Brittany And Danica: After Jimmy Kimmel Live

Brittany and Danica: After Jimmy Kimmel Live

(FF, cons, oral)

by Number One

Celebs: Brittany Murphy, Danica Patrick

Disclaimer: This is a perverted work of fiction that is not suitable for
anyone under the age of 18.

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It was the evening of Friday, July 14, and race-car driver Danica Patrick and
actress Brittany Murphy were guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Danica’s interview
had ended and she was backstage heading for the exit when she ran into
Brittany, who was on her cell phone.

“Hi, Brittany,” said Danica. “Who were
you talking to?”

“Hi, Danica,” replied Brittany. “I was talking to a close friend. We were
supposed to head to a huge gathering. Turns out my friend had car trouble. Can
you believe it?”

“Actually, in my line of work, car trouble is an understatement,” Danica said
jokingly. Brittany laughed as well at Danica’s comment. “Thanks, Danica,” she
said, “I needed that laugh, now that my plans are totally shot.”

“Say,” Danica began, “since neither of us has anything special planned, why
you and I go to my place and have our own gathering, just the two of us?”

“I’m up for that,” said Brittany, as the two ladies went out the door.

They arrived at Danica’s hotel room after a moderately long drive. Brittany
was in awe at her current surroundings. “Wow!” she exclaimed, “this is a really
lavish place!”

“Isn’t it, though?” said Danica. “Well,” she added, “now that we’re here, why
don’t we get the party started?” The 5’2″ brunette then proceeded to remove
her black dress.”

“Danica, what are you doing?” asked Brittany.

“Oh, come on!” scoffed Danica. “What did you think I meant by ‘our own
gathering’?” She then planted a long, sexy kiss on Brittany’s lips.

The gorgeous blonde was then pushed down on Danica’s bed by the petite
beauty. “Do you know how often I dream about you?” Danica asked. Brittany shook her
head. “On a daily basis, I dream about having you in my room, on my bed, just
like this. I undress you so I can feast my eyes on your sexy, nude body.” And
Danica did just that, taking off Brittany’s yellow dress.

“I see,” was the only thing Brittany can say.

“And then,” Danica said with an evil smirk, “I move closer and kiss your
soft, luscious lips.” She then proceeded to do exactly as she had described to

“Oh, really?” said Brittany, whose interest was beginning to increase. “And

“Then,” Danica said, licking her lips oh so lustily, “I begin licking your
beautiful breasts, like this.” She kissed and licked both of Brittany’s luscious
tits. Brittany was beginning to like hearing Danica’s tale of her erotic

“Mmmmmmm,” Brittany pleasantly purred. “What comes next?”

“Not ‘what,’ blondie,” teased Danica. “It’s ‘who’.”

“Who?” asked Brittany.

“It’s you!” said Danica. “You’re the one who comes, after I lick your pussy
clean!” Moving closer and closer to Brittany’s tight pussy, the raven-haired
beauty added, “I promise I won’t make you scream too loudly.” She started
working on the blonde’s pussy.

“OOOHHHHH YES! YES! YEEEESSSSS!!!” Brittany shouted in undying ecstasy. “LICK

Danica continued licking Brittany’s luscious pussy, sampling her succulent
juices, and making the 5’4″ blonde scream nearly loud enough to break the sound

After that, Danica looked down at Brittany, who was desperately trying to
compose herself. She was proud of the erotic act that she performed. “So,
Brittany,” she said, “have I pleasured you enough, dearie?”

“You certainly have,” said Brittany.

“Good.” said Danica. The two lesbian lovers made out once again and then they
both lay asleep, holding on to each other.

The End

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