Britney’s Ordeal

(M+/F-teen, nc, drugs, v)

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Story title : Britney’s Ordeal


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Britney’s Ordeal (M+/F-teen, nc, drugs, v)

By Cheryl (


Britney pulled her
sweatshirt over her head and

then headed for her dressing room. As she opened

the door she saw the other members of the video

shoot leaving in a group, going out somewhere to

celebrate with the followers hip hop artist’s

always attracted. She saw Dr. Dra and Koolio and

Snoop Doggy and Ice Cue all leaving the building

with all their groupies behind them.

The video shoot had featured all those rap stars

and Britney Spears, pops reigning singing

sensation and idol of teen girls everywhere. She

was also the most lustily sought after blonde teen

sensation that made grown men groan with her every

new song and video. She knew she was the subject

of many a man’s fantasies. But in fact Britney

Spears was still a virgin and had no real idea of

the power of fantasy’s and the resulting climax

her image could cause in the minds and hearts of

men all around the world.

As her bodyguards led her to her limousine to

whisk her away to her hotel, she looked again with

envy at the men all laughing and joking and making

plans to meet at a club later to party and

celebrate. She heard the name of the club being

shouted out where they were going to party at a

club called Rafters.

She leaned back in her seat and slid down on the

plush leather to relax, the shoot had been a rough

one, one in which she had been the object of

attention from all the men there for a rap song

called Perfect Bitch. It was not one her mother

would have approved of and it was shot for the

overseas market, thank god. She had worn some

pretty skimpy outfits in this one.

She arrived home, to an empty house and was alone

with her thoughts. She filled the tub with hot

water and lay in it to soak. Her thoughts went

back to the video shoot and as she laid in the hot

soothing water her hands began to caress her body.

She cupped her perfect 34c tits and pinched her

pink nipples slightly, the sensation causing

familiar stirrings deep in her groin. Her hands

slid down and through her sparse pubic hair. Hair

that she’d had to trim today for the shoot because

of the skimpy bottoms she had worn.

Her slender fingers brushed lightly over her

always-protruding clitoris and as they did a

slight jolt of excitement swept over her just like

always. Her fingers parted the slippery folds of

her pussy and fingers slid inside; her hot cunt

juice coated her finger with her scent.

As she lay there she remembered the shoot and the

images of all those rap stars with their exposed

chests and chiseled bodies undulating by her and

in one scene actually touching their hot black

chests to her back while she danced around them

lip singing to the words of the rap song.

Her fingers were soon probing deeper and deeper

and then faster and faster, rubbing her clit as

her excitement built. She knew she was getting

close to an orgasm so she sped up her hand


As she came she was thinking of the rap stars all

standing over her tub watching her naked, bringing

herself to orgasm at the thought of them watching

her masturbating.

Her body arched in the water sending water and

bubbles flying all over the floor as a powerful

orgasm raced through her body. Heaving from the

exertion and her breathing labored, her hands left

her pussy and once again caressed her perfect

tits. She could smell the scent of her body on her

fingers the closer she moved her hands to her

face. Having a wicked thought she brought her

fingers to her nose and sniffed, it wasn’t

unpleasant at all.

She flicked out her perfect tongue and tentively

licked the tip of one of her fingers. Not bad she

thought again. Her finger slowly eased into her

perfect mouth and she began to suck on it and

again she was surprised at the taste. Now she

eagerly licked all of her fingers that had

recently been buried deep into the pussy so many

men desired. ‘I am wicked,’ she thought to

herself, ’cause normal girls don’t do this I’m


As she toweled off and put on a warm robe and

filled a glass with some wine she again thought of

the men and their ability to go out into public

and party almost like normal people, only rap

stars got treated like royalty and were loaded

with cash. She dug into her suitcase and found the

hidden compartment that held her pot stash and

several rolled joints and fired one up. ‘I am a

wicked girl cause nice girls don’t smoke pot,’ she

thought to herself.

The smoke and wine mellowed her out and she looked

up at the clock and saw it was only 11:30 pm. She

imagined the party in full swing but knew they’d

party till sunrise like they bragged about doing

all the time. She started giggling to herself and

thought, ‘I ought to surprise them all and just

show up.’ She knew though that her bodyguard would

never let her go out without at least the whole

crew to protect her and since it was late she knew

too that she couldn’t go out.

So she smoked another joint and had another glass

of wine she walked over to the suitcases and

opened them up one at a time and looked inside.

Not sure why she was doing this, she put on a pair

of white vinyl shorts that hugged her like a

second skin. She found a black silk shirt she had

worn once before and she remembered the looks the

guys at the studios had given her while she was

recording a song.

It only had one button right about even with her

breasts and the cut at the bottom made it flare

away revealing most of her belly. She found her

black thigh high boots and combed her hair and

pulled it into a ponytail and applied a little

makeup. She looked into the mirror and thought to

herself, ‘I look hot.’

Picking up her handbag, she silently opened her

hotel door and peered outside. Her bodyguard was

in the room next door and she could hear the TV.

She slowly closed her door and quietly walked down

the hallway, giggling to herself at her bravado.

Once outside she flagged down a taxi and climbed

in and told the driver to take her to Rafters

club. He looked back at her and said which one?

She was a bit confused and asked how many of them

were there? He said, “There’s two, and both in

different parts of town.”

She thought for a moment and then said, “Which one

would be for the rap and hip hop crowd?”

He said, “Both do, they’re owned by the same guy.”

While she thought about this new development he

said, “You know you look like Britney Spears the


She quickly said, “I know I get that all the time

but would Britney Spears be sitting in a taxi

alone when I’m sure she has a limousine and

driver? Anyway take me to the closest Rafters and

I’ll try my luck there.”

The driver shrugged, turned around and started the

meter and pulled out into traffic carrying cargo

worth millions but not realizing it.

Arriving at Rafters, the driver dropped her off

and she paid the fare and got into the line of

people hoping to get in. A bouncer looking type

was scanning the crowd and saw Britney and pulled

her out of line and said, “You’re in sweet thing,

have fun.”

As she entered the club the music and the lights

assaulted her senses. She had never actually been

inside a real nightclub before and certainly not

one like this. Hundreds if not a thousand of

people were packed inside like sardines. The rap

music was so loud it was hard to think. The

blazing lights repeatedly blinded her by the


She was literally ignored as she squeezed her way

past bodies moving in time to the music. A hand

squeezed her ass as she went by and when she

turned to give whoever did it a piece of her mind

she saw no one looking guilty everyone was just

dancing. Thinking it may have been an accident she

continued on looking for her rap star friends.

The deeper into the club she went, the more hands

were casually reaching out and copping feels but

always in such a way that she couldn’t tell who

was doing what. No one shouted out IT’S BRITNEY

SPEARS! And for the first time she was feeling

like a normal person. Although she knew her fame

would get her into the club faster and to her

friends she was determined to just act normal.

As the groping became more and more frequent, she

began to feel a little excited and several times

she actually stopped moving and let the hands

wander a little more.

Someone just handed her a drink and because it was

hot and so was she, she drank it with no regards

to what was in it or who had given it to her. It

never occurred to her at all about the recent

warnings concerning spiking girl’s drinks or

slipping in the date rape drug. It tasted good and

she drank it all down. Soon she felt the music in

her body and began to just dance with it, the

lights assaulted her eyes but now it seemed like


The hot sweaty bodies all around her just excited

her and more drinks magically kept reappearing in

her hands. Men danced with her then moved on, like

no one was dancing with anyone in particular and

dancing with everyone at once. She got into it and

let loose acting wild and crazy and loving every

minute of it.

More drinks and then her world began to spin,

slowly at first, but gaining speed and then she

began to stumble a bit and thinking it was just

the booze. She danced on not realizing the small

knot of men all surrounding her in the club on the

dance floor.

Suddenly she did fall and hard to the floor and

was helped up by two very large black men. This

caused her no alarm cause she was surrounded by

large black men all the time, in videos, her

bodyguards and lots of others.

She started to thank them but realized her words

were very slurred. One of the men picked her up

and carried her out the back door followed by two

others. She was now totally out of it and had no

idea what was going on. They placed her in the

back seat of the limousine and it seemed familiar

to her and as she completely lost consciousness

she remembered thinking, ‘My driver is taking me

home now.’ But it wasn’t her driver or her

limousine and certainly not home she was headed



The next day when Britney awoke, she was confused

to say nothing of being hung over and on the verge

of being sick. Her eyes refused to focus properly

because everything seemed too foggy and hazy. As

her senses cleared a bit she realized the room she

was in was in fact hazy from smoke of some sort.

Almost as she realized that fact, she smelled the

sweet smell of pot in the air but stronger and

more pungent than she had ever smelled before.

Her eyes began to focus a bit more now and she saw

about thirteen black men all sitting around her as

they smoked huge joints. Her eyes focused on

several of the men and she saw dreadlocks hanging

from their scalps and their eyes almost appeared

yellow on the outside with red dots for pupils.

There was some Jamaican music blaring somewhere

and it hurt her ears too.

“Hey mon dah cunt is awake.”

Britney attempted to see who had spoken and who he

was speaking to but the smoke was getting her high

again against her will.

“Hey bitch? You awake? Mon you sure do sleep


Again she tried to follow the conversation but it

was impossible in her state. She did recall though

that she had gone to a party, something had

happened to her and now she was here.

“I need to call my manager,” she tried to say but

it came out as, “I ked to mall my manger.” They

all laughed, she didn’t see the humor in it.

“Please, my name is Britney Spears and I’m very

famous and have lots of money and someone will pay

you to take me home.”

At this they all laughed at her and she was even

more confused. Why were they treating her like

this she wondered? The smoke was really fucking

her up and she knew it and no matter how hard she

tried to clear her mind up, she just couldn’t. She

was higher than a kite and everyone knew it from

her slurred words.

Finally a tall Jamaican man walked over to her and

said, “So you’re the famous Britney Spears heh?

Well bitch look over there and see we already got

three other real Britney Spears here.”

With blurred eyes Britney slowly moved her head

over and looked where the man was pointing and

there she saw three other young blonde’s who did

in fact look a lot like her.

“They too call themselves Britney Spears and soon

they will have a chance to prove it.” He chuckled

at some inside joke and was joined by several

others as well.

“We have decided to find out who is the real

Britney with a contest. The real one will still be

a virgin. There is only one real way to find out

who is a virgin and who is not.”

Now Britney knew she was technically still a

virgin but she had to admit to herself she had in

private shoved several large objects into her

million-dollar pussy in her own private

compartment. Had she bled? She couldn’t remember,

she only remembered thinking how bad she had been

when she had done it. But then it dawned on her,

even in her state, that there was only one way to

prove she was the real Britney Spears, and even if

she did and could, what was going to happen to


Before the Jamaican had a chance to say anything

she blurted out “I could sing for you.” With that

the other girls immediately broke into, “Oops I

did it again,” and they all sounded just like her!

“No bitch, only one test and I’ll make a deal with

you. The bet is this. If you are a virgin, I’ll

let you go, but if not your sorry ass is mine

forever to do with as I please. Now there is only

one way to find out if you’re a virgin or not, and

just so you know, the others are not virgins.”

That silly tune entered Britney’s mind and she

said, “I’ll take that bet and you’re going to

regret it you son of a bitch cause I’m the best

that’s ever been.” Even as she said that she

realized she was going to get fucked my one of

these men!

In her hazy state getting fucked didn’t rank high

on her list of worries. Getting out of there and

going home alive was extremely high on her list

though. If she had to lose her virginity to stay

alive, she would do it. What she didn’t know was

that the date rape drug and Jamaican smoke were

working against her normal defenses.

So as the Jamaican man approached her, her mind

set was to win the bet. Win the bet, prove she was

a virgin and then she could go home to her safe

hotel and then her mommy. She really had no idea

of what was going to happen next.

The big Jamaican man approached her and told

several others to prepare her. She was grabbed and

laid out on the coffee table and they began to rip

her clothes off. She numbly realized what they

were doing, wondering why they were stripping here

in front of everyone, ‘Why not take her to a

bedroom for some privacy,’ she thought.

Then he pulled down his pants and his big fat long

dick waved in the air above her naked body. ‘It’s

fucking huge!’ she thought. Well to tell the truth

it was only about nine inches long at the time but

still growing. Two hands spread her perfect legs

apart and in her drugged state she hoped strangely

that her pussy looked well, perfect! Why did she

think that at this moment? She wondered.

Her perfect body was totally exposed to all the

people around her. Her first ‘fucker’ towered over

her grinning with his pearly whites almost

blinding her. She groggily watched as he lowered

himself down to cover her body with his. He tried

to kiss her, ‘What a nerve this nigger had,’ she


Even though she wasn’t really prejudiced she still

was incensed that this nigger wanted to kiss her!

It was then she felt his rock hard cock rubbing up

and down against her wet slit. ‘Why am I wet,’ she

thought? Then without a moment to realize what was

happening to her he slid into her perfect pussy.

Not just in, he was buried to the hilt and her

screams were both a mixture of pain and pleasure.

Pleasure? Yes pleasure her body told her that.

He fucked her for just a few strokes then pulled

out. He looked down at her and she wondered why he

had stopped. He announced to the crowd around him,

“No fucking blood, no fucking virgin here mon!”

Then as he poked his big black pole back into her

perfect (well, less than perfect now) pussy he

sang out, “Oops I did it again.” And he fucked her

with a vengeance now, no care for her pleasure,

pure animal lust and even as she wondered about

her virginity, the pleasurable sensations of her

drugged body took over and the combination of

drugs and being fucked for real, took Britney’s

body and mind and she gave in to it wrapping her

legs around his waist and fucking him back with

just as much vengeance.

Suddenly a new sensation took over the pop queen’s

young body and she arched her back indicating her

first vaginal orgasm while being really well

fucked by a man. ‘God, it felt great,’ she

remembered thinking. Like nothing she had ever

felt before. ‘Please god let it keep it on

coming.’ Like a virgin, she let go and gave in to

the pleasure she had never felt before.

He being a master cocksman knew he could keep this

up for as long as he wanted to, and he did. He

continued to fuck Britney’s formerly perfect pussy

for an hour, causing the poor girl to come over

and over again. Even as he fucked her, other men

were being fluffed by the other Britney wannabees,

waiting for their turns. Finally her first lover

shot off deep inside her womb. (And who knows

maybe he impregnated the singing pop teen idol?)

Over the next few days the drugs and smoke and

drink she was ingesting only increased the need

her body had to have more and more. She didn’t

realize it at the time but it wasn’t the same

lover on top of her over the next few days, it was

a series of men, about forty who continued to fuck

her perfect teenage body over and over again

bringing her to so many orgasms she began to fear

she would die from being fucked to death.

On her third day there, still naked, still being

relentlessly fucked by anyone who happened by, she

didn’t care who, just so long as they fucked her,

all she wanted was another orgasm, another high.

Finally she was allowed a rest. To her amazement

no one else wanted to screw her. She moaned, “Fuck

me please, someone fuck me, please, someone fuck

me.” She was almost babbling insanely but the men

had had enough. She had worn them out! They

couldn’t get it up anymore even with the fluffers

doing their best!

Finally exhausted she slept still babbling in her

sleep, “C’mon someone fuck me.” It was decided to

sell her to their African brothers in the white

slave trade. They made a deal to sell her for

twenty thousand dollars and while she was under

the drugs influence, she was transported aboard a

ship bound for the Ivory Coast.

Every crewmember had a taste over and over again

of the formerly perfect body of Britney Spears as

they crossed the ocean. On the Ivory Coast, they

kept her supplied with drugs and alcohol which she

now craved as she served any man who came her way.

She was a big hit in brothels catering to the

wealthy visitors who stopped in at the port.

Luckily her white customers were mostly clean, she

never got the aids virus.

By now she was a little bit worse for the wear and

the drugs had taken their toll as well and Britney

or ‘Charise’ as she was now called, was sold a

Chinese sex merchant for ten thousand dollars.

Here she learned the pleasures of bondage and sex

in bondage and submission. She developed a craving

for opium as well as any other drug given to her.

In her world, if it involved sex and cocks and

pussies, she was all for it. She lived for sex,

drugs and more sex.

After a year of Chinese living where she

understood nothing but selling her body for

pleasure, she was sold again for five thousand

dollars to an Arab slave trader from one of the

desert clans. There she learned the forbidden

pleasures of well. (Here I have to say just let

your minds play games with you. Suffice it to say

the goats never lacked for something to eat.)

After a year of living the nomadic life, ‘Pashal’

(formerly Britney) was sold to a Greek trader

where she learned to enjoy “Greek style love” the

peculiar lovemaking that the ancient Greeks were

famous for. She no longer knew who she was for

sure, only that as long as she was being sexually

used she was happy.

Now In Greece drugs were no longer a part of her

life. Her entire being was focused on sexually

satisfying her needs and the needs of her


Another year went by and Britney found herself

being sold yet again, and this time for only two

thousand dollars. She knew by their accents that

she was now heading for the Republic of Russia.

Her formerly perfect body and formerly perfect

face now reduced to very much less than perfect.

The ravages of time and constant sex had taken

their toll on her. ‘Klonkaly’ as she was now

called was a wasted and almost deformed figure of

a human. The drugs had made her into a sex

machine. The rough sex she required to get herself

off had left her body marked and her perfect tits

now sagged almost to her belly from being pinched

and pulled and bitten on so often. Her formerly

perfect pussy had been so grossly enlarged that no

man under ten inches in length or seven inches in

girth even caused her to notice he was inside her.

At the age of 22 her looks were pretty much gone.

Her sunken eyes, testimony to countless nights up

for 24 hours at a time, had taken its toll. Her

sallow appearing skin was testimony to too many

hours indoors, out of the sun flat on her back

being used. Her weight loss attributed to her lack

of appetite. She was almost skin and bones now.

Her lethargic response to any question could be

attributed to her need for cock or pleasure in any

form and without it she had no interest in her

surroundings. In these days, her sort of pleasure

would have been a source of nightmares to any

other woman. Fortunately she still had not gotten

the aids virus.

‘Miranda’ was soon sold to a Mexican contact in

Mexico City for five hundred dollars. Britney

could no longer remember her real name. You could

have called her anything as long as she got

fucked. In Mexico, she was taught a new game to

play, one called, for the right bet I’ll do

anything you dare me to do, but if I win you pay

up and if I lose, I belong to you for your

perverse pleasures. The safety net (in her mind)

was that if she lost any bet, her owner would sell

her to the Indians in the mountain villages and

she knew NO one wanted that. So she took all bets

and usually won them.

Miranda had now been a ‘fucking’ guest of Mexico

for almost a year. She had been fattened up a bit

almost back to her previous body weight. Her tits

still sagged a little but not as much due to the

workouts that the Mexican’s made her and the other

girls do early every morning. She was worth more

to them in shape than in the sorry state they had

bought her in. Her long flowing golden locks had

been cut and then her head shaved completely bald.

This allowed her to put on various wigs and become

whoever her owners wanted her to be.

She was also the star performer at the infamous

club called El Diablo where she performed only

three times a week now. She still lived for the

sexual highs alone and hadn’t touched drugs in

over two years now. Her high was getting fucked

and she craved that like most others needed drink

water or eat food. Living in Tijuana now had also

turned her skin golden brown again, and with her

shaven head and lost memory, no one who saw her

connected her with the long presumed dead Britney


Once every two or three days she put on special

shows. A dare would be put to her and if the price

was right, she would accept and have to do the

dare. Not that she had any choice because her

owners refused to allow her to turn down any bet

that made them money. Her reward for fulfilling

the dares was often a twenty-four hour fuck-a-thon

in which ‘Miranda’ had her sexual needs filled by

some young Mexican farm hand.

Over the last year or so Britney had made the

marines and navy men who frequented the club while

on liberty pay many thousands and thousands of

dollars to enjoy her. Granted, many of them had to

settle for just fucking the formerly perfect girl,

but the money hit their pocketbooks big time.

So during their next stint at sea, about 100

marines and navy men had come up with a plan and

pooled their money. They came up with the ultimate

dare and this time not only would they not lose

but in return all 100 men would get to fuck this

girl half to death that is if she survived the


When their tour was up and the aircraft carrier

docked in San Diego, all one hundred chartered

buses to take them to Tijuana, Mexico for the


They drank a lot on the way down and drank more as

they passed through customs and drank more as they

pulled up in front of the El Diablo club. A

spokesman for the group went inside to meet with

Britney’s owners and presented the dare. When he

was through with his proposal even the owners

couldn’t believe it could be done.

As they shook their heads no, he opened up his

briefcase and showed them ten thousand dollars. He

explained the other 40 thousand was on the bus

outside. He explained he would put up the 50

thousand dollars on his bet if they put up twenty-

five thousand dollars, so if she couldn’t or

wouldn’t do it, they won the 25 thousand and her

for a week. But if she could do it, they would pay

fifty thousand bucks for one show.

As the owners huddled together speaking in Spanish

and discussing the possibilities of making a years

income off one show, the marine knew they would go

a head with it. When the owners agreed, they all

shook hands and agreed that that very night

‘Miranda’ would indeed accept the dare. Smiling at

his good fortune, the marine’s spokesman went

outside and filled in the others the details.

That night Britney had already been told about the

bet and she smiled to herself at how stupid men

could be sometimes. She could do what they asked

standing on her head. She also knew she would fuck

all one hundred of the men if her owner’s would

let her. It had been a long time since she had

done a train that long, she would have so many

orgasm’s that she would be in her own personal


That night one hundred drunken servicemen filled

the club. ‘Miranda’ was led onto the stage and the

dare was announced.

“Ladies and gentlemen, our friends north of the

border have proposed a dare that Miranda has

accepted.” Cheers erupted from the servicemen at

this announcement.

“The bet is for 50 thousand dollars that Miranda

cannot swallow the cum from 100 servicemen in one

sitting. The bet further states that she cannot

expel any cum until all 100 men have cum in her

mouth. In effect she may have to swallow over a

gallon of cum from the 100 men. If she cannot do

this she has agreed to pay them 25 thousand

dollars and go with them for a week and do

whatever they desire of her. I have agreed to this

bet having being assured Miranda can do this. She

knows if she fails, her week with the American

service men will be nothing compared to what I

have planned for her later if she fails to win

this dare.”

In truth her owners had told her that if she lost

they would sell her to a remote Indian village as

a drudge and village whore and no one would ever

see her again. They also promised that if she won

this one last dare, that they would give her some

money and her freedom. Britney had eagerly agreed

although freedom meant nothing to her at the time

in reality.

The owners listened to the cheers at their

spokesman announcement then as he signaled for two

assistants to come out. The helped ‘Miranda’ up

onto the table and took off what little she wore

leaving her totally nude. Her ankles were placed

in the stirrups and secured there with rope.

Now the contest began and one by one the drunken

service men took their turns forcing their cocks

into ‘Miranda’s’ mouth. Because they had drunk so

much, some of them had taken the chance to piss in

her mouth, trying to make he retch and in doing so

make her lose the bet. She had done this all

before and it didn’t bother her in the least, she

just swallowed whatever came her way.

After a while the men made no effort to hide that

they were peeing first into the formerly perfect

mouth before they came. Fifty men into this,

Britney began to feel her belly fighting and she

wanted to pee but she couldn’t. She didn’t want to

go to that Indian village and she realized that

she really did want her freedom.

At number seventy-five she began to feel really

nauseated and the taste of so much piss was making

her disgusted. The uric acid she had swallowed was

beginning to make her mind wander to thoughts that

she had long forgotten.

At number ninety she was having flashbacks and

beginning to remember things from her past. At

ninety-five she remembered her name and that she

was Britney Spears the ‘once’ pop singing

sensation and that she was still a virgin! But it

was no help because the constant infusion of cocks

and the automatic response of her body forced her

to open her mouth and swallow the piss and cum of

her assailants.

At ninety-nine she had regained her full memory of

all events over the last several years and she

remembered everything she had gone through in that

time. She was sick physically and mentally now and

something didn’t feel right even to her sick


The last man came to her and put it to her just

like all the rest and her eyes looked up into his

man and as she swallowed her last load of piss and

come, she said to him, “I’m Britney Spears.”

He looked down at her and said, “Yeah and I’m Dr.

Dra.” He laughed and pulled out his drained cock

and joined his Marine friends because

Miranda/Britney had indeed won the dare.


So Britney was carried to her bed by some of the

club workers and either her owners were too busy

counting the money they had just won or had just

forgotten about the sutures shutting down her

system, in any case she lay in bed in pain and

losing it. She was actually battling for her life

but no one knew about it.

All night Britney fought to stay alive but in the

end what she had endured and swallowed proved to

be too much for her. The shock as her memory had

returned and she remembered every man in every

country and every act she had performed was just

too much to bear.

Before Britney finally breathed her last, she

muttered aloud, “I’m Britney Spears and oops I did

it again.”


A week later the body of a shaved headed Mexican

girl washed up on the shores of Venice Beach,

California. Her skin was so dark it was assumed

she was of Mexican origin. An autopsy was

performed to determine the cause of death on the

unknown female and when they found her sutures,

even the medic’s were stunned.

Upon opening her belly and intestines, they found

the girl held over five gallons of the most foul

smelling combination of urine and come they had

ever seen. Experienced medics even threw up at

this development. Death was listed as accidental

overdose of uric acid.

The body was buried in a grave for paupers and

listed as unknown. The date of death was her

headstone’s only remark. Only one visitor ever

went there to place flowers on her grave.

He was Dr. Dra’s real life son, a Marine. In fact

the last Marine to piss and cum in her mouth. He

often wondered late at night if she really had

been the real missing Britney Spears as she

claimed. What he remembered most though was the

incredible head she gave and her wonderfully

perverted performance.

He left the graveyard humming, “Oops she won’t do

it again.”


Love and kisses, Cheryl — This was just a fantasy

story not intended to imply anything real happening

to the perfect one. This is a parody of real life,

get over it!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author

does not condone the described behavior in real life in

anyway shape or form. Anyone tempted to act out any of

the scenarios in this story; should seriously consider

seeking professional help.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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