Britney babysits For Madonna

Credit: maxwell

“Britney please!” Madonna begged.

“I don’t know Madonna… you want me to watch your nephew? You can’t pay

someone else? I’m a damn pop star.” Britney said.

“No Brit. It’s too short of a notice. Please I’m begging you. All you

have to do is sleep on the couch. Joel is in high school, he can take

care of himself.”

“HIGH SCHOOL?” Britney snapped, “He’s a teenager, almost a grown man,

why does he need a babysitter?”

“Britney I just want you to be here when he is here so he doesn’t fuck

with my valuables. That’s all. PLEASE!”

finally agreed and they sealed the deal with a kiss.

That night, Britney arrived, Madonna left, and Brit fell asleep shortly

after seeing Joel passed out in the guest room.

“This should be pretty easy,” Britney thought to herself as she drifted

asleep on the couch. Brit was awake by a strange feeling.Britney was

lying on the couch with her head in Joel’s lap. His hand was down her

shirt, lazily teasing her nipples. It should have shocked her, but Joel

was attractive, and it actually felt prety good. Britney moaned happily

and he bent to kiss her. Joel’s hand left her tits and slipped under her

skirt. He rubbed her pussy for a moment, feeling how wet she was for


“Get up,” Joel whispered. Britney obliged and he bent her over the arm

of the couch. He raised her skirt and slowly pulled off the red thong.

His fingers found her wet cunt, teasing her mercilessly. I squirmed,

raising her hips a little to give him better access.

“Slut,” he said, slapping Britney plump tan ass hard. He stopped teasing

her and gave me a few playful spanks.

“Harder,” Britney begged. Grabbing a fistful of

her hair in one hand, Joel spanked Britney’s butt hard. When her ass was

glowing red, he released the pop princess. Britney immediately dropped

to her knees, eager to suck his cock. Instead, he directed her to remove

the rest of her clothing and go wait on the bed.

Naked, Britney watched as he removed his own clothes. “Put that red ass

up!” Joel demanded. Britney complied and he moved up behind her. Britney

moaned as he shoved his hard cock into the talentless singer’s poop

chute. He pounded her hard, holding her big hips. He then directed

Britney to lie on her chubby tummy. Joel pulled out some kind of toy,

but Britney’s eyes were too tired and worn out to get a good look at it.

She closed her eyes and felt him part Britney’s big tan cheeks. He

sensually spread lube on the pop diva’s tight hole, easing his finger

into the pink pucker

“Ready for the toy, stinky butt bitch?” Joel asked. Shocked but

speechless, Britney nodded, hugging a pillow tight. With a gentle push,

the anal vibrator slid into her well lubed ass. There was a bit of pain

at this intrusion but it wasn’t too bad.

“What the hell did you put in me?” Britney asked as my anus stretched

around the toy.

“Just a little something to warm you up, shut up and relax your smelly

hole,” he replied, turning up the vibration.

“Little? It feels huge.”

“Well, it’s not exactly small,” he conceded. Minutes later, Joel swiftly

shoved his cock into Britney’s little anus. She nearly screamed at the

pain. Joel has a cock most porn stars would envy and he penetrated Miss

Spears much more deeply than the toy had. All Britney could do is make

little grunting noises, gasping for air.

“How do you like having a cock in your ass?” he asked.

“Uh…. ugh…I love it!” Britney declared.

“Whose ass is it now?” he asked.

“Ahhh…. uhnn…uhnnnnnn…. all yours!” Britney cried out. “I’m your

ass slut.”

“Damn straight you’re my ass slut,” he growled in her ear. He slammed

his cock in and out of her lubed ass. Britney got fucked deep and hard.

Joel paused like he was going to cum, which made Britney let out a sigh

of relief. Until Joel flipped Britney on her back, spread her legs, and

really started to poke her little butt hole hard.

“Ahhhh….. big….. too big…. uhnnn.. uhnnnn,” Britney groaned,

almost protesting. Britney’s foot kept brushing Joel’s face as he pumped


“Your feet stink Britney! Get them away from my face,” he demanded.

“Uh… uh… I can’t…. uh… can’t move my legs… sorry… uh …..


Joel got annoyed and started sucking Britney’s toes, causing her to gasp

and tense up.

“Noo…. ahhh… ahh… wait, my feet are sensitive… uh… uhh…. ha

ha ha…. uhh.. oooh…. ha ha… don’t I’ll pee myself…. uhhh..


Joel sucked away, licking in between Britney’s toes, causing the pop

diva to grunt and groan while laughing. She couldn’t move. She couldn’t

stop him. But she couldn’t stop herself either….

“Please… dont…. haha… ahhh….ohhhh.. I… uhnnn… uhnnn…

you’re gonna make me pee…. uhhhhh…. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Just then, as Joel was fucking Britney’s butt, the pop diva urinated all

over the place. Joel couldn’t believe his eyes. He quickly came up

Britney’s butt, then pinned her head to the ground and peed in the pop

star’s open mouth and gaping ass hole. Britney whined in humiliation,

but layed there, helpless. Joel then grabbed Britney by the hair, yanked

her up, and drug her to the bathroom. Britney was still out of it,

groaning and grunting. Joel pushed her in the shower, slammed the glass

door shut until it locked, then reached over and turned on the shower

water full blast on COLD.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Britney screamed as the ice cold water hit her hot

flesh. Joel watched as Britney’s plump nipples quickly shrunk into a

rock hard tight erect nipples as she danced around unable to avoid the

icy cold water.

“Wash off Britney! You have 15 long minutes in the ice water to get nice

and clean. Maybe your ass hole will even shrink back to normal size

again…. BITCH,” Joel said harshly as he left the pop diva dancing in

the freezing cold shower.

Joel had just stepped out of the bathroom with a smile on his face….

until he felt a boot kick him in the stomach, knocking him to the

ground. Dazed and confused, he looked up to see Madonna standing over

him. She was completely naked, except for some steel-toe military boots

and a long black strap-on dildo around her pelvis.

“Why don’t you join Britney in that ice cold shower…. BITCH!” Madonna

said, as she moved in to stare at the weakened Joel.

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