Britney’s Cove

Britney’s Cove (c) jon doe 2001
Britney’s Cove.
Part 1

Tom walked along the beach, looking into the Atlantic waves crashing onto
the south Louisiana coast. The surf foamed white under the hot blue sky. He
was going back home from a mornings fishing, sea salt in his straggled hair
and worn clothes. Looking at the vast expanse of blue Tom thought ‘fuck
going home, let’s go swim’.
In half an hour he was at Timberlake cove, his own private patch of coast.
The size of half a football pitch, it was enclosed by a steep
bank of rocks
which put off the casual tourist. The sand sloped gently to the rolling
ocean. Tom breathed in the ozone, stripped to his trunks, and dived in.
It was at that moment, out of the corner of his eye, he noticed her. She was
sat on a rock across the cove. She had a piece of pizza aimed towards her
mouth, which was now open, her eyes were on him as he plunged into the
oncoming waves. Underwater he could see in his mind the girls light brown
hair cascading around an angelic face, big oval brown eyes fixed on him. Her
white T-shirt close around her body, clothed in black jeans her legs spread
apart to accommodate the curve of the rock. Surfacing Tom decided to pretend
he hadn’t seen her.
He swam powerfully in the water, muscles built from many hours on the ocean
waves stretched and rippled. He knew that a couple of hours the
undercurrents here would be too strong even for him, but for now Tom
revelled in the power of the blue sea.
Clear headed and free of the mornings stresses Tom headed for shore, letting
himself be carried by the waves. He saw no sign of the girl, where she had
been sitting lay the discarded pizza box.
‘some people got no manners’ thought Tom.
He walked over to the side of the cove, the sun glistening off the water on
his skin, bare feet burning against the midday sand. He picked up the box.
Inside was left about a quarter of the pizza.
Just then he looked up and saw her, sitting cross legged in the shade. She
looked even more beautiful than he had first thought. The girl was reading a
book, she looked about seventeen or eighteen, slim arms rested on her knees.
She had a feline feminine quality about her, ‘those eyes’ Tom decided.
"Dropping litter is a federal offence mam." Tom said smiling.
The girl gave a start, "Um… I was going to pick it up when I left."
Hometown Louisiana Tom decided, a sweet sounding voice, "Well wasting Pizza
is a federal offence too." Tom didn’t like how this was going, he had the
feeling he was less welcome than the rocks.
"I didn’t feel hungry, guess it’s the heat" her lips moved and Tom felt his
heart melting with every second her eyes met his. Tom crouched out of the
sun, he placed the pizza box next to a small backpack which must have also
been hers, a little doll peeked out of one of the pockets. She seemed
nervous of him in this secluded place "Look sorry, I’m used to having this
place pretty much to myself, I’ll go if you like." she put the book down as
he spoke. He smiled "It’s time for my dinner as well".
Tom got up to go when she smiled in reply "You can have my left over pizza."
His blue eyes flicked to the pizza box and then to her "Only if you tell me
your name"
For some reason this seemed to cause her real amusement "Britney" she smiled
back, a perfect white smile from a sunshine face, "Britney Spears".
They chatted about travelling, movies, basketball. Tom forgot he who he was
talking to, Britney drank in the image of this romantic rugged six footer.
Before long Tom was dry enough to get in the sun again. Britney joined him,
she unselfconsciously peeled off her top. Her breasts, who had made two
handful sized bumps in her T-shirt, popped free as she slid it off her body.
Rounded and firm looking with small dark nipples. ‘I could suck on those all
day’ Tom thought. Her stomach was smooth and flat. Tom had to look away for
fear of the energy surging through his body as Britney began to undo her
The sun was a yellow circle in the wide blue sky, shining down on the
secluded beach, shining down onto where Britney slowly, coyly, undid the
buttons on her fly. Her black jeans clung to her rounded bum, tight young
buttocks. They caressed her thighs, swooping up and over the mound of her
pussy to where her delicate fingers peeled back the waist. Britney looked
over to Tom, smiling at the big man as he politely looked away.
The seventeen year old hooked her fingers inside the waist of the jeans and
dragged them slowly down, revealing small white lacy panties, through which
the brown of her pubic hair clearly showed.
Britney discarded the jeans and sat down next to Tom on the sand. Tom looked
round and blinked. Here he was in an isolated cove with Britney Spears,
there she was, beautiful, lithe. She wriggled her near naked body on the
sand, her firm young skin picking up grains as it ground on the golden
Tom simply stared, roving her eyes over her body. Up over her firm thighs,
to her thin lacy panties which clothed her teenage pussy. His eyes felt
drawn to the mound in the lacy cotton. Britney smiled, her eyes grew big as
she watched him look at her. She always loved attention. She lay back, her
left hand slid up over her stomach, a delicate girlie finger slid up over
the edge of one of her firm breasts, over the smooth pubescent skin, to
where the soft pink met the hard red of her nipple.
"mmmmm….. it’s soooo hot" Britney sighed. Her eyes flicked to the rocks
surrounding the cove, no-one would disturb them here. She could do anything,
her parents would never know. They were so protective of their little
As the waves crashed on the beach in front of them, Tom bent down and laid a
kiss on the teenage girls smooth stomach. Her big brown eyes closed as she
felt his tongue slide inside her bellybutton. Britney rubbed her legs
together in pleasure as Tom gradually made bigger and bigger circles on her
stomach with his tongue.
"Oh baby…" she giggled, rolling her head in the sand, her light brown hair
trailed across her face. Toms tongue now rested on her panties, he breathed
in deep, smelling her sweet pussy. His right hand slid up the sand and
rested on her thigh. His tongue flicked out and licked up the mound of her
pussy, the teenager let out a sigh.
‘Well Britney Spears, you taste damn good’ Tom thought. He began licking her
pussy mound with rhythm through her thin white panties. Britney began to
grind her firm buttocks into the sand, grinding against her older lover as
her shoved his tongue forcefully up and down her pussy.
The smell of Britney’s musk hit Toms nostrils and he could taste her juices
begin to flow. Britney began to caress both her pert breasts now, squeezing
them and sliding her hands around her young smooth body. Now Tom had one of
his muscular hands on the waistband of the girls panties.
Britney’s eyes flicked open "yes" she whispered through her soft lips which
were then licked by her own tongue in anticipation. Tom mashed his tongue
against the girls pussy, though the thin cotton he could feel her pussy lips
becoming hot with blood, his own member was erect and hard.
Britney’s juices were flowing from her teenage virgin pussy "yes" she
whispered again. She gave small moans, nearly drowned out by the sound of
the waves. Her body writhed underneath Toms tongue. The man crouched over
her now and got both hands on the waistband of Britney’s panties. With one
swift move he had pulled them off and thrown them aside.
Tom ran his tongue up her smooth firm body, over her bouncy pert breasts.
Britney parted her legs, lost to the sensations running from her now naked
pussy. In the brown triangle of her pussy hair were her pussy lips, wet with
juices. Toms shorts bulged with his erect cock, his face slid up and they
stopped for just a second. Tom looked into Britney’s deep brown eyes, her
pure girlish face.
With one hand he brushed away the hair that had fallen over her eyes, she
smiled up at her manly lover. Her eyes rode over his rugged body, her
curving eyebrows raised as she saw the huge tent in Toms shorts. She reached
up and with her slim fingers Britney lifted the waistband of Toms shorts
over his huge cock, pulling his shorts down to reveal the mans pulsating
penis. Britney gently traced her small girlish fingers over Toms manhood.
"Oh baby, there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do" Britney mouthed to him. Tom
sank onto her. First his hard lips pressed against hers, so soft he couldn’t
believe. Britney wrapped her arms around him and then her long smooth legs.
Her brown eyes looked into his, wide and accepting. Her pussy lips were
nudged open by his bell end, a drop of his pre-come smeared itself around
the entrance to Britney’s virgin pussy. Gently Tom eased into the teenager.
A little bit at a time he gently nudged his long hard cock into the soft wet
folds of Britney’s pussy, her smooth rounded thighs clamped his waist.
Britney moaned softly, smothered by his kisses, he tasted her soft lips with
his mouth, he looked at her as she closed her eyes tight, he nudged the
seventeen year olds tight pussy lips apart with the end of his cock.
With a thrust he broke her cherry, Britney gave a gasp underneath him. Tom
now began to push more of his manhood inside her, he ground his mouth down
onto her soft sweet face. With his left hand he held her head while his
right caressed one of her erect breasts, groping the teenagers hard nipple.
With each thrust he ground Britney’s body into the beach, the sand pushed
it’s way between the globes of her bum. Air wheezed in and out of her
flaring nostrils and Britney moaned louder now, her eyes squeezed shut in
sexual excitement, her face flushed.
Tom now had 6 inches of his cock pumping out of the girls pussy, sliding up
and down the ridged walls of Britney’s tight warm wet pussy. Still he wanted
more and bore down, pushing his full thick 8 inches into her. Britney’s
pussy lips were stretched wide and she gasped as Toms hard body pounded into
her soft, innocent flesh. Tom felt a heat growing in his balls, he held
Britney’s head to him, her breath hot on his neck, her moans loud in the
afternoon sun.
The seventeen year old superstars pussy clamped round the mans huge cock,
Tom pushed into her and Britney gave out loud moans of ecstasy. Her pretty
face flushed red, her brown eyes wide open, her white teeth biting onto her
lovers shoulder, Britney’s teenage body writhed under Tom.
Her arms and thighs clasped him close to her. With a groan Tom sent spurts
of come shooting deep into the girls warm wet pussy, he kept on grinding
into her till every last drop was rubbed into Britney’s young soft tunnel of
clamping, pulsing flesh.
They had lazily got dressed then, kissing often.
"Here’s my telephone number." Britney said, handing Tom a piece of paper.
She put the pen back into her rucksack along with her panties which were
full of sand. "You’ll have to come town to the fishermen’s bar and give a
concert sometime" Tom said.
"Maybe I will" Britney smiled.
She watched Tom walk away and climb the rocks out of the cove. ‘Nice butt’
Britney thought to herself, then smiled, amazed at what she had just done.
She sighed and ran her hands along her smooth firm body. Britney began
humming, standing and combing the sand out of her hair. She felt strong and
free and breathed deep.
The cove was so peaceful now, the sun low in the horizon, deep blue
overhead, the sound of birds in the distance. Britney began climbing out of
the cove when suddenly a voice came from beside her.
"Hello little superstar!"
>From behind a rock came a man, a slimy smile on his fat sweating face, two
cameras were slung around his neck. His belly wobbled as he heaved his way
towards her.
"Britney Spears I presume" He breathed and gurgled, a small dribble of
spittle came from the corner of his mouth. His eyes crawled over Britney’s
young body, falling on her breasts which, from the sweat of lovemaking, were
clearly visible through her white T-shirt.
Britney could only stare in horror at this fat ugly man who had so obviously
been watching her and Tom having sex on the beach, there was even a stain on
the crotch of his trousers which he made no attempt to hide.
Britney turned and made to run but the small man gurgled a laugh, "I’ve got
pictures Britney, Pictures of you fucking that well built ape down there."
With a hand he wiped the sweat of his podgy face. He was breathing fast,
leering at her rounded bum. He clambered over a rock to within a foot of the
"You fuck very well for a seventeen year old virgin Britney, what would
mummy and daddy Spears have to say about it hmmm…? Pictures plastered over
every newspaper in the world of their girl having her cherry picked by a
The girl stared, trembling, her brown eyes moistened with tears, her soft
lips quivering. The roar of the sea seemed a million miles away now.
"What about your brothers Jamie and Bryan? Maybe they would sneak off and
wank all over the pictures of their pretty superstar sister getting her ass
fucked off! Hmmm…?"
The man reached out a podgy hand and stroked her chin.
"It’s up to you miss Britney Spears, fame and fortune or misery and poverty"
Britney could smell his breath even out in the open, he was even shorter
than she was. His face was lined, piggy eyes and a small fat mouth. He
licked his lips.
"Maybe if we just sit down and have a talk…?"
He pulled the girl to him, she struggled but Britney knew she had to do what
he said. She was a professional after all.
The man pulled her into a dark space under a large rock, in the twilight his
red face glistened. His hands ran over the teenagers body, cupping her tits
through the white T-shirt, he coughed in excitement dribbling more spittle
down his chin.
Britney moaned in distress now as he plunged a podgy five fingers between
her legs, feeling the seventeen year olds freshly fucked pussy through her
jeans "Is your cunt still wet hmmm…?" the man whispered, pawing at her
young firm body. He grabbed her head, running his fingers through her light
brown hair.
Britney pushed her hands against him but this just seemed to excite him
more, under her fingers she felt his flesh wobble.
"Now miss Spears it’s time you got that tender mouth of yours around
something really meaty!" the man gurgled.
He clasped Britney’s head to his fat sweaty chest with one hand, his cameras
swung against her, the stench in her delicate nostrils nearly made her gag.
With the other hand he unzipped his fly. Now Britney smelt a mixture of cum
and piss from beneath her. In the dim shadow her eyes made out a mound of
flesh as wide as it was long.
"Come on now Britney, be a good southern girl and get your lips wrapped
around some real cock"
Despite herself Britney was awed by the thickness of the mans cock.
"Think of those pictures Britney" The man snickered, his belly wobbling as
he pushed her head towards his lap.
Britney did think of the pictures, she thought of how it would have looked
with Tom plunging his full eight inches into her tight pussy, her smooth
young legs wrapped around his older muscular body. She thought of how his
buttocks must of clenched as he drove deep into his teenage lover, how her
pretty face whose virginal innocence had sold a million albums, had been
flushed red and screwed up into a mask of lust.
Britney’s world was filled with the smell of sweat and cum and piss as she
stretched her soft mouth wide to take in the short fat mans short fat penis,
all she could hear was his gurgling breath, his hands groping under her
T-shirt, feeling the young superstars tits as if she were a whore. Britney
held a picture of Tom in her mind as she forced her mouth over the mans
"That’s right you young slut, lick it, lick it" Britney followed his words,
running her tongue under his foreskin, tasting the acrid tang. His cock was
huge! So much fatter than Toms.
It didn’t bother her he had obviously not washed it in weeks, smegma rolled
around in her mouth. She imagined being spread wide by this huge shaft,
Britney’s tongue licked and rolled over the mans bell end as he pushed his
podgy fingers into her jeans. With one hand on her head, pushing it down
onto his vast cock, the other grasped and squirmed against her soft young
Britney moaned from the spastic fluttering of the mans hand between her firm
smooth thighs, she had all of the mans cock in her mouth now. No more than
four inches long it was as wide, stretching her soft lips tight, her tongue
slapping against the pulsing underside.
Britney took sighing breaths through her nostrils, gagging as the man ground
the girls face against his flabby crotch. His breathing grew ragged and he
gave short grunts, the podgy fingers of one hand were covered in the
starlets pussy juices as they groped and ground around, pushing into the
seventeen year olds cunt.
Still hot from Toms fucking, Britney shuddered with forbidden pleasure. She
had both hands on the mans balls which were as big as apples, she squeezed
and caressed them, rolling them around in her young delicate hands. With a
strangled sound the man came, sending a stream of come all around Britney’s
mouth. It filled the teenagers mouth, leaking out and down her chin. Britney
felt her cheeks fill with cum, it hit the back of her throat as the mans
cock gave another massive surge.
She instinctively swallowed a huge gulp of semen and then gagged, sneezing a
wad of the mans cum out of her nose. Again and again she drank the salty
ejaculate until the fat man was dry. Britney gasped as the man lifted her
head away from his penis, cum dribbled out of her nose and mouth. Her brown
eyes were blurred, her hair matted with semen.
"Good girl" he mumbled, sliding his hand from her jeans, he staggered to his
feet, dropping the two cameras by Britney’s side as he did so. Slowly he
fumbled his way slowly out of the now dark cove.
Britney sat breathing hard for a while, lazily rubbing her clitoris with her
right index finger, resting against the large rock. She looked up at the
night sky and saw stars appearing to the east. Britney stood and put the two
cameras in her rucksack, smoothed back her hair, wiped a stain of semen from
the corner of her mouth and went home.
Part two
It had been several months since Britney’s encounter with Tom and another
family holiday found her looking out over the crashing Atlantic waves once
more. Her baby brown eyes swept over the blue horizon, down to Timberlake
cove. Britney walked towards it, she had died her hair blonde for a video
shoot and it shone in the Louisiana sunshine. Red ribbons were tied around
the two bunches and they bobbed as she walked jauntily along the coastal
The teen superstar stuck out her chest proudly as she walked, a white
T-shirt hugged her full breasts. The enlargement had gone well and without a
bra they stood firm, her nipples two bumps in the soft cotton. Her red lips
pursed as she remembered the operation…
The private clinic was white, walls and tiles all white, even her surgical
gown. The gown split all the way up the back and was held together with a
single tie, it fell invitingly around her curves. The nurses smiled as they
led Britney Spears to the operating theatre, her eyes blinked at the dark
pink faces suspended in the floating clouds.
"I think the pre-op is working" a voice beside her said.
A female face smiled a huge big smile and beckoned her into a room with
glittering metal and bright lights. Britney’s eyes were glazed as they took
in their surroundings. Her mouth hung open, she could only stand now the
nurse with the big mouth came closer.
"mmmm… can we have some fun Doc? It’s been so long since we’ve had a girl
so young." The mouth lilted huskily, moaning.
Britney felt the woman’s hands on her young breasts. An older cragged face
floated round, ballooning in front of her face. This must be the surgeon,
she thought. He looked at the seventeen year old popstar, staring deep into
her dazed eyes.
"Yes Nurse Tasty, I don’t think she’ll remember anything now. I’ll prepare –
you kids have some fun with our guest." The surgeons thin lips stretched
into a smile, dark eyes shining.
Britney wondered what they meant, then the nurse bent forward to her again.
This time the woman wrapped her long arms snakelike around the girl. With a
guttural moan nurse Tasty placed her large mouth over the helpless teenagers
open lips. Britney tried to resist but could only stand there as the woman’s
fat wet tongue slid into her.
‘What a funny dream’, Britney thought as the nurse ground her mouth around
against hers.
The nurses hands slid over the teenagers head, long fingernails raking
through Britney’s light brown hair. Nurse Tasty pulled the girls head tight.
"My little baby… ummmm" the nurse gasped between deep kisses, her full
breasts pressing into Britney’s, "Nurse Tasty is going to take good care of
As nurse Tasty moaned and writhed against her Britney felt someone else
undoing the ties of her white surgical gown. She felt dreamlike
embarrassment at being naked underneath. The gown was parted and she felt a
pair of hands grip the bare smooth skin of her waist. Something warm was
placed at the entrance of her backside.
Britney desperately tried to voice some disapproval but nothing in her mouth
would respond. All she felt move was nurse Tasty’s tongue as it shoved
against hers. The teen starlet heard a deep male grunt behind her as a hot
thick rod thrust inside her tight anus. Britney’s body jerked with the
thrust but she felt no pain, only the sensation of being filled by a hard
Nurse Tasty’s blue eyes flicked open and looked into the girls. She began
stroking Britney’s hair lovingly as the mans penis began moving inside the
teenagers firm backside. The teenagers body shuddered as the mans cock
pumped in and out of her, ripping inside her young virgin anus. His strong
hands held her firm, squeezing her supple flesh. "Good girl" Nurse tasty
said above the grunts of the man behind her, "What a good girl you are" The
nurse planted kisses onto Britney’s blank face, licking up her smooth cheek.
Britney felt a trickle of her piss stream down her leg as the man fucking
her arsehole stepped up the pace, balls slapping against her backside. "Poor
girls wet herself." nurse Tasty crooned and placed a manicured hand over the
mound of Britney’s young pussy. "Oh Fuck…ahhhhhh" The man behind her
groaned as he emptied himself deep into the teenagers backside. He gave a
few spastic thrusts and then withdrew, Britney felt herself giggle as the
mans penis slid from her.
"Baby having such a nice time? Come with nurse Tasty" the nurse dragged a
huge tongue over the girls face before smiling her big red smile.
She led Britney away from the puddle of piss and over to the operating
table. The surgeon was bent over an array of shining instruments. With a
flourish the nurse whipped off the surgical gown leaving the teenager naked.
"What a pretty one you are Miss Spears" the nurse breathed.
Suddenly Britney was spun around to see the faces of two men she dimly
remembered being introduced to. The anaesthetist was whispering excitedly
into the assistants ear, the assistant was facing her with a fiery lust in
his eyes. He bundled the semiconscious teenager onto the floor and Britney
felt her thighs being parted. Her head lolled back and she could not even
see the assistant as he fumbled with his clothing and eventually placed the
head of his fat cock against her pussy. Britney’s eyes could only stare into
space as the man gently rotated his hips, working his cock slowly into her
tight dry pussy. The assistant lay on her, hands holding her head, his red
face buried against Britney’s soft white neck. His cockhead slowly moved
inside her, he gave small moaning gasps as he moved between the drugged
teenagers thighs.
Nurse Tasty stood above the couple smiling down. ‘What long legs she has’
Britney thought, following the stockinged flesh up to the nurses short white
dress. Her vagina began naturally lubricating as the mans cock moved fully
inside her.
"Make room down there Mark, nursey wants some fun." Mark, the assistant,
raised himself onto his arms, lost in the sensations he was getting from
fucking the young superstars moist pussy.
Nurse Tasty gripped the bottom of her dress and pulled it up. The
stocking-tops ended in firm pink thighs, nestled between them was a smooth
shaved pussy.
"Time for baby to have some dinner" she smiled, eyes winking at Mark.
She sank down facing him, grinding her pussy back onto Britney’s mouth. He
leant against her and the two kissed above the prostrate body of the abused
teenager. Britney felt them rocking in rhythm above her, the nurse grinding
her pussy down onto her slack-jawed mouth, the assistant sliding in and out
of the teenagers ever wetter fuck tunnel. Britney could taste the nurses
juices as they mingled with the spit in her mouth, she gulped down the thick
mixture in reflex.
Nurse Tasty and Mark seemed almost oblivious to the girls presence now, arms
wrapped about each other they were lost in each other despite them both
fucking Britney Spears. The bucking of the Assistants hips increased. "Come
in me" Nurse Tasty begged and they threw themselves off the prostrate girl
onto the ground beside her. Britney saw the assistant thrust his large cock
into the nurses shaved pussy in an instant. The dark rod lost inside the
nurses pink blood filled pussy lips. Her stockinged legs were wrapped around
him, Nurse Tasty raked his face with her fingernails as Mark bucked
desperately inside her. With a tortured groan he pumped his seed into the
writhing nurse as she licked his grimacing face all over, moaning loudly.
She lost sight of the couple as, with a grunt, Britney felt herself being
lifted up and over the operating table. Her head hung down, hair falling to
the floor. The teenagers waist was on the other edge of the table and two
familiar hands gripped it. This tine the anaesthetist entered her tight wet
cunt, fucking the immobile pop star from behind. Everything was getting very
fuzzy now.
Britney felt wrinkled hands on her head lifting it up, brushing aside the
hair that had fallen across her face. Another penis was placed between her
lips, her tongue fell onto the sharp tasting erection as it moved around in
her mouth. Britney felt the man fucking her pussy drive deeper, he was
gasping something but it seemed to come from a million miles away. Her body
shuddered, her soft flesh clamping around the cock inside her wet teenage
vagina, still it thrust and again her body responded.
The soft lips of her mouth were stretched wide as the man fucking her mouth
drove into her throat. She thought it should have hurt but there was
nothing, even when two streams of come shot into her stomach, and then
everything went black…
A scream of a seabird woke Britney from this reverie, white wings flashed
into the blue sky. She strode along the seaside path, her pale pink thighs
rubbing together under the short black skirt. Blue socks rucked around her
ankles, her trainers padded along the sandy earth.
Britney saw a small figure, dark against the golden sand. A flash of
excitement ran over her body. The seventeen year old bounced down the side
of the cove, pigtails flying, her mouth a big smile.
"Hiya Tom" Britney’s voice sang out in the afternoon sun.
"Heyyyy" Tom smiled back, eyeing the teenagers full bobbing breasts.
my little girl, hmmm? Looking gooood" The man put his strong arms around her
and the two hugged. The crashing waves roared along with her heartbeat,
Britney kissed the older man passionately on the mouth. "I missed you so
much" She breathed.
"I thought about you every day" The girl moaned running her hands over his
"I wanted to be with you all the time." Britney gasped as Tom swept her into
a strong embrace, grinding his mouth onto her soft lips, thrusting his hand
up her smooth thigh.
He pushed the teenager steadily into a shaded corner. Her legs wobbled then
buckled as Tom fell on her. Her firm young body was pushed breathless to the
warm sand as his hands ran wild over her.
"Oh god" Britney cried in passion. Helpless as driftwood in the storm of
this mans lust she writhed against him. His mouth was on her neck, sucking
her earlobes, kissing her flushed cheeks. His hands grasped at her breasts,
swooped up and down her thighs until they rested shaking on her parted
knees. Between them his loins ground furiously against hers. Her skirt
around her waist, the zip on his jeans bulged outward with maleness. This
hard rock rubbed desperately against the mound of her pussy, around and
around. Britney felt a fire within her belly and could have cried out when
he stopped.
Her eyes flicked open and found his staring deep into her.
"I love you" He said. The words flowed into her body, electrifying,
He reached towards the soul of her pleasure and with one hand gripped the
flimsy white lace of her panties. Her hands held his forearm, barely able to
reach round the rippling muscle. Her eyes wide, he kissed her open mouth,
ripping the material off.
Her blonde hair twisted into the sand, Tom broke away for a moment to free
himself from his clothing. Britney rested her arms around his neck, looking
at his square jawed face through her half closed eyes. Her full red lips
moved as if silently mouthing foreign words. Her face was round and pudgy
looking, smooth and young, full of innocence and dreams. Tom slid his hands
over her spread thighs, her smooth legs only clothed by the trainers and
socks which remained on her feet. Britney looked down and saw Toms rodlike
cock angling itself towards her tight young pussy. She moaned as the thick
head entered her, nosing into her flowing warm tunnel. With several strokes
his cock swiftly moved fully inside her till Toms full length slid in and
out between the stroking lips of her pussy. Britney rolled her head back,
eyes filling with the blue sky. Britney’s lover smiled above, delighting in
the feel of the young nubile teenager beneath him. Her smooth protected skin
against his, thick and weathered.
Tom’s buttocks pumped and swayed between the girls splayed thighs, her legs
locked around his waist. Beads of sweat fell from his brow down onto
Britney’s sensuously twisted face, his hands planted either side of her
gripped the sand as if he would fall off the world.
"mmmm… fuck yes" He grunted ploughing his pulsing engorged penis into her
soft willing body.
"AaaahhhhAAAHHHHHH!" Britney moaned, eyes shut, face wracked with ecstasy.
Her head flushed red with blood, her pussy pulsed faster and faster around
him, humming around his cock.
"EeeuuurrriiiiyyyyyOOOHHHH!!" Her pussy clamped down on his hard shaft. Tom
grinned, thrusting his cock against and through the convulsing muscles of
her honeypot again and again till with a whimper the teenagers body went
limp underneath him.
"Hey, do you fancy singing at the Catfish Bar tonight?" Tom asked the
teenager as they sat in the afternoon sun, "It’s not quite Madison Square
Gardens but it’s got atmosphere"
"I’m sure it’s got THAT!" Britney laughed "a couple o’ hundred drunken
fishermen all smelling of ripened tuna… mmmm!!!"
"Uh huh, you saying I smell?" Tom grinned back, taught skin stretching
around his wide smiling mouth, he leant towards her and planted a kiss
lightly on the superstars cheek.
"Well maybe just a little" Laughing the two fought playfully in the sand.
Eventually, tiring, they lay kissing, Toms hands sliding up over Britney’s
firm body, her full breasts and rounded thighs. His mouth was on hers, lips
driving strongly down, rubbing and pressing against her.
"mmmph! ok. I’ll play!" she said, rolling over on top of him, sand flying
from her hair in a wide arc, grinding her body onto his.
Part 3
The Catfish bar was crowded, the dull yellow lightbulbs hanging from the
wooden ceiling cast a glow light enough to see a mans eyes but not the
colour of his skin. The dark faces intermingled with loud rough shouts,
swearing and the occasional song.
As the only woman in the place Britney thought she would be the focus of
attention, yet she felt almost invisible. Glances slid away from her, eyes
looked by and away. She was an outsider, a stranger to their close knit
world; but perhaps most importantly, she was Tom’s. Men this strong, who
relied on each other for life on the edge of death could not afford petty
squabbles. As Tom had once said "Once you see beyond life and stare into the
maw of death, the worries of living become ghosts to you", Britney held him
close, his arm held her warm body tight.
She relaxed, despite wearing only a short black skirt and a tight white
T-shirt which clung to her teenage body she felt as safe as she ever had
been. The stage was a collection of wooden boxes all put close to each
other; the light here was the brightest in the bar, although that wasn’t
saying much. Some planks lay down made the steps up, the microphone and it’s
stand stood lonely, only accompanied by an empty Budweiser bottle.
"Well I’ve sung on smaller." Britney said to Tom "My Moms dining room
was smaller than that, just!"
"You still want to do it?" Toms deep voice cut through the chatter of the
"Yeah, there’s an energy singing at places like this you just don’t get
anywhere else."
Tom nodded to her and guided her to the bar. The smell of whisky was strong
in the air, the smoke of cheap pipe tobacco buzzed her throat but it felt
"Here" Tom handed her a shot glass half full of an almost clear liquid. He
smiled at her and knocked his straight back without so much as blinking, his
eyes were bright. The teenager pursed her full lips, her oval eyes narrowed
and she took a slug off the glass. The whisky was silk on her tongue but
fire on her throat, her impulse was to cough, to breathe for clear air, but
it felt so good. She took the first gulp deep into her and sipped at the
drink again, brown eyes watering.
"We’ll make a fisherman’s wife out of you yet!" Tom laughed.
"I don’t notice many of them around here" Britney replied, the teenagers
head already sang with the atmosphere, the talking and smoke and whisky.
"Oh, we lock them up at home to look after the children and do the washing."
"I wouldn’t be surprised." Britney looked at the men, they were tough, every
muscle rippling against tough skin. Their eyes had seen much, their ages
could not be guessed at. There were some in this crowd who could not be much
older than fourteen, others looked about as old as a human being could ever
be, without being in the grave.
"How do you know they’ll like me?" The teenager asked taking another drink.
"Because I like you." Tom spoke certainly, without fear or complexity.
Britney looked up at the older man, he seemed so much more than a man, so
much stronger. The pampered Hollywood prettyboys wrapped up in paparazzi,
agents, cocaine and their ego; Tom was stronger than them all.
His arm was curved protectively around her, holding the girl close, her warm
body against his. Tom brushed his face against Britney’s hair, smelling the
sea which had crashed around them during their afternoons lovemaking. He let
his eyes fall across her cleavage, full and womanly under the tight T-shirt,
Tom remembered them swaying in front of him in the afternoon sun as he had
thrust up into her young, athletic body, his cock sliding deep into her warm
tight pussy. He remembered how Britney’s slick juices had flowed onto him
before she had come, blonde pigtails flying, her teenage face red with lust.
Britney felt the atmosphere in the bar had changed, the voices were quieter,
warmth seemed to flow from every body.
"I think it’s time you gave your performance." Tom smiled at her, his finger
tips brushed the soft pale skin of her cheek.
"Lets go for it."
The two made their way towards the stage, the wall of muscle and sinew
opened before them. Britney felt the hardness of their bodies brush against
her soft skin. Her bare arms held onto Tom as he guided her forward. He had
got hold of a single with an instrumental mix of Baby One More Time, she
hummed the lyrics in preparation. Faces loomed out of the crowd looking at
the tall dark man and the blonde girl beside him. They neared the edge of
the stage, Tom slipped his hand to hers, his lips met her in a kiss that was
full of passion. Then he was gone into the crowd.
Britney stepped onto the stage, she expected wolf whistles and cat calls but
was received only by warm expectant applause. The stage which had looked
small now looked a huge expanse of space amongst the hundred, maybe two
hundred, men who surrounded it. She crossed to the microphone, her breasts
bobbed as she walked, her hips swayed under the short black dress as only a
woman’s can.
"Hello, I’m Britney Spears", a few whoops and cheers rang out now, the crowd
was friendly, inviting.
"And this is Baby, One more Time… I’d like to dedicate it to Tom" Her eyes
tried to search for him in the crowd but he was invisible amongst the
glittering eyes and strong faces.
As the music started her nerves faded, this was her song, she could feel
it’s energy, she could feel their energy. Britney started to sway, her lithe
body sinuously sliding with every beat, her firm ass rolling under the
skirt, her thighs rubbed together like they were making love.
"Oh baby baby Oh baby baby"
Her red lips parted and the words came naturally, her white teeth flashed,
her eyes closed and opened staring at them.
"Oh baby baby How was I supposed to know"
She was daring them to come closer. Britney could feel the charge as she
sang, rotating her hips. Where before they had not looked at her now their
eyes were transfixed upon her youthful body. They drank in her womanliness,
sank their gaze into her soft sensual flesh. Over her face, perfect and
beautiful. Over her breasts straining against the T-shirt, nipples dark
under the white cotton. Over her thighs, white, smooth, innocent looking and
yet they did not shy from looking between her legs as she gyrated.
"That something wasn’t right here?"
Britney felt her heart pulse faster as she saw that look, the same as Toms
this afternoon. Lust was looking between her legs, underneath her black
skirt to the dark damp place within. She smoothed a hand down her body,
fingertips tracing the curve of her breast.
"Oh baby baby I shouldn’t have let you go"
Her hand continued down, sliding over her hips till it reached the bottom of
her skirt. She stared at the men in the front row. Never before had Britney
felt so powerful, a focus for all this strength and rhythm. Her fingertips
closed on the edge of the skirt and lifted it up one, two, three inches. The
teenage superstars smooth thighs curved upwards, those below her could
clearly see the white cotton of her panties.
"And now you’re out of sight, yeah"
Her fingers dropped from her skirt, Britney’s legs thrust apart, hands on
hips she jammed her nubile crotch forward with the beat, buttocks clenching,
her breasts jogged.
"Show me "
She rolled her head from side to side, blonde pigtails sliding over her
neck. Her eyes closed, face turned upwards in ecstasy, the smooth curve of
her throat inviting them to place their mouths and lips and tongues upon it.
"How you want it to be "
The crowd moved with the beat, surging towards and away from her in waves.
She locked eyes with one man then another. They licked their lips and leered
in open sexual excitement at the young girl on stage. Britney took the mike
off the stand now and moved forward on the stage.
"Tell me, baby"
Her breasts wobbled and bobbed in the tight T-shirt, she leant down towards
the men and they ogled her deep creamy cleavage. Britney smiled as she sang,
basking in their lust.
"’Cause I need to know now, oh because"
It was then that she saw him, amongst the crowd. Tom blurred into the other
men. His strong face was there, eyes locked on her feminine form with the
others. He was not an individual but part of this pack, this union of men,
together stronger than the wild sea. She had made love with them all this
morning. Fucked them all with passion on the beach, from the youngest to the
eldest. Britney’s free hand slid over her breasts, caressing the soft flesh,
luxuriating in their weight.
"My loneliness is killing me "
She turned away from them and knelt on the stage, her slim waist emphasised
her wide hips. Her blonde pigtails fell behind her as Britney leant
backwards towards the crowd.
"I must confess I still believe "
Her legs bent completely double her skirt rose high on her thighs. The
teenager’s T-shirt was also pulled up exposing the undulations of her flat
stomach. Her breasts were stretched by her movement as the girl’s face
arched back so that she saw the room upside down.
"When I’m not with you"
The superstars voice strained she looked lovingly at the young boy who’s
face was now above hers. Britney saw his eyes flick over her smooth thighs,
bulging breasts, and soft face. She took his hand and guided it to her
breast. Even this boy, no more than fifteen, looked scarred by the sea. His
dark eyes looked out from a face marked beyond it’s years. The loving girl
wanted to give them all comfort, away from the crashing waves.
"I lose my mind"
The boys fingers closed on her teenage breast and was soon joined by others.
Britney felt callused hands slide under the cotton of her T-shirt and over
her full smooth breasts. The hands that groped her nubile body were hot with
rough skin, but not a rough touch.
"Give me a sign"
Fingers slid over her, caressing around and over her erect nipples as they
became engorged with blood. She felt their breath on her, at the edge of her
hearing was words being whispered. A pair of lips planted a kiss on her
forehead, Britney thought she recognised the voice as Tom’s but when she
looked up the face was not his.
"Give me a sign"
She moaned the words as their hands roamed over her breasts and face,
shivers of passion ran through her body with the sensation. Wrinkled hands
traced over her teenage skin, dark weathered fingers dug into the soft warm
flesh of her breasts an the girl gasped.
"Hit me baby one more time"
Britney ground her hips against the enclosing air and the men slid forward.
Fingertips grasped the bottom of her T-shirt and pulled it up, she felt the
material stretch as it reached her breasts. Dark faces pressed against hers,
tongues ran over her ears, plunging inside the shell-like ivory. The hands
pulled and the T-shirt was dragged over her breasts till they popped free,
bouncing as the teenager her the deep male groan of lust behind her. The
white T-shirt was pulled right over her head, Britney dropped the microphone
and felt herself being dragged backwards by the pull of the men. Her pale
thin arms, dwarfed by the bulging limbs of the men around her, slipped free
of the T-shirt. The microphone was pressed into her hand, the girl looked
into the eyes of the men around her, her own soft brown oval eyes blinking
under their gaze.
"Oh baby baby"
Heavy breathing filled her senses as the music seemed to fade a little,
Britney’s semi-naked body was engulfed by hands and mouths. Her bent legs
protested as she rolled in the men’s touch, she felt them pulling her off
the stage. Not yet, she thought.
"The reason I breathe is you "
With a heave Britney bent back forward and got to her feet. Naked back pale
pink in the white light, a sheen of sweat covered her skin. The swoop of
mouth-watering waist curved up her torso, the teenagers shoulder blades
against her blonde pigtails, her head at an angle enclosed by her hands.
"Boy, you got me blinded"
She turned her head, sliding from the hand in front of her eyes, and looked
at the audience. She kept her body facing from them, teasing the two hundred
strong lusty men with her youth filled form. Her eyes flashed at they stared
intensely at her. Her mouth remained parted after every word drawing their
maleness towards the inviting tunnel of her lips, licking the masculinity in
the air.
"Oh pretty baby"
Britney turned pointing at them, the starlets breasts heaving with every
line. Every man in the bar wanted to run their hands over the girls round
full globes, lick the erect nipples, kiss her hard on her perfect mouth and
roughly feel the pampered inviting skin of her body.
"There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do"
The eighteen year old slid a hand over her breast, cupping the smooth flesh.
Her smallest finger ran up and down the valley of her breasts. She imagined
Tom’s cock sliding between her full mounds of tit-flesh, cumming in streams
upon her teenage skin. Britney felt the energy of the three score of men
pulsing around her, on her, inside her.
"That’s not the way I planned it"
Britney convulsed sideways her face turning into her chest, slipping her
hand down. With one move she sprung her body open, legs apart, mouth parted
in lust. The teenager ripped off the short black skirt and stood with it
outstretched in her hand, a near naked feminine matador to a bull, rigid, in
full heat, pawing the ground in front of her.
"Show me"
The skirt fell swirling to the ground, her free hand swooped back to cover
her crotch. The smooth curve of her legs, from the small white sneakers, up
her well toned legs, round the firm young thighs, the smooth curve of
Britney’s legs drew the men closer. Two hundred pairs of eyes were pulled
"How you want it to be"
The starlet’s small fingers traced up over her pubic mound, slowly revealing
the dark triangle barely hidden by the thin white cotton. Her arms pushed
out her breasts so that they sprang from her body, full and firm with a dark
valley between them.
"Tell me, baby "
Britney pursed her lips and eyed the crowd seductively, she wanted them. She
had only been with Tom, but he was just part of this animal lust which
filled the room.
"’Cause I need to know now,"
The teenage girl walked forward, one foot in front of the other, the globes
of her bum rolling against each other in the thin cotton. Her feet brought
her to the edge of the stage, each small toe curled over the wooden edge.
"oh because"
The men swept forward despite there being no room at the front, a human sea
crashing against the wooden stage. Faces swirled, their breathing bubbled
under Britney’s singing, a deep rumbling need.
"My loneliness is killing me"
Fingers slid onto Britney’s feet, over the manicured nails, in between her
toes, around the sides, on the heel. She looked down and saw only hands, a
hundred hardened fingers reaching for her smooth warm body.
"I must confess I still believe"
Hands reached up the shapely starlets legs, arms entwined around her.
Droplets of sweat fell from her face, down between her breasts, down her
stomach, to where the hands reached for her. Britney’s voice shook with
"When I’m not with you"
She felt a finger or thumb rub over her pussy. Christ! She couldn’t believe
how excited she was, her whole body twisted with that single touch. Her big
brown eyes flicked downwards to see her midriff being enveloped by hands.
Her body sang louder than the speakers around her, the noise of sensation
hit the teenagers world and she stumbled backwards moaning with passion.
"I lose my mind"
The hands of a dozen of the fishermen pulled down the girls panties, as one
hand moved downward another replaced it. As Britney’s pale legs staggered
back, her eyes wide, the men followed her back onto the stage. Her breasts
jogged, her blonde pigtails flew from side to side, dark hands slid all over
her legs and buttocks but it was a if no one dared touch the brown mound of
her pussy. A voice was coming from the speakers but she was no longer sure
if it was hers.
"Give me a sign"
There was somebody standing in front of her, someone who had been pushed up
from the rippling fingers. He was naked, muscles taut, skin glowing, his
eyes pierced her.
"Hit me baby one more time"
Britney reached out and touched Tom, a slight stroke on his cheek as light
as a feather. The they kissed. Her lips ground against his, their tongues
fought, flicking off teeth and flesh, breath rushed in and out. Tom gripped
her to him, his chest against hers, Britney’s breasts flattened, her thighs
met his, her stomach slapped onto his. Britney slid her hands down his back,
she felt the stage shake, she felt Tom gyrating, moving down and up, his
cock pushing into her pussy and then with a shove he was inside her.
"Oh baby baby"
Their eyes locked as they kissed and fucked on the stage, Tom gave short
thrusts shaking the girls body, her buttocks clenched and rocked on him. The
teenagers fingers dug into Tom’s hard body, they breathed in unison. Britney
felt her cunt pulsing around the hard thick shaft penetrating her, she tried
to grasp Tom closer.
"Oh baby baby"
Britney closed her eyes, with each beat she could feel every point of her
body that was in contact with Tom, each strand of hair that brushed her
face, a callous on the edge of his right thumb, the pulsing vein of his
penis, the slightest stubble on his chin, all of them moved upon her with an
erotic energy. The girl was entirely aware of Tom, yet in that moment of
unity she felt more hands on her naked young body.
"Oh baby baby"
The hands were now joined by a hundred tongues which lapped over every
centimetre of her skin not touching Tom. Fingers ran into her blonde
pigtails, hard ridged skin rubbed over her back, teeth gently bit into her
firm smooth buttocks. Britney arched with pleasure in the cavern of touch,
the music became muffled by the bodies around her. She opened her eyes and
saw that she was no longer kissing Tom, but the eyes were not of a stranger,
none of them were, they were all her lovers, together they would create
something beautiful. She felt her legs being drawn wide apart.
"How was I supposed to know?"
Britney was laid down, all she could see were faces. She rubbed her tongue
and lips from one to another, twisting within the crowd of men. Britney
could see thirty or forty faces around her, breathing heavy guttural moans
of lust, the teenager replied with her own gasps. She felt her cunt being
filled by a thick cock, it slid in and out and around inside her as her
pussy pulsed around it. She clamped around the hard pole, feeling every
ridge and movement. Britney looked but could not see the man who was fucking
her, the faces pressed in and she yelled unintelligible encouragement.
"Oh pretty baby"
Tongues worked on the girls breasts, licking her engorged nipples. Teeth
softly scraped around them, flesh slid up over her body and the swirled back
down again. Britney thought she could feel a cock rubbing over the sole of
her foot, tingling and ticklish she giggled, shaking in the middle of the
men’s bodies. So many men were around her that all light was blocked out,
darkness closed in on the girl. Every part of her body was being touched by
one of a hundred men, maybe more. Britney felt as if Tom was each one of
them, as he was when he was young, as he would be when he grew old. Britney
wanted to fuck all of them, she bucked against the cock pumping between her
"I shouldn’t have let you go"
Another cock was placed against her backside, so much sweat lubricated the
men and their lover that it pushed into Britney slowly but smoothly, opening
up her anus to the hotness of the mans penis. The girl found the touch of
the men around her becoming softer, gone was the weathered hard hands and
salt bitten lips. Even the mouth of the man she was kissing disappeared, the
whisky bitten tongue was replaced by something else. Britney realised she
was surrounded by cock, her nubile teen body caressed by erect members of
many men, forty? Fifty? She could not know how many thick engorged rods
rubbed themselves on her soft wet body. Their was a rhythm in the movement,
led by the penis fucking in and out of her moist pulsing cunt. The girl
ground back, feeding off the motion and moving on her bed of erect flesh.
"I must confess"
The gang of men fucking Britney increased their pace, she let out a scream
of ecstasy drowned out by the men’s deep groans of pleasure as they all took
part in screwing the teenage superstar. She felt pleasure in waves, one
penis would enter her pussy, slipping into the warm, wet tunnel. This penis
would burrow past the clamping ridges of her pussy walls and would then
start pumping in and out with the beat of the rest. Some time later this
penis would slide out of her to be replaced by another. On and On it went,
the girl was fucking ten then twenty then thirty men. To her it made no
difference, they were all Tom. Britney slid her tongue over the cock in her
mouth, slipping inside the foreskin, flicking the tip. She felt cocks grind
against her eyelids, her hands, the pulsed and undulated around her whilst
with her soft wet pussy she did the same to them.
"That my loneliness"
Her body spasmed in pleasure, again her cunt clamped down on the cock inside
her and Britney felt a fire grow in her stomach. The cock in her mouth slid
from her lips to be replaced by one which forced her jaw wide. Fuck! It was
so big! Britney wheezed breath out of her nostrils, her dainty nose flared.
The girls tongue flailed against the monstrous rod of flesh in her mouth
battering against the back of her throat. Her legs were shoved even wider
and further back till her ankles were somewhere level with her neck. The
girls tendons and muscles stretched to the limit, her whole body was being
pistoned back and forth. Britney heard a pounding in her ears, even her
heart was moving to the same rhythm as the men around her.
"Is killing me now"
The sporty, trim, teenager, gave another muffled squeal from her cocoon of
male flesh as the cock in her ass was replaced by one two or three times
thicker. It pushed with incredible pressure against her rectum. She felt her
hole widen as it began to accept the massive intrusion, her passage
shuddered in wild, uncontrolled protest as the huge penis, at least four
inches wide, eased into the girls backside. Britney whimpered in complete
submission to the power of the men, the sensation blew her mind apart.
"Don’t you know"
Teenage pussy stretched tight as the cock within it began to grow, the
cockhead pressed against the girls cervix, every movement electrified her,
there was no pain, only nirvana. Air breezed onto Britney, she was no longer
enclosed. She convulsed as the cock in her cunt pierced into her womb, her
eyes shot open.
In the dim light she could not understand what her young eyes saw, a hundred
men seemed to be falling into one, the bar around them was a sea of smashed
wood and glass. The cock in her pussy was still growing, on each thrust her
flat stomach bulged with the thick shape of the massive penis. The one
pumping her sweet ass was going further and further into her. Britney felt a
pair of hands grasp the back of her head and the penis in her mouth was
shoved about a foot down her throat, the teenagers neck bulged as the rod
passed down into her upper intestine. Her stomach wrenched, her tummy
undulated in and out, caressing the cock in her pussy and pulling the one in
her ass further into her.
"I still believe?"
Like a drumroll the cock inside her womb began to ream her body, Britney’s
pussy walls split with a gush of blood, internal organs were shoved aside.
Her asshole rips apart as the other penis plunges up her colon. She feels
them merging, the entire lower half of her body torn by a cock as thick as
the thighs which lie helplessly spread either side of it. The pumping
thickness forces up her body, the girls stomach bulges outwards as it
thrusts up into her chest. A slurp of blood and fluids accompanies each
outward stroke of the men’s penis from her violated teenage body, a gasp of
breath from her crushed lungs. A deep squelch comes from the rag doll of a
girl as the penis shoves up past her ribcage and into her throat from the
bottom, there is no penis in her mouth now but her entire torso is filled
with cock. Britney’s lungs, liver, heart, and stomach are all pushed aside
by the elephantine trunk of flesh thrusting in and out of her. She opened
her eyes and saw Tom, there was now only Tom, he filled the bar, a giant
fucking her.
"That you will be here"
Britney looked up and saw Toms eyes full of lust, his hand grasped her. Toms
thumb pressed onto Britney’s breasts, his fingers wrapped around her arched
back. With a gurgling roar Tom drove Britney down onto his cock, her
eighteen year old body tore on his massive cock till with her head thrown
back Toms cockhead exploded out of her mouth. Every ripple of Toms cock
could be seen though the girls throat, her blonde pigtails shook spastically
as her jaw was distended by the foot wide penis fucking up her body.
Britney’s legs rested on his stomach as Tom rubbed the bloody wet and warm
husk of the girl around his penis, he stared at her with pure animal
passion. Britney locked her eyes with his, his eye was as big as her head.
With effort she closed the distended and stretched skin of her mouth over
Toms cock as it slid up and down her throat, she saw him roll his head in
ecstasy. The fire which raged in her body focused upon the tip of Toms cock,
the 12 inch wide shaft pushed apart her thighs, the bulbous head forced up
the tight tunnel of her throat and rubbed on the remains of the girls mouth.
Tom banged his six foot cock in and out of Britney’s twisted body, it gave a
massive twitch. He closed his eyes and opened them to find the girl
spasmodically shaking around his iron hard penis. His balls contracted and
sent a gallon of salty cum into her body, his hand squashed Britney’s tiny
arms to her, her large breasts squeezed to create more friction against his
penis. Tom kept cumming into the girl, their fluids mingling, his mind fell
apart and met hers, mixing, melting.
"Give me a sign"
Tom woke and found Britney lying on top of him, she was looking at him,
smiling. She blew a strand of hair from her eyes, the bar was empty apart
from the couple who lay naked on the small stage. Britney punched him
playfully in the ribs and they began slapping each other, laughing in the
warm yellow light.
"mmm… now THAT was fucking" Britney smiled her eyes playful with satisfied

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