Britney babysits Jamie lynn

Britney babysits Jamie Lynn
by Dirtyfucker

"It’s so good of you to do this honey" Britney Spears mom said as she
headed for a evening with friends.
"No problem mom" Britney said smiling sweetly "It’ll give me a chance to
catch up with Jamie Lynn."
Her mother smiled and left. Britney grinned as she closed the door, she
had ulterior motives for
babysitting her eight year old sister. Britney was a closet paedophile
especially keen on little girls
and her pretty little
sister Jamie Lynne or "mini me" as Britney often
called her because of how alike
they were would her first conquest.

Little Jamie Lynne sat on her bed watching TV as the door opened and her
beloved big sister entered wearing
one of her trademark smiles. Jamie Lynne smiled back and hugged Britney as
she bobbed down to the little girls
"How about a kiss for your big sister Jamie?" Britney said
Jamie Lynne smiled and pecked her on the cheek, Britney looked a little
"I meant on the lips sweetie, Britney needs to know how much you love
Jamie Lynne smiled not thinking there was anything wrong with this and
planted a loving
kiss on Britneys pouting lips, she was confused by how forceful and
passionate Britney was
with her return kisses but found she was enjoying it.
"Your so pretty, such a little sweetie. Whenever were alone I want you to
kiss me that way okay?"
Britney said stroking the little girls shoulder length blonde hair, Jamie
Lynne nodded still bemused
by the way Britney was acting towards her.
"Did mom say I have to take a bath?" Jamie Lynne asked scowling.
"Yes" Britney lied "And she said to save on hot water I should share it
with you."
Jamie Lynne looked startled "But I’ll see you nakey." she said.
Britney smiled and nodded "That’s o.k. isn’t it, I mean I am your sister."
Jamie Lynne shrugged feeling a little confused.
"I need to undress." Jamie Lynne said "can you leave for a moment?"
Britney smiled again "No need honey, It’s o.k. for me to see you naked.
just sit right here till your ready."
Jamie Lynne looked sheepish for a second then thought it through, Britney
gonna see her naked in the bath so it didn’t matter so much. She stood up
walked over to her wardrobe, Britneys piercing eyes following her every
She pulled the little crop top and training bra off then her denim shorts
the cotton panties beneath. Britney stared at her naked little sister and
her pussy stir, she was so cute from her mop of blonde hair to her bald
pussy and down to her short tanned legs.
"No need for that honey." Britney said as Jamie Lynne reached for her
gown. "I’ll have the bath run in a couple of minutes you just stay naked."

After Britney had run the bath refusing to add soap so that her view of
little sisters body wouldn’t be affected she whipped off the tight top and
short leather skirt she was wearing followed by the push up bra and
beneath. Jamie Lynn stared at her sisters mature,naked body in awe wishing
she looked like that and thinking how beautifal Britney was. Britney
into the bath first, Jamie Lynn stared from the side nervously before a
reassuring smile and invitation of "come on then sweetie" from Britney
convinced her to climb in and sit opposite her big sister. Britney knew
there was no time to waste.
"Come here honey, mom said I have to wash you." Britney said
"But I’m a big girl now I can clean myself." Jamie Lynne insisted.
"Now honey you don’t want me to have to tell mom what a bad girl you’ve
do you?" britney said forbodeingly.
Jamie Lynnes rebellion subsided she and moved over to her sister sitting
front of her and resting her head against Britneys big breasts. Britney
a sponge from the side of the bath and ran it slowly across Jamie lynnes
chest, it was a sensitive area even for a girl her age and she sighed much
Britneys delight. She moved it down to the little girls tummy then finally

between her legs. Jamie Lynne yelped as it slipped through her little
lips and semi-stimulated her.
"Ah gees." said Britney thinking quickly "Y’know ye gotta make sure that
there is super clean so you don’t get an infection, I’ll have to put my
fingers in there honey."
Jamie Lynne looked up at her sister suspicously "My puddy?" she began, it
her pet name for her pussy "You wanna put your fingers in my puddy?"
"I gotta." Britney said moving in front of the little girl and pushing her
the wall of the bath and opening her little legs so that the pink folds of
young,virgin twat were visible.
"Ye see honey" explained Britney "I gotta make a liquid come out of there
to stop
you getting infection."
Jamie Lynne relaxed, her trust in Britney restored. She began to sigh and
then moan
as Britneys slipped two fingers into her tight,untouched slit. Britney
stared lustfully
at the little girl, her pussy on fire as she molested her gorgeous little
Finally a disorientated Jamie Lynne wailed with delight and reached a
sticky climax all
over her sisters fingers.
"Is that it Britney?" she said panting "Am I o.k. now?"
Britney shook her head "I just need to make sure theres none left inside
honey, I’ll have
to use my tounge but don’t worry."
Britney bobbed down and slipped her pink tounge inside Jamie Lynne,
lapping up the sweet juice
that trickled out greedily. She loved the taste of her little sister it
was so fresh and innocent
just like her.
Britney sat back up and gave her sister a long,loving kiss which the
little girl more than
reciprocated. She began to suspect Britney had lied about needing to poke
her but she didn’t mind
any more, she felt funny sort of excited and curious.
"I liked the way that felt britney" she said smiling coyly."Can I get the
infection out of you now?"
Britneys eyes lit up and she nodded vigourously as she lay back in the
bath and spread her legs.
Jamie Lynne followed her sisters example, nervously slipping her little
fingers into her sisters opening.
She grew in confidence and added a third and fourth finger as Britney
sighed and groaned encouragingly, she
withdrew her fingers after she felt a huge splurt land on them and then
examined the sticky deposit that
covered all four.
"Eat it honey, its good for you." Britney said.
"But it causes infection doesn’t it?" Jamie Lynne asked.
Britney smiled, that little girl didn’t miss a trick.
"It’s ok sweetie, if you swallow it it’s good for you, its just
down there that it’s no good." she said.
Jamie Lynne nodded and licked her fingers clean scowling at the salty
taste at first then
smiling as it sweetened and trickled down her throat.
"Want some more?" Britney asked pointing between her legs, Jamie
Lynne grinned and bobbed down between her sisters legs. She was amazed at
big and wide her
sisters "puddy" was and feared she might get lost in there, she slipped
her curious tounge
inside and felt liquid drift inside her mouth then slip down her throat,
she could hear Britney
sighing and moaning "good girl, good girl." she liked making her sister
It was the first of many times she would make Britney happy, though it was
on the strict understanding
that this was just their little secret as others "wouldn’t understand."
Jamie Lynnes implicit faith in Britney allowed the older girl to introduce
her to the pleasure of dildos
and porn videos. The thing most girls enjoyed though was when Jamie Lynne
would dress up in specially
made mini versions of Britneys sexiest outfits and dance around like her
older sister, Jamie Lynne could
never understand why Britney always needed to get rid of the infection in
her puddy when she did this but
she didn’t mind and usually joined in.

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