Britney’s Ex-dancer

“Britney’s ex-dancer”

Fired from the tour? I don’t think so. It’s not my fault that I dance
faster than the others. That’s fine, because I got pay back. Here is how
it all went down.

After I was told I was no longer needed on Brit’s dance team, I played
it real cool. I knew I would have the last laugh. I knew that they still
had to pay for my room and board, and STILL let me sleep in the tour
bus. The problem is, I had to stay on the bus nearly all day with not
much to do. I was secluded from the rest of the conversations of dance
steps and upcoming concerts. I still had to bunk with the dancers at
night, which
made me feel even more left out. Of course, Britney’s spot
on the bus was always seperated from the rest of us. She thought she was
too good for us all or something. As I laid in my little cot, I peaked
through the window in the door that seperated me from her. I could see
an outline of a figure laying in a large king size bed with silk sheets.
That was Miss Spears. As the bus drove on, I caught little flashes of
her covered up figure as street light peaked through the window. I was
plotting. I had been watching her for weeks, thru her windows . Getting
to know her routine. From the time she came to the bus from dancing
until she went to bed. I watched her masturbate almost every night.
Driving me almost insane making my cock rock hard. I knew it was almost
time to make her pay for firing me. Always posing in front of the mirror
and rubbing her nice firm tits and ass and running her hands between her
legs. Her room was sound proof so she could practice her voice lessons
and probably moan for hours on end while masterbating her “virgin”
pussy. Tonight was going to be the night.

She always get to the bus at 5:30 pm so I made sure I was in her room by
5:15. I hid in the closet of her bedroom surrounded by her sexy clothes
and just thinking about what I was going to do almost made me lose my

I heard the bus door shut and her key in the door. She was with one
other girl. They were discussing the note I had left, saying that I was
taking a plane back to California and I would miss them all. That would
explain my absence. The girl Britney was with grabbed her purse and
left. Britney made her way into her private room, not knowing she was
not alone. She locked the door and kicked off her shoes and sat on the
bed. My heart raced. She sighed and exclaimed “oh well… he was a bad
dancer anyways” to herself as she yawned. I was so pissed. I’ll show her
how well my hips can move. I knew I was about to fulfill my dream of
having her hot pussy around my cock .

She started to shed all her clothes and laid across her bed like she
always does. I put on my mask and cracked open the hidden closet door.
my plan was working great.

She lay on her belly and reaches into her night stand and got out a huge
dildo and a jar of vaseline. Then I swung open the door and she turned
and gasped and grabbed the blanket and pushed herself up against the

“OMG please don’t do this” Britney said, face looking nervous .

“Fire me huh?” I said, “I’m gonna make you pay and pay very dearly”

” please ” she said again “i am begging you ”

” tough shit whore beg all you want ”

then I grabbed her ankles and tied them to the foot board and then I
grabbed her wrists and tied them to the headboard. I stripped off my
clothes and straddled her fake tits and stuck my huge and swollen cock
to her lips. Swinging her head back and forth begging me to stop, she
tried to cover up, but couldn’t.

” bitch if you don’t wrap those lips around my cock i am gonna shove my
fist up your tight pussy.”

So she slowly opened her mouth and I shoved all my rock hard 9 inches
into her sweet mouth and made her gag “AHHHHHH” what a sweet sound.
I grabbed ahold of her headboard and fucked her mouth making her take
it all in watching her eyes bulge with every thrust.

Britney Spears was sucking my cock and I wish I had a video camera. I
felt like I was gonna lose my load so I stopped and laid down next to
her and ran my hands over her body roughly pinching her nipples and
pulling on her pubic hairs making her whimper. Then I got between her
legs and smelled her sweet pussy. and I spread her lips and licked some
of her juice off of her .She was wet . She was enjoying this . She
wasn’t supposed to enjoy this . Fucking cunt I’ll teach her . I untied
her feet and spread her legs and shoved 1 of my fingers into her cunt
and she let out a cute little yelp. Yep. A virgin indeed. No longer.
Just what i wanted to hear. YEAHHHHH that is it ” how does it feel bitch
? does it hurt? ” “yea ” “Good , very good. Please fuck me hard. Make
me hurt. I have been a bad girl.”

This was a shock to me. What a dirty little girl. She needs to be taught
a lesson. Then I tie her feet over her head to the headboard. I kiss her
feet all over, tops and bottoms, as she moans and sighs. Her fat little
toes wiggles as they meet my lips and tongue. She cries out “yes yes, do
dirty stuff to me, ahhhh yeah”. I suck on her big toe of each foot and I
feel her wet pussy rub against my leg. I lift her up a bit and position
her ass so I can just slam it in her .

God she looked so good like this . I stuck my fingers back in her pussy
and aimed my cock at her tight asshole with my other hand and pushed the
head of my cock in and held my haed back and just moaned. OMG this was
it . she was so wet, all because I was in control. I was making her pay
and it felt great. I grabbed one of her feet and shoved it back in my
mouth. Her pussy dripped down and lubed up her butt some what. When she
felt my cock touching her puckered little anus, she shifted her butt
back and whined “no not there, that is dirty.” Now I had her. I grinned
and said “where? not here?” as I touched my thick dick head to the tiny
hole again. She whined and struggled more than before, but it was no
use. I held her in place and teased her again, touching my cock to her
butt crack and rubbing it up and down saying “this may hurt a bit”.
“NOOOOO PLEASE Do it in my pussy! This is dirty.”

She said more, but was cut off. With all my strength I shoved my huge
cock into her ass all the way and fucked her so hard and kept slamming
my hand into her pussy . she was squirting juice everywhere . I fucked
the hell out of this bitch and enjoyed every minute of it . then I
thought it wasn’t enough and decided to grab her dildo that was still on
the bed. I asked her if she has ever been fucked with 2 cocks in her ass
and she starts moaning really loud and shaking her head back and forth
tears running down her face. I spit on my hand and put some vaseline on
the dildo and took out my cock and laid the dildo on my cock and slide
them both in at the same time . she started to whine and say “owwww, my
butt, owwwwwwww ouch” as her toes wiggled and she couldn’t move. I knew
it was uncomfortable for her now. and I stuck my fist back into her
pussy. fucking her with so much force mmmmm I was about to cum . so I
pulled out and shot my load on her struggling face and titties. Then I
made her close her mouth and swallow every bit of it. I rubbed my cock
on her face for another few minutes then got dressed. I was about to
leave her until she shouted “wait…. we need you for the show
tomorrow”. She smiled very dirty-like. I knew I could have my job back
as long as this was a daily routine with Britney.

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