Britney’s First Girl

Britney’s First Girl (Ff teen celeb)
by Meridian <>

Dear diary,
November 12, 1999
This is awfully hard to write, but I just gotta’. I’ve never been
so confused or excited in my life. I’ve always been the "good
girl", but now I’ve been soooo bad! Last month at the video shoot
for "crazy" me and Melissa Joan Hart got a chance to hang out for a
while. On Saturday
we hung out at my hotel suite and got a chance
to talk about life. We have a lot in common. Were both young,
(although she’s a bit older than me). We both have made a lot of
money, and I mean a LOT of money, and we both have really weird
lives. I thought I was the only one who felt this way, but talking
to her really helped. But that wasn’t all that helped. Melissa
started talking about always feeling like she was performing; like
she’s in a cage. She talked about how hard it is to date. "Guys
are always after one thing with girls. Sex." she said, "But when
you’re a rich girl, they’re after two things. Sex and money." When
she said this, I felt like she understood me completely. It was so
good to relax for a change! I suggested that we get something from
the room’s bar… That’s where things started to change a little bit.
We kept talking and drinking wine. Nothing like a little girl talk
to pass the time. I asked her if she’d ever been with a guy. She
said that she’d slept with her boyfriend and a couple of other guys.
But then, she really surprised me. She said, "I’ve never really
enjoyed myself with a guy though," she paused here, "Britney, can I
trust you?" I was a little nervous, a little excited, but I assured
her that she could tell me anything. "Britney, I sometimes wonder
what it would be like to, you know, be with a woman." I was
floored. I’ll admit it, I’m sheltered. Until this last year, I’ve
had someone watching me every moment of my life. I was like, "Oh,
uh, that’s okay melissa." And here’s where it gets really weird, I
said, "I’ve wondered too." I’d never wondered. I just wanted to
make her feel comfortable. She seemed visibly relieved. I leaned
forward to give her a hug. An innocent hug. As we leaned toward
each other, I gave her a little peck on the cheek and put my chin on
her neck. I gave her a good squeeze, and then felt her turn her
head slightly to the left. I felt first her nose, then her lips
lightly brush my ear. That instant made my insides tingle. She
said in a hush, "Britney, can I kiss you?" I felt short of breath,
totally lost. I think I was a little tipsy from the second glass of
wine. I was about to say something, I can’t remember what though,
because as I started to speak, I felt her tongue gently lick the
length of my ear. I just about yelped as her hand ran up my back
and through my hair. I had never been so excited in my life. I was
confused, but very hot. She pulled the scrunchy out of my hair as
we pulled out of our embrace. She looked at me, and without saying
a word, leaned forward, put her hands on either side of my face and
put her lips against mine, slightly open. I closed my eyes; I was
completely in her control. I could feel her mouth open slowly, and
then came the tongue. Her tongue parted my lips and firmly entered
my mouth. I was now more horny than I’d ever been. I tentatively
licked her tongue as it moved around in my mouth. I felt her whole
body respond to my touch. She pulled back and looked at me with
lust. And with that she pushed me playfully onto the couch. She
pulled up my sweater and bra to get at my breasts. I stammered
something like "No melissa, this isn’t right" She responded by
putting her hand down her pants, pulling it out and putting two of
her fingers into my mouth. I licked and tasted a girl for the first
time. She left her fingers in my mouth and kissed her way down to
my left breast, and started making loving circled around my nipple.
I was in ecstasy. I had stopped questioning all this and started
enjoying it. She looked up at me and dragged her fingers from my
mouth. That’s when melissa pulled up my skirt and pushed my legs up
with my knees near my chest. She snuck a finger under my panties
and pulled them to one side. "Mmmm," she said, "Shaved clean,
Britney? I like!" With that she plunged her tongue into my pussy.
I put a hand on her head and squeezed involuntarily with my legs.
It felt sooooo good! I relaxed a little and let her work on me.
Her face was really buried in my crotch. She pulled back for a
second and looked up at me. Her face was glistening with my
wetness. I couldn’t help myself; I pulled her up towards me and
jammed my tongue into her mouth, tasting myself. I felt so dirty
and hot! I started licking at her wet face; it was totally covered
in my own juice. It was my turn. I pushed her on to her back and
started unbuttoning her shirt. I couldn’t wait to get her
undressed! She was wearing these really short shorts, and I had to
peel them off of her. I slipped her sandals off and pulled the
shorts down. When I got the shorts off the second leg, I tongued her
toes and worked my way up to her sexy little V of a snatch. Mmmmm!
I’d never seen a girl’s pussy before, but I guess you figure this
stuff out real easy, ’cause I started flicking her clit and Melissa
went crazy! I can’t believe that a girl can get that wet, but I
loved it. She tasted soooo good. I wanted to make her cum, but
also wanted to make her wait. Is that bad? I flipped her over and
made her get on all fours. She looked a little bit surprised, but
excited. But wow, you should have heard her squeal in ecstasy when
I plunged my tongue into her asshole. I could feel it pulsating
around my tongue as I forced my way in. Neat! I started fingering
her pussy with my tongue in her ass. In and out; I rubbed her clit
with my thumb. She was moaning and screaming. "Fuck! Britney, oh
shit! Fuck me!" That was too much for me to take. I started to
really finger myself while I licked and fucked her. Her whole
snatch was throbbing and the moaning started to pick up. We were
both really close to cumming. She shuddered and started bucking.
It was hard to keep my face in her crotch she was moving around so
much. I was so close myself! She suddenly stopped spasming around
my fingers and tongue and collapsed. She seemed completely spent so
I climbed on top of her and kissed her gently. "I’m not done with
you yet." she said with a cute grin. "Get on your back." "Whatever
you say." I replied. Melissa spun around and climbed on me
sixty-nine style. She grabbed a thick black candle off the table
behind the couch and rubbed it against her own wetness right in
front of my face. How hot! She stuck that thing right in my hole
and started to lick my clit. She reached behind and made me lick my
own cum juice off her fingers while she fucked me hard with the
candle. I stared at her cunt and asshole that were planted on my
face. I just couldn’t help myself; I licked my thumb and rammed
into her still wet asshole. This made her jackhammer me with the
candle and I lost all control. I came like forever! We just lay
there for a minute or so and caught our breath. We talked for
awhile about what we had done and both agreed that no one should
ever know. After all, how would that look? Going bra-less for the
teen choice show was big enough. I’m not sure what I’m going to do
from here, but I’ve got my eye on that little tart Aguilera! She
looks sooo tasty. Mmm, anyway, diary I’ve got to go rehearse now,

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