Britney’s Transformation [Parts 1-2]

Britney’s Transformation
by Kerrigan

1st half

It was a fine summers evening, and Britney Spears had just finished
yet another concert. Whilst she enjoyed performing in front of a
large audience, especially if it comprised largely of girls, these
summer concerts left her feeling very hot and sweaty. Ever since she
had decided to undergo her "transformation" into the vixen she now
was, she had promised herself that she would always perform her

concerts/videos wearing mainly PVC and or leather, regardless of how
hot it was. She imagined all of the audience, both the boys and the
girls, returning home after watching her grind herself about the
stage wearing nothing but a tight fitting PVC catsuit, and feeling
so horny that they had to masturbate themselves immediately. Britney
wished (or rather hoped) that sometimes some of the audience would
realised how horny she was feeling whilst she performed for them, so
much so that she frequently came whilst on stage during her
performance. Whilst she explained this change in her appearance to
her manager as a simple way of increasing sales of her new records,
the real reason was much more interesting…

ago, just after she had had her breast
enlargement operation, she had begun to feel differently than
before. She had always been more interested in girls as far back as
she could remember, and she had always fantasized about the girls
that she knew whenever she masturbated, but things were beginning to
change. She began to imagine herself tied up, unable to move,
surrendering herself to another girl. The specific girl never really
mattered, it was merely the image in her mind of herself tied up and
being used by the girl that really turned her on. To begin with, she
just ignored the images, assuming that it was simply a phase that
she was going through and that soon enough she would forget about
it. However, about a month after these images began she could no
longer think of anything else. Regardless of what she fantasized
about, nothing brought her off as much as her imagining herself
bound and gagged, being used by another girl with absolutely no
regard for her at all. Every evening, Britney surfed the internet,
looking for pictures of girls in varying states of bondage. She
remembered one particular evening that she had discovered a site
that had fake pictures of herself, along with pictures of other
celebrities, bound and gagged. Britney masturbated so many times
that evening that she lost count, especially once she discovered a
picture of "herself" spread-eagle on a bed with dildo’s pushed into
both her pussy and her ass, whilst another woman stood over her,
masturbating over her bound form. After that night, Britney decided
that enough was enough and that she would have to sort her feelings
out once and for all. She was planning to visit New York later that
week for some sort of publicity for her new single, so she decided
to see if there were any local bondage clubs in the area. Sure
enough, she found plenty of such places, but one especially caught
her eye. Locating the address, she agreed with herself that she
would wait until after her minders had gone to sleep and then slip
out to visit the club. Once she reached New York, she could hardly
wait for the opportunity to arise. The thought of visiting the club
filled her with lust, and for two complete days she felt to urge to
push her fingers into her constantly wet pussy. However, she
resisted, accepting the fact that regardless of how intense an
orgasm she had now, it would never compare to any that she would
have when she finally arrived at the club. As evening drew near she
decided that this evening would be THE night, and she began to
prepare. Going through her clothes, she decided that underwear was
out of the question, besides, her pussy was already dripping wet
from her juices and she didn’t really want to ruin any of her nice
panties. As she went through her clothes she happened upon the
school girl outfit that she had worn for her first video. She
remembered how much controversy it had generated, and decided to go
with that, but with one little exception. On went the school blouse
and tie and the knee-high school socks and shoes, but instead of
putting on the black school skirt that she had worn during the
shoot, she opened her rucksack. Inside it, along with the usual
stuff contained in a young girl’s bag, was a black rubber skirt. She
had seen it one
afternoon whilst she had been shopping with her mother and had
sneakily bought it, but had never had the opportunity to wear it
before. Her outfit complete, Britney stared at herself in the
mirror, accepting the fact that she looked incredibly slutty, which
in turn made her more and more horny. Sneaking out proved to be much
easier than she thought it would be, and in no time at all she had
arrived at the club with nothing unusual happening on the way. She
entered the club and got the shock of her life. She had never
realised the fact that this was a lesbian club (although she didn’t
mind one bit). Several of the women looked at her, unsure as to who
she actually was, but each one of them must have decided that they
were imagining things and that this girl simply looked a lot like
Britney Spears. Britney purchased a drink for herself and started
looking around, admiring each and every one of the women in the
place. She had almost turned full circle when she noticed somebody
that looked vaguely familiar. At first she assumed that now SHE was
imagining things, but she looked again, convinced this time. Her
heart pounded and her pussy throbbed because standing no more than 5
feet away, staring straight at her, was Christina Aguilera! Britney
moved her eyes down Christina’s body, becoming even wetter when she
realised that she was wearing a very tight leather dress. Britney
suddenly noticed that her pussy was on fire. She had never even
conceived of the thought that Christina may be into "this sort of
thing" and this discovery made her even more sexy. Britney had
always had a thing of Christina, ever since they worked together on
the Mickey Mouse Club years ago, but obviously nothing had ever come
of it. Suddenly very embarrassed, and horny, Britney ran put of the
club and home to her hotel. As soon as she arrived at her room she
pulled up the front of her rubber skirt and pushed a finger into her
sopping wet pussy. She imagined that it was Christina’s finger, not
her own, moving in and out of her pussy, bringing her closer and
closer to orgasm. As her pussy juices flowed onto the bed, Britney
inserted another finger into herself, then another, until all four
fingers were pumping in and out of her hole. She had never used this
many fingers before, always stopping at three, but this time she
simply couldn’t stop. For what seemed like an age Britney fucked
herself with her hand, moving closer and closer to what would
undoubtedly be the most intense orgasm of her life, until she opened
her eyes. Without realising it, she had
positioned herself in front of the hotel room’s mirror, and could
see herself masturbating with increasing urgency. The sight made
Britney even more horny, and four fingers wasn’t enough. With one
movement Britney Spears pushed her entire fist into her soaking
pussy and screamed. The combined effect of her pussy being stretched
further than it ever had been before and the sight of herself in the
mirror fisting her pussy pushed her over the edge and she came with
the most intense orgasm she had ever felt. For a complete minute she
screaming on her bed, her pussy spasming over and over again as she
continued to fist herself. By this point Britney had absolutely no
control over herself, lost entirely in the moment, and still had her
fist in her pussy, fucking it in and out at a frantic rate. On any
other given occasion, Britney would have collapsed asleep by now
from the experience, but the intensity of her orgasm had kept her
horny, and she just couldn’t stop herself. She ripped her blouse off
of her body, exposing her breasts. She grabbed one of them, pulling
it to her mouth as she continued to fuck her pussy. She bit down
hard onto her nipple, feeling it grow in her mouth at the same time
as she felt another orgasm building within herself. Completely out
of control, Britney bit harder onto her nipple as she pumped her
fist deeper and deeper into her already spasming pussy. Grunts began
to emanate from her mouth as she drew closer and closer to another
orgasm, then she remembered Christina wearing that tight leather
dress, making her already ample cleavage even more apparent.
Suddenly, with a force that could never be imagined, the orgasm that
had been building up within her pussy peaked. Her fist began to
blur, both due to the lack of control that Britney had over herself
and the extreme rate with which she was plunging her fist into her
pussy, and her body lost all of its feeling, save for the intense
burning that resided deep within her. She suddenly heard a scream,
and it took her a few seconds to realise that it was hers. Her body
writhed about on the bed, her pussy spraying its juices into the
air, coating the rubber skirt that she had worn earlier with a thin
layer of cum. Britney screamed once more, then passed out… She
awoke the following morning exhausted, and was thankful that she had
the day to herself. She dragged herself up from the bed and
remembering the previous night. She felt annoyed with herself that
she had left the club without talking to Christina, but then she
reconciled herself with the fact that she had experienced the most
wonderful orgasms she had ever had before. Britney walked into the
bathroom and turned on the shower, grabbing hold of the bar of soap
on the bathroom shelf before climbing under the hot water. She began
to remember her fantasy, although it was no longer with a random
girl. She imagined herself with Christina. She herself was naked,
whilst Christina was wearing the same leather dress that she had
been wearing the previous night at the club. As Britney began to rub
the soap over her wet body, lathering up her breasts, she began to
imagine what would happen. She could see Christina moving towards
her naked body, the smell of sex and leather in the air. Christina
would push her onto the floor forcefully, rolling her onto her front
as she did. The next thing Britney would remember would be the voice
of Christina Aguilera saying "you really are a little slut aren’t
you, I think you need to be punished" as she grabbed Britney’s arms,
tying them tightly with a piece of rope that just happened to be
available. As the fantasy continued in Britney’s mind, she began to
rub the soap around her pussy, every so often pushing it against her
clit, sending shivers of pleasure through her body. As she began to
get more and more horny, the soap was pushed harder and harder
against her clit, until suddenly it slipped smoothly into her wet
pussy. Completely forgetting the fact that she was
standing under a shower, Britney began pushing the soap bar inside
her cunt, the soapy water mixing with her flowing juices and running
down between her legs, making her ass all slick and slippery. She
slid herself down the wall of the shower until she was sitting on
the floor and raised her legs, the soap still firmly wedged in her
hot pussy. With one hand she continued to fuck herself with the
soap, but with the other hand she started doing something she had
never done before. Ever since she had seen the picture of herself on
that web site, with dildo’s tightly shoved into her pussy and ass,
she had wondered what it would be felt like to be fucked in the ass.
She imagined how it would feel, as her fingers began to move across
her tight, virgin asshole. She continued to do this for several
minutes, building her orgasm with the soap whilst rubbing her
asshole, until she finally decided to do it. Her index finger rubbed
across her tight hole once more, but rather than moving past as it
had done every other time, she pushed it into her ass. She felt her
muscles push back against her finger, trying to force the unknown
intruder out of her most private place. She began to apply more
pressure, and felt her ass began to give way to her finger when
suddenly there was a knock at the door. "Miss. Spears, room service"
"Shit!" Britney rapidly pulled the soap out of her pussy, annoyed
about the fact that she had been ripped away from another orgasm,
pulled on her robe and ran to the door. She quickly thanked the
young lady, and took her breakfast into the room. She sat on the
bed, considering returning to the shower to finish the job she had
already started, but thought better of it. Instead, she decided that
she would get dressed as quickly as possible, and then head off for
a day of shopping. Being as rich as she was, money was really
nothing to worry about for Britney. She spent several hours
wondering around the streets of New York, buying clothes, shoes and
CD’s (particularly Christina’s new album). It was getting towards
closing time and Britney was
beginning to feel as though it was about time to go home when she
happened upon a combined Fetish-Wear/Sex Shop down one of the side
streets. Looking around to see if anyone was looking she headed for
the entrance. Once inside she was amazed and what there was,
wondering what to look at first. To begin with she decided to have a
look at the fetish wear, and spent ages admiring to wide range of
leather, PVC and rubber that the shop sold. "Would you like to try
anything on Miss?" was what broke Britney from the almost trance
like state that all of the clothes had induced, as the female shop
assistant made her
inquiry. "I, um, I don’t know, is there anything you would suggest?"
said Britney, slightly shocked that someone had been watching her.
"I think this would look good one you" said the assistant shyly,
handing Britney a black leather mini-skirt, along with a pair of
thigh high leather boots, with heels that must have been seven
high. "Thankyou," replied Britney, "but what about on top?"
"Nothing, you would look better topless." Britney, slightly taken
aback by the assistant’s forwardness, headed off into one of the
changing rooms at the back of the shop. She removed all of her
clothes until she was down to just her bra and panties, which were
by now wet from her excitement. She removed her wet panties and let
them fall to the floor, smelling the musky scent that was emanating
from her pussy. Resisting the urge to touch herself then and there,
she picked up the leather mini-skirt and pulled it on, noticing how
tight it felt. After several minutes of pulling, see managed to get
the skirt done up, and admired how the leather looked wrapped
tightly round her firm ass. Pulling on the boots, Britney realised
that she was getting even hornier as she felt the leather coating
itself around first her lower legs, then her knees, and finally her
thighs. She removed her bra and admired herself in the mirror,
imaging what it would be like to fuck herself in this outfit. She
looked at her watch, realising that it must be past closing time,
she pulled back the curtain of the changing room, completely
forgetting what she was wearing. Standing in front of the changing
room was the assistant that had helped her before, kneeling on the
floor. "Please Miss Spears, I’m very sorry, but I realised it was
you and I had to see you in that outfit, it’s one of my biggest
fantasies." "Um, that’s okay," replied Britney, realising that this
girl lusted after her, "why don’t you tell me about your fantasy,
um, I’ve just realised, I don’t know your name." "Jessica," was the
answer, "and I’d love to, if you want me to" By now Britney was so
horny she felt as if she was about to explode, and she knew that
this girl would be able to help her in her moment of need. Jessica
lead Britney back into the changing rooms, but into one of the
further back rooms that were much bigger. "Miss Spears, I’ve locked
the front door because we are closed, if that’s okay" "It’s Britney,
and yes it’s fine, now tell me your little fantasy, because I’m sooo
horny I’m about to explode" "Well, I’m naturally submissive you see,
and I would love for you to dominate me and use me to pleasure you.
I want you to make me lick your beautiful pussy until you come all
over my face, and then I want you to tie me down and fuck me with a
dildo" The thought of this turned Britney on so much. She had never
considered herself as the dominatrix, always being naturally
submissive herself, but what this girl was saying made her pussy
light up, and she needed to do something about it. Jessica nervously
looked on, wondering if Britney had changed her mind about the whole
thing, but decided that she’d taken things this far, so she had to
continue. She stood up in front of Britney and removed her work
clothes, revealing a fairly plain set of matching underwear. Britney
stood as well, the lower half of her body still clad in leather, and
took charge of the situation. "Jessica, from this moment on I am no
longer Britney Spears, I am your Mistress. You will do anything that
I say, and you will do everything in your power to pleasure me,
regardless of how you feel about it, do you understand?" "Yes
Mistress, I understand" "Good, well lets begin. Take off your bra
and panties slave" Jessica slowly removed her bra, revealing a pair
of firm breasts about the same size as Britney’s were before her
operation. Britney was so glad that she had undergone the surgery
since she now had a pair of near perfect breasts. Finally Jessica
removed her panties, displaying her pussy to her new mistress for
the first time. Britney slowly began to rub her hands across
Jessica’s breasts, pinching each nipple with increasing intensity,
before beginning to move hem lower down her slaves body, until she
reached her pussy, rubbing Jessica’s clit just long enough to get
her wet. "Now slave, lick my pussy" Jessica dropped to the floor
between Britney’s leather clad legs, and began to lick gently at her
snatch. "Eat me dammit, shove your tongue deep into my pussy, HARD!"
Jessica plunged her tongue as far into Britney’s pussy as she could,
trying to please her Mistress. She rubbed her tongue all over
Britney’s dripping wet cunt, tasting her sweet juices as she went.
"Yes slave, that’s it, lick me, eat me, lick my hot cunt like the
cunt licking slut that you are. Make me cum for Christ’s sake!"
Jessica’s tongue probed Britney’s pussy more and more, bringing her
closer to the orgasm that she so desperately needed. "Now, lick my
ass slave. Shove your tongue deep into my ass and push your fingers
deep into my cunt whilst you do it, I want to orgasm within a
minute, and if I don’t, you’ll never hear from me again!" Jessica,
although slightly disgusted by the thought, ran her tongue across
her Mistress’ pussy one last time, and continued round until her
tongue came to rest on Britney’s asshole. Reservedly at first she
licked around her hole, attempting to get the feel for it, until she
finally decided that what her Mistress wanted, she would give. She
pushed her tongue as hard as she could against Britney’s tight hole,
feeling the muscles fighting against her then giving up, accepting
her tongue into Britney’s privatest area. Britney thrashed about on
the floor, grunting as she felt Jessica’s tongue deep inside her
asshole for the first time along with her fingers inside her snatch,
pumping in and out as fast as she could. Although Britney was
enjoying this very much, it wasn’t what she wanted. She longed to be
dominated by this shy reserved girl that she had only met minutes
before, wishing that there was some way this girl could fuck her
pussy. Then she had a thought. "Slave, does this shop sell
strap-on’s?" "Yes Mistress, it does" "Well, I want you to go and
find the biggest one in the shop" "Okay Mistress" Jessica returned a
short while later carrying a leather harness, attached to which was
the biggest cock Britney had ever seen in her life! "Slave, I want
you to put the cock on and fuck me with it" "But Mistress…" "I am
no longer your Mistress, you are mine. You see, I’m naturally
submissive as well, and I have always fantasized about being used in
this way. Please Jessica, do this for me" As if in reply, Jessica
stepped into the harness, pulling it up to her waist so that the
plastic cock stuck out from where her pussy had been moments later.
She had never thought about dominating someone herself, but now the
opportunity had arisen her pussy itched with excitement as she
stepped towards none other than Britney Spears, THE Britney Spears,
who was lying on the floor, leather skirt pulled up around her waist
and her leather clad legs spread as wide as they could go, inviting
Jessica’s cock to the moist pussy that was waiting for it. However,
instead of going for Britney’s pussy, Jessica moved the plastic cock
towards her mouth. "Suck my cock you slut, suck it deep into your
mouth, get it all wet and slippery so that I can shove it into your
pussy in one go. Now Jessica had indeed picked the largest cock from
the shop, since it was about 10 inches long and almost 2 inches
thick, and Britney had difficulty in taking the whole thing into her
mouth, but she succeeded, giving Jessica’s fake cock the best blow-
job she had ever given. After several minutes of sucking, Britney
felt Jessica pull the cock out of her mouth and move it down towards
her pussy. Whilst Britney had given several boys (and girls)
pleasure orally, she had never felt a cock in her pussy and so was
slightly concerned with what was about to happen, but was far too
horny to worry. She watched as Jessica lined up the fake cock
strapped around her waist to her pussy, feeling the tip of it brush
against her
clit. "Britney, are you a virgin?" Jessica asked "Yes" "Good" And
with that Jessica plunged the cock deep into Britney’s cunt, forcing
all 10 inches into her pussy in one go. The pain that Britney felt
was intense as the hard plastic rod broke through her hymen, popping
her cherry as it continued on its way deep into her snatch, going
further inside her than anything had ever gone before. Britney
screamed, but wasn’t sure whether it was because of the pain or the
pleasure that she was feeling as Jessica finally finished moving
towards her cunt and stopped. "How does that feel you slut, do you
like having my cock buried deep in your slutty hole. Do you feel
like a whore that’s just there for my
pleasure, because that’s what you are, a whore!" "Oh god, god yes I
am a whore, I love the feeling of your cock in my cunt. Please
Jessica, please fuck my cunt, fuck it as hard as you can" Jessica
began to fuck Britney’s cunt with the cock, pushing it as deep
inside her as it would go, then pulling it out until it just escaped
the dripping wet hole that it had been inside moments before, before
pushing it back in with slightly more pressure. Each time Jessica
shoved the cock back into Britney’s soaking pussy she pushed
slightly harder than the previous time, slowly but surely increasing
the pressure on Britney’s clit. Every time the cock forced itself
into Britney, she felt her orgasm drawing slightly closer. "Oh my
god Jessica," cried Britney, "your cock is so big, it fills my pussy
completely. Oh fuck, I think I’m going to explode. Fuck, fuck, yeah,
that’s it, oh my god, I think I’m gonna cum, yeah, fuck me, fuck me
like the whore I am, fuck my snatch with that monster cock, make me
cum. God, I think…yes…I’m…I’m cummmming!!!" Britney exploded
in orgasm as Jessica continued to fuck the cock into her pussy,
intent on getting her moneys worth from this experience. Britney
finally came down from her sexual high, staring at Jessica’s body
standing over her own, the fake cock coated in her own pussy juices,
making it look all shiny. She watched as Jessica once again lowered
the cock to her face. "You slut, you made my cock all dirty. Suck my
cock clean you whore, lick all of your juices off of it and I might
give you a reward." Britney reached her head forward, capturing the
wet cock between her lips, licking the tip clean of her juices,
tasting herself on the plastic rod. Suddenly she gagged as Jessica
forced the cock all the way into her mouth, banging against the back
of her throat. After the initial shock had subsided and her mouth
had gotten used to the monster cock that was buried deep within her
mouth Britney started to suck hard, deciding to give to the best
fucking blow job she had ever given. She lick all around the fake
cock, sucking it clean of her own juices, tasting herself once more.
As she was sucking, Jessica decided to add to the moment and started
moving her cock in and out of Britney’s mouth, fucking it as she had
fucked her pussy only minutes before. The sight before Jessica was
driving her wild as her cock plunged in and out of Britney’s mouth.
She slowly increased speed until she was fucking her mouth almost
has hard and fast as she’d been fucking her cunt, and could feel the
inside of the harness rubbing against her clit, bringing her closer
and closer to the climax she so desperately desired. Jessica kept
fucking until she felt faint from the rubbing, her clit protruding
out from under its fleshy hood looking for more satisfaction. By
this point her pussy juices were leaking out from around the
harness, dripping down onto Britney’s face as she fucked her.
Britney looked up and noticed how horny Jessica was and decided to
do something about it. "Jessica, take off the cock and let me lick
your pussy. Sit on my face and grind your pussy into my mouth so I
can taste you" Jessica obeyed, removing the harness as quickly as
she could under the circumstances, revealing her (literally)
dripping wet pussy once again to Britney before lowering herself
onto Britney’s face. Britney pulled Jessica down onto her, intent on
feeling the full pressure of Jessica’s pussy. One of her favourite
things had always been having a pussy on her face, and now she had
one. She pushed her tongue as far into her new lover’s cunt as she
could, licking around until she found her G-Spot, making Jessica
shriek with pleasure. "Yes, oh god, that’s it. There, please lick me
there, it feels sooo good" By this point Jessica was laying on top
of Britney, whose free hand had worked its way up to Jessica’s firm
bottom, running her fingers along the crack of Jessica’s ass,
stopping for a second each time they reached her
asshole. "Britney, fuck my ass, please, shove your fingers up my
ass!" Jessica didn’t need to tell her twice, because as soon as she
had stopped speaking, Britney had forced her finger slightly into
Jessica’s hole before pulling it out, allowing her to adjust to the
unusual feeling. She pushed her finger in again, slightly further
this time, and was just about to pull it out when Jessica slammed
herself against Britney’s hand, thrusting her finger into her ass
with extreme force.

2nd half

The sudden feeling of this most extreme violation of her anus
combined with the continuing assault Britney was putting on her
pussy was too much for Jessica, who exploded in orgasm, spraying her
pussy juices deep into Britney’s mouth whilst her ass muscles
contracted around Britney’s fingers dragging them further into her
rear passage. After several minutes of panting, both girls began to
recover, kissing each other deeply as their tongues wrapped around
the others, tasting the combination of their pussy juices all over
each others faces. "Shit, what time is it?" asked Britney.
"Six-Thirty, why?" "I was meant to be back at the hotel half an hour
ago, I gonna be in deep trouble" Britney hurriedly dressed herself
as Jessica looked on, admiring the pop star’s gorgeous body.
"Britney, will I see you again?" asked Jessica, handing her a piece
of paper. "Of course you will, I’ll phone you tomorrow" was
Britney’s reply as she ran out of the shop, pocketing the dildo that
she and Jessica had had so much use out of that afternoon. She
arrived back at the hotel to find out that no-one had realised she
was late and began to relax. She closed the door to her apartment
and noticed a piece of paper on the floor. "Britney, just a quick
note to say you looked damn sexy the other night at the club, and
I’d love to see you whilst you are in NY to ‘catch up’ on old times.
Please come over to my apartment tomorrow morning, the address is
below. Love, Christina." Even though she had been sucked and fucked
all afternoon, the note made Britney’s pussy begin to juice up
again. She read the note over and over again, unable to express the
immense pleasure that she was getting from knowing that tomorrow she
was going to see Christina. She felt her thighs getting wetter as
her pussy juices overflowed down her legs, beginning to stain the
hotel room floor where she stood. She locked the door and removed
her clothes, staring at herself in the full length mirror in front
of her, remembering the afternoon she had had. She reached into her
bag and pulled out the plastic dildo that she had been fucked with
only hours before and began to run it up and down her body. She
raised the cock to her mouth, looking at the cum covered plastic
intently. She slowly placed the tip of the cock to her lips, and
sucked the rod deep into her mouth, just as it had been earlier on.
By this point Britney’s pussy was on fire, and she lowered herself
onto the bed, cock in hand, and began to play with herself. She
placed her hand on her clit and started to rub as she sucked the
thick plastic cock into her mouth, imagining that it was Christina
pumping it into her mouth. She began to feel the first contractions
enter her cunt, knowing that she would be cumming soon enough.
Britney ran the cock down her chest between her breasts and then
down towards her waiting pussy. She gasped as the tip of the cock
touched her clit and the passed onwards until it was resting on her
pussy lips. With one pushed Britney’s cunt enveloped the monster
cock until it was completely inside her. She fucked herself with the
cock as she remembered her day with Jessica, and imagined what the
following day would be like until she could take it no more. Once
more she began grunting as the orgasm swepted her away, feeling her
pussy gripping the cock with a vice like grip, pulling it deeper
into her cunt until she believed that it couldn’t go any further. As
the orgasm subsided Britney began drifting off to sleep, the dildo
still firmly lodged in her pussy. Britney awoke the next morning
feeling refreshed, looking forward to the day ahead. She got out of
bed and headed over to the bathroom when she noticed another note
under her door. "Britney, I want you at my apartment at 12:30 sharp,
any lateness will be severely punished. Before you come around I
want you to buy a few things for our day. Firstly, I want you to buy
yourself an outfit. It MUST be rubber but that it all I’m saying
about that, surprise me, it’ll be worth your while. Secondly, you
must buy the following items: 2 dildos, the larger the better and a
gag of some sort, preferably a ball gag. Once you have the items I
want you to come around and knock at the door. I’ll let you in. See
Ya, Christina. P.S. From the moment you arrive you will not call me
by my name, but you will call me Mistress, do you understand. P.P.S.
No wanking before you come around, I WILL know if you have been."
Britney looked at the clock and noticed that it was already 10:00
and that she had slept in. She ran to the shower and quickly cleaned
herself off before chucking on the clothes she had been wearing
yesterday and running out of the hotel. Knowing she didn’t have much
time, she headed straight for the sex shop that Jessica worked in,
hoping that she was working today. She arrived at the shop just
after it opened, finding an extremely happy Jessica standing behind
the counter. "Hi Britney, how are you today?" "I’m fine. Listen, I
need your help in getting the following things." Jessica helped
Britney collect 2 dildos, both enormous and a ball gag that fitted
into her mouth perfectly. By this time Britney had explained the
situation to Jessica, who was very turned on by the idea, wishing
that she could take part in the event. Trying to sort out the
clothing was more of a problem. After several attempts the outfit
was decided upon. As Britney stepped out of the changing room
Jessica gasped, her hand instinctively moving down her body to her
vagina and began to rub. Wearing a black rubber dress that barely
covered her ass, Britney’s outfit was completed by a pair of thigh
high white rubber boots and matching elbow length gloves. The dress
itself had a zipper down the front, stopping just low enough for her
ample cleavage to be shown to all. Again Jessica asked if she could
join in the fun,
especially now, and this time Britney suggested that she would put
it to Christina and let her know later in the day. Britney paid for
the items and left, looking increasingly like a hooker. She hailed a
taxi and headed for the address she had been given, arriving just in
time. She knocked on the door and waited. After several seconds the
door opened and standing there was Christina Aguilera, her body clad
in a red latex catsuit. However, it was no ordinary catsuit. Running
from just in front of Christina’s crotch around between her legs was
a zipper, allowing easy access to her cunt and ass, something
Britney felt assured she would be needing later on. "Come in" said
Christina and motioned for Britney to enter the apartment. "Yes
Mistress" replied Britney, remembering what the second note had
said. Britney sat down on the sofa in the apartment, looking around
the place. It looked fairly normal with a bedroom, bathroom and
combined lounge/kitchen and one other door that was shut on. Britney
sat staring at Christina’s latex covered body, her pussy beginning
to get wet underneath her own rubber clothing. "Well Britney, I’m
really glad you came. When I saw you the other evening and realised
that you were a submissive, I knew that I had to have you whilst you
were in town. You see, as you’ve probably guessed by now, I’m a
dominatrix and a very good one at that. I also reckon that that’s
what you really need in your life at the moment, what do you think?"
"Yes Mistress, I do need someone to look after me and dominate me.
Please will you, I’ll do anything for you, and I mean anything"
"Well, give me a few suggestions" "Erm, I would pleasure you…"
"How?" "I would lick your pussy until you came over and over again,
savouring you sweet juice every time" "And what would you do with my
ass? "I’d lick that as well, and push my tongue inside, ass fucking
you with my tongue." "Good, I think we will get along in this
relationship just fine. I do have a few minor requirements
though." "Yes Mistress, and what would they be" "Firstly, I am
always referred to as Mistress whilst we are alone. However, when we
are in public I want no-one to know of our arrangement, so it’s
Crissy okay. Secondly, I love watching my slaves giving me little
shows and telling them what to do, so you’ll have to do that. Are
they okay?" "Yes Mistress. May I also ask a question?" "Yes" "Well,
I have a friend who lives in town and she would love to join in on
our games today if she may. Here’s her number. I’ll leave the
decision up to you." "I’ll give it some thought slave. But now I
want to watch you play with yourself. Lay down on the floor and
finger fuck your sweet pussy for your
Mistress." Britney climbed off of the sofa and laid herself out on
the floor, spreading her legs so that Christina got a very good look
at her excited cunt, her pubic hair all slick and matted from her
juices. Her rubber dress ran up her body, bunching itself around her
exposing her cunt completely. She ran her fingers down her body
until she reached her clit, her back arching in pleasure as she did
so. She took one finger and pushed it deep into her pussy, all the
time not dropping eye contact with her new Mistress. She gradually
increased her finger fucking, moaning slightly each time her hand
brushed against her clit. Britney could see Christina was getting
hornier from the fact that her hands had moved down her body, one
caressing her breasts as the other opened the zip between her legs,
allowing her to rub her clit as Britney continued with her show.
Deciding that she would given her Mistress as good as she could, she
inserted a second finger into her sopping pussy, intent on
eventually fist fucking herself as she had done the other night,
hoping that the sight of her fist buried deep in her cunt would
excite Christina as much as it did her. Three fingers went in, then
four, all the while Britney’s moaning becoming louder and louder.
Finally she tucked her thumb into her fist and pushed as hard as she
could. Her fist disappeared into her pussy half way up her lower arm
as she screamed with pleasure, holding back her much needed orgasm
so as to continue the show for longer, knowing that when she did cum
she would probably pass out. By now Christina was finger fucking
herself into a frenzy and Britney was sure that she would be cumming
soon. "Slave," panted Christina, "did you bring the dildos?" "Yes
Mistress, they are in the bag over there." Christina reached over to
the bag and pulled out the contents, placing the ball gag to one
side. She handed Britney one of the dildos and kept one for herself,
pushing it into her cunt in one motion. Britney was amazed at this,
since the dildos were even bigger than the one that she and Jessica
had used the previous day. This one was almost twelve inches long
and two-and-a-half inches thick, and Christina had just pushed it in
as though it was tiny. Not to be outdone, Britney pushed it in too,
feeling the size of the monster stretching her pussy even further.
She again felt the orgasm building inside her, but again she pushed
it back down, not wanting to stop this slutty show she was putting
on. After several minutes of silence, Christina removed the dildo
from her pussy and, making sure that it was nicely slicked with her
juices, passed it to Britney. "Slave, I want you to push that into
your ass. I want to watch you fuck yourself in your pussy and ass
with those huge dildos. I want to know how it feels to you, having
both your holes filled completely with those monsters that you
brought with you." Although Britney had never had anything
completely in her ass before, let alone anything that big, she was
so horny that she would have done just about anything at that point.
While still fucking herself hard with one of the dildos she raised
her legs into the air and spread them as wide as they would go,
opening her ass up for what would be one hell of a feeling. She
positioned the second dildo, still wet and slippery from Christina’s
pussy, at her waiting asshole, pressing slightly, trying to get the
tip of the monster inside her anus. She increased the pressure,
trying to fight against her muscles as they repelled the cock.
"That’s it slave, shove that cock into your ass. Do you like the
idea of that monster buried in your ass?" "God yes Mistress. I want
it up there so badly. I want to feel the entire length of it plunge
inside my ass in one go. I think, yes Mistress, get ready, because I
think its about to go…" Britney felt her muscles giving way,
accepting the fact that no matter how hard they tried, the dildo was
going to be inside Britney’s ass. She waited until the last moment,
feeling the monster dildo beginning its long trip into her waiting
rectum, before thrusting herself towards the dildo as she pushed it
hard into her. In one moment the dildo went from beginning to part
her virgin asshole to being buried twelve inches inside it. Britney
screamed with pleasure and pain as she fucked herself frantically in
both her cunt and ass with the huge dildos she had brought with her,
feeling her orgasm building to an unstoppable height. She looked at
Christina, who was equally close to cumming from the incredible
sight that she was watching, the sight of Britney Spears fucking
herself in the ass and cunt with two of the biggest dildos she had
ever seen. "Oh god slave, you look so fucking horny like that. I’m
so close to cumming from just watching you like that you little
slut. Oh god, I’m sooo close. That’s it, keep fucking yourself like
that you whore. Does it please you to know that I’m gonna cum just
from looking at you, does it." "Yes Mistress, now do you know how
dirty I am. I’ll do anything for you. I’ll lick your pussy and ass
until you cum. I’ll fuck myself however you want me to so long as
you’ll enjoy it. I’m only here for your pleasure. Are you going to
cum Mistress. Please do, I want to see you cum, please Mistress,
please…" Britney’s begging, added to the display that she was
giving proved to be the last straw and Christina screamed, thrashing
about on the sofa in orgasm. This signalled Britney’s increase in
the rate she was fucking herself, knowing that she couldn’t hold out
much longer. She could feel the cocks thrusting deep into her,
almost touching if it hadn’t been for the wall between her vagina
and anus. Britney had no feeling left in her body by this time, the
only sensation that she could feel was the overwhelming intensity
coming from her abdomen. She fucked herself harder and harder, still
watching the writhing form of her Mistress on the sofa until she
could take it no more. "OH MY GOD!! Mistress, I’m cumming, all this
fucking of my ass and cunt has made me cum. Watch as I cum Mistress,
watch me spray my cum into the air" Britney exploded with such a
force that the dildo in her pussy shot out of her, her pussy
spraying its cum into the air, splattering onto the floor around
her. Britney screamed and screamed as the orgasm completely took
over, sending her higher than she had ever been before, until she
passed out yet again from the excitement. When Britney awoke she had
no idea how long she had been unconscious for. The room she was in
was dark, and she was lying flat on her back. She tried to stand up
but couldn’t, her hands and feet bound tightly to whatever she was
laying on so as to stop her moving even slightly. She tried to call
for help but all that came out was a muffled noise. It took her
several seconds to come around to the extent of her situation, in
that she was now bound and gagged in a place that she didn’t know.
Britney felt scared until she heard a noise that sounded as if a
door were opening and then the light came on. In front of her was
Christina, no longer wearing the latex catsuit she had on earlier,
but was wearing a similar outfit to
Britney’s own; a black rubber dress and white rubber boots and
gloves. In fact, it looked extremely like Britney’s outfit. Britney
looked above her and saw her reflection in the huge mirrored ceiling
above her. She realised that not only was she bound and gagged, but
she was also butt naked, save for the cuffs on her wrists and
Instinctively she tried to escape, but the bonds were tight, and she
could only move very slightly in any direction. "Now now slave, no
trying to escape. How do you think I look in your outfit. Almost as
horny as you did I bet. By the way, I took your advice and invited
your friend over." From behind Christina stepped Jessica, wearing a
similar outfit to the one Christina was now wearing, only with the
colours reversed. Both women stepped into the room and closed the
door behind them, Jessica holding a bag in her hand. "Hi Britney,
how are you feeling? When I got Christina’s invitation I couldn’t
resist. You see, before yesterday I thought that I was a submissive,
but when I
dominated you that all changed. All I want now is to use you, to
dominate you, to have you as my slave. What do you say Christina,
will you share her with me?" "I think I will Jessica, what do you
think slave?" Britney nodded as best she could from the constraints
of her bondage, her pussy becoming wet again from the suggestions
being put to her. "Well slave, we’ll be back in a moment, we have
much to discuss." said Christina as her and Jessica left the room,
turning the light off as they went. Once again Britney was left in
the dark, with only her own thoughts to keep her company. She was so
excited that now not only was Christina her Mistress, but Jessica
was also. She felt lucky to have both women wanting her. She
remembered the show that she had put on for Christina earlier, and
could still feel the numbness in her ass from the violation she had
caused to herself. Every image she
remembered made her pussy get wetter, making her horny again even
though for the past two days all she had done was masturbate or fuck
her pussy in some way. Britney remained like this for some time,
until the door opened once again and her two Mistresses re-entered
the room. "Slave, do we have a treat for you." said Jessica, "Since
you gave Mistress Christina, as you will now call her, such a show,
we have decided to give you a show too. Would you like that slave?"
Britney nodded, almost dribbling from her mouth (and elsewhere) at
the thought of watching her Mistresses together. "Well, we will do
that for you on one condition. Once we have finished you are ours to
do with as we please, understand?" Britney nodded in confirmation as
Christina and Jessica walked over to each other and began to run
their hands over each others bodies. Their rubbings became more
frantic as each reached the others cunt, with fingers being pushed
into snatches everywhere. Britney looked on, unable to touch herself
through the bondage even though she desperately needed to. She
watched as her Mistresses finger fucked each other, making he other
moan with pleasure. Britney felt as if she were about to explode, it
was as if her dreams were coming true. She was being dominated by
two beautiful women who were currently playing with each other in
front of her. The two women lowered
themselves to the ground, below where Britney could watch them. She
gave out a low moan as displeasure, wanting to watch what
happened. "Oh, does slave want to watch Mistress Christina and
Mistress Jessica’s fun? Well, you can, on one condition. I will
untie you, but you must remain gagged until our fun has finished,
and you must not touch yourself at any time. Doing so will result in
our taking our fun away from you and leaving you here, okay?"
Britney agreed and so was untied. She crawled onto the floor from
the table that she had been laying on, watching as her Mistresses
continued their games. Christina laid on the floor as Jessica swung
her leg over, positioning her pussy above Christina’s face and
lowered herself. Britney watched as the two licked each others
pussies in a sixty-nine, resisting the urges within her to wank
herself to orgasm. Jessica and Christina’s panting turned into
moans, and Britney could tell that they were close to cumming.
Suddenly the two stopped their licking and looked at Britney, gagged
and bent over on all fours. Jessica went over to the bag and pulled
out two rubber harnesses, one black and one white, that had attached
to them a large rubber cock of the same colour. These cocks were
double ended, with the other end inside the harness, obviously
designed to pleasure the wearer as well as the receiver. Jessica
handed one of them to Christina and then pulled hers onto herself,
raising the rubber dress she was wearing to waist height. Both women
positioned the inside end of the cocks at the pussy lips, and gasped
as the cocks entered their cunts. They stood there, admiring their
cocks in the mirrors that were covering the walls, allowing everyone
to see everything. "Slave, I’m sure your pussy is very wet by now
from watching your Mistresses licking and fucking each other. Well,
now it’s our turn to fuck you. I am going to lay on the floor and I
want you to lower yourself onto my cock and ride it. The harder you
ride it the better it will feel for both of us, and once I have cum,
regardless of whether you have or not, I will leave and Mistress
Christina will let you ride her, do you understand." Again Britney
nodded and watched as Jessica laid down on the floor, her fake cock
standing straight into the air. Britney climbed on top of Jessica’s
body, positioning her cunt above the cock, she began to lower
herself down when suddenly she felt Christina’s hands on her
shoulders, pushing her onto the cock. Britney felt as her pussy lips
opened around the hard cock as she was lowered onto it, groaning
through the ball gag in her mouth as it slowly slid into her cunt.
She stared at herself in the mirror, realising what a slut she had
become in the last few days. She watched as she subconsciously
raised and lowered herself on the cock, fucking it intently. She
looked up just in time to see Christina putting her hands under her
arms, pulling her off of Jessica’s cock in one go. Christina turned
Britney around so that she was facing her and positioned Jessica’s
cock against Britney’s still sore asshole. "Change of plan slave,
Mistress Jessica is going to fuck your ass as I fuck your cunt, and
there’s nothing you can do about it." With that Christina forced
Britney down onto Jessica cock. Even though Britney’s ass had
already had a bigger cock in it that day, she still cried out as the
cock parted her asshole and forced itself in, Christina’s weight
making sure that it buried itself up to the hilt in one go.
Christina then climbed onto of Britney and Jessica, lined her cock
up against Britney’s pussy and pushed. Britney shuddered as she felt
for the first time two people fucking her at the same time. She
screamed and screamed as orgasm after orgasm raced through her, her
two Mistresses fucking her ass and cunt as if they would never be
able to again. Britney lost count of the number of times the three
of them came, the ends of the cocks buried within her Mistresses
rubbing against them as they fucked her, making them fuck her even
harder than before. Eventually they were all exhausted and collapsed
on the floor, looking at each other in the mirrors. Her cock still
buried in
Britney’s ass, Jessica reached around and removed the gag from
Britney’s mouth. "Britney, you are now ours. You will never fuck
anyone again except us. You will always wear sexy clothes, mainly
PVC and leather, especially when you are performing. You no longer
perform for anyone other us, do you understand?" "Yes Mistress
Jessica, I understand."

basking in the applaud that she was getting. She looked down into
the front row, noticing Jessica standing there clapping with the
others. She knew that Christina would be backstage somewhere,
waiting for her to leave. She also knew that she wouldn’t leave the
arena without getting a good fucking from one, or both, of her

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