Brooke’s First Wild Orgy

Title: Brooke’s first wild orgy

Author: Sick Pole

Contents: MF, MMMMMF, cons, oral

Disclaimer: This story is simply a fantasy of a Brooke Burke fan who wishes he was one of the lucky male participants.

Brooke was at another of her exotic pictorial locations wearing very little and look as come-hither sexy as she could. She loved these shoots to include the tease. Other than the Blue Nude shoot early in her career, and the two Playboy layouts, Brooke had primarily only hinted at nudity, showing much, but not quite all of her voluptuous body.

This had
made her one of the most desired women in the world and elicited piles of mail and thousands of emails asking her for more.

Brooke was now in her upper 30’s. She also had had three babies. Brooke knew that she had only a few more years to be exorbitantly paid to show off her assets no matter how much she worked out. This led her to thinking that she might want to accede to the wishes of her many fans and produce more revealing photo shoots and videos. After all, the full nude shoots paid the best.

What wasn’t widely known about Brooke’s career was that she had actually done quite a bit of nudity and even several XXX videos and several more XXX photo shoots. Being the smart business woman that she was, Brooke had been careful to maintain control over the distribution of these more provocative exhibitions. Even less widely known was why Brooke had made these, but had never released them. Those who were aware of their existence guessed that Brooke was saving them for careful release later in her career, when live shoots became less common. This was probably true, but only Brooke knew that she ultimately made the shoots and films to satisfy her own sexual appetite. Brooke fully enjoyed her sexuality and wanted to have a photographic record of her pleasures. For those who noticed, one could tell the difference in Brooke’s hard core scenes and commercial hard core scenes was that the sex in Brooke’s scenes was spontaneous, unedited and filmed in a manner that made it look like the cameras were simply recording a sexual encounter, which, in fact, is what they were doing. At times you could even see other cameras in the film.

Brooke’s first major sexual shoot was when she made the Blue nudes soft core scene. In addition to the widely publicized photographs there were two hard core photo shoots and three XXX videos. In all Brooke had sex with seven men, all of whom came in her mouth, in her pussy, in her ass and on her. This is the story of one of the videos.

The episode began in a manner very similar to the published Blue Nude shoot with Brooke wearing only a see through top and a pair of panties in the garden outside of an inn. What was different was that the panties were also see through and two young studs were with her.

In the opening sequence Brooke and the two guys were strolling in the garden and one of the men came up behind Brooke and began to fondle her breasts. Brooke began to moan and the second guy bent over and began kissing her right breast, licking and nibbling the nipple. Noting here reaction, guy one came around and orally began to enjoy the left breast. Brooke’s breasts were very sensitive and her knees actually buckled after a couple minutes of the boob pleasuring. Almost on cue, Brooke’s two lovers reached for her panties and pulled them down. As Brooke stepped out of the panties one lover began to stroke her sex while the other begain to play with her rear opening. Within a couple of minutes both had fingers in Brooke while they continued kiss her breasts. With this, Brooke really did buckle and only the strength of the two hands inside her kept her from falling. Within three to four minutes Brooke began to feel the orgasmic swell inside her and within a couple more minutes she climaxed for the first time that day.

As she was recovering from her orgasm, Brooke dropped to her knees and one by one removed the pants from her partners and began to greedily take the cocks into her mouth. Her first partner had a relative short penis (only 5 inches long), but it was very thick (over a full inch). The other lover, however, was very richly endowed with a full 9 inches in length and well over an inch across. Even a woman has avidly sexual as Brooke had trouble fitting both cocks in her mouth so she primarily alternated, kissing, licking and sucking on each lover in turn. She did, however, have two hands and never stopped stroking the shafts in her face. Very quickly, Mr. 9 inch began to moan and Brooke could feel the pre-ejaculatory pulsing in him. Quickly she turned her oral attention from Mr. 5 inch and gobbled in a good 6 to 7 inches of the first cock. Within a minute, he had unloaded his first orgasm in Brooke’s mouth. After gently extracting the last orgasmic tremors from her first cock, Brooke returned to the smaller partner. She could sense that he too was close to orgasm. Almost as soon as she fully engulfed his cock , Mr. 5 inch unloaded in Brookes mouth and throat. Even Brooke was amazed at the strength of the stream hitting the back of her throat and at the almost 20 second duration of the ejaculation. As with her first partner, Brooke, who did not believe in wasting anything as precious semen, did not spill a drop. She avidly drank all of both loads. In fact, her pleasure in receiving the two streams was so great she almost came again. Mr. 9 inch noticed and immediately went down on Brooke, kissing and tonguing her vagina. Mr. 5 inch wasted no time resuming is love affair with Brooke’s tits, and very quickly Brooke had climaxed for a second time. As she lay on her back relishing the post orgasmic spell, Brooke noticed that Mr. 9 inch was once again becoming erect. She began stroking him and within a minute he was a full size. Brooke pushed him onto his back, seized the monster, perched herself over it and gently lowered herself onto him. Even for a woman as sexually greedy as Brooke, taking full 9 inches requires a little care. Brooke at first only lowered herself onto the first 5 – 6 inches, but with sensual rocking and stroking she very quickly had mounted herself fully on his shaft. She writhed with pleasure making circular and to and fro motions, never letting more than an inch of the cock appear below her sex. Having gotten to a rhythmic working of the big cock in her pussy, Brooke found Mr. 5 inch for the second time and was rapidly thrusting her face in and out of 4 of his f5 inch cock. Almost simultaneously all three of the lovers came, she for the third time and her two lovers for the second.

This was the first of several vaginal encounters for the three that day. After this episode the three retrieved their clothes and retired to a room in the inn. Once inside, they wasted no time resuming their sexual adventure. This time Mr. 5 inch recovered faster and within another 10 minutes he had his first explosion in her vagina. No sooner had he finished than Mr. 9 inch replaced his partner mounting Brooke in the missionary position. Again, he came very quickly, bring an orgasmic Brooke along for the ride. Finally, after this encounter and once more with Mr. 5 inch, taking Brooke doggy style, the two fellows needed a break. They lay exhausted on the bed. Brooke, while very please with the afternoon, was not quite ready to call it a day. Without dressing, she went out onto the veranda which passed in front of all the rooms. In the garden below Brooke notice three young men, two of whom were very attractive. These fellows had to be in their late teens or early 20s, a perfect age for sexual potency. They of course noticed the stunning nude woman on the balcony. They stopped there work and called to her. Brooke, in her sexual frenzy responded to their calls and invited them to come up. It probably took no more than ten seconds for the three young men to drop their garden tools, cross the yard and make it up to Brooke. They stared somewhat awestruck and the beautiful nude in front of them and made no advances until Brooke started fondling their sexual tools. That is all it took. Quickly the foursome went back into the room and found their way to the second king size bed. Within seconds, all three boys were naked and Brooke had them pumping all three of her holes. The first to come was the lad in her ass and he probably lasted less than two minutes before pumping a major load into her rear. As he pulled out, semen trickled out her anus and onto the second cock, pumping her pussy. In less than one more minute he too had come, not believing he was spilling his sex into a woman a beautiful as Brooke. Just as he was finishing, the boy in Brooke’s mouth screamed that he was about to come. Brooke quickly pulled him out of her mouth turned and inserted him into her vagina where he and she promptly came.

By this time Brooke’s first two lovers were both throbbing in sexual anticipation and they took a turn, followed quickly by the three boys. This continued for the next four hours and by the time all were spent Mr. 9 inch had come 11 times with Brooke, 9 in her pussy. Remarkably, Mr. 5 inch had come even more, 14 times in all. The three boys had come eight, ten and eleven times. In all, Brooke had received over 50 ejaculations from her 5 lovers and could not even count how many times she had come, but it was more than 20.

To date, this was the most prolific sexual encounter Brooke had had in her life so far. She was only in her early twenties and had no difficulty luring men into sex with her. As she lay in the bed with five nude men and boys, Brooke swore that this would not be the last such adventure.

In later years, Brooke made good on her vow. Among other sexual marathons and adventures, Brooke made a parallel series during her years making “Wild On” for the “E” network. She called it “Wild In Brooke” and the series lived up to its name.

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