Britney’s Photos

This is fiction.. It is not intedended to be taken as real.. If you are not 18 you should no be reading it.. I repeat. This is fiction

Brit’s Photos

It was early summer day and Britney Spears was sitting out on the beach at her private beach house somewhere off the coast of jamaica. She was layin out enjoying the nice sun rays when she looked around and noticed that she was all alone. It was still early and noone ever comes to this side of the beach so she decided to take off her bikinni top. She started out laying on her stomach until the sun beat down on her back so much that she had to turn over. She
sat up again. Still noone was around and it was about 12:30pm she figured that noone would come so she decided that she would take off her bottoms also. She slid them down her oiled tanned legs and threw them aside. She layed back down for another hour or so until she heard some oncomming voices. She hurridly put on her bikinni and cleaned up the area and went inside to get a shower. When she got to her house she noticed a white manilla envelope on her doorstep. She picked it up and took it inside. She opend it up and saw a polaroid inside attached to a letter. She took it out and saw that it was her tanning nude! She quickly looked around to see if anyone was watching her and could see noone. She then started reading the letter. It said that she had more pictures of her and if she did not cooperate that she would be sending them to all of the tabloids and would post them all over the internet. The letter stated that the girl would find out if Britney would tell anyone and if a soul finds out then the photos would be exposed. Britney knew she couldnt let the photos out in the public. She would have to cooperate. Britney read the rest of the letter to find out where and when to meet. It said to meet at 1828 hollard drive at midnight. Britney stayed in the house all day wondering what the girl could possibly want with her? She finally figured that it would have to be about money so at about 11:00 she got her checkbook and got in her car and found the house. It was a homely house. A two story white house with a white picket fence. Britney was nervouse as hell as she walked up to the door. She knew that anything could happen. She finally got to the door and rang the doorbell. She waited for about two minutes and a petite blonde girl came to the door. Britney was shocked in seeing that it was Christina agulara. Christina told Britney to come in. Britney could barely move. She was so shocked. Why would Christina take pictures of her? Even more why would Christina want money? She finally went in and looked around the house. It was a very old looking house. Christina told britney to sit on the couch and she would go get some of the pictures. Britney was breaking out into a sweat. She couldnt believe that her former best friend Christina Aguilera would be blackmailing her. She knew that she would have to do whatever it took to get those photos back from Christina. Just then she saw her coming down from the stairs with some pictures in her hand. Christina gave the pictures to Britney. Britney looked at them and started to cry. She asked Christina what she wanted? Britney would give her anything. Christina told Britney that she had made doubles and triples of ever photo that she is holding in her hand and that those arent the only ones that she had taken. Britney looked up at Christina. She asked again as the tears became apparent “What do you want from me?” “You got all the money and cars and houses that i got, what could you possibly want?” Christina told her that it was true. She did have everything Britney had except one thing? And that was Britneys virginity. Britneys mouth dropped. She couldnt believe that Christina had just said that. Christina told her that is the only thing she wanted. She told her that she had lusted after the modern day sex symbol ever since her first hit single. Britney told Christina that she has never had sex and sure as hell wasent having it with a girl and got up and headed for the door. Christina quickly stood up and stepped in front of Britney taking her hand and putting it on Britneys soft cheek wiping the tear away saying “Well I guess that the tabloids will have a best seller, and the interent sites will have hits that go through the roof.” Britney just stared at her. “Ok.. Ill do it” Whimpered britney. Christina told her to go back to the couch and take off her red belly shirt. Britney went back to the couch and started to remove the shirt. Christina walked over and pulled it the rest of the way off. Christina then told Britney to remove her pants. Britney stood up and unbuttoned and unzipped her pants and pulled them down her long slender legs. Christina then told Britney to stand there and let her admire her beautiful body. Britney was standing there in her white silk bra and her red thong panties. Christina told britney to turn around and take down her thong. Up until now Britney was not sure if Christina would go through with this. They had been best friends since the Mickey Mouse Club way back when. Britney obeyed her commands and turned around taking down her thong exposeing her tight teen pussy. Britney was then told to turn around and show off that beautiful snatch. Christina stood there amazed and command that Britney take off her bra. She slowly undid the latch in the back and the bra fell to the floor exposing the perfect pirky breasts that the world has come to love. Christina couldnt help herself. She lundged forward buring her face in between them licking and kissing them. Britney let out a soft moan as this took place. Christina then took her fingers and slid them down Britneys slender body until she reached her clit. She slid her fingers inside and started rubbing up and down much to Britneys delite. She took her fingers out and slid her hand behind Britney to her ass. She started rubbing and squeezing Britneys ass as she kissed her chest. She finally stood back off of Britney and started to remove her shirt. She was not wearing a bra and her two little pirky tits just fell. Britney was amazed. The only tits that she had ever seen were her own. Christina then started to remove her pants and slid them down her more petite tan legs exposing her crotchless red panties. Britney stood there trying not to stare but couldnt help it. She was just drawn to it. Christina then removed her panties and told Britney to finger her. Britney was a little nervous, but finally stuck two of her fingers inside of Christina’s body. Christina let out a burst of enjoyment and drew Britneys head to hers and the two shared a romantic kiss. Britney felt Christina’s tounge enter her mouth so she greeted it with hers. They both layed down on the couch and continued to kiss and finger each other. Christina then told Britney to turn around and eat her out. Britney obeyed the command. She layed on Christina as she ate her out Christina ate out Britney. Britney couldnt believe how good this felt. She had never been ate out before and she loved it. About thirty minutes later. Christina told Britney that it was over. Britney leaned over and gave Christina a passionate kiss on the lips and told her to keep the pictures. They would need some more bribery later on and she got her close on and left.

The End

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