerome’s dick and shoved it
in her mouth. Jerome started mouth fucking her and Britney was loving
it. Jerome Slipped his hands down her sports bra and started rubbing
her soft titts. "You white girls have some soft ass titts" he said,
squeezing, rubbing, and playing with Britney’s chest. Devin slid his
hand up to Britney’s titts and began feeling them along with his
friend. Britney was loving it, three black hands all over her gorgeous
white titts, and a black finger in her pussy.

Britney was sucking hard on Jerome’s fat cock as her pussy was fingered
and her chest groped. She was so happy to get with some young black
boys, even unattractive ones. Finally the white kid spoke up. "let me
get in this" he asked. Britney stopped sucking Jerome off and looked at
the kid and said "No, I just want black dick, don’t touch me" Britney
said snobby like. The kid was pissed but figured there was nothing he
could do. He sat in the corner and rubbed his cock while watching his 2
friends all over fine ass Britney Spears. Britney then told Jerome "I
want your cum in my mouth, k?" "Yeah baby, all over your soft white
lips" he responded. With that Britney began sucking him again, and
within a few minutes he began to cum. "Fuck girl, im monna cum" he
said. He then started to cum all inside Britney Spears mouth, pulling
out at the last second to whip some cum on her face. Britney just put
her head back and let him rub his black dick all over her face. "mmm,
your dick feels so good" Britney said, feeling his black dick all over
her cute face. "Your face feels good too girl" he told her. Jerome then
took Britney’s pretty blonde hair and whipped his dick off with it.
This made Britney feel like a real white slut, and she loved it. She
was so happy she got to eat some black cock. Now she needed a little
something for her pussy.

"You gonna let me hit?" Asked Devin, who had been fingering her wet
pussy the whole time. Britney reached down his pants and started
playing with his big black dick, which was dying to explode from all
the grinding on Britney Spears ass. "I can tell you like black cock
white girl." With that Britney gave him a simple "uh huh" and slipped
off her thong. She then straddled Devin with her pussy right at the tip
of his dick. "How bad you want this white pussy? She asked moving it
slowly back against his cock. "Fuck this" Devin said, and slammed
Britney down on his cock. Britney moaned, and Devin began fucking her
sweet pussy as hard as he could. "Don’t play games white girl" he said,
tearing apart Britney’s pussy. "I’m sorry baby" Britney said, being
submissive. "Fuck im about to go on stage" Britney said looking at the
time. "Naw girl you gotta let me cum, im almost there". Britney then
jumped off Devin and shoved his black cock into her pretty little white
mouth. In less then a minute Devin cummed all over Britney, insider her
mouth and all over her face. "You guys liked that?" Britney asked,
covered in the black boys cum. "I did" the white kid said as he ran at
Britney and shoved her on her back. He then got on top of her and told
Britney, "I been watching you and jerking my cock, but that aint good
enough, your gonna give me some whether im white or not, or we gonna
tell on your skanky ass." Britney knew she had no choice. She spread
her legs and the white boy started fucking her. He was small and
Britney didn’t even enjoy it, but she laid there and let him rub her
titts and fuck her. He also spent about 5 minutes just rubbing her ass,
and telling her how soft and sweet it felt. Finally, just before he
came, he withdrew from Britney and came all over her titts, titty
fucking her like crazy. His two black friends walked over and they all
rubbed the cum into Britney’s soft titts. They rubbed her titts for a
while until she demanded they stop so she could get dressed.

They left, calling her a skank, a bitch, and a slut, but Britney didn’t
care one bit. She had got her black cock and she had always enjoyed
being a "slut" anyways. Britney then got back into her fake attitude
and went on stage. Even if these kids said something, who would believe

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