Brooke Satchwell Story

It was 7:30pm and another day of filming had just finished on the
Neighbours set. My character, an English student staying in Australia for
the summer, had been on screen for just over a month and a half now. I was
finally getting used to the daily routine of filming, learning lines,
discussing plot, and finding time to go out and enjoy myself in the middle
of it all. The other cast members were a good bunch, and going to
nightclubs with them was always an experience.

I got back to my flat in the down town area half an hour later, and
slumped down in the kitchen to have a quick drink and look over next weeks
We only found out what was happening around three of four days in
advance, so you were never quite sure what you would be doing with whom
until you were practically doing it. As always, my scenes were highlighted
in bright green, so I flicked through and found my first appearance. I felt
a slight pang of nerves as I realised it was going to take place in the
local swimming pool. It was nice to get out of the studio to film, but this
scene also had Ann in it. The last time I did a scene with her in the water
I had to ‘forget’ my lines a couple of times and then call here Brooke by
‘accident’ in order to delay getting out of the pool. Lets just say I was
waiting for my ‘excitement’ over being in a pool, almost naked, with the
lovely Ms. Satchwell.

There had been sexual tension between us almost since the day I arrived.
Our eyes had met, but neither of us wanted to make a move. It could end our
careers in Neighbours for a start. The swimming pool scenes were
particularly hard, not least because our on screen characters were supposed
to have their eye on each other and so we had to act like it. But where did
the acting stop and the real longing begin? As with all the younger
characters on the show, we had to keep fit and looking good otherwise we
would never have got the contract in the first place, let alone kept it.
Outside of work we usually kept a polite distance, not wanting to break the
spell, or shatter the idea of what might be. I guess we were both just a
bit scared of what the other might say, even if we were 95% sure we were
thinking the same thing.

I read on a little and was instantly relieved to see that I only had to
sit, fully clothed, outside the pool and watch Ann swimming for a while. I
would speak with a couple of other characters about her, and then she would
come over and speak to me. I had an average number of lines so it wouldn’t
be a problem to learn. Of course, I did mean I got to admire Brooke in her
swim suit, which was definitely the best perk of the job.

Next up I had a couple of scenes in the street, just general stuff not
really related to my character. But then, at the very end of that days
programme, I found the thing I had been dreading for some time now. I had
to kiss Brooke.

I knew it had been coming, but both Brooke and I had not said anything
because of the tension we both felt. Well, now it was going to be forced.
We were going to be in Ann’s house, sitting on the couch in the front room.
After some (fairly cheesy) dialogue we were to look at each other for a few
moments, then kiss passionately. I guess Brooke must have found out at the
same time too, and I began trying to think of what to say to her the next
day on set.

The next morning we didn’t really have time to chat. It would have to
wait until lunch, as we both had that early swimming pool scene and needed
make-up. I spoke to Brooke briefly, just to confirm what we expected to
happen in the scene, and then we got right on with it. It was a good job I
was in my baggy shorts that day, as was the fashion at the time, because
Brooke looked stunning in her tight blue bathing outfit. If anything, it
looked a little small for her, but then certain parts of her were quite
large compared with the average. I tried to remember my lines and get on
with the scene anyway. After a re-take or two we finally got to the part
where Ann came over to say her brief lines. The camera, and just about ever
red blooded male in the whole place, watched as Ann lifted herself out of
the water. She was dripping wet of course, and breathing slowly but heavily
as she had just been doing laps. Her body was almost bursting out of her
costume, her thighs almost swallowing her small bikini style bottoms, and
her breasts slowly heaving up and down in her bra. She smiled at us, at me.
As she made her way over I smiled back, feeling a little sheepish. She
stopped in front of us, and put her hands on her hips.

“What are you guys doing later?” she asked. Suddenly realising the next
line was mine, I opened my mouth, then shut it again. Trying once more I
managed to say something.
“We were heading back to to my place to watch a video. You can tag along
too if you like!”

Brooke looked at me for a moment. I suddenly realised she was beginning
to feel a little self conscious too. My eyes moved down from her face, and I
noticed that her nipples were starting to get harder and show though her
outfit. They were so close, so inviting, but I knew I couldn’t. Realising I
was staring, I moved my eyes back to her face, trying to concentrate there.
I think she knew I had seen the cause of her embarrassment, and she
hurriedly spoke her last line and left the set as soon as the director
called ‘cut’.

At lunch I found Brooke drinking a long shake from a straw. Putting aside
the image this instantly put in my head, I sat down across from her and
looked her right in the eye. We sat there for maybe thirty seconds,
examining every tiny detail of the others face.
“About the scene we have tomorrow…” Shooting an episode took more than
one day, so our kissing scene wasn’t until next morning. Brooke looked
down, obviously not sure how to respond. “I think we need to work on
this… I mean, you know, so we are comfortable.” I waited nervously for
her response.

“I agree.” she said. “Look, I know there has been a little bit of tension
between us, but we have to put it aside for now. Both our careers rest on
this you know.” I knew it alright, but that wasn’t really my main purpose
for having this conversation. I was glad Brooke was open about it, and
wanted to talk about it. I guess in Australia they find these things a bit
easier than we reserved Brits do.

Once the ice was broken we got on fine again. We had always been good
friends, enjoying each others company. It was only recently that things had
become strained, and that all seemed past now. We agreed to meet up at
Brooke’s place and go over the scene. Before that had even really
registered I was up from the table and on my way back to the set for more

By 6 o’clock that day I was starting to realise what it meant. I was
going to Brooke’s house, essentially to practice kissing her. We had to, we
couldn’t leave it to the last moment. I wasn’t sure what to think.. other
thank I needed to shower and brush my teeth.

I arrived over at her place around 8pm. She opened the door wearing a
long blue dress. It wasn’t particularly tight, but it looked amazing on her
anyway. I swallowed hard and went in, taking up her offer of a seat on the
couch. We talked about nothing for half an hour, nervously steering around
the topic at hand. It helped to relax us both though, and we were finally
feeling at ease enough to move onto the real reason for my visit. The
conversation eventually dried up, and we sat in silence for a moment of
two. We then looked at each other, both aware of what was going to happen.

Suddenly it was all out in the open. The look on her face and mind said it
all, we wanted each other so much and had done for what seemed forever. I
could see it in her deep brown eyes, the understanding of what we both
felt. But somehow I couldn’t say it right, my mouth opened and I started,
but what was there to say. Brooke slowly moved closer to me, and I moved a
little toward her. My mind was concentrated on her face, nothing else
mattered. The moment finally came, as my lips gently pressed against hers.

A moment later she moved back. Was it a mistake, had she changed her
mind? No, she moved her arm up to touch mine and we kissed once more. This
time for longer, our lips carefully moving together, playing off each
other. I felt the warmth of Brooks breath against my face, and my skin
tingled as it touched her soft cheeks a little. Her long brown hair fell
foreward slightly, playing against me. I reached up and held the back of
her head a little, running my hand into her hair. We stayed like that for
almost a minute, then Brooke slowly leaned back, pulling me with her so my
face was never more than a few centimeters from hers. She smiled that
wonderful, glowing smile at me, and I knew everything was all right. I
leaned in and kissed her more, our tounges touching gently and our hearts
moving slowly faster. I could feel her heart beating against my hand on her
neck, and her breasts slowly moved, pushing against me, as I lay almost on
top of her. The moment was shear joy and love.

We slowly became more and more entwined, Brooke wrapping her legs around
mine and me holding her in my arms. I took one of her hands in mine and
held on tightly. The material of her dress was soft, slightly synthetic but
warm and silky.

After some time we sat back up again and held hands. “I’m so glad we did
that, finally the tension is gone” said Brooke. I was glad too, and told
her so. “I was so embarrassed in the pool today, and have been for a while
now. I know you aren’t supposed to get worked up about it, but seeing you in
your bathers was hard to ignore” she added.

“You aren’t the only one,” I said. “You are so beautiful Brooke, and I
wish I had told you that earlier.” Brooke looked away for a moment, then
back at me again. She slowly stood up, and I followed her. She let go of my
hands, and walked over to her bedroom. I knew what she meant, but
hesitated. Was it too soon? No, I wanted this and so did she. Of that I was

I walked into Brooke’s room where she stood in the middle. It was nicely
decorated, with a large bed in the corner. I moved closer to her, and
kissed her once more. She reached around and lifted my t-shirt over my
head, and then discarded it on the floor. Her hands moved over my chest, my
hard and erect nipples feeling tender under her touch. I smiled and lifted
the shoulder straps of her dress over her shoulders and let it fall easily to
the floor. She was wearing soft white underwear, not too tight but
surrounding the natural shape of her young and perfect body. We kissed some
more, and the feeling of her soft breasts pressing against my naked chest
began to excite me. I could feel her hard nipples under her bra, and my
hands ran gently down her back, feeling her spine all the way down and back
up again. Brooke reached down and carefully undid the button on my jeans
and let them fall to the ground around my feet. She moved away a little and
put her hand against my boxers, feeling my erection. I smiled, kissing her
cheek and then moving slowly down her neck and to her breasts.

I reached around her back and undid her bra. As it fell away her breasts
bounced slightly, and I admired her for a moment. How long had I waited to
see this moment? I wanted to smother myself between her big boobs, but
resisted the temptation. I kissed each one and them moved on down, towards
her belly. Brooke took her breasts in her hands and moved them together a
little, feeling them and enjoying the sensation. I kissed her belly button
and sucked it a little, while sliding her panties down. I felt her
buttocks, soft and firm. I moved back for a moment, kissed her just above
her pubic hair and then stood back up. I noticed she had very little hair
down there, perhaps she shaved a little for those pool scenes. There was a
small clutch of hair just above her pussy, but I didn’t see much of it as
she moved down and began to kiss my chest. At the same time she removed my
boxers and felt my erection once more. She held my balls in her hand and
squeezed ever so slightly. She carefully helped my foreskin to roll right
back and kissed the head of my penis gently. A shiver of pleasure went down
my spine, and she looked up at me with those large, longing eyes.

Brooke moved over to the bed and lay on it. I lay down next to her and
kissed her again. My hands found her breasts and gently caressed each of
them. Every time I rubbed her nipples I could feel her arch her back a
little in pleasure. I started to kiss her chest, and moved down to suck her
nipples. Meanwhile my hand moved down further, feeling her thighs and
slowly working it’s way toward it’s goal. I carefully felt her pussy,
realising that it was already slightly moist. I used my fingers to open her
a little, feeling for her clit. The first time I touched it she arched up
even more, pressing her breasts firmly into my face and moaning slightly.
The sound was musical, sweet music to my ears. I gently caressed her more,
and her breathing got heavier.

Feeling the time was right (I certainly felt ready) I moved up over her
and looked into her eyes. We smiled at each other, and both whispered “I
love you” at the same time. Giggling slightly Brooke kissed me once more,
and I slowly brought by member up to her, ready to enter. I pushed slowly,
gently opening her out a little and sliding past her lips. The pleasure was
intense, and as the rim of my head moved past her lips and clit, Brooke
moaned out louder than ever before. She was tight and warm, her thighs
pushing against my body. I leaned back a little get get a better angle to
move and began to slowly thrust. I didn’t want to take it too fast at
first, and Brooke seemed to agree with my strategy. We soon developed a
rhythm and I could both feel and hear my balls gently slapping against her
cheeks. My chest was heaving up and down, as was hers, and Brooke moaned
with her eyes shut. Her breasts bounced up and down in front of me, and I
used my hands to caress them. They were firmer now, spread out as she lay
on her back. Brooke’s hands reached up to touch my chest as we started to
move more quickly. She lifted her legs up a little and put them around me.
The feeling was indescribable, the pleasure and love all mixing together and
her warm feeling running into me. I looked down and could see myself
entering and exiting her pussy, which was now pushed open even wider than
before. It was pink inside, smooth and lovely. I moved myself a little
closer and higher to get a better angle on her and so I could run myself
against her clit a little more. Brooke sensed what I was doing and moved
her hands to hold her legs up while I concentrated on my movement.

At length Brooke opened her eyes and looked at me. I was sweating a
little now, feeling harder than ever. Brooke’s cries became louder and more
urgent, I could tell she was close to climax. Hearing her, seeing her
breasts bouncing and feeling my hard member thrusting inside of her, feeling
her pubic hair as I moved in as deep as I could, enjoying the tightness of
her pussy as she came closer to climax… I could feel myself getting close
too. Her legs locked tighter around me as I too began to moan slightly, her
voice rising to it’s peek. I felt myself going just as she climaxed too,
the pleasure for both of us amazingly intense. My load shot into her,
feeling hotter than even she was. She held me inside her for several
seconds longer, breathing her way through the orgasm and smiling at me as I
looked down on her beautiful body. Her face was going a little red with all
the effort, but as I slowly withdrew and lay down next to her, I knew we
had both had the most amazing experience of our lives. Suddenly it came
to me that this was my first time, and now I couldn’t wait for more. But
what about Brooke? I looked into her eyes, the warm glow of her face
filling my world. I opened my mouth to speak but she moved a finger over my
lips. Realising my unspoken question she nodded slightly, grinned and
kissed me once again.

Needless to say our scene the day after was easy, with more genuine
passion that anyone could know.

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