Brooke Knows Best: The Sibling Bond

Story Title: Brooke Knows Best: The Sibling Bond

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(MF, cons, oral, first, mast, inc)

Brooke & Nick Hogan

Disclaimer: In no way is this story true

Brooke Hogan laid on her bed, completely board out of her mind. Her over protective father, the all mighty Hulk Hogan, had yet again ruined some fun plans. She was planning to go out clubbing with some of her friends, until her dad found out about it. She had made the mistake of letting him see her outfit for the night. She was wearing a pair of tight pants with a red belly shirt. Now, though, she was
on her bed in a pair of pajama pants and a t-shirt.

She loved her dad, but he made it real hard for her to have a some what normal teenage life. It was like he didn’t want her to grow up, and thought if he treated her like a little girl, she might stay that way. She was almost 18 and was really getting that familiar itch for sex. However with her controlled life restricting her from getting even close to a guy, she was left to satisfy her urges with masturbation. Even her “alone time” was affected by her dad. She couldn’t even have a vibrator, fearing that someone like the housekeeper might find it, and that could get back to her dad. That left her using her fingers, a lot, at least once a day.

Every time he brought down the hammer, she couldn’t help but think how unfair he could be. She had all of these restrictions, while her younger brother Nick could practically get away with murder. If her parents ever found a box of condoms in her room, her dad would hit the roof. Yet when they found condoms in Nick’s stuff, it was just a little talk. She couldn’t wait to turn 18 and get to be free of some of her dad’s insanity.

Looking over at her clock, she sighed, seeing it was only 8 o’clock. She could have been on the dance floor at a club right now, living it up with some cute guy. Her parents had left 10 minutes earlier to go out for dinner, while she and Nick had to stay home, alone. The one good thing about all of this was the camera crew had left with her parents. While she had gotten used to them and usually didn’t mind them, she wasn’t in the mood to deal with them tonight.

Getting off of her bed, she decided to see what Nick was up to. As she approached his room, she could hear music playing, and noticed his door was slightly closed. Walking to the door, she was about to push it open, until she looked inside. Nick was sitting in front of his computer, masturbating! She was shocked at what she was seeing her little brother doing. The shock soon turned into amazement, when she actually saw his dick. He was huge. She guessed he might be close to 8 inches in length and he was just 16 years old. While she knew she should just walk away, Brooke couldn’t move, just stare at him through the crack in the door. Finally she managed to get her eyes away from his dick and they moved to the computer screen, where she got the biggest shock of her life. He wasn’t pleasuring himself to any type of porno, or nude pictures. Her little brother was jerking off to pictures of her!

It was seeing her pictures on his computer screen, and what he was doing to them, that finally got her feet to move from her place, as she quickly went back to her room, making sure Nick didn’t hear her. She quickly closed her door, and sat down at her bed. She was in pure shock from seeing her own little brother, jerking off to her own pictures. She would have never guessed he was like that. If their parents ever caught him he’d be as good as dead. She just tried to compute the whole situation. Finally, she just decided to try and put it out of her mind, and turned on her TV. Laying down on her bed, she flipped through the channels, looking for anything to occupy her mind. Eventually she found an old comedy movie and ended up falling asleep with it on.

* * * * *

Brooke woke up to the buzzing of her alarm clock. Still a bit groggy from sleep, she turned off the alarm. She sat up, and threw her blanket to the side. She had guessed that her mom or dad had covered her with the blanket after they got home, as she didn’t remember covering up, or turning off the television. Standing up, she wiped the sleep from her eyes and realized it was only 4:30, which struck her as odd, since she couldn’t understand why she’d set her alarm for that early. Since she was up though, she decided to go take a shower. Giving her body a good stretch, she left her room, and walked into the nearby bathroom.

Closing the bathroom door behind her, she began pulling off her pants, followed by her t-shirt, tossing them on the sink counter next to her. She then took off her black bra and panties and added them to the pile of clothes. She was about to grab a towel out of the bathroom closet, when she stopped. She began to admire her tall, naked form looking back at her from the full length mirror on the closet door. She enjoyed her body from her long tan legs, up to her tiny little patch of blonde pubic hair, up her flat stomach, right to her perky breasts. She also knew lots of guys like her body too, which was the basis of some of her dad’s over protection. She then smirked at her reflection, and opened the door, grabbed a towel, tossing it onto the pile of clothes on the sink counter.

Once she had the water at the right temperature, she jumped in, under the warm water flow. She quickly washed her hair and body, rinsing off the suds. Next she grabbed a bottle of shaving gel from the shower shelf, and with her back to the water, lathered up her legs. Once her long legs were covered in foam, she put the can back on the shelf, grabbed a razor and started shaving her legs. After a couple of minutes, she finished the task at hand and rinsed and excess foam from her legs. Shen then ran her hand up and down each leg, testing the smoothness.

“Smooth as a baby’s bottom,” she said out loud, with a little giggle.

Satisfied with the job she did on her legs, she again grabbed the shaving gel can and filled her hand up. Once she got enough, she brought the foamy hand to her crotch, covering it. Again, once she was all lathered, he put the can back and grabbed her razor. She carefully began to shave the applied spot, making sure not to cause a cut. At first she was going to leave the little tuff of hair, but decided to go with something new. She put some more foam onto her crotch and slowly began shaving off all of the hair. It took her a bit longer, but finally she finished, leaving herself now completely bald.

Like most times when she groomed herself down there, Brooke had gotten excited. Putting the razor back, she removed the shower head and rinsed off her crotch of any shaving foam left. Once she was clean, she switched the shower head to a stronger flow, and pointed it right at her crotch. The flow quickly took affect, as she closed her eyes and began to elicit low moans. As the water did it’s magic, she moved her right hand down to her crotch. She then began darting her middle finger in and out of her tight, virginal slit.

With her finger going in and out, she repositioned the shower head, so the water blase was focused right on her clit. This little move was it. She could feel her orgasm building, just seconds from her exploding. Just before the orgasm hit, the image of her brother jerking off, popped into her head, ad then it hit her. Her body began to shake and the shower head fell from her hand. She did her best to keep her moans at a minimum, in case anyone in the house had woken up, and were within ear shot of the bathroom. As the power of the orgasm began to weaken, she leaned into the corner of the shower, as she was feeling light headed and didn’t want to fall.

Once she finally got her barrings back, Brooke stood back up, and put the shower head back into place, rinsed herself down and turned the water off. Sliding the glass door open, she reached across the floor and grabbed the towel off the sink and began drying herself. Once she was fairly dry, she wrapped the towel around her body and headed to her room. She couldn’t believe the image of her own brother’s dick had entered her mind when she was masturbating. Apparently seeing him with himself had affected her more than she thought it did. As she turned on her hair dryer, she decided to do her best to just block that night from her memory.

* * * * *

It was Friday night and the weather was horrible in Florida. It had rained all day and just because night had fallen didn’t mean the rain was going to let up. Like they did last week, Hulk Hogan and his wife Linda had gone out for a dinner and night on the town, and planned to be gone for the weekend this time. Also like last week, the camera crew for their reality show had followed, and their kids Nick and Brooke were left home alone. As always when their parents were gone, they could not go to or throw any parties, and weren’t allowed to have anyone over for the night.

Brooke was up in her room, writing in her diary, just trying not to die of boredom. The last time her parents had been out, she ended up catching her brother in his room, masturbating to pictures of her. As much as she tried, she could not block it from her mind, and actually found herself thinking about it a lot. In fact, ever since then, when she masturbated, the image of his dick would pop into her head.

In the past couple of days she convinced herself that there was nothing wrong with what she was thinking. She was 17 years old, never had sex and to be dead honest, her brother was hung. She had guessed he might have been close to 8 inches long. She then realized that with her parents gone, he might be at it again. Intrigued, she closed her diary, got up and headed to Nick’s room. Like last week, music was coming from the room, and the door was partially open. She went up to the crack, and like before, Nick was at his computer, doing his thing. This week though, the pictures of his sister were replaced with some Internet porn. She again stood at the door and watched a bit, as her brother “enjoyed himself.”

After standing there watching for about a minute, Brooke found herself, pushing the door open, and walking into the room. Nick didn’t notice her in the room until she loudly cleared her throat. He nearly jumped out of the chair, from the noise, and tried to cover up his erection. When he saw his older sister standing there with her arms crossed, he got really embarrassed.

“B-Brooke, what the hell are you doing?”

“Oh, I was just checking out your little extra canicular activity, while mom and dad are gone,”

“I-it’s not what it looks like,”

“Oh come on Nick, is that the best you’ve got? You’ve got this stuff on your computer and your thing in your hand. I think this is exactly what it looks like.”

“Well, it’s not like it’s anything any other guy doesn’t do.”

“No, probably not, but I don’t think what you had on your screen last week is what people would exactly call normal.”

She was now somewhat enjoying this. Her brother, who was always cool, calm and collected, was really squirming in his chair, all the while, unsuccessfully trying to hide his still prominent erection with his shirt.

“Oh, shit. God Brooke, I-I’m sorry. God I’m so sorry,” he was now really nervous, fearing what she might do with this information.

“Nick, calm down. Calm down. Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell mom and dad. Actually it’s kind of flattering,” Nick’s look of nervousness now took on some confusion with that statement. “I mean I must be damn good looking if my own brother jacks off to my pictures. I actually felt weird about it at first, but I’ve started to like thinking about it,” now Nick was started to look a bit shocked. “Now I’ve got something bothering me. This is twice I’ve seen your little guy, and you’ve gotten nothing. You know what they say, ‘so me yours and I’ll show you mine.'”

Brooke then did something that really shocked her brother. She undid the draw string on her pajama pants and yanked them down, along with her panties, right to her knees. She now stood there with her bald pussy on display for her little brother. Nick just sat in his chair, completely shocked at what he was seeing. His hands fell from his crotch, and his dick poked back out from under his shirt.

“Now, you see Nick, in the last few days, I’ve been thinking. Now you now with the way dad is, it’s almost impossible for either of us to get any physical fun with anyone. So I was thinking, why can’t we help each other out with this little problem?”
“Ummm, wha?” was all that came out of his mouth. He was just in a trance, staring at his big sister’s bald pussy. Brooke realized she would need to make another move, if she wanted anything to happen. So, as he kept staring, she wiggled her bottoms to her ankles, and stepped out of them and moved forward. She then reached her hand out, grabbing onto her little brother’s big cock.

“So what do you say Nicky?” This little action finally got a response.

“Wait, Brooke, this is crazy. We’re brother and sister,” he just couldn’t believe how bold his innocent sister was being.

“Oh come on Nick, it’s obvious you’ve thought about it,” as she spoke to him, she massaged his dick, “and your little friend here seems to agree with me on this,”
Nick didn’t say anything, as he just looked into his big sisters eyes, while she continued rubbing his dick. Suddenly something clicked in his head and he just moved his head forward and started kissing his sister. Brooke really couldn’t believe she was doing some thing so outrageous as this, and that her brother was now reacting to it. She kept rubbing Nick’s dick as their tongues wrestled in each other’s mouths. They lip lock lasted a few seconds until Nick finally broke the kiss and again looked into her eyes.
“Man Brooke, what the hell are we doing?”

“That’s simple Nick. We’re doing what feels right,” she replied with a smile. She then moved herself onto her knees, and got a better grip on his dick, right at the base.

“Man, Nick, I might be your older sister, but I think I could call you my big brother.” Nick just gave her a nervous smile and waited for whatever was next. Brooke just returned the smile and moved her head towards Nick’s dick. With her lips, an inch from the tip, she paused, and took a deep breath, and then kissed the head. She gave his dick a few more kisses in a few more spots, and then stuck her tongue out and began licking the bottom part of the shaft. Even having never been with a guy, Brooke just seemed to know what to do.

“Oh god Brooke, it feels so good!” After a few more licks, she decided to go for it. She brought her head up, over his dick. Opening her mouth, she took the head in, and began to suck. With a few sucks, she moved her head down about half an inch.

“Oh, g-god Broo….” Nick uttered. The next thing Brooke knew, she could feel what had to be Nick’s cum, shooting into her mouth. Even with the taste being not to her liking, she kept her head still, letting him get off. Nick’s eyes were clenched shut, with his hands digging into the chair’s arm rest, as he enjoyed his first assisted orgasm. A few more seconds passed, before his orgasm subsided, and Brooke pulled her head away. Reaching up to his desk, she grabbed a few tissues from the box he had. Bunching up the tissues, she proceed to spit her brother’s cum into it. Once she got all the white goo out of her mouth, she crumpled up the tissue and tossed them into the trash can.
“Oh, geez, I’m so sorry Brooke,”

“Don’t worry,” she said with a giggle. “I hear the first time, guys sometimes cum quick. Now what do you say we officially loose our virginity status?” Nick nodded his head and Brooke stood to her feet. Walking over to his bed, she pulled her shirt over her heard, tossing it to the floor. Laying down, she saw Nick, now naked, by his dresser. When he turned around she could see him ripping open a condom.

“Good thinking. We don’t want me getting pregnant. We’d both be as good as dead.”

With the wrapper open, Nick threw it to the ground and rolled the rubber onto his dick. He then walked over to his bed, and knelt in between his sister’s spread open legs.
“Looks like I finally get to use one of these,” he said with a smirk.

“Now go slow, Nick. I heard it can hurt the first time,” He nodded as he positioned the head of his dick against the lips of his big sister’s virgin pussy. Placing his hands on her upper thighs, he very slowly started to push his hips forward. At first, with the combination of her tightness and his size, he did not go in, but with a little more force, the head entered her pussy. The motion got some low moans from Brooke, who told him to keep going. He did as he was told until he felt himself stopped by something, and quickly realized it was her heyman.

“Are you sure Brooke?”

“Mmmm, yeah. I’m sure Nick. Take your big sister’s virginity.”

With that enforcement, he pushed forward with a little added force and felt it give way. As he broke through, her heyman, Brooke let out a lout painful scream.

“Are you ok?!” Should I take it out Brooke?”

“No, no, keep it in. The pain is actually going away already. Keep going.”

Still a little worried, he continued pushing forward, until his pelvis met hers. He was now laying on top of her, once again eye to eye. He could see a happiness in his sister’s eyes.

“It’s starting to feel real good Nick.” With that she grabbed his head and started kissing him. As they kissed, Nick began to move his hips, sending his dick in and out of her.

“Ah, Nick, it feels so good. Oh, go faster. Fuck your big sister’s pussy.”

Now in a different state of mind, Nick quickly did as he was told, moving his hips as fast as the position would allow him. The feeling the two siblings were experiencing was beyond anything either of them could have ever imagined. In a matter of minutes, Brooke began to feel something she knew all to well from her masturbating.

“Oh god nick, keep going! Keep going, I’m going to cum! Make your big sister cum! Mmmmmmmm!”

He kept the fast pace going and moments later, he felt her already tight pussy get even tighter as she began to cum.


As his sister screamed in pleasure, Nick stopped moving, as it was just too hard to move his dick anymore. Then the squeezing of her pussy became too much for him and in the middle of her screams, he let out a groan and began filling the condom with a second load of cum. After a minute Brooke’s orgasm began to subside and her mind began to clear, as her pussy loosened up a light bit.

“Wow Nick, that was amazing. I’ve never been able to make myself cum like that before. Did you cum?” All Nick could do was nod. With a smile he rolled off of his sister and laid down next to her.

“Oh, I guess the first time can be a bit messy,” she said looking at his now softening dick, with a bit of blood on the condom. She then reached over, pulling the rubber off of her little brother, trying to keep as much cum in it as possible. Amazing, as she did this, he shot right back to attention.

“Well, I think you might be still up for more,” she took the used rubber and grabbed a few tissues from a second box on his night table. She then wrapped it up in the tissues, got up off the bed, and tossed the contents into the trash basket. As Nick continued to lay on the edge of the bed, Brooke walked back over and smiled.

“So are you ready for round two?”

“I think so. The condoms are over in…” but before he could tell her where, she cut him off.

“Actually, Nicky, I just realized, we don’t need them. I’ve actually been on the pill for a few months now to help with my period, so we really don’t need the rubbers.”

Nick really didn’t respond, so Brooke just took it as a go ahead. She first leaned down and began passionately kissing him again. As they kissed, Brooke used her left hand to rub his dick and make sure he kept hard. She then broke the kiss and climbed back up onto the bed, straddling her brother’s waist. Then with her right hand, she positioned his dick at the base of her pussy and began to slowly lower herself onto him. When she once again had all of him in her, Brooke stopped. She reached down, grabbing Nick’s hands and brought them up, putting his hands on her perky little breasts.

“Here Nick, play with my nipples, while I do my thing.”

The second she said this, Nick began to pinch her hard nipples in between his fingers. With Nick doing his thing, Brooke began to gyrate her hips, grinding her crotch into her brother’s.
“mmmmm yeah, Nick, pinch my nipples. That feels so good mmmmm! I love that big dick inside my tight pussy, mmmmm!!” Like before it was not long before Brooke could feel her orgasm quickly approaching. This time however, Nick would get there first, as with out warning, he began shooting stream after stream of cum into his sister’s pussy. Like the previous chain reaction, Nick’s orgasm this time set off Brooke’s.


As her body convulsed, Nick’s hands had moved to her hips, as her orgasm’s intensity actually got him to cum again, shooting even more jizz into her.

The combined orgasms lasted a couple of minutes. When she finally came down, Brooke let out a big sigh of air and fell off her brother, laying down next to him. The two were now side by side, looking up at the ceiling.

“That was amazing Brooke. I just can’t believe we did that.”

“I know. We just have to make sure mom and dad don’t find out. But hey, now whenever they go out, and the cameras aren’t around, we can have more fun like this.”

Brooke then sat up and could feel the cum start to drip out of her. With a smile she leaned over and gave Nick another great kiss.

“Well you wore your big sis out Nick. I’m going to go shower and then to to bed. Maybe tomorrow after we regain our energy we can do this again.” She then stood up, walking out of his room. As she left, Nick lifted his head. As he watched her bare ass sway from side to side, he smiled.


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