Brooke Baldwin Gives Breaking News to Robin Meade

Title: Brooke Baldwin Gives Breaking News to Robin Meade

Author: Dr. Demented 666

Celebs: Brooke Baldwin, Robin Meade

Codes: F, herm, anal, facial, bestiality

Disclaimer:  100% fiction and has never occurred except in a person’s fantasies

Robin Meade and Brooke Baldwin, two of CNN’s hottest news anchors, were at the annual CNN Christmas party and decided to head over to Robin’s home afterwords. Back at Robin’s the woman slipped out of their high heels and Brooke started to do more than just that, she slid her red dress down and off her shoulders and frame and stepped out of it; exposing her full rack and long legs to Robin as she stood there in her red panties…

“Brooke! What the Hell?” Robin stated as she stood there dumbfounded-like in her tight black dress that hugged her well-tanned frame, cupping her large breasts and showing off her silky smooth signature legs.

Brooke just smiled as she lowered her panties and stepped out of them, showing her smooth shaven private area and then reaching down and untucking her huge cock from between her legs. Robin’s jaw dropped as Brooke stroked her 8” length before her and approached her with a grin…

“Brooke, wait!” Robin expressed…

“Shhhhhh…It’ll be ok…I’ve been wanting to do this for years now…” Brooke exclaimed as she leaned in and began to kiss Robin as her hard cock slid up the front of Robin’s warm leg. Robin trembled as the amazonian Brooke slid her tongue into Robin’s mouth and made out with her while dry-humping the front of her leg.

Brooke began to work Robin’s clothes off her, unzipping the back of her dress and sliding it off her frame and then working on her bra and panties. Robin’s skin formed goosebumps and her hairs stood on end as she didn’t know what to do or even think at what was happening. Standing there completely naked, Robin watched in disbelief as Brooke slid her hand between Robin’s legs and cupped her brunette muff, slowly inching a finger into her pussy and making her wet

“Ready for the real thing?” Brooke asked of Robin.

Robin amazingly found herself seduced into saying a soft ‘YES’. Brooke lined herself up to Robin’s pussy and just before she put it in her she said: “You’re my first, Robin.”

Brooke slid her entire length into Robin, making her gasp as she slid her right leg up the backside of Brooke’s leg while Brooke fucked her standing and pinned up against the wall. Robin moaned with delight as Brooke’s immense shaft pounded away in her and beginning to pulse…

“It’s happening! You’re making me cum already, Robin! JESUS! I’m cumming in you!” Brooke screamed with delight.

Robin’s body shook with orgasm as Brooke held her up as she finished in her, pulling out slowly and watching as her cum dripped from Robin’s pussy off the ends of her black pubes and onto the hardwood floor. Brooke quickly grabbed Robin by the waist and hoisted her up, spinning her around in midair into a standing 69 position.

Robin squealed like a little girl on a fun park ride. The two were now giving each other oral; Robin tasting herself on Brooke’s cock as Brooke licked her own cum from Robin’s pussy. Robin squirted into Brooke’s mouth and Brooke returned the favor, cumming into Robin’s mouth and all over her pretty face.

Brooke finally let Robin down to stand on her own two feet and led her to the sofa where Brooke laid back on it on her back and held her hard cock straight up…

“Sit on it, Robin.” Brooke begged.

“What? You mean…In my ass? I never had it back there before…It’ll hurt, won’t it?” Robin asked with worry as she bit her lower lip that was still covered in Brooke’s cum…

“There’s only one way to find out…C’mon, try it…You may like it. Besides, you’ll be on top and controlling how much goes into you.” Brooke explained.

Robin shrugged her shoulders in a ‘Why not’ manner as she approached Brooke, turning to a reverse cowgirl and lowering herself onto Brooke’s hard shaft. Brooke watched as her cock head pressed into Robin’s asshole and heard Robin scream with agony as she stopped a third of the way in her. Brooke grabbed Robin and pulled her down onto her, reaching around and cupping her breasts as Broked shoved her entire length into Robin.

Robin started to cry as tears rolled down her cheeks as Brooke thrusted up into her ass from underneath…

“MY ASS! MY FUCKING ASS! YOU’RE TEARING ME UP, BROOKE! GOD! IT HURTS SO GOOD!” Robin screamed as she enjoyed the new-found pain that provided a simultaneous pleasure. But soon Robin would experience something else new when her very large black and tan german shepherd began to lick her pussy  as Brooke fucked her in the ass.

Robin began to giggle and Brooke grinned as she, too, felt the dog’s wet licks glide across her shaft as it pushed back and forth into Robin’s asshole. Soon Robin’s dog was mounting her, climbing atop her body between her legs and thrusting against her. Robin could feel his huge 6” shaft slamming against her inner leg and getting closer to her pussy…

“No, Caesar! NO!” Robin pleaded…

“Let him…” Brooke whispered into Robin’s ear.

Robin settled down a bit and gazed down between her legs and watched her dog find his mark and slam his shaft home into Robin’s pussy…

“I can’t believe this is happening! He’s in me Brooke…He’s really in me! He’s so big! YES! That’s it, boy! Take me! Fuck your mama! FUCK ME HARD!” Robin groaned.

Both Caesar and Brooke were now taking Robin at the same time in her ass and pussy, filling her up with their huge cocks and giving Robin her first ever DP….

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming in your ass!” Brooke screamed…

Suddenly the dog started to whine as his cheeks huffed and puffed as his thrusts became more rapid. Caesar let out several loud yelps as he came in Robin. She could feel his hot cum pour into her as his cock pulsed against her inner vaginal walls and causing her to have a dual vaginal/anal orgasm. Robin’s breasts heaved upward and she sunk her head back into the sofa as both Brooke and her dog finished in her.

Robin could feel the immense pressure of her dogs cum building in her behind Caesars swollen knot; she waited patiently for him to pull out and when he did it sounded like a cork popping and his cum blasting out of her like a super-soaker squirt gun. Dog cum blew all over Brooke’s legs as she heatedly tongue kissed Robin.

Robin lifted herself up off of Booke’s cock and hovered over her body, letting Caesar lick his and Brooke’s cum from between Robin’s legs and off of Brooke’s cock. Robin and Brooke decided to snuggle up next to each other in front of the fire place on the floor on the bear-skin rug. Caesar laid at Robin’s side and all 3 fell asleep.

It’s safe to say that Brooke, Robin and Caesar made Santa’s naughty list doing such dirty deeds with each other on Christmas eve.

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