Britney The Snake Slave

Britney the Snake Slave


Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. A little
short, I know, but it’s
more an effect piece here. A manipulated pic inspired this so my thanks to the
manipulator for it
and it just came together. Guess it could be seen as a follow-up to last year’s.

While it had gotten accusations the last few years as not being as cutting
edge and
irreverent as it once was, there was no denying that the MTV Video Music Awards
was still one
of the hottest and most-anticipated shows around. With the mix of wild music
acts, wilder
fashions and an atmosphere
more fun than most staid shows, the VMA’s mirrored
the style of the
network itself.

Seeing as how she owed so much of her success to MTV, it was no surprise
Spears had used past VMA shows to boost her success. 1999, the year she broke
out, Britney did
a wild dance number of “Ooops, I Did It Again.” In 2000, she had made a huge
fuss by throatily
singing “Satisfaction,” then stripping off her tuxedo to reveal a flesh-colored
bra and pants,
eliciting a massive roar from the crowd.

For 2001, Britney was hoping to try and top herself. She knew she had to
make a splash
now more than ever, the teeny-bop trend was sinking fast. Taking inspiration
from her idol,
Madonna, Britney knew a sexy image was what kept her hot and thus planned to get
performance going that would get a rise out of every guy in the audience.

Debuting a new song was a risk, Britney knew, most people expecting her to
do one of
her somewhat more popular ones. But Britney was pretty sure her performance of
“I’m A Slave 4
U” would be one of the show’s highlights.

With a body like hers, Britney had little problem getting attention, as
last year had proved.
While she wasn’t quite ready to go naked just yet (she still couldn’t believe
the producers of the
movie she was appearing in refused to let her do a topless scene) she could show
some skin and
her outfit was doing that. A harem girl-style outfit, with green panties and
silk gown, a green bra
barely holding back her generous breasts and plenty of jewelry. But the props
that would really
get attention were the tiger Britney entered stage with and another item she
would take on during
the performance.

She took a deep breath, brushing her long hair away from her face,
adjusting her mike and
getting ready. She was still a bit nervous when doing a big performance and this
was a big one for
sure. Hearing her name announced and the roar of the crowd, Britney took the
leash on the tiger,
making sure the thing was tame and letting the cage she was standing in rotate
to face the crowd,
the music starting as the crowd cheered, men hooting at her outfit.

As the song played, Britney moved, going into the dance moves while keeping
time with
the music and lyrics. She left the tiger behind and reached out her hand to take
the other item, one
she had been a bit nervous about when it was suggested.

Snakes always freaked people out and Britney was no exception. The idea of
a scaly
reptile moving on her bare shoulders was a bit off-putting at first but after a
few times, she had
gotten used to it and was handling the python well. It was well-trained so it
wouldn’t try to choke
her or anything and didn’t bite either, so she just managed to dance around with
it dangling from
her shoulders, tail and head twitching in her outstretched hands.

It was a brief moment was all, one so brief that no one in the audience,
watching on
television or on stage caught it. Britney was turning her head, putting every
sexy note she could
into the music, hips swaying as she danced, when she caught the eyes of the
snake and saw them
seeming to glow a bit.

It could have been a trick of the light, the way the eyes glowed like that
but Britney was,
for the briefest of moments, frozen and her mind went blank a bit. Then, she was
back in her
routine, singing and dancing but unable to shake the odd feelings coming over
her right now.
Feelings of arousal and pleasure, with a dark-skinned man at the center of it

Before she knew it, the number was over and Britney was soaking in the
roars of the
crowd. Smiling, she gave a little bow, then left the stage as a commercial break
began. It was the
usual chaos backstage, people rushing to get the next act set up, presenters
moving around and
others racing back and forth. Wiping her brow and taking off her mike, Britney
swiftly moved to
her dressing room, looking forward to getting out of this outfit. But then
again, she did
feel….right somehow wearing the outfit of a slave.

Britney shook her head, startled at the sudden thought coming into her
mind. Weird, it
was like she just felt really hot and aroused right now but at the same
time….almost submissive,
subservient, almost willing to do anything for a guy. Or rather a certain guy.

“Hello, Britney,” an accented voice came from behind her. Britney turned to
see a
handsome and bearded man of apparent Middle East descent, smiling at her, his
eyes sparkling a
bit, the snake held in his hands. “Excellent performance.”

“Um….Thank you….” Britney said, licking her lips a bit. God, what was
this, she just felt
so hot and bothered right now just being with this guy. And those same strange
feelings came over her twice as much just being in this guy’s presence. “And you

“You may call me Ali,” the man smiled. “Or actually, you can call me
something else by
the end of the night.”

“Right,” Britney said, feeling less pissed than she normally would have
under these
circumstances. “So, um, anything else?”

Ali was silent, lifting the snake up a bit, the head in one hand. “An
exquisite creature,” he
smiled. “One of my private collection.”

“You collect snakes?” Britney asked, uncertain.

“I collect many things,” Ali smiled. “In fact, this collection helps me
gather items for my
other. Let me show you.” He held the snake’s head up and Britney found herself
looking right
into its eyes, that glow reappearing, a red flash going into Britney’s face. Her
eyes widened a bit,
then drooped slightly, a sexy expression coming onto her face as the snake did
its work.

It was times like these that Ali was grateful one of his ancestors had been
a great magician
and had passed that craft down through the generations to his children. Although
ignored and
ridiculed today, there was a great deal of magic in the world and Ali had placed
a charm on the
snake, one designed to emit a spell that would turn any woman into a loving
slave in moments.
The brief flash on stage had gotten him in and now the full spell was hitting
Britney, putting her
under his control.

Ali lowered the snake, its eyes dulling as he looked at Britney. “You may
now call me
Master,” he intoned. “And what is your name?”

“I’m a slave for you, Master,” Britney cooed, licking her lips seductively.

“Excellent, slave,” Ali said. “Come with me.”

“As you wish, Master,” Britney said, taking him by the arm and letting him
lead her away.

Ali’s suite was one of the most lavish in Los Angeles and he paid well
enough so no one
would talk about any weird goings-on they saw. And those who were tempted to
talk were
promised a horrific fate for family and friends if they did. Thus, no one would
mention seeing Ali
leading one of the most famous and gorgeous singers in the world into his suite
and locking the

Quickly stripping, Ali turned and spoke. “Dance and strip for me, slave.”
immediately began to dance, the same routine she had performed earlier for the
show, only now
with the difference that she was doing what a lot of men wished she would done
before: Stripping
off her clothes. Her top came off, revealing her large round breasts and as she
spun around, she
undid the silk trail on her panties, letting it fall to the ground. She had her
back to Ali, bending
over and sliding her panties down to the ground, kicking them away as she faced
him, now naked.

Ali’s large cock was rock hard by this point as he took in the excellent
show. He leaned
back on the bed, beckoning Britney towards him. The singer slowly moved forward,
still shaking
her hips a bit, her various decorations and jewels rattling with the movements,
breasts jiggling
with every step forward, licking her lips as she took in Ali.

“Stop.” At his word, Britney froze right in place, waiting for him to give
her another
command. “Kneel.” Britney instantly fell to her knees as Ali rose, his hard cock
in her face.
“Open.” Britney opened her mouth and let his dick enter her mouth. “Suck.”

Britney did, moving her lips up and down his shaft, her tongue showing the
skill she had
learned cock-sucking over the years with various guys. Ali grinned as he felt
her go at it. “Do it
only with your mouth, slave. Use your hands to rub your breasts.” Britney did
so, her mouth
moving back and forth on Ali’s cock, tongue tickling his penis as her hands
pressed her breasts
together, pinching the nipples as she went at Ali hard, loving how his cock felt
in her mouth. Her
breasts kept pushing together, harder and harder as she sucked Ali off, trying
to make her Master
come. When he did, Britney immediately sucked down every drop of cum that shot
from his penis,
swallowing it as she kept on rubbing at her hard breasts.

As soon as Britney was done taking in his cum, Ali spoke again. “Get on the
bed, on your
hands and knees, slave.” Britney immediately did so, letting Ali get a good look
at her. While
most men looked at her ample chest, her ass wasn’t too bad either and Ali
gripped her cheeks
hard, loving the gasp Britney made as he moved his hard cock to her ass, sliding
it in.

Britney moaned, her eyes rolled upward as Ali started to go at her, pushing
his cock in and
out of her ass in a strong, rhythmic motion, pushing into her behind. Britney’s
groans grew louder
as Ali went at her, ramming his cock in and out of her ass, pinching the cheeks
hard around his
shaft as it plunged deeper into her. Britney could feel only pleasure, her
obedience to Ali now no
longer a question, she was lost in the epic ecstasy being his sex slave gave.
Her cry when he shot
his wad into her was greater than any note she had sung.

As Britney collapsed forward, Ali rolled her over and spread her legs to
get at her pussy.
As he moved his cock in and began to pump her again, Ali felt it was time
Britney took a break,
perhaps an Egyptian holiday. It would be brief of course but in the end, Ali
would introduce
Britney to the rest of his harem and see just how good a slave she could be.

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