Broken [Pt. 1-2]

BROKEN pt1-2

by WillGraham


Obviously, this story is not true. Just a fantasy I’ve crafted on commision for
a new friend.

Hopefully, others will enjoy it as well.

Mariah Carey was bagged and thrown into the back of a nondescript Ford
van. Her first thought was that she was scared. Her second thought was that she
was wet. Her third thought was that this felt exactly like the fuck games she
used to play with her ex-husband Tommy Mottola.

The cloth bag over her face and entire upper body made it impossible to resist
in any way. She felt her hair mat to her face. Her arms were bound tight against
her body.

She was scared. . .

But she was SO turned on.

The van drove for somewhere in the vicinity of 45 minutes. Along the way one
of her kidnappers got restless, impatient.

The man turned her around roughly. He pushed her down roughly, turned her over
the seat on the side of the van roughly. Face down. Hands still pinned at her
side. He pulled her small skirt up over her waist and her panties down to her
knees where they rested on the van’s rough carpet.

It was mere seconds before she felt the kidnapper’s cock and the entrance to
her brown-eyed girl.

He grabbed her by the waist and ripped his way into her tight ass.

If the diva was used to having things her own way, she would have to get used,
and fast, to a new way.

It felt like someone was pistoning a red hot poker in her ass. It hurt
terribly bad.

She loved it.

She screamed against the fabric that pulled itself over her mouth
every time she drew air. She relaxed the muscles of her anus to try and
accommodate the man. She felt her pussy quiver like it had the first time she’d
felt a man’s presence in her backside.

He fucked in and out of her ass so tight even while she attempted to

He came a little, removed himself and came a lot over the cheeks of her ass.
He wouldn’t let her move.

She waited to see what would happen next and was completely taken by
surprise to feel the rough feel of a German Shepherd’s tongue on her ass,
licking up the man’s fuck-waste.

He licked all around both ass cheeks, then dove his puppy-dog tongues into her
stretched sphincter. She gasped at the feeling. A completely new feeling.
Something she never would have experienced…

She felt his muzzle attempt to bury itself in her ass more and more. She
moaned… gasped…

And then the sensation was over. The dog was taken away, though she could
still hear it breath. She felt something else at the door to her ass. Something
round and thick.

The kidnapper reached back and at full swing slapped the buttplug into at its
base. It shot right into her tight rectum. HE pushed it in roughly the rest of
its length. Then he pulled up her white-silver little panties. He began to spank
her. Every time his hand fell across her ass she felt the anal invader protrude
into her even more.

The van pulled into the basement garage of a rather large country estate; there
were fields stretching almost as far as the eye could see in every direction –
not that Mariah would have the opportunity to make that observation. The van
pulled into the garage under cover of darkness. She was exited from the van only
after the door had slammed solidly to a close.

She was dumped out less than gently and toppled to the hard cement floor. She
was able to raise herself to her feet. Which was met with an uppercut to the
face. Her attacker grabbed her by the top of her hooded upper body, keeping her
up if not balanced.

Less than ceremoniously she was shoved against the wall face first.

The bag was loosened and raised slightly on her right arm. The first man held
her securely while the second did something with the arm. There was a sharp pain
as the needle broke the skin, a burning sensation as he pressed the plunger.

She felt all of the world swim. She felt scared and she felt woozy and she felt

She felt them leading her.

She heard a door open.

She felt one man hold her steady while the other tore the bag from her head.

She felt them throw her inside.

Everything went black.

Days, years, hours, months later – the drugs left her with no ability to judge
the passing of time – the heavy door opened. Light poured in. So brightly that
it burned her eyes. She noticed that her cell was smaller even than she’d
imagined. Roughly three by three by three. The man ducked in. He put a white
tablet in her mouth and raised a glass of water to her mouth.


She did.

It tasted chalky, powdery.

The door slammed shut again. Darkness. Time’s progression stopped again.

About a half hour later the men returned. They opened the door. She glistened
with sweat. She had removed most of her clothing. She still wore the heels that
fastened to her ankles, silver pumps. Her silver skirt around her thighs. Her
panties hadn’t moved. Her bra half on, shirt across the room. Her bra was
bunched under one massive breast. Buoying it up that way it made it seem as if
she were offering it to them.

They would take her up on that offer.

She was pulled into the nondescript hall, taken down the hall.

Sweaty and ill-coherent she was further stripped. Bra discarded, her tits hung,
bounced with the movement. Her skirt was torn the rest of the way off her long,
trim legs.

She wore only her silver-white panties and her pumps.

She stood, swaying. Unsteady on her feet. Her eyes fluttered. Half open, now
closed. Now closed. Now half open.

Her arms were brought behind her, bound with a plastic slip-tie.

She was induced to deep throat a medium sized dildo. She didn’t put up much
fight. Th feel of sucking on something right now was pleasing.

When she had it all in her throat there was a tearing sound somewhere off in the
distance. Everything was happening in the distance from Mariah’s perception.

She startled when they began to wrap her face. They wrapped her face in duct
tape, the dildo lodged in her throat.

They dumped a bucket of freezing water on her. Drug her off into the freezer. A
large walk-in affair. Threw he in sending her across half of the floor.

She waited there, sweat and water freezing her skin, four minutes, five minutes.
Six minutes. The door opened. They pulled her out more gently than they’d put
her in.

She was laid out on her back. Her eyes were open, more sober, more alert. She
saw them come at her, noticed something in the one man’s hand.

Up close you could see the bulge in Mariah’s throat from the plastic man-meat.

One man held Mariah down, the other grabbed her left breast.

The plastic phallus in her throat was proof enough against her screams. The
small device fit succinctly over the tip of her breast. The once large and soft
nipples were decidedly erect.

A soft *pafft* noise and her body jerked in surprise and pain. He moved the
piercing gun to her other nipple. Same drill.

Her eyes were wide. She tried to make noise with her throat.

She instinctively clenched down on the plug in her ass helping it to do its job
all the more.

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