Britney’s Plastic Surgery Pre-Op

Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the true sexuality of Britney Spears. And everyone out there knows if they’re allowed to read this or not. The idea that Britney has had surgery is pure speculation, without true evidence. (That’s just for the lawyers)

Note: I do not know how old Britney was when she supposedly had her surgery. However I DO know that when she brought out ‘Baby one More Time’ she was 17 and Britney’s ‘surgery’ happened sometime between ‘Baby One More Time’ and ‘Sometimes’ (where she clearly has huge tits). For the purpose of this story Britney was 17. Despite the title this story does NOT feature
any graphic representations of the actual surgery, so if you’re sick and like that type of thing, fuck off.

Britney moved into her doctors office. Britney was surprised and pleased to see her plastic surgeon was female. That way she knew her plastic surgeon wouldn’t be staring at her tits and things.

“Hello Britney, I’m Doctor Ryan. How are you?”

“I’m fine.”

“Britney as a 17 year old, you’re too young. We need parental consent forms.”

“Here.” Britney passed her forms onto Doctor Ryan.

“Now Britney at the moment you are a….?”


“And what would you like to become?”

“A 36C.”

“OK could you take your shirt and bra of?”


“We take photos for records. I’ll show you.” Doctor Ryan pulled out a folder and opened it up. Inside the folder Britney looked upon pictures of breasts, big ones, small ones after the surgery there were some as big as your head! Britney agreed and watched as Doctor Ryan took pictures of her breasts. Little did she know that the Doctor was going to masturbate over them later.

“You have great breasts for such small ones Britney!”

“Thank you, I think.”

“Now I need to check the consistency of them and check them for lumps.”


“If you have any diseases it could be dangerous give you implants.” The Doctor walked over to Britney and began to feel her small but firm tits. Britney moaned as her nipples grew. The doctor began to grope more and more. She moved her head to Britney’s breasts. She pushed them together so the nipples were right next to each other and began to suck on Britney’s nipples.
“Doctor, that’s nice.”

“Call me Susan.”

“AHHH! SUSAN!” Britney almost came with the excitement. Her virgin cunt begged for attention. Susan’s hands moved to Britney’s pants and she removed them. Britney’s cunt was trimmed in an amateur fashion. Susan removed her clothing. She was a pretty woman in her late 30’s. However she did not look that old as she herself had had cosmetic surgery. Her breasts were a 34D, her cunt was shaven, her hair was a silky blonde. She pushed Britney against a wall and kissed her, she moved her head down Britney’s body and began to tentatively lick at Britney’s mound. Britney moaned more and more as Susan’s licking grew faster and more rhythmic, she screamed as her juices spilled into Susan’s mouth. But it wasn’t over yet, Susan pulled Britney over to her desk. She pushed everything of of it and pushed Britney onto it so her tight arse hung of the desk. She pulled open a draw and pulled out a huge 10 inch Strap on dildo. Suddenly Britney felt agony as the huge black dildo was injected up her rear end. Slowly it moved onwards going up through her. Then it began to move in and out in a rhythm. Britney started to moan, her shit-hole was being violated yet she enjoyed it. Soon she came to another orgasm and the dildo was removed. Susan turned Britney over onto her back. She was dazed, slipping in and out of consciousness. Susan climbed on top of her, lying on Britney’s body, their wet cunts touched together as did their breasts. Susan lifted her breast to Britney’s mouth and Britney began to suck. She sucked at Susan’s huge breast and the nipple grew in her mouth. When Susan was sufficiently pleased by the size of her nipple, she moved the other into Britney’s mouth. This time Britney began to bite down lightly on her nipple. The older woman moaned, she moved her body up Britney’s and moved her cunt over Britney’s mouth, Britney began to lick frantically and though her technique was amateurish it was excellent. Susan soon came right on the younger girls face.

And that is how Britney lost her virginity at the tender age of 17.


By Chaos

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