Britney’s Revenge

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“That prick, I can’t believe he’d do something like this,” Britney
yelled as she turned the
radio off. She was driving back to her LA home with a friend after doing
some shopping, when she
was greeted with the news that her ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake had been
bragging about
sex with her on a New York radio station. Turning to her friend she
asked,”do you think I could
him over this?”

“It’s true isn’t it? He wasn’t lying so I doubt you’d have a leg to
stand on. You’d just tie
up the courts and waste your money on lawyers.”

“Well, I can’t just let him get away with it. I have to do something.
I’d stoop to his level,
but it would just make him look even better than he already does now,”
Britney said exasperated.

“There are more ways to get revenge than dragging someone’s name
through the mud. You just
have to do something that would really piss him off, and then make sure he
knows you did it.”

“What, like fucking his friends or something?” Britney asked

Shrugging, her friend responded “that would be one way. But we both
know you’ll wind up
doing something more vanilla than that. You’re just too good a person fuck
his friends and then
tell him about it. It’s shocking that the thought even crossed your mind,
let alone that it
crossed your mind right off the bat.”

“You’re right, I’ll probably wind up just breaking something he gave
me and then sending it
back to him. If you were in my shoes what would you do?”

“I’d like to say I’d do something big but when you get down to it,
I’m just as soft as you
are. So I’d probably have someone kick the crap out of him for me or

“There’s an idea, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Even after
everything, I still love
the asshole.” They both fell silent for the rest of the drive while Britney
stewed over what to do.

A couple days later when she woke up, she was no closer to deciding
what to do, just that she
was more determined than ever to do something. Getting up she put on a
white cotton robe to go make
some coffee. While the coffee was brewing, she hopped in the shower with
the idea of seducing
Justin’s friends constantly popping into her head. ‘It wouldn’t be very
hard to do, after all I am
Britney Spears,’ she thought, feeling the water cascade over her body.
She’d seen the way they
stared when they thought she wasn’t looking. The more she thought about it,
the more turned on she
became. As the water coursed down her naked body, she slid one hand down to
her tit and idly played
with the nipple. It started to stiffen under her ministrations as she ran
her other hand down her
stomach to her pussy. Leaning against the wall of the shower, she spread
her legs and began to run
her index finger along the length of her labia. Slipping a finger inside,
she bucked her hips as
the heel of her hand made contact with her aroused clit. Pulling her
finger back out of her pussy
she went to work on her clit. Rubbing furiously, she felt herself start to
build towards a climax.
The water hitting her skin set off sparks in her pleasure overloaded brain.
Shaking, her orgasm hit
and her knees buckled, forcing her to sit on the floor of the shower. She
must have even blacked out,
because when she opened her eyes the water was starting to run cold and her
legs were stiff from the
awkward position.

Coming downstairs in her robe, she poured herself a cup of coffee and
decided that she’d do it.
Getting up, she went over to the phone to call Justin’s best friend Tim and
invite him out to LA.
Having set the wheels of her plan in motion, she decided to go for a
workout. Heading upstairs, she
couldn’t help but to smile thinking of the fun that lay ahead of her.

That Friday as she drove to the airport to pick Tim up, her mind was
buzzing about the
possibilities. Seeing him get off the plane, she gave him a big hug and
they made small talk as they
made their way to the car.

Back in the car Tim asked, “so, what’s the real reason you invited me
out here? We’re friends,
but really only because of Justin. Don’t get me wrong, getting to fly to LA
and spend a few days in
the glamour capital with THE Britney Spears is great. But, if it’s just you
wanting to hang out with
me, you would’ve done so a lot earlier.”

“I consider you a friend Tim, and I like to hang out with my friends.
But you’re right, I do have
an ulterior motive. I was hoping that maybe you’d be willing to talk to
Justin and see if you could
get him to stop talking about our sex life in public.”

“I can talk to him, but I can’t promise anything. You know how he is.
He’s very stubborn and does
whatever he wants to do when he wants to do it.”

“That’s all I ask. Now that that’s out of the way, is there anything
you’d like to do while you’re
here?” Britney asked, hiding her grin.

“Well, this is LA, so how about hitting the beach to see if the women
are as beautiful and the
bikinis as small as everyone says?”

“OK, we can go to my house and change. Then we can hit the beach so
you can see the women.”

An hour later they were walking along the beach looking for a good
spot. When they found one, they
laid out their towels and Britney took off her tank top and jean shorts to
reveal a red bikini.

“Up for a swim?” Britney asked Tim as she started backing toward the

“No, I think I’ll sit here and work on my tan for a moment.”

“You mean you’ll sit there and gawk at the women don’t you?” Britney

“Tan, gawk, they mean the same thing to a man,” Tim pointed out and
they both laughed. Britney
turned and headed for the water, feeling Tim’s eyes glued to her ass the
whole way.

After a few minutes, she felt someone splash her back with water. She
spun around ready to tell
whoever it was where they could stick it, only to discover that Tim had
decided to join her after all.

Tim shrugged and said, “you looked lonely out here so I thought I’d
keep you company.”

She reached down and splashed water in his face as she said “that’s
nice of you, but you’re gonna
pay for splashing me.”

Rushing at her, he grabbed hold of her and lifted her up out of the
water. Screaming, she
playfully pounded on his chest, so he dropped her back in the water.

Popping back up, she said “you’re gonna die now punk.”

Feigning fear, he held his hands out in front of him and said “no,
don’t, I’m too young to die.”

Grinning, she faked a shove only to use her leg to knock his feet out
from under him and sent him
under the water. “That’ll teach you to mess with me,” she said when he came
back up gasping for air.
They went on splashing and dunking each other for another hour or so until
they started to get hungry.

They headed back to her house so they could shower and change before
going back out in search of
some dinner. Tim wanted Chinese, so they wound up at a nice little place
Britney knows and settled in
for some egg rolls and fried rice.

After they ate it was about nine, so they decided to hit Britney’s
favorite club for a few drinks
and some dancing. By midnight they were both too drunk to drive so they had
to call a cab to take them
back to Britney’s.

Struggling to fit the key in the lock, Britney finally got the door
unlocked and staggered to the
couch. After flopping down on the couch, she turned on the TV only to
discover that she had forgotten
to turn off her favorite Jenna Jameson porno. Embarrassed, she hurriedly
hit stop and popped the DVD
out, but not before Tim had seen several seconds worth.

“Hey, I haven’t seen that one yet. But I guess that proves that the
rumors about your obsession
with lesbian porn are true,” he said grinning.

“What’s wrong with liking porn?” Britney asked slurring her words.
“You obviously love it.”

“Absolutely nothing. I never said there was anything wrong with it, I
just pointed out that the
tabloids were actually right about something. If it were up to me, I’d have
everyone be issued a gift
basket of porn on their 18th birthday and told not to leave their rooms
until they’ve memorized every
scene and picture. So, are you gonna let me watch the video or not?”

“You can watch it if you want, but I’ll probably pass out long before
it’s over,” Britney said as
she leaned back on the couch next to him.

“You know, you should probably think about going a little easier on
the booze next time. Look at
me, I drank enough to get a buzz, but not so much that I’m on the verge of
passing out. And I still
had fun, so it can be done. And I won’t even be paying as dearly for that
fun as you will.”

“If I wanted a lecture, I’d call my mother,” she said through her
teeth as she hit play. A scene
of Jenna Jameson and another woman engaged in a 69 filled the screen as she
drifted off to sleep.

By the end of the movie, Britney was snoring so Tim picked her up and
carried her to her room.
Laying her down on her bed, he took off her shoes and socks and pulled the
covers up over her before
heading off to the guest room to crash himself.

The next morning Britney woke up to monster hang over. Stumbling down
the hall to the kitchen,
the smell of coffee hit her. Pouring herself a cup, she noticed Tim sitting
at the table reading the

“Morning sleepy head, I was starting to wonder if you were going to
rejoin the living anytime
soon,” he said looking up from the paper.

“How’d I get into my room? Last thing I remember was sitting on the

“Well, after the movie ended you were asleep so I carried you to

“My clothes are still on so you obviously didn’t try anything.”

Grinning, he said “all I did was carry you to bed. I took off your
shoes and socks and tucked you
in. Then I left to go sleep in the guest bedroom.”

“I was drunk enough last night that I wouldn’t have been able to put
up much of a defense you
know,” Britney pointed out.

“I know, but what’s the fun in that? It’d be like fucking a corpse.
Except a corpse has rigor
mortis that makes it a bit more poseable.”

Grimacing, she said “that’s disgusting, but it’s good to know that
you have morals. A lot of guys
out there would’ve just fucked me without a second thought.” Getting up to
pour herself another cup
of coffee, she kissed him on the cheek and said, “thanks.”

“You can just owe me a blow job then, how bout it?” Tim joked.

She laughed so hard at that that she spit coffee out all over the
table. “That all? I figured you’d
want everything that you gave up last night, and I know you wouldn’t have
stopped at a blow job.”

“A blow job is sufficient. I wouldn’t say ‘no’ to more, but a blow
job is all I really need. Besides,
when you return money, the reward is just a portion of the money, not the
whole amount. So if you were
gonna give me a reward, a blow job would be a percentage of what I turned

Looking at him, she noted “you sound like you think you’re actually
going to get something.”

“Actually, I already did,” Tim said with a big grin.

“What? You said nothing happened.”

“I got a kiss on the cheek, remember? It was like thirty seconds ago.
You must still be drunk if you
don’t remember it.”

“Oh,” she said, relieved, “that’s what you meant. Well, I’m off to
the shower.” She headed off to the
shower, while Tim continued to read the paper that’s now covered in coffee.

After her shower, she put on her robe and yelled to Tim that the
shower was free if he wanted it. As
she was getting dressed, she heard the shower start back up as Tim got in.
A few minutes later she was
dressed and walking out of her room, when she heard Tim holler that he
needed a towel. So she grabbed a
towel and opened the door, only to see that he was standing naked in the
middle of the bathroom.

“Oops, sorry, here you go,” she apologized, turning her head and
handing him the towel. “I thought you
were still in the shower. I was just going to set the towel on the

Grabbing the towel and wrapping it around his waist, he said “hey,
accidents happen. I should have
known that you’d have to open the door, I just thought you’d knock first so
I could hide behind the door.”

Stealing one last glance at his body, she turned and closed the door
behind her.

When he came downstairs, she apologized again. “I’m really sorry
about that, but I must say that you
have nothing to be ashamed about.”

“At first I was a little shocked, but then it dawned on me that the
most lusted after woman in the
world saw me naked. How many men can say that?”

“Not many, but your taking it well. I can only imagine what I would
do if the situation were reversed.”

“If you feel that bad about it, you could always return the favor.
It’s only fair. I should get to see
you naked since you saw me.”

Quickly changing the subject she said, “well, I need to go to the
gym. My personal trainer doesn’t like
it when I miss a workout. I should be back in about a couple hours.”

“Better call a cab, because your car is still at the club remember?”
“What? Oh, that’s right. We were both too drunk to drive and they
made us take a cab home. Shit, I’m
gonna have to reschedule my workout so I can pick up the car. There’s no
way I can do both.”

“If you want, I can pick up your car and then pick you up at the gym
after your workout.”

“That would be great. My workout’s at 11, so be there by 12. I’ll
leave word at the desk to let you in
if I’m not done by then,” she said as she scribbled down directions to the
club and to the gym.

After picking up the car, he headed off to the gym to pick up
Britney. He had show his ID to the lady
at the desk before she would let him in. Finally, she showed him into
Britney’s workout room. Britney waved
as he sat down to watch her do some cool down exercises.

“Let me get a shower real quickly to rinse the sweat off and we can
go OK?” She asked as she wiped her
face with a towel.

“Sure thing. I’ll wait here.”

She took a quick shower, got dressed, and pulled her hair up into a
pony tail. As she walked out of the
locker room, she saw him stand and get ready to go.

Once in the car, she said “I’m too tired to anything tight now. How
about we get some take out and eat
at home relaxing?”

“Sounds good to me. I’m still tired from last night. I haven’t been
going out much lately so I’m out of
practice. Either that or I’m getting old at 22.”

“Yeah, you’re a regular senior citizen. Next week you’ll be getting
fitted for a walker.”

“No, I’m too lazy for a walker. I’d go straight to the motorized
wheel chair,” Tim joked.

“I hear motorized wheel chairs are real babe magnets. Soup it up with
lots of chrome and a rear spoiler,
and you’d have to beat the old ladies off with a stick.”

Hey, grannies know what they want. Besides, most of them have lost
their teeth so you don’t have to worry
about biting.”

“Now there’s a pleasant image. I think we’ve gone as far with this
topic as we can, so I’m just going to
end it.”

“I could go further, but I think what you meant to say is that we’ve
gone as far as good taste allows.”

“Yeah, so shut up and be good,” she told him with faux seriousness.
They pull up to her house a little while later with Taco Bell for
lunch. Sitting down on the couch, they
turned on the TV and settled in to eat their burritos.

Getting up, Tim grabs the food wrappers to throw them away and asked
“mind if I take a swim in the pool?”

“No, go right ahead. I might even join you in a bit.”

“OK, well I’m gonna swim some laps,” he said as he headed off to
change into some shorts.

Tim was in the middle of his third lap when he heard a splash.
Looking up, he saw Britney standing in the
pool wearing a blue bikini.

“Let’s race. I bet I can beat you,” she said.

“Sure, wait until I’ve already tired myself out.”

“That’s why I think I can beat you,” she pointed out.

“OK then, what’s the bet?” He asked, intrigued. “Do I get to see you
naked if I win?”

“Only if you become my butler for the rest of your stay.”

“So, cooking and cleaning? I can do that.”

“No, anything I say, no matter what it is. I guess it’s more of a
slave thing than butler, but you get
the point.”

“That should be worth a blow job then,” he argued.

“OK, a blow job if you become a naked slave then.”

Tim contemplated the proposal, not sure if he wanted to have to do
everything naked. Finally, the
possibility of a blow job tipped the scale in favor of the deal. “Deal,” he
said extending his hand and
they shook on it.

“OK, from one of the pool to the other and back again. First one back
wins. I’ve got an egg timer,
when it dings it’s time to go,” she said, running back into the house to
get thetimer.

When she returned, she set the timer and they lined up. At the ding
they both took off. By the end of
the first leg she was slightly ahead, but Tim slowly pulled ahead and won
by an arm’s length.

Getting out of the pool she said, “a bet’s a bet, but if it’s OK with
you I’d like to alter the bet.”

“You gonna try to back out of the bet?”

“No, I just want to propose another bet. Make it double or nothing,
if you want to call it that.”

“I don’t need two blow jobs. I only need the one,” he said, getting

“OK, well what if I offered you something even better? Would you
consider it then?”

“The only thing better than a blow job is pussy. So if your offering
to let me fuck you, then I’d
need to hear about this second bet. Otherwise you can save it, because I’m
not giving up that blow job for
anything else,” he said seriously.

Already knowing her answer, but still pretending to weigh the offer
she said “how about a game of
basketball? Up to five by ones, must win by two. You win and you get to
fuck me, I win and the last bet is

“This is the last bet, no matter what the outcome is? If I win, you
can’t decide to back out or try to
alter the bet in any way?” When she nodded he continued “and I want free
reign to do anything I want. Make
it one night to do anything I please with you. From when the game’s over
until the sun comes up and you have
a deal.”

“You hold the cards. If I say no then I have to give you the blow
job. If I say yes, I still have a
chance to clear the bet. I guess I have no choice but to agree,” she said
holding out her hand to shake on
the deal.

Tossing her the ball, he said “we’ll make it winners outs, you get
the ball first.”

Taking the ball, she drove left before stopping and hitting a short

“Nice shot,” Tim called, tossing her the ball back to her at the top
of the key.

Dribbling with the ball, she faked the drive to the left again. When
he bit, she stopped and hit a long
jump shot.

“That’s 2-0. Better hurry up and stop me or it’ll be over before I
can even break a sweat,” she taunted

“Yeah yeah. You’ll be wishing you hadn’t said that when I win 5-2,”
he called back.

She drove left only to have him poke the ball out and grab the loose
ball. Now he had the ball and used
his size to back her down and make an easy post up lay in to make the score

“Now that’s not even fair. You keep doing that and I won’t have a
chance,” she complained.

“It’s not my fault I’m taller and your arms aren’t long enough to
reach around and knock the ball out.”

Taking the ball at the top of the key, he drove to his right and
delivered a hook shot that swished
through the net.

“It’s all tied up now. And I didn’t even have to back you down

Tossing him the ball, she said “you’re getting pretty cocky and you
haven’t even taken the lead.”

“All in due time my dear, all in due time,” he said as he faked the
shot. She left her feet to contest
the shot, and he drove right by her for the dunk.

“Now that’s what I call easy. Do you concede or do you still think
you can win?”

“It’s only 3-2. I only need you to miss one shot and I’m right back
in it.”

“Even if I miss, you still need to get the rebound,” he pointed out
as he took a shot from the free
throw line. The ball clanged off the back of the rim and bounced right to
Britney. Britney took the ball
back to the top of the key, and seeing Tim playing soft defense she pulled
up and hit the long jumper that
he had just missed.

“We’re back to even now, and it seems I have longer range than you.”

“That was luck, you couldn’t do that again.”

Taking the challenge, she launched another shot from the same place.
But instead of sitting back, he
jumped up and blocked the shot. Tim grabbed the loose ball and took it in
for the easy lay up.

“You didn’t take the ball back behind the line. It doesn’t count,”
she argued.

“You only have to take the ball back court if it hits the rim. If it
doesn’t hit the rim then it’s a
live ball,” Tim countered.

Frustrated, but knowing he was right, she conceded the point to make
it 4-3.

“Only need one more to win,” he taunted her, dribbling the ball.

“Should I drive? Take the long shot?
No, I think I’ll take the easy, sure thing and back you down. No sense in
letting all this work go to waste
by missing a shot and then have you run the table to win.”

“Gonna take the easy way out huh? Can’t beat a girl by actually doing
something hard?” She challenged,
trying to goad him into a bad shot.

“I’ll be honest with you. I could beat you doing something more
difficult, but I won’t. I’d rather take
the easy way out and spend the next several hours enjoying your body, than
risk doing something hard and lose
everything,” he said smugly.

“You still have to get that final basket, so don’t count your
blessing just yet,” she said gritting her

True to his word, he back her down so he could post her up for the
easy shot.

“I’m not going to hold you to the bet. If you want out, the bet is
canceled,” he said, expecting her to
jump at the offer.

“No, if I had won I would’ve made you follow through. So the least I
can do is payoff,” she said, faking

She led him back into the house and to the bedroom. Once in the
bedroom, she closed the door and turned
to face him. Reaching behind her, she pulled the strings of her bikini top
and took it off. Dropping the
bikini top to the floor, she heard his breath catch in his throat at the
sight of her naked breasts.

“Wanna touch them?” She asked seeing the lust in his eyes.

Tim could only nod as he stepped forward to cup her tits, one in each
hand. “They’re beautiful,” he
remarked. “Are they real, or is the rumor about the boob job true?”

“What do you think?” When he shrugged, she supplied the answer, “I
got the implants hoping that they
wouldn’t be a big enough jump for people to notice. But they did, and I
couldn’t admit to having them done
so I had to deny it and say that it was because I was still growing.”

“To tell you the truth, I don’t really care. All I know is that
they’re nicely shaped and still have
that soft firmness to them.”

She pushed him down to sit on the bed, then turned away from him.
Hooking her fingers in the waist of
her bikini bottoms, she pulled them down to just below her ass. Bending
over to give him a great view of her
ass, she pushed them down to her ankles and then stepped out of them. While
still bent over, she reached back
and gave herself a little swat on one butt cheek. Then she brought her hand
back to the front to cover her
pussy as she turned around. When she was fully facing him, she slowly moved
the hand to reveal a neatly
trimmed patch of pubic hair. It was trimmed short, and then shaved into a
little strip that ended a quarter
inch or so above the top of her pussy. Looking at Tim, she could see the
tell tale signs of his arousal: the
lust filled eyes, the shallow breathing, and most importantly, the tented
material of his shorts. Bending
over, her tits hanging down like two ripe grapefruits, she grabbed the
waistband of his shorts. He raised
his butt so she could pull them off, his cock swinging back to lightly
smack his stomach as it was released
from it’s cocoon.

Dropping his shorts on the floor, she let out a small whistle at the
sight of his erect penis. ‘It must
be a good nine inches,’ she thought to herself. Getting on her knees, she
grabbed his dick at the base to get
a closer look. She started to slowly jerk him off before bending her head
down and kissing the tip. Sticking
out her tongue, she swiped it across the underside of the head and then
licked it from the base to the pee
hole at the top. Opening her mouth, she took the head in, sucking and
licking it. Slowly pushing her head down
to let more in, she started to move her hand up and down on the shaft as
well. She dropped her other hand to
cup his balls, causing Tim to moan in pleasure. About halfway down the
shaft, she felt him hit the back of her
throat. Pulling back off his cock, she started to pick up speed while
keeping the suction going as much as she
could. Feeling him start to rise toward his climax but fighting it, she wet
a finger in the saliva running down
his shaft and started to rim his asshole. As her finger penetrated his
asshole, his last defense was broken
down and he groaned as the cum shot out of the tip of his cock and down her

Grinning, she used her tongue to lick her lips and lick up any cum
that may have leaked out, “So, how was
it? Was it as good as you thought it would be?”

“Where did you learn to do that? Justin said you were good, but that
was a major understatement.”

“Justin always only wanted to do just enough for me to let him fuck
me. He didn’t go all out during oral
sex, so why should I? Consequently, he never got to find out just how good
I could really be.”

“In that case, I guess I owe you the best pussy eating you’ve ever

“Oooh, that sounds fun. But it won’t be too hard to top Justin’s
three licks and done approach.”

As she laid down on the bed, he moved between her spread legs.
Running a finger down from her bellybutton,
she giggled that it tickled. When it reached her landing strip, he stopped
to run his fingers through her pubic
hair. Leaning his head down, he ran the tip of his tongue along her slit
from the bottom to the top. Noting how
wet she was, he located her clit and flicked his tongue across it drawing a
moan from Britney. Using his fingers,
he spread her cunt lips and wrapped his mouth around her clit and sucked it
as hard as he could. This caused
Britney to go wild, thrusting her hips up at Tim’s mouth. Finally letting
go, he went back to flicking her clit
with his tongue. While licking her clit, he slid one finger into her wet
cunt and started to finger fuck her.
This caused Britney to moan and shake her head so hard, her blond hair went
all over the place. Clutching the
sheets with one hand, she reached down with the other and grabbed the back
of his head and forced it into her
cunt even tighter. Looking up, the sight of her with her eyes closed, lost
in the rapture of the moment, hair
in disarray, clutching the bed sheet like it was the only thing keeping her
from flying away, and her body
flushed with excitement caused him to double his efforts on her cunt. The
whole experience, his tongue, his
fingers, the fact that she probably shouldn’t be doing it, came together in
a bright flash. All she could think
about was the sensation building in her loins, the all consuming bliss that
would soon wash over her young
nubile body. Finally, she arched her back, clamped her thighs together
around Tim’s head, and the world exploded
in a mind shattering orgasm.

Gasping for air, she blinked her eyes to clear the stars from her
vision. Looking at Tim, she saw him
getting in position to penetrate her. The thought that she’d soon have his
monster prick inside her freshly
eaten pussy caused her to start climbing the peak once again.

Between her legs, Tim positioned himself at her opening and slowly
started to push his cock into the pop
princesses’ snatch. He put just the head in, then pulled back out
completely to tease her. Then he pushed the
head back again in plus a little bit of the shaft before pulling back out.

“Uhhhh… I need it, come on, please give it to me Tim,” she pleaded
with a sullen expression on her face.

“What do you need? Tell me what it is that you need so badly,” Tim
said pushing just the head in again,
but this time leaving it there.

“I need to feel you in me, all the way in me,” she grunted.

Seeing her start to go nuts over the teasing, he gave her a little
more. “Tell me what you need to feel in
you. Tell me or you get nothing.”

Trying to get away without having to give in, she bucked her hips in
an effort to get more of him inside
her. When that failed, she screamed “YOUR COCK, I need to feel your cock
inside me, I need to feel it splitting
me in two.”

At that, he hammered it home, feeling it bottom out against her
cervix. Feeling the sudden thrust, Britney
is immediately sent into another smaller orgasm. As he felt her orgasm
start to subside, he pulled out and
forcefully slammed it back in forcing her into yet another orgasm.

“Oh god,” she yelled as it hit her. “Fuck… me…”

Putting his hands down on either side of her shoulders, he put his
weight on his arms and got down to
some serious fucking. Her orgasms were coming so fast that couldn’t keep
track of them. It was like one long
orgasm that never seemed to end. Bucking her hips to meet his thrusts and
thrashing her head from side to side,
she grabbed her tits and started to play with her nipples. Slowing down his
thrusts, he pulled his weight off
his arms. Grabbing her hips, he lifted her ass off the bed. With her back
now arched, he had a slightly
different angle and allowed him to take longer thrusts. After she cooled
down a bit, he pulled out of her

“What? Why’d you pull out?” She asked, opening her eyes.

“I want to fuck you doggy style, so be a good girl and get on your
hands on knees.”

Instantly, she rolled over onto her hands and knees and presented her
pussy to be fucked from behind.
Getting himself in position, he gave her a playful smack on the ass. Seeing
that she liked it, he gave her
another one before plunging his prick back into her gooey love canal.
Holding onto her hips, he used them
as leverage to get extra force on his thrusts. Lowering her head, she
moaned into the pillow, feeling his
pelvis slap into her ass everytime he thrusted in. One hand clutching the
sheets, she reached back with the
other to grab his ass and pull him into her even harder.

Feeling his orgasm approaching, he said “oh god, I’m gonna cum.”
Gritting his teeth, he tried to pull out
but her hand only pulled him back into her. Closing his eyes, he tried to
think about baseball statistics in
an effort to hold off on his orgasm for a few more moments. But almost
immediately, he felt her pussy clamp
down on his prick pushing him over the edge to shoot his load deep into her
womb. He pulled out of her with
an obscene pop, their mingled juices flowed out of her cunt to run down her
leg. She collapsed on the bed, and
he laid down beside her holding her close.

She’s so tired, she can barely speak. “Remind me to let you do that
again later,” she mumbled half asleep

“I’ve still got five hours on the clock,” he complained.

“Honey, after a performance like that, you’ve got all the time in the
world. But I need to sleep first. We
can do it again in the morning.”

Feeling tired himself, he agreed. Curling up together, they drifted
off to sleep.

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