Brooke Gets Blackmailed [Part 1]

Brooke Satchwell – Brooke gets Blackmailed

By the Captain

Part 1

I had just moved into a new neighbourhood, a new house on the "better"
side of the tracks in Melbourne in Australia.

All the neighbours seemed pretty stuffy, so I didn’t go out to be
especially friendly … that is till the day I discovered who my new
neighbours were, a family called "The Satchwells".

At first the name didn’t mean anything to me, it was an average
family, husband, wife, teenage son and……

At first I couldn’t believe my eyes, a car had pulled up one
at around 4.15pm and out of the car stepped a teenage girl, she looked
to be 16 years old and somehow looked familar.

There is nothing I that gets my blood running more than the innocence
of a schoolgirl.

She was the epitome of perfect schoolgirl innocence: Long brunette
hair worn in a short pony-tail, smooth, tanned legs … lean and
firm, big tits for her age, and a little bubble for an ass.

For the life of me, this girl looked familar and yet I could not place
her, that is till I sat down one evening to watch television.

I switched thru the channels until I came upon a Australian soap
called "Neighbours".

I hadn’t watched it for years, but it was always good a good source
for teenage talent, it was then I saw a familar face, a schoolgirl
character called "Anne",

I said to myself "It can’t be !", I waited till the credits at the end
of the programme…

Anne – Brooke Satchewell

My new next door neighbours were the "Satchwell’s", I was living next
door to the teenage actress Brooke Satchwell !.

My mind raced, I eagerly awaited the following afternoon, bang on
schedule at 4.15pm a car pulled up and out stepped Brooke Satchwell.

I was standing on my porch as she swished pass into her house with
that presence and freshness that only teenage girls seem to have.

She smiled at me and I thought she probably views me as no more than a
nice "elderly" man of 32 !.

Little does she know the thoughts I am having of her, and what I would
do to her if I ever got the chance. Weeks passed and I became
somewhat acquainted with Brooke, and her mother Karen.

One afternoon, there was a knock at my door, and to my surprise I
opened to be presented with Brooke Satchwell standing on my doorstep.
Although it was nearly 6 o’clock, she was still in her school uniform
… long knee-socks, reasonably short flaring tartan-skirt, and white

I hid my surprise well, and asked her what I could for her. She
replied that she needed pocket money and was wondering if I had any
odd-jobs that needed doing.

"What ?" I said, "but you’re on television and you must be earning -"

Brooke stopped me in my tracks and said, "Yeah I am on television, but
my parents want me to keep my feet on the ground, I go to ordinary
school and I get a allowance,any money I get from televsion is in a
trust fund till i’m 18".

"Ah I see" I said, "So you see I need some extra pocket money and my
mother suggessted I could do some odd-jobs for you".

Ridding my mind of the real jobs I would love her to do, I politely
answered that I did indeed need someone to clean house for me in the

She was nearly as delighted as I, and added that her mother wanted to
know if I would like to go over for some dinner.

I said "I’d love to" and that evening, I took a seat in her living
room, I began a run-of-the-mill conversation with her mother, (her
husband was away on a business trip) who, though nice, was quite

I was delighted when Brooke joined us, especially delighted at the way
she was sitting!.

Brooke, the gorgeous teen fantasy of countless men I had been eyeing
for weeks, was now sitting before me with her knees pulled up to her
chest, causing her skirt to ride up smooth thighs so high that I could
nearly see her panties.

Trying to remain inconspicuous, I shot the odd glance in the direction
of her teenage thighs as her mother prattled on, totally unaware of
the devious sight I had of her daughter who sat beside her.

Then it happened! Brooke twisted to say something to her mother, and
her skirt completed the rest of it’s journey up her smooth thighs!

I was dumbfounded as the girl’s soft pink cotton pink panties were
revealed to me!

Because of the closeness of her proximity to me, I could see the
outline of her gorgeous young pussy, and even her pubes!

But what really caught my eye was the fact that the back of her
panties were so bunched up from the way she was sitting, that they
nearly disappeared right up her delicious little ass!

Before me I beheld the full round softness of her smooth schoolgirl
ass. Her legs were propped in an upside-down ‘V’, with her feet apart,
leading up to whare her knees rested together.

I could feel a swelling in my loins, that progressed to a dull ache,
pulsating with each beat of my heart.

The next day, the afternoon could not arrive fast enough!

Finally, there was a soft knock at the door, and I knew that Brooke
had arrived. I nearly fell over when I opened the door, for Brooke
stood before me in a dress that I am was surprised her mother let her
out of the house in … it barely qualified for a T-shirt!

It was a little summer number, floral, very flared, and very short.

To go along with this, she wore loose white socks that bunched around
her ankles, and black flat shoes.

Her large teen tits sat in bra that was hardly hidden from view in the
shoulderless dress.

She was tanned all over, making her face glow, and her skin nearly to
good to resist from touching !

I composed myself, and invited the actress in.

"Is this O.K to clean in?" she asked.

Not trying to sound too eager, I reassured her that it was just fine,
and attempted to sound serious as I instructed her as to her chores.
My house was a bit of mess, but, struck by a sudden stroke of genius,
I asked her to sweep the polished pine floorboards that run the length
of my house.

When she began, I followed her about, scooping up the piles of dust
and what-not that she had gathered.

She assured me that she needed no help, yet my actions were not
motivated by kindness, but by the fact that in my floor boards was the
perfect reflection of what lay beneath her skirt! Each time we teamed
up to scoop the dust, I was in for a show that made me sweat more than
the Australian Summer !

Brooke was wearing tight, brief white cotton panties … a personal

It was lucky that I was wearing jeans, because the raging hard on I
had felt like it would burst any other soft material!

With each swish that she made, I was rewarded with a full shot of her
girly charms … her soft thighs, bulging mound, and sweet round
little ass.

I was nearly glad when the sweeping was over, for I thought I couldn’t
take much more of that!

She next volunteered to do the bathroom … clean the bath-tub , the
sink and the shower.

I eagerly agreed as this would surely involve numerous panty-views as
she bent and twisted to reach all the nooks and crannies.

I said that I would keep her company as she cleaned, and assumed my
position at the door after she entered.

I decided that I would ‘casually’ crouch to gain a better view and
within seconds of doing of doing so, I was rewarded.

The teenager actress knelt down facing me to clean the sides of the

With the effort she was exerting, she must have been blissfully
unaware that her legs were quite a way apart, and I was again feasting
my eyes eagerly the tight material covering her teen pussy and ass.

It must have been five minutes before she even paused, and I could
feel the first ooze of pre-cum making it’s way out of my cock..

Brooke stretched her back, causing her juicy firm teen tits to make
themselves even more prominent, then she was off gain! But this time
was different … to gain access to the far side of the tub, which
was attached to a wall, she had to actually get into it.

What I witnessed next was nearly it for me, i couldn’t control myself
much longer … turning her back on me, Brooke knelt on all fours and
began scrubbing furiously.

With each scrub her skirt flicked up and her perfectly round teen bum,
encased in high-cut knickers, was flashed at me!

I imagined her on the set of "Neighbours" turning on guys in her
school uniform and here she was before me, I could nearly feel myself
behind her, fucking her doggy-style, feeling that soft, warm little
ass against me, reaching around to squeeze her tasty teenage tits !,
tits that had probably never been touched by a man.

I nearly blew in my jeans at the thought of it.

This amazing show lasted nigh on ten minutes, and I was transfixed on
her thrusting ass, barely capable of keeping up the simple

We talked about, "Neighbours", the other actors, how she didn’t have
time for a boyfriend and the fan mail she received, so of it being
really gross, but luckly she said her manager filted it all out for

Brooke stood and passed me by as she exited the bathroom, and I
revelled in the slight sweat of her lithe teen body.

She threw me a smile and bounced back out to the kitchen. That
concluded the day’s cleaning, and as soon as the door had clicked
behind her, I practically tore my tight jeans off and masturbated more
furiously than I can ever remember!

The next night after school, I was disappointed to see Brooke arrive
in shorts and a long T-shirt.

Knowing that I wouldn’t gain any ‘special’ views, I made some poor
excuse about being busy and moved into my study.

The cleaning through the week did not reveal to me anything like the
first day, though I did catch a couple of nice views when she was
making my bed as she bent over to tuck it in.

Every second thought of mine when I laid in bed was of the delicious
teenage actresses charms, and I found myself jerking off like a
teenager again!

It was becoming so that looking was not enough … I had to touch
her! I had to see her naked!

The following Saturday, Brooke came over and warned me that she was
having a party that night.

I said that it did not pose a problem, and that I hoped she had great

The night rolled around, and intentionally making myself busy in the
front garden, I watched as Brooke’s friends turned up in their droves,
wishing all the time that I was sixteen again!

The girls looked like teen models and were not scared of flashing
their flesh everywhere! The teenage girls filed into Brooke’s house,
all holding their "soft" drink bottles … obviously heavily diluted
with alcohol.

The party really picked up about ten, and yells and squeals and loud
music were all that could be heard.

It was about three o’clock when the thought to sneak a peak struck me.

Slipping on some shorts, I inched my way along my back fence and found
a position behind a thick hedge where I gained full view of the
goings-on. There were teenage boys and girls running wild, and
obviously very drunk. I scanned the crowd for Brooke, yet could not
see the teenage actress. Then I caught a waft of something I hadn’t
smelt since my teen years … Marijuana.

The scent was strong, thus I knew that the smokers were close. They
were, in fact, directly below me.

It was Brooke’s and another girl and they were well over half way
through a large joint.

This convinced me that Brooke’s parent’s was not home, for I knew she
would in no way allow this type of behaviour!

Then a thought struck me that filled me with hope, and adrenalin:


What better way to get into her panties!

Filled with this knowledge, I inched my way back into my house, and
came back armed with my camera, took shot after shot of Brooke smoking

Tha night I masturbated over what I now had the chance to actually

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