Britney: The Early years

Britney—The Early Years

Britney Spears was a typical girl, worked hard for years trying to save money so she could go on a cruise some day. Britney was 17, and still a virgin. She went out lots of times but was saving herself for the right guy.

She had a month’s vacation coming to her from work in just a couple of month’s, so she has been checking all the cruise lines to see which sounded the best to go on. The one that sounded the best was a Caribbean cruise, with lots to offer. She made her reservation. Now all she needed to do was to get some new clothes and wait till vacation time.

Every pay that
she got, she would go and buy an outfit. They had dancing on the ship, so she bought a nice dress for that. She loved to swim and couldn’t wait to try out the ships pool. She was undecided about the kind to buy. She had a great body and wanted to show it off, but didn’t want to attract the wrong people. She got a two-piece bathing suit, a yellow color to show off her tanned skin. The bathing suit fit nice around her firm breasts, which was 38D. The bikini bottoms was just above the hairline, so it showed her shape just perfect.

Just one more week to go before her vacation started. She was getting all excited, and nervous, because this was the only trip she ever took alone.

The days just seemed to drag. Finally, the last day of work. She left alittle early and went home to finish some last minute packing. She went to bed early, tossed and turned all night.

The alarm went off, she got up took a shower than called a cab to take her to the ship.

When she got there, she couldn’t believe she was really going. She got the suitcases from the cab and went aboard the ship. the cruise director helped her to find her cabin. The rooms were small but they would have to do. After she got her things put away, she went to the deck and walked around. There was so many things to do, and so many people on board. Her eyes glanced at all the guys that she would like to meet. She spotted one guy in particular. He had dark hair and green eyes, and a body so fine. She was thinking of ways to introduce herself but didn’t want to seem to anxious to meet him. He wasn’t wearing a wedding ring and looked alone.

She walked around him, and boy did he smell great, so clean smelling. He walked out to the railing on the deck and started talking to another guy. God I hope he isn’t gay she thought.

She walked around a little bit more in the gift shop, glancing up every so often to still find the two guys talking. The other guy’s built wasn’t half bad either, he had sandy blonde hair.

She happened to glance up again and noticed the one with the sandy hair was looking at her. She quickly turned her head, then looked at him again, they were coming toward her. She grabbed a book and pretended to be looking at it. They walked up to her and introduced them selves to her. The dark haired one’s name was Eric and the other one was Grant. She told them her name was Britney. They asked if she was alone on the cruise and she told them she was.

They both asked her to dinner. Wow she thought a date with two guys. She hesitated a bit and said sure, this should be interesting. Good said Eric, shall we all meet here tonight about seven? Sounds good to me said Britney. Eric winked at her and said see you then. Okay she said seven it is. She could hardly wait for dinner, only had a couple of hours to go. She walked around the ship seeing what all they had.

She found another little gift shop, and decided to buy a few things, then she went to her cabin.

She took out the dress she was going to wear, and laid it on the bed. She went in to take a shower, washed her hair and shaved her legs. When she got out of the shower and dried off, she looked in the mirror and started running her fingers around her breasts, making her nipples very hard and erect. She squeezed her nipples. As she squeezed and rubbed one of her breasts with one hand, the other hand slid down to her hairline and then to her crotch. She was wet and wondered if it felt this good to have a man’s fingers touch her cunt. She was very wet now, just thinking about Eric and Grant, are they going to try to make love to her tonight or aren’t they going to want to.

She started to rubbing faster on her clit, it felt to good to stop. She found that the faster she rubbed the better it felt. She closed her eyes and was hardly able to remain standing. She stuck her fingers inside her cunt, pushed them in as far as they would go. She slowly pulled them in and out, then she wanted to see what it tasted like, so she brought her fingers to her lips, she could smell the sweet aroma and stuck out her tongue to lick her fingers. It tasted great, so she stuck her fingers back in her cunt, going alittle faster in and out. She then moved them to her clit and began rubbing again, she had to lay down to finish bringing herself off, so she laid on the bed and spread her legs and began rubbing her clit again. The faster she rubbed the wetter she got. She was feeling tingles, her body was stiffening. She was going to cum. Faster and faster, she was moaning, she felt herself about to cum, here it comes, I’m bringing myself off, I’m cumming. She came and laid there with her fingers on her clit. It was throbbing, and she felt the juices flowing out. She stuck her fingers in it and tasted it again.

All she could think about was Eric and Grant. Why did she wait so long to have sex, if her own fingers felt great, she could only imagine what a guys cock would feel like inside her cunt.

It was time to get dressed and go meet the guys. Her cunt was still wet as she stood there waiting. She heard footsteps, then voices. It was Eric and Grant, both were wearing tight jeans and dress shirts. They both looked good. They went arm in arm to the dinning room. They found a small table in the back corner. They all sat down and ordered a drink, Britney didn’t drink much, so she ordered white wine.

There was a band playing slow music. Who was going to ask her to dance first she wondered.

They both started to ask her to dance. They was going to flip a coin, but Britney suggested that she write down a number and the one that comes closer dances with her first. They all agreed. She wrote a number down on a napkin and turned it face down. Pick a number from 1 to 10, Eric said 7 and Grant said 5, she turned the napkin over and it had the #4 on it. I guess Grant is first. Britney and Grant walked to the dance floor, she put her hands on his shoulders and his around her waist.

They talked alittle to get to know each other better. She looked over at Eric, patiently waiting his turn. He was tapping his fingers on the table. Grant pulled her closer to him, and kissed her earlobe, she pulled away, but he pulled her back and kissed her on the neck. It sent little chills down her spine. She looked him the eyes and she could tell he wanted to kiss her. The song was over and they went and sat down. The waiter in the meantime refilled their glasses and they ordered dinner. It would be about ten minutes before the food gets there.

The band started playing another slow song, Eric was quick to ask Britney to dance. So off to the floor they went. He wasted no time, and pulled her very close to him, so close that she could feel the bulge in his pants rubbing against her crotch. He whispered in her ear that he wanted her. She was stunned and didn’t know what to say. His body felt great next to her, and she pulled him closer to her and rubbed against his cock. He took her face into his hands and kissed her lightly on the lips. She smiled at him, and he knew what she wanted. He started kissing her neck, then her ear and even on her earlobe. She was melting right in his arms and he knew it. Eric looked over at the table and saw that the food was there, so he asked her if she wanted to eat.

They went and sat down, got done eating and then danced alittle more. It was getting late, and Britney was feeling alittle warm, she asked them if they wanted to go on the deck to get some fresh air. That’s a great idea, lets go. They were standing by the railing looking at the water from the moonlight. Eric put his arm around Britney’s waist, and said this sure is nice. Grant said lets all go to our room and have a drink, looking at all this water is making me thirsty. Britney kinda hesitated at first, but she agreed to it. They were all walking hand in hand to the room. The guys had a little stand set up to look like a bar, not a whole lot of bottles, just a couple different ones. There was no wine, so Britney settled for a mixed drink. It tasted strong, but she drank it anyway.

They were all sitting on the edge of the bed coz there was no couch, just one chair and the bed.

Britney was nervous, she hurried and drank down her drink. Grant got up and fixed her another one. She sipped on this one. She got up to go to the bathroom, she was feeling alittle lightheaded but knew what she was doing. As she was in there, Grant filled her glass back up. She came out and sat between them on the bed. They talked about everything and anything. Britney was feeling the drinks in her now. She was getting warm, and kicked off her shoes. Eric and Grant looked at each other and smiled. Eric leaned over and kissed Britney on the neck. Oh that feels nice she said.

Eric laid her back onto the bed and started kissing her neck, ears and then her lips. Grant started rubbing and massaging her feet. As Eric was kissing her, his one hand found its way to her breasts, rubbing and kneading each one, making her nipple hard. Grant was working his way up her legs, slowly massaging each one. From time to time he would kiss her legs and knees. Eric bent down to nibble on her nipples through the dress. The dress had ties at the shoulders and Eric reached up and untied them. Britney was laying there moaning and digging her fingers into the bed. Eric slowly pulled down the top of her dress exposing two firm breasts and two very hard nipples. Oh those look beautiful he said. She reached down and felt her breasts, then she pulled Eric to her to kiss him. Grant pulled up her dress and slid off her pantyhose off. She had on white bikini panties, and he could see she was wet. Eric moved to her breasts and licked, kissed and sucked on each one, getting them very hard. Grant pulled the dress down over her hips and down over her legs till it was off.

Britney was reaching for Eric’s shirt to take it off of him, and ran her fingers down his chest.

Britney was mumbling and said something that got both their attention, she was moaning and with one of her moans she said she was still a virgin. Grant told her that they will be gentle. Grant took off his shoes and shirt. Eric was moving closer to her panties running his tongue along the top of them. He could smell the aroma sweet aroma that was coming from her cunt. He took hold of both sides of her panties and slid them off. Grant was standing by Britney’s head with all his clothes off and stroking his cock. Britney reached for his cock and rubbed an squeezed it. Grant showed her how to stroke it. He moved his cock closer to her mouth, he said to her to try this in your mouth and it will get harder than it is now. Britney opened her mouth and Grant touched her lips with his cock, she ran her tongue along the head and then licked on the shaft of his cock. She was feeling how swelled his balls were with her hands. She took his cock into her mouth. She took as much as she could handle without gagging. She sucked so softly, as Grant moved in and out of her mouth.

Eric hurried and took the rest of his clothes off. He started to kiss the tops of her legs, getting closer to her pussy. He spread her legs, exposing her cunt, it was so wet and hot. He flicked his tongue on her clit, she moaned and started sucking harder on Grant’s cock. Eric ran his tongue all over her cunt and teased her by sticking his tongue in and out of her cunt. She was really stirring now. As Eric sucked on her clit, he would stick a finger into that waiting hole, then he would try another finger then another till he had three fingers inside of her. She was tight and he couldn’t wait to fuck her. She was very wet now, so Eric stood up, his cock was hard as a rock.

He ran his cock around her cunt. She was moving around trying to get his cock with her cunt.

He found her hole and stuck the head of his cock in. She let out alittle yelp, so Eric pulled out and tried again. He would only shove the head in and out a few times, till Britney started begging for all of it. He slowly pushed his cock into her, she moaned alittle loud but didn’t push him away.

Eric was inside of her going in and out. Grant was ready to cum, but he held back, he watched as Eric slid his cock deep into Britney’s cunt. Eric pumped faster and harder, he wanted to cum.

Grant removed his cock from Britney’s mouth, and started jacking off. Britney was rubbing her clit while Eric fucked her. Grant came first and squirted his wad all over Britney’s tits. Britney rubbed the cum all over her tits with one hand and brought herself off with the other. Eric finally let loose and shot his cum deep inside her. Grant laid down beside Britney and watched as Eric pumped every drop of his cum into Britney. Then Eric pulled out and laid down too! They were all exhausted.

Eric and Grant laid there half asleep. Britney’s fingers found their way to her cunt again. She rubbed her clit for alittle while, then she reached for Eric’s and Grant’s cocks. She rubbed till she got them hard again. She leaned over Eric’s cock and started licking it. Grant got up and stood behind her and started rubbing his cock on her ass. She was pushing back on his cock with her ass. His cock found her hole and slid it in. Britney was sliding her mouth up and down on Eric’s cock, with the same rhythm Grant was fucking her. The faster Grant would go, Britney did the same. Grant grabbed her ass and pumped harder and faster. He was going to cum, he wanted to fill her cunt with his wad. Eric told her to look out, he was going to cum, but she just kept on sucking.

Grant pulled her off of Eric and just as he got her mouth off his cock, he came and hit her in the face. Eric and grant laid back down, and Britney went and took a shower. When she was done, she came out and stood by the bed. Both guys were sleeping. She got dressed and went to her room, got undressed and went to bed. The next morning when she got up, her legs were sore. She got dressed and went on deck. She went a got a bite to eat. She kept looking around for Eric and Grant but didn’t see them. It was almost noon now, they should be up by now. She went to their room and knocked on the door. When the door opened, there was a cleaning lady inside doing the room.

All their things were gone. She asked the lady where the guys went, and she replied that they caught a small boat early in the morning. The lady asked her if her name was Britney, and Britney said yes. The lady reached in her pocket and pulled out an envelope and handed it to Britney.

Britney went back to her room and read the letter. Eric and Grant told her that they were sorry they had to leave so quick without saying anything to her. They explained they was in the service and got called to duty. They left an address to which she could write to get in touch with them.

They also told her that she was great last night, and would love to do it again sometime. She smiled when she read the part, where Eric told her that he was glad to have met such a fine girl like her and was also glad that she waited for him to be his first. He wrote in the letter that he was also a virgin and she did great. He sent his love and wished her well the rest of her trip. She put the letter away and laid down on the bed thinking about last night. She was no longer a virgin and she was proud of it.

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