Brooke Revealed


Recently, an Ivy League institution of some note uncovered, quite by accident a long lost piece of correspondence tucked away in an old desk drawer, where it had slipped behind the frame and lay hidden until quite recently. The following is the textual transcript of the letter from one Miss Brooke Shields to a close personal friend. It is reprinted here in its unaltered or edited entirety, in Miss Shield’s own words.

08 September 1989

Dear Jodie,

It’s been some time since we’ve gotten together! How have you been? I miss having you visit me for those intimate secret sessions
and I hope I will see you again very soon! I long to feel your great and talented wet tongue!

I wanted to tell you all about a recent conquest I made of this one guy who won a dinner date with me in a magazine contest. As usual, the hype about my lifestyle always precedes me;advancing the idea that I am some prudish goodie-two-shoes! It has been very difficult for me to get cock as a result of that reputation and the image that I must keep before the public.

But you well know how much I love to suck cock;just like Mom and, of course, you my sweet doll. But you also know the logistical gymnastics we have to go through to get any really good lays.

This was the same kind of case! This guy, Vincent, won the date with me though Esquire magazine and that contest they had when I did that cool cover shoot for them. You remember, Jodie, the one where I wore that blue bikini that really gave me cleavage. God I loved the way that suit top stacked my boobies up!

Anyway, the deal included dinner and then attendance at the U.S. premiere of BRENDA STARR. (You know, I didn’t even think they were going to release it here! Damn was that a waste of four months of my life! But you’ve already heard me bitching about that before.) So, the guy was nice enough. We ate a very good and romantic dinner at Sardi’s, then we got driven to the theatre in a nice super-stretch limo – Hey, I’m the star of the fuckin’ film, right? Ð and it was a nice scene with the press at the red carpet.

I didn’t tell Vincent until much later that I was not wearing any underwear beneath that black and red Oleg Cassini gown Ð the one that you think is so hot Ð but I knew he’d maybe suspected as much in the limo.

It has the scoop neckline and when I leaned forward to ask him something during the drive to the theatre I know he got an eyeful of my nipple. Look, I know that I don’t have much in the tit department there, but the way he blushed told me he was getting a show. Mom asked again the other day if I was reconsidering getting a tit-job, she said its not even a big deal in Hollywood anymore. But, I like what Mother Nature gave me, and you know how sensitive my little perkies are!

Man, the PR guys hung around all night taking pictures until I was getting dizzy from the flashes. I’ll bet some of those flashes really made the gown look sheer too. My Mom always is on my case about that Ôcause I so seldom wear a bra that my nipples are showing through a lot of my dresses and tops and the paparazzi know it! They’re always looking to get some “flash action” from me. But its just like Mom told me when I was 10 and she had me pose for those nude bathtub “art” shots, “Never;ever give it away, Brooke.”

And, you know I don’t either;normally. (Hell, like I’m telling you? How hard did you beg to get into my pants that first night back at the house?)

Back at my hotel there Vincent’s eyes went super wide with surprise when he took me to my hotel room for what he thought was the end of the date. I gave e him a peck on the cheek at the door for the photographers from the magazine. One of those guys suggested that I give him a really romantic and sexy kiss and that is just what I did! I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and gave him a real wet smooch right on he lips, and then I slipped the tip of my tongue into his mouth!

Man! You should have been there, Jodie! His cock went straight up against my thigh so stiff and fast that I thought for sure it had torn out of his pants!

That was the real signal to me. I could hardly wait to get the chance to whisper to him to come back to the hotel in about an hour. He let out a surprised little gasp, but could see the screamingly hot sexual desire in his dark eyes! When I took his hand to shake it and say good night, I curled my middle finger under and scratched his palm with it. That used to be the old time signal for “Let’s fuck”, at least according to my Mom. I’m not sure if Vincent knew it or not, but his nervous expression and sweaty palm made me think that maybe he did.

You should have seen him really start to sweat when I kissed him goodbye once more and secretly reached down with my left hand to give his cock a squeeze! My right hand was holding my purse towards the press, but my left was out of sight. I gave his boy-thing a couple of hard gropes and could actually feel him getting stiffer right there in my fingers!

We broke apart and I looked down at his tremendous erection as he was trying to hide it. Then, when I had eye contact with him, I slowly did what you like to do in that situation;I licked my lips. That seemed to make his cock go even stiffer! One photographer looked down and saw Vincent’s big erection but didn’t know I had just invited him back to the hotel. He was used to seeing men get erections when I kissed them.

I went up to my suite just as quick as possible and prepared the place for Vincent. I set up my video camera and adjusted the lights and then switched the Cassini gown for a black satin number that I bought from Frederick’s of Hollywood under my assistant’s name. The black lace corset had half wire bra cups;you know, the kind that you love too;that hold our tits up and leave the tops exposed including the nipples. As you know, I need all the help I can get in that area! This outfit really puts what tits you have on a shelf!

I was so excited about getting Vincent to come back to the hotel that I could feel my pussy getting wet and my nipples were all stiff and sticking way out when the phone rang. It was Vincent in the lobby! I had him come right up. As I waited I put on black fishnet stockings and a black garter belt. As usual, I was not wearing panties! I then put on my tallest red high stiletto heels.

When he walked in the door I waited behind it for a moment. I wanted to have the full effect on him. And that is just what I did!

When I closed the door and he saw me in that special sexy outfit, I thought he would cum right there and then! He didn’t say anything. I think he was in shock. Most people think that I am this virginal goody-goody. When I knelt down in front of him and started to unbuckle his pants, he gasped! I looked up at his already sweating face and smiled as I opened his fly. I already had the video on for my mom. She loves to see me seduce men. Some times I bring them home to her if the guy agrees to fuck and suck us both!

I pulled his pants down, and then pulled his underwear down off of his erection. You should see his cock sometime, Jodie! He’s got the kind you would love! It sprang up in m face ad grazed my cheek as soon as the briefs slipped off the head. I took the rest of his clothes off while he stood there, amazed. Then I got back down on my knees and started to suck on his sweet, delicious cock;just the way you taught me. I started by sucking on his big, hairy balls, I then quickly worked him up to near ejaculation, sucking on his rigid, reddening cock like mad. I was licking him all over, including lapping my wet tongue all over his pee hole and sticking the tip inside and wiggling it around. Then I stopped!

He was up on his tipi toes when I did that, shaking as I sucked on him. “I want you to build up a lot of cum before I let you shoot in my mouth!” I told him. You should have seen his expression, Jodie. It was priceless!

Each time that his cock started to droop a bit, I went and sucked it back to a full erection again. Man, did I love doing that! I still didn’t let him cum though. I had him eat my pussy to a full orgasm. It surprised even me that I had several climaxes in a row! I guess I was hornier than I thought. Vincent got so extremely excited by eating me and sucking on my huge clit that he almost came when I did. His whole body was vibrating along with my orgasms. It was so exciting to see this fantastically beautiful, big, juicy erection sticking straight up and dripping clear pre-cum as he ate my pussy! I marveled at how much of the fluid was leaking out of his penis and dribbling down the shaft.

Vincent couldn’t believe his luck! Not even after I said, “Let’s fuck now, Vincent” and removed the corset! All I had on was the garter belt , the fishnet stockings and the red patent leather stilettos.

I laid back on the couch and parted my legs, grabbed each side of my pussy lips and pulled them apart, inviting him to enter me. He wasted no time and slipped his swollen cock head into me and soon we were bucking and fucking like a couple of minks! I wrapped my legs up around his body as he thrust and met each of is thrusts with a thrust of my own. I knew that mom would love the tape, especially when I had Vincent turn around and bend over. Was he surprised when I rimmed him! He had already fucked me, but it felt like he was going to cum again as my tongue probed deep.

I couldn’t get him to rim me though! I said, “Vincent, would you please eat my asshole now that I’ve eaten yours?” H almost did it, and had his mouth right down next to my butt crease. He DID lick me a few times but then he chickened out. I told him that it was okay;if he would eat me again whenever I wanted it!

At first, he didn’t know what I meant;then it dawned on him that what I was saying is that I wanted him to be one of my semi-permanent secret love slaves! I told him about how I had this “fan club” of men and women around the country who were my very private, secret sex slaves! They all had to do my bidding if they wanted anything from me! I brought out some of the more kinky secret video tapes that showed me getting it on with famous people!

He was just as stunned as you were that day that we first looked at all my sex videos. Especially that one that shows me sucking off Bob Hope! I had started sucking his cock years ago;in trade for having all those guest spots on his many TV and USO shows. I think that all started around the time of WANDA NEVADA or so. The same thing with all those other stars! He particularly liked the tapes of me with Ann-Margret and the bondage video with Cheryl Ladd and Farrah Fawcett. He almost started to jerk off while that was on, but I stopped him!

I’ve always thought that my now the National Enquirer or The Star would have gotten wind of my sex life by now, but then again a little suck session in Lateen, Florida always seems to do the trick doesn’t it, Jodie? Well, nothing has leaked out yet;knock wood.

Vincent agreed to be one of my slaves for whenever I came to a city near him. I was due to be in Cincinnati I December for a special stage show. We agreed that when I arrived in town I would call him and he would come down and then to my hotel suite that night and we would have a wild fuck and suck orgy. He also agreed to allow me to take more videos with him for my mom;and he’s even excited about going down on Mom and letting her suck his beautiful cock. She was sough excited when I showed her the first Vincent tape and told her the news.

We continued on all night long! He really enjoyed fucking me;especially when I taught him how to fuck me super slow and steady and lifting my ass up when he fucked me. Eventually, he had me way up in the air and was standing as he fucked me! I was literally upside down! I adore that position. I love looking between my breasts at his sweating face as he pumps away at my hungry pussy! I’m sure that he love doing me that way too and looking down at me as he was cumming.

It was really quite an awesome fuck and he was huffing and puffing and really working his body while he did me in that position I kept telling him how great it was all through the act. “Ohhhh;ohhhh Vincent!! Honey, baby!! Yesss Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” Well, you know how I get. I kept up wit the dirty talk and praising his magnificent cock skills until he filled me up with his hot, creamy cum. I couldn’t believe how much jism this man was spurting! My horny body was fulfilled and satisfied.

Eventually, as the spurts came to an end, he lowered me down. I was still tingling all over as my ass hit the pillows and then , just as suddenly, he was eating me out again! I loved the way his long, wet tongue, lazily slid around my just-fucked cunt. He was lapping deep. I could feel the pink body flush I was experiencing, getting so turned on knowing he was lapping away at the same place he’s just shot his glorious wad!

When he was almost finished, I sat up and then pushed him back to slather his limp cock with my wet mouth all over his once-again growing cock and started to lick him all over his great looking body! I gave him a “trip around the world”, starting at his cock and balls and then turning him over to lick his anus then up his back to his sexy mouth as I flipped him back over and Frenched him. Then I sucked on both of his nipples and his taunt and toned stomach before going back to that beautiful piece of male meat that was actually twitching with anticipation as I approached it.

There I gave him a “whore’s blow job”, rapidly sucking on the full length and bobbing my head like a piston on the full length of his rock hard staff. He came quickly and heavily but I didn’t stop there! I swallowed every drop and then kept on sucking away, even after he was slurped dry by me. By now that precious penis was too tender for my fun and he begged me to stop and so I let him loose, knowing that he was now mine for sure!

We parted as friends;but also as secret lovers! It was almost 4 AM when I finally let Vincent out into the carpeted hallway. We were both still nude and I thought it would be exciting to have our last sex act in the hall. We piled our clothes at the door. Vincent was quite nervous about getting caught totally naked in the hall. I guess I should have been also, but for some strange reason I was totally into it.

I knelt and began to lick him once again. “You certainly have a gorgeous cock, Vincent,” I told him while I took a short break from sucking. I cradled his balls in both hands as I moved my mouth along his shaft Ð simulating him fucking my mouth. Vincent got the idea immediately and put both hands on the back of my head and held me firm as he flexed his hips and power-fucked my silky mouth.

Just as he started to shoot another load, we heard the elevator bell ring!

It was just around the corner, no at all far away! And Vincent was still cumming and I was still swallowing his sperm as we heard the people- more than one Ð talking and walking our way! There wasn’t time to get dressed as I was still drinking Vincent’s warm, sweet sticky spunk and not about to stop now!

He was super nervous as the sounds of the people approaching grew louder. In a split second they would be there! At the last moment I pulled away, allowing a spurt of his cum to spatter my lips, nose and forehead, as I bent to scoop up the pile of clothes and jumped back into the suite- kicking the door closed as I did.

I heard the people Ð whoever they were Ð gasp and cry out as they discovered the bare-assed Vincent there with cum dribbling onto the carpet out of his fabulous, big cock. He pounded on the door and I peered out the peep hole with an amused grin as I saw a youngish brunette woman and her husband or boyfriend rush past saying something like “pervert” and an older woman’s voice saying “Henry, call some one!”. And so I relented and let the panting and wild-eyed Vincent to plunge back into the room.

I told him I was sorry to have played such a dangerous game with him and that I hoped he would let me make it up to him. I smoothed things over with the hotel management with a threat of bad publicity in Hollywood for them and a small check for the night manager, and then I informed Vincent that he was required to stay for the rest of the night and brunch was on me;perhaps literally.

And he was VERY appreciative of my generosity too!

Well, that’s all the news from Columbus for now, Jodie. Look forward to seeing you next time I’m in the Apple or CT. Study hard, honey.

With much love,


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