Brooke Baldwin’s Animal Dominance

Title: Brooke Baldwin’s Animal Dominance

Author: Dr. Demented 666

Celebs: Brooke Baldwin

Codes: F, zoo, anal, creampie, DP, facial

Disclaimer: This story is not real and does not reflect reality. Fantasy is legal.

Brooke Baldwin, the luscious 38year old CNN host, with her hour glass 36-26-36 34B 148 pound figure—was out sun bathing in a stunning bubblegum bikini on one of her few days off of work. Her husband was out of town and she finally could take some time off with herself and have some free time to play with her two best friends: Alex and Kayden.

Her two best friends were actually the loves of her life that she just received from a purebred breeder of dobermans. They were both handsome male dogs that weighed a healthy 90 pounds each of lean muscle that rippled through their velvety short black and tan coats. Brooke had purchased them to start her own side gig of breeding purebred doberman pups for high end clients so she would never get her boys neutered, or at least until they were at retiring age. But, since they were both only 2 years old, that was a long ways off and the only thing left to do was to get a couple of bitches for them to mate with.

Brooke came back inside after a whole day lounging in her back yard under the hot sun. She strolled past the full length closet door mirror in her bedroom and did an abrupt halt, noticing she had a deep bronze tan all over. She admired her new look she’s been longing for all year and needed to see the full results as she removed her bikini top and bottoms, exposing her full figure in the mirror and the noticeable contrast of white skin to dark bronze from her tan lines.

Just around her nipples and where the straps went up over her shoulders and around her back, as well as the string bikini bottoms she had on is where the lines showed. Her skin was tight from the sun beating on it all day and her nipples were stiff and erect in the air conditioned house. Brooke glided her hand over her voluptuous body and relished in the tender feeling she was provoking between her legs.

Moistness formed on her soft dark brown pubes that were trimmed to perfection with a tall tuft sticking up at her vaginal center like a peak in whipped cream. Brooke smiled pleasantly and needed an outlet, she quickly went to the bed and laid on it on her back with her legs dangling off the foot of the bed and her feet on the ground.

With her legs spread wide she caressed her soft body and circled her nipples with her fingertips on one hand while her other hand glided down to her most intimate of areas. Slowly she worked her finger into her pussy and slid it back and forth as she squirmed with delight and gave off soft coos.

Brooke’s eyes sprang open with surprise and delight and a huge smile came over her face as she felt the first swipe of a long wet tongeu over her pussy. She knew exactly what it was but wasn’t about to push him away as he provided the much needed live aspect to the scenario.

Brooke laid back and let her Kayden do what he wanted with her, feeling his lengthy 6” tongue flailing about in her pussy with lapping enthusiasm and making her heated and giving off female pheromones that the dog recognized as a female in heat. Kayden began to whine a little and backed away while licking his chops…

“No no…Don’t stop boy…Finish me off, Kayden…Come on, boy…” Brooke stated as she tapped the palm of her hand against her pubic muff, begging him to lick her some more.

Little did she realize that she just signaled for him to mount her. In an instant he was climbing atop of her and a horrid look came over her face as his muscles rippled against her and his course underbelly hairs raked against her nipples while his purplish-red vein popped cock emerged from its sheath and began to slap against  her inner thigh.

“Wait! No Kayden! Bad dog! Stop!” Brooke begged as she tried to push the powerful animal off of her.

His resolve was too much for her and when she felt him enter her her struggling will faded away quickly as she succumbed to the rapid thrusting of the beast over her. His huge 9” cock impaled her like no man ever could as its bulbous end sunk into her and knotted inside of her, stretching her pussy as he yelped while he came in her.

Brooke had such a surprised look on her face with open mouth and gasping at the sudden throbs banging against her inner vaginal walls as he finished in her and gave her the most intense orgasm of her life. Brooke had her legs subconsciously raised and locked around the animal, but when her orgasm started they immediately sprang open, unhinging themselves from around Kayden’s body and shooting straight out in erect form and twitching in midair.

Brooke waited nearly 10 minutes for Kayden’s knot to subside from within her, petting him and letting him lick her neck and face with thank you kisses as she dug her fingers into the nap of his neck. Brooke felt the swelling inside of her dwindle and Kayden slowly backed himself off of her. Brooke raised herself so she was on her ass at the foot of the bed with her legs open, watching as the pool of dog semen dripped from it onto her hardwood floors.

Brook couldn’t believe what just happened, but loved that it did as she played with the hot white mess still seeping from her human vagina. Suddenly, Alex was in the room and clearly going nuts as he ran around the room with his tongue hanging out and panting heavily. Brooke knew what he wanted as his stubby little 4” tail wagged playfully as she smiled at him.

“Come here, Alex…I know what you want…Kayden fucked me so sore that I don’t think I could take you on just yet, but lets try something…Up here boy, on the bed…That’s it, now roll over…” Brooke commanded as she pushed him over onto his back.

Brook took the dog’s balls in hand and massaged them as his similar looking cock as Kayden’s emerged from its sheath to the full 9” length…

“Wow! You’re just as big as your brother…Lets have a go at that thing…” Brooke stated with a smile before putting him in her mouth.

Brooke did her best to accommodate the full length down her throat until its knot was against her  lips. Brooke suckled it and inhaled with Alex’s cock down her throat, making her esophagus clamp tightly around his shaft as her tongue massaged the underside of it.

The dogs hind legs began to kick as it began to orgasm, filling Brooke’s mouth with cum until she pulled it out with a choking gag and jerking him off on her face. She never got a facial from anyone before, so the feeling of hot cum glazing her gorgeous prime time worthy face was a new one for her. She gobbled up the semen that dripped down over her fingers and hand as it gripped and stroked the dogs hard cock again and again until nothing was left.

Brooke smiled and let go of his thing, allowing him to spring up to his feet on the bed where Kayden had hopped up along with them. Brooke rolled onto her back and let her friends rest their heads against her perfect body with Alex’s head resting on her stomach and Kayden’s head directly in her pubic muff where they all fell asleep for the next few hours, allowing the dog cum to dry on her body from the previous engagement.

A couple hours later, Brooke woke with such a horny desire to continue where they left off that she coerced Kayden into a playful nature as he laid on his stomach and his stubby tail wagged with excitement. Brooke crept her way over its body and began to grind herself against it, feeling its warmth and course fur tease her body and its wagging tail stub fiercely massage her clit and vaginal entrance.

Brooke took the tail stub and inserted it into her wet pussy and laid down on the dogs back and let the wagging speak for itself. Wag after wag sent chills through her spine as the furry member tickled her inner vaginal walls with playfulness and providing her with her next squirting orgasm that showered Kayden’s backside.

Kayden shot up and out from under her as her squirts spurted and she squealed with loud ‘YES’s”, echoing throughout the room and stirring Alex from his slumber. Brooke quickly took Alex and rolled him onto his back as she massaged his hard cock from its sheath and climbed atop of him. Brooke dominated the animal as she lowered herself onto his erection and began to fuck him in a missionary position.

Brooke laid down on her little boy and fucked him with exuberance, feeling every bulging feature filling her as she took the dog under her. Within seconds she felt Kayden’s wet snout sniffing her asshole and probing it with his tongue and making a huge smile come over her face as she got her first ever ass lick—From a dog!

Soon, Kayden was mounting her doggy style and she worried of what was coming next since she had only one available hole to fill. He found his mark! Sudden and forceful penetration deep into her ass made her cringe and wince with pain as her anal flower was taken from her and she got her first ever DP in her life.

Loud screams of ecstasy filled the room and would’ve easily been heard by neighbors if she had any. But, she didn’t and this let her belt out obscenity after obscenity without repercussion…


Kayden had his front legs hooked tightly around Brooke’s waist as he pummeled her ass with furious rapid thrusts as she remained sandwiched between the two dogs and she did her own fuck onto Alex’s cock under her. Alex licked her neck and chin as Kayden’s drool slobbered onto her shoulders from above her and making her eyes roll back into her head and turn white as she neared orgasm. The feeling of warmth and course fur grinding against her stomach and back as she remained pinned between both animals and the slapping of dog testicles against her ass cheeks was overwhelming…

Suddenly, all three were orgasming…Kayden and Alex let out puppy like yelps as their hard cocks exploded inside of their human lover, filling her to capacity as she emitted a long groan and a strained look appeared on her face with veins popping out on her neck. Brooke’s ass and pussy relaxed and contracted as she had a dual anal-vaginal orgasm, forcing her pussy to explode onto the dog’s cock in her and expel its cum along with her vagina fluids.

It took a good 15 minutes for both animal’s knots to dwindle enough for a dismount. When they did, a loud cork-like pop was heard as Kayden pulled from her ass, leaving it gaping and pulsing with hot dog cum pouring out and down her inner leg and onto Alex under her. Brooke lifted herself up and off of Alex and flopping down onto her back where both dogs stood above her and licked the sweat from her body and cum from her pussy and ass.

Brooke squirmed with delight as they cleaned their mess from her and leaving her more satisfied than ever in her life. Once again, they all fell asleep in an all too familiar way and dreamed of what was to come next over the coming days and whenever her husband was out of town…

By: Dr. Demented 666

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