Britney’s Instructor Melissa – Part 2

Title: Britney’s Instructor Melissa – Part 2
Author: Kash the Priest
Celeb: Britney Spears
Codes: nc/cons, FF, anal
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and should not be taken literally or read by anyone under 18

Author’s note: A triple helping from the church this update. I wrote the first part to this about a year ago and said I was doing a second. It may have taken forever but her it is. It’s in third person, not my strongest view to write a story in, but how elsse can you write a lesbian story when you’re a guy? So I hope those of you who read it enjoy it.. Anyway, send feedback
to if you want to or leave feedback on the message boards

Britney’s Instructor Melissa – Part 2

“I’ll see you on Thursday, Melissa.” Britney said waving good bye by wiggling her fingers.

“See you then!” Melissa smiled back. Melissa was still fuming from what Britney had done to her nearly a week ago. Last week Britney had attacked her in the gym’s shower and raped her with a strap-on. The only thing that made her more pissed off with what had happened, was the fact that Britney had managed to make her cum. That made her even angrier than when Britney finished it off by lapping up her cum and spitting it out into her mouth.

Melissa went into the locker room, opened her locker and pulled her bag out. She grabbed her bag and quickly made her way downstairs. She waved goodbye to the security guard, who opened the front door to let her out.

The gym was located on the first floor in a mall. Melissa looked around to see if she could see Britney anywhere. She looked over the railing onto the ground floor to see Britney getting off the escalator.

‘Parking Lot.’ Melissa said to herself. She quickly made her way down the escalator and to the parking lot. She could see Britney approaching her white Merc. Rich, spoilt bitch, Melissa thought to herself as she got into her own car.

Melissa pulled out, keeping a good distance away from Britney, so she wouldn’t notice that she was being followed. Melissa followed Britney all the way to her house and carried on driving as she watched Britney enter her huge mansion, which made her even more envious of the pop princess.

Melissa parked her car just a little further down the street on the side of the road. She got out of her car and looked around to see any signs that said ‘No parking’ or anything along those lines. It looked like she was OK to park there without getting a ticket or towed.

She walked up to the gates of Britney’s mansion. The gates were just there to stop cars from coming in. She looked to the side and saw an entrance for people on foot.

She walked around the house, looking in through the huge windows to see if she could see Britney anywhere, stalking the pop princess. She went around the back and saw two glass doors, with plant pots at the side of them, which were so big they looked like small trees. It looked like some kind of entrance to a fancy restaurant.

Melissa noticed a dining table and chairs, about ten feet in front of the glass doors. ‘Probably comes out here and has dinner whenever it’s too hot to stay inside,’ Melissa thought bitterly.

Melissa looked in, hiding behind one of the plants. The doors were part of the kitchen and she could see Britney. Britney was standing in front of the fridge, still in the same clothes as she was in back at the gym. Grey sweat pants and a black tank top. She was pouring herself a glass of juice and was talking on the phone.

‘Shit!’ Melissa thought as she saw Britney come towards the glass doors. She moved around the huge plant. Britney opened the doors and walked out towards the dining table set, taking a seat, sipping her drink as she carried on talking on the phone.

Britney had her back turned to the doors and this was the perfect opportunity for Melissa to sneak in undetected. Melissa didn’t take her eyes of Britney as she snuck into the house. She crept into the hallway, looking for the stairs. She walked down the hall, that seem to stretch on forever and finally found the stairs.

Melissa started to realise that there was every possibility that she was gonna get caught, mainly because she knew that she was gonna get lost on the way out.

As Melissa went along the hallway upstairs, she looked into every room, trying to figure out which one was Britney’s. When she stepped into a room, that had clothes laying on the floor and just looked messy in general, she figured that this was Britney’s room.

She walked in and looked around the room, trying to figure out where Britney could leave the strap-on. Melissa started off by looking in Britney’s huge walk in closet, which looked more like a room.

She looked around thinking, ‘This is bigger than my bedroom.’ She looked around and all she could see was expensive clothes and shoes. ‘She wouldn’t put it in here.’ Melissa thought to herself.

She walked out of the closet and looked around in the main bedroom. She noticed a chest of drawers beside the bed. She walked over to it and opened the drawers one by one. The first couple had stuff like notepads, junk along those lines. The next one down was a sock drawer and the final drawer was an underwear drawer.

Melissa noticed something black that looked like plastic and pulled it out, accidentally pulling out some of Britney’s underwear in the process, to see that it was the exact same strap-on that Britney had used on her.

Melissa placed the strap-on on the bed and bent over and picked up Britney’s underwear. She dropped a black thong and pink panties. As she picked them up to put them back in the drawer, she noticed how soft they were and started to rub them, thinking about how Britney Spears had worn them. This was starting to turn her on and she decided that she was going to try them on, to see how soft they felt.

She took off her gym shoes, pulled off her tight, black sweat pants and black panties off at the same time and put the pink panties on. Melissa bent over to see what else Britney had.

“Who the hell are you?” She heard Britney’s strong southern voice ask her. Melissa stood up straight. “Melissa? What the fuck are you doing in my house?” Britney asked confused, walking towards Melissa. “Wait! Are those my underwear that you’re wearing?” Britney said, noticing the strap-on on the bed. “Why are you here?” Britney said, now with a hint of concern in her voice. Melissa was like a blood hound and could smell fear in Britney.

“What does it look like?” She said stretching her arms out, holding them in the air. “While I was waiting for you to come upstairs, so I could fuck you, I was trying on some of your underwear.” She said as if it was no big deal.

“You’re sick!” Britney said. “Give me back my underwear and get the fuck out of my house, before I call the cops.”

“Sure thing Britney!” Melissa smiled. “You’re the boss!” Britney couldn’t help but feel a little uneasy about how easily Melissa had given in. Then she remembered the tone that Melissa was using. It was her usual tone she used in the gym just before she totally ignored her and did something else.

Melissa started to take off the panties really slowly, easing it down her hips, down her toned thighs. Britney watched, envying Melissa gorgeous toned body, remembering back to when she was as toned as that. Melissa took the panties off around her ankles and handed them to Britney

“Did that turn you on?” Melissa asked Britney.

“Eww! Why would that turn me on? I’m not a lesbo!”

“Could’ve fooled me!” Melissa said. “The other week at the gym, in the showers, when you came and fucked me and then lapped at my pussy,” Melissa said as she stepped forward, just inches on front of the blond starlet. “Taking in my cum into your mouth.” Melissa said circling her finger around Britney’s mouth. “That was what a straight woman does right?”

“Fuck you!” Britney screamed, pushing Melissa away from her. “Put on your shit on and get the fuck out!” She yelled. Melissa picked up her panties. Britney turned around and tossed the pink panties onto a pile of clothes on the side. Probably a laundry pile for the maid.

As Britney turned around to face Melissa, Melissa leapt at her. Knocking Britney onto the bed, pinning her down, by holding her wrists. Britney screamed and Melissa looked around, trying to find a way to shut her up. She realised she still had her own panties in her hand and stuffed them into Britney’s mouth, muffling out her screams. Britney could feel something hard between her legs and looked around, realising that Melissa didn’t put her panties on, she put the strap-on on instead.

Britney started to struggle underneath Melissa. Melissa reached down to the waist band of Britney’s sweat pants and tried to pull them down, but she was met with resistance, the more resistance Britney put up, the more Melissa remembered about what Britney did to her in the showers. How a spoilt, blonde, air head had over powered her and forced herself on her. The more she thought about it, the angrier she got.

Britney had managed to push Melissa’s panties out of her mouth with her tongue. This pushed Melissa over the edge and she pulled one hand back and slapped Britney across the face, hard. Britney’s head was now slapped to one side, with her hair covering her face. Britney could feel tears starting to build up, not from being slapped, but from realising defeat.

Melissa quickly got on her knees, in between Britney’s legs and pulled her sweat pants and panties off. She grabbed hold of the dildo on the strap-on, she spat on the tip and rubbed her saliva up and down the strap-on and then pressed the tip against Britney’s pussy.

“”Do you remember the last thing you said when you raped me in the showers?” Melissa asked, pausing for a second. “Payback’s a bitch!” She said thrusting her hips forward.

“AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!” Britney screamed as the thick eight inch strap-on slid halfway into her cunt.

“Look who’s got a loose pussy!” Melissa made fun off Britney and it had the impact that she had gone for, as she saw the hurt in Britney’s eyes. Melissa pulled her own tank top off, revealing her round breasts. She reached down and pulled Britney’s top off. ‘Bitch!’ Melissa thought as she looked at Britney’s breast, which were larger than hers.

Melissa put her weight on top of Britney as she went on top of her, and positioned herself so that she could reach Britney’s breasts with her mouth. She started to squeeze them and flick the nipples with her tongue and then opened her mouth, taking in as much of her breast into her mouth as she could.

Britney closed her eyes, trying to block out what Melissa was doing to her, but it was no good. She could feel the thick eight inch strap-on working in and out of her pussy. Britney had never had anything this big in her, even though she was tempted to use the dildo that was attached on the strap-on on herself, she didn’t.

Melissa got back up onto her knees, placing Britney’s shoulder’s on her shoulder’s, held on to her thighs and started to thrust in and out of Britney’s pussy, getting faster and faster with every thrust.

“You like that Britney?” Melissa asked. “You like the way I work my big dick in and out of your loose pussy?” She asked, referring to the dildo on the strap-on as her dick. “No wonder your husband’s never home. If I had a small dick and my wife had a huge pussy, I’d be out looking to score with a chick who’d fit around my small dick.” She said making fun of both Britney and her husband at the same time.

Britney felt tears start to build up and turned her head to the side, trying to hide her tears from Melissa. Melissa carried on slamming into her, relentlessly. Britney’s tears started to run down the side of her head, towards her ears, she sniffed as she tried to fight back the tears.

Melissa watched Britney’s huge tits bounce up and down. She started to envy Britney’s tits again. Britney already had huge tits and now after having a baby, they were even bigger. Melissa thought about how Britney must breast feed and that they must be sore from her son biting down on them and slapped Britney on the side of one of her tits hard.

“AAAARRRRGGGHHHHHH!” Britney screamed, her body moving in the opposite direction of where she was slapped. Melissa had an evil smile form on her face. ‘Serves you right for having huge boobs.’ She thought, as she saw more tears run down the side of Britney’s head.

Britney just closed her eyes, hoping for the whole ordeal to be over, when she realised that Melissa was doing this for revenge, which meant Melissa was going to keep going until she came. Britney decided to fake an orgasm, look like she was getting into it even though she wasn’t just so Melissa would leave.
Britney realised instantly that she couldn‘t fake it. Melissa was gonna want to finish it the same way that Britney finished it and that’s by lapping up her cum and then spitting her own cum out into her mouth and if she faked, then there would be no cum for Melissa to lap up.

Melissa looked down at Britney as she thrust into her as fast as she could. She was starting to get out of breath from going so fast. Britney had a distant look on her face. ‘What does it take to make Britney Spears cum?’ Melissa thought looked at the expressionless face of Britney.

She had been at this a while and she had no luck on making her cum. She had already humiliated Britney enough and all she needed to do was finish it off by making Britney cum and then make her swallow her own cum. Maybe this rough, fast fucking approach wasn’t working, maybe Britney responds to the softer touch.

Melissa pushed the strap-on half way in and went down on top of Britney, she wrapped her arms around Britney, under her arms. She reached around Britney’s shoulders and wiped her tears away. She kissed Britney tenderly and Britney kissed her back to Melissa’s surprise, Britney wrapped her arms around her too.

They both started to kiss each other passionately, working their tongues in and out of each other’s mouth. Melissa started to pull her hips back and slowly thrust forward, Britney let out a low moan and Melissa knew what her weakness was.

Britney could feel Melissa start to work the strap-on in and out of her moist cunt very slowly. She thought she was gonna have to resort to trying to finger herself to make herself cum, but luckily for her, Melissa slowed the pace down. She liked to start off slow and build up to it.

Melissa started to gradually build the pace up, her arms going under Britney and holding her shoulders. She held onto Britney’s shoulder’s as she thrust into her hard, causing Britney’s body to bounce up.

She watched Britney’s tits bounce up and down in front of her. She positioned her head so she could suck those round tits. She took a boob into her mouth and started to suck, using a little force and milk spurt into her mouth.

Melissa was a little surprised, but remembered that Britney had her son about two months ago and was still breast feeding. She stopped sucking to stop the milk spurting out. She was about to spit it the milk back out until the taste hit her. She couldn’t quite put her finger on what it tasted, she swallowed. She started to suck Britney’s tits some more, trying to figure out what the taste reminded her of, her focus on revenge disappearing momentarily.

Britney looked down and watched Melissa sucking away at her boobs. She started to wonder if Melissa despised her because she was gay and secretly had a crush on her. She was starting to find that she liked this tender side of Melissa and the fact that Melissa wasn’t turned off by the fact that she had a child.

The first time Britney’s husband sucked her breasts and milk came out, he instantly spat it back out on her boobs and went and rinsed his mouth out. Melissa reacted differently, she swallowed and carried on sucking for more.

Melissa took her mouth off Britney’s boob and went up to kiss her. Melissa opened her mouth and let Britney’s breast milk flowed out of her mouth and into Britney’s. Britney swallowed her own breast milk and carried on sucking at Melissa’s tongue.

Britney started to grind her body underneath Melissa’s body, trying to match her thrusts. Melissa knew that she had Britney reeled in and wanting more. She got up on to her knees, with the strap-on still in Britney and started to thrust into Britney hard, holding her legs by the back of her knees. She admired Britney’s legs, her toned calves.

“You like that Britney?” Melissa asked. “You like the way my huge dick fills the whole of your wide cunt?” Britney thought it was strange that Melissa was insulting her vagina’s grip again, but she replied anyway.

“Yeah!” Britney moaned as her breasts bounced up and down, her wet nipples hitting her on her chin. She was starting to really get into it, gripping the pillow under her head with both hands, moaning every time Melissa thrust deep into her moist hole. Melissa was still holding her legs by the back of her knees. She placed the soles of Britney’s feet on her own breasts, one foot on each breast.

Melissa looked down at Britney small feet on her breasts, she liked the feeling of having Britney’s soft soles on her breasts and as she pounded into Britney, Britney’s feet gently rubbing her tits up and down. Melissa liked the feeling of having Britney rubbing her feet on her tits and grabbed Britney’s feet and started to rub them on her tits faster.

Britney spread her toes and Melissa’s sensitive nipples would get clipped in between Britney’s toes and cause her to moan. Britney noticed Melissa had sensitive nipples and boobs and started to wriggle her toes causing Melissa extra sensation.

“You like That Melissa?” Britney asked, moaning. “You like it when I play with your tits with my feet?” She asked, gently running her pedicured toe nails along the side of Melissa’s breasts. Britney ran her toe nails up Melissa’s breast.

“You wanna suck my toes?” Britney asked, bringing her toes up to Melissa’s mouth, pressing the underside of her toes heads on Melissa’s lips. Melissa opened her mouth, taking a couple of her toes into her mouth and sucked them hard. Melissa held Britney’s foot as she tried to fit all of Britney’s toes into her mouth and that’s when she realised she was going off track. She pulled Britney’s foot away from her mouth and pushed it to the side of her and she went down flat on top of Britney.

“Enough of this shot!” Melissa said grabbing Britney by the neck with one hand. “You’re gonna cum for me now!” She said with her face a couple of inches in front of Britney, as she started to grind her hips, thrusting the strap-on into Britney really hard. Britney didn’t absorb the fact that Melissa was doing anything she could to get even with her and thought that Melissa was just playing a little rough.

Britney’s breathing started to quicken as Melissa thrust into her faster and faster. “You gonna cum for me you slut?” Melissa asked.

“Yeah!” Britney moaned as she started to feel her orgasm start to quickly approach. “Uhh! Uhhh! Arrrrgggh!” Britney moaned loud. She had her mouth wide open and Melissa spat into Britney’s mouth. Britney tried to spit Melissa’s saliva out but Melissa just closed her mouth and she had to swallow. As she swallowed, Britney started to feel her body start to shake as her orgasm finally hit her.

Melissa smiled as she felt Britney shake underneath her and she pulled out of Britney, got to her knees in between her legs and started to lick at her wet hole. Melissa lapped up all of Britney’s cum and was quite surprised that it didn’t taste so bad.

She kept it in her mouth as she went up, her mouth just over Britney’s and as Britney lay there panting, her mouth half open as she gasped for air, Melissa opened her mouth and let Britney’s cum flow out into her mouth. Britney turned her head to stop her own cum from getting into her mouth. Melissa didn’t stop, she just let the cum flow out all over Britney’s face.

“Don’t you like the taste of your cum?” Melissa mocked. Britney started to realise exactly what Melissa was doing, she had reeled her in with the affection that she craved, only to humiliate her.

Melissa licked the cum off Britney’s cheeks and turned her head so she’d be facing her, Britney knew what Melissa was going to do and admitted defeat by opening her mouth, as Melissa opened her mouth and let the cum flow out into Britney’s mouth. Britney closed her mouth and swallowed.

Melissa licked around Britney’s chin, trying to get more cum. She didn’t get as much as before but she still got a fair amount. She got Britney to face her again and Britney opened her mouth again, obediently. Melissa this time didn’t have enough to let it just flow out, so she gathered as much saliva as she could in her mouth as she swirled Britney’s cum around in her mouth, secretly savouring the taste of Britney’s woman hood and then spat out into Britney’s mouth. Britney again swallowed, without being told.

Some of the cum mixed in with Melissa’s saliva landed on Britney’s lips, so Melissa licked it off her lips slowly and then placed a closed mouth kiss on them. Britney started to kiss her back and Melissa opened her mouth, pushing her tongue into Britney’s mouth. Britney sucked at it hungrily and wrapped her arm around Melissa, she was desperate for affection and didn’t care how she got it, as she wasn’t getting it from her husband.

“Remember when you said I had a stick up my ass?” Melissa said getting off Britney and turning her onto her front, straddling her, kneeling on top of the back of her thighs.

“Yeah.” Britney replied as she could feel the large strap-on resting in between her butt cheeks.

“Remember how you said once you’re done, I’m gonna feel like there really is a stick up my ass?”

“Yeah.” Britney said. She was starting to get worried with where these questions were leading to and that’s when she felt the strap-on quickly stab into her butt hole.

“AAARRRRRRGGGGHHH!” Britney screamed as the strap-on ripped into her ass hole.

“Now how does that stick feel up your ass?” Melissa laughed.

“I never fucked you up the ass!” Britney protested, her voice close to breaking from the pain of the anal intrusion.

“What I don’t get about you…” Melissa started as she pushed her hips forward, slowly easing the black strap-on into Britney’s large, round rump. “Why didn’t you carry it out? It’s not like you’re a guy who came and couldn’t get hard enough to fuck my ass, but that’s you’re loss. Not being able to feel how tight my incredible ass is.” Melissa mocked Britney as she slowly worked the strap-on in and out of her ass.

“Fuck!” Melissa laughed. “If this was my real dick, your ass hole would probably feel soo tight around it!” Britney was in so much pain now from the unduplicated anal sex. Britney was grateful that she did actually cum. Her juices were on the strap-on and worked as slight lubrication. Melissa spread Britney’s ass cheeks apart.

“God! Your ass hole looks so red!” She pulled out of Britney’s ass. “Taste it!” She ordered Britney, going around to her head.

“Eww!” Britney said looking up at Melissa. “If you think I’m gonna…” Melissa cut her off by shoving the strap-on into Britney’s mouth. She gave her a couple of short thrusts into her mouth and Britney gagged a little from the taste of her rectum on the strap-on.

“You like the taste of your ass?” Melissa asked her and Britney coughed from having the strap-on hit her on the back of her throat. “Let me get a taste of that ass!” Melissa said gripping the back of Britney’s head with a fistful of her hair. She kissed Britney, a wet open mouth kiss.

“Your ass doesn’t taste too bad.” Melissa said. “I think I want another taste.” Melissa said lying on top of Britney, her tits pressed against Britney’s lower back. She spread Britney’s ass cheeks and started to push her tongue into Britney’s ass hole, working her wet tongue in and out of her ass hole.

“Suck my dick bitch!” She yelled at Britney, taking her tongue out of her ass. “Unless you want it back in your fat ass.” Britney instantly took the strap-on into her mouth and started to work her lips up and down the piece of plastic, giving it the kind of attention she would give a real cock.

Britney didn’t want Melissa to stop licking her ass hole. She knew that Melissa was gonna butt fuck her, she just didn’t know for how long. And she definitely didn’t want to have the strap-on in her ass when her ass wasn’t lubricated.

“You’re tongue feels so good in my ass!” Britney moaned, taking her mouth off the strap-on momentarily and went back to sucking it immediately.

“My tongue feels good in your ass.” Melissa said. “Wait till you feel this in your ass!” She pulled back, pulling the strap-on out of Britney’s mouth. Britney was still flat on her front and Melissa once again straddled the back of her thighs, pushing the tip into Britney’s ass hole only this time, it went in more easily as it was now lubricated.

“Fuck!” Britney moaned through gritted teeth from feeling the strap-on in her ass and this time it actually felt good. Probably because it wasn’t forced in dry this time.

“You like that?” Melissa asked as she went flat on top of Britney, her stomach pressed against Britney’s lower back and her tits against the middle of Britney’s back.

“You like having my black dick in your fat ass?” Melissa asked again.

“YES!” Britney moaned out loud as Melissa gained pace very quickly. “It feels so good!” Britney confessed.

“You’re just a little anal whore aren’t you?” Melissa asked. “Or should that be a big anal whore?” Melissa laughed at her own joke about Britney’s weight. Melissa wrapped her hands around Britney’s body, hugging her tight as thrust her hips back and fourth, pounding into Britney’s ass hole hard.

Britney’s low moans were turning louder with every thrust until she was screaming. Feeling the thick strap-on stretching her tight sphincter, she felt like this anal assault was never gonna end and a part of her didn’t want it to. She wanted it to go on as long as possible.

Melissa pulled out of her ass.

“Why’d you take it out?” Britney whined.

“Cos I want you to suck it!” Melissa said kissing the side of Britney’s mouth before going onto her knees beside her head. Britney started to suck the strap-on instantly with out having to be told. Melissa may be saying some mean things to her, but she was totally into it now and she wanted Melissa to fuck her.

“That’s enough!” Melissa said pulling away from Britney. “Get on all fours like the bitch that you are.” Melissa ordered her. Britney smiled at Melissa and got on to all fours, leaning forward on the side of her face while she reached back and pulled her plump butt cheeks apart for Melissa.

Melissa looked at Britney with a confused look. Was Britney actually getting into it was the question on her mind. She had already gotten pay back on Britney and was fucking her ass to add insult to injury, but what kind of insult is it if Britney is enjoying it?

Fuck it! Melissa thought as she pushed the tip of the dildo of the strap-on past Britney’s tight sphincter.

“Ahhhhhh!” Britney let out a relieved moan as Melissa started to work the dildo in and out of Britney’s ass faster with every thrust. “That’s it Melissa! Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass fast!” Britney moaned and Melissa found herself compelled to do as Britney wanted and went faster until she was going as fast as she could, the top of her pussy slapping against Britney’s thick rump hard.

Britney reached down in between her legs with both hands, slipping two fingers from one hand into her increasingly moist pussy while she used the other hand to rub her clit.

“FUCK!” Britney yelled. “KEEP GOING! I’M SO CLOSE!” She screamed as she fingered and rubbed herself as fast as she could. Melissa found herself struggling to keep up with Britney.

“FUUUUUUUUUUCCCKKK!” Britney screamed as she felt her pussy start to contract around her fingers really fast. She could feel her ass hole starting to contract too, but Melissa couldn’t feel it. The strap-on was just a piece of plastic.

“You cumming botch?” Melissa asked, holding her hips as she continued to ram into her ass hole.

“YES! I’m CUMMING!” Britney screamed as she felt her orgasm hit and her juices flow out onto her fingers. Melissa continued her anal assault not slowing down at all, she didn’t have to worry about cumming herself because the dildo strap-on wasn’t a real cock.

As Britney’s moans got quieter, Melissa’s thrusts started to slow down, keeping in rhythm to Britney’s moans. Until she stopped when Britney went silent. Melissa pulled out of Britney’s ass.

She rubbed the strap-on up and down, her hand getting wet with Britney’s cum and then she licked her hand. Britney turned around to see this.

“What are you doing?” Britney asked with a smile and Melissa froze.

“You have quite a lot of stamina for a fatty.” Melissa said trying to change the subject and be mean to Britney at the same time.

“It’s baby fat. I only got it cos I had a child. That doesn’t mean that my stamina is gone.” Britney defended herself. “Do you like me?” Britney asked going back to the subject.

“I hate you.” Melissa said her tone of voice not changing. “You are and have everything…”

“That you want?” Britney cut her off smiling. Melissa realised and kind of knew that the reason why she hated Britney Spears was because Britney had everything that she herself wanted and she was in fact envious of the pop princess.

Britney went up to Melissa and kissed her, pushing her tongue into Melissa’s mouth. Melissa at first stood there but soon found herself drawn to the kiss, sucking Britney’s tongue.

“I have to say. This was kind of a good work out.” Britney said walking away from Melissa.

“Well…” Melissa said not sure what was happening. “On your next work out, you’re gonna do all the work.”

“Sure!” Britney smiled taking out a cigarette from the bedside counter and lighting it. Melissa felt her verbal grip on Britney fading. Britney didn’t seem to care what she said and seemed to have enjoyed the sex and didn’t feel like how Melissa felt after Britney forced herself on her the other week.

Melissa took the strap-on off and got dressed. She started to walk out of the room, thoughts running through her head. Was she really attracted to Britney Spears? The woman that she loathed. Maybe it was like a playground crush, being mean to the whoever you had a crush on.

“You keep the strap-on.” Britney said.

“No you keep it.” Melissa said. “Just like weights, I’m increasing the size. We’re gonna work with a 10 inch strap-on on your next session.” Melissa smiled.

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