Brooke’s First Time [Part 4]

Brooke’s First Time

by Deep Inside Lizzy

Part 4

I remember that I could hardly believe this was happening. I was on my knees
and looking down at the form of the most beautiful young thing I had ever
witnessed. She is writhing in pleasure, underneath Kelly’s skilled tongue,
and reaching for me. And I can’t believe I am about to feed my huge cock to
this tiny little 10 year old.

She takes my cock in her hands and she appears to be holding a huge fleshy
pole from some strange firehouse.

But, it is mine.

“It’s so big.” she says and I close my eyes as I feel her hot breath on it.
Feel her tongue begin to lick me. Open my eyes as I feel her tongue travel up
the length of my shaft. I look down in time to watch her small mouth engulf
its dark head, its size almost too much for her. And then the head has
completely disappeared inside her mouth and she has one hand on my ass. The
other is wrapped halfway around my shaft and I make note that her small
fingers cannot touch.

I smile.

Why have I never done this before, I remember thinking. I had had almost
every other kind of pleasure. Why had I waited so long for this?

I felt the familiar pressure begin to build in my scrotum, my testicles
moving forward into their sack and I stop her. Young Brooke, unable to take
any more than my head into her mouth, had begun licking the top of my head,
running her tongue back and forth across the hood of it and looking up at me.
My balls were now in her hands and she smiled at me even as she asked me why
she should stop.

“Because, honey,” I said, “I want you to have your first taste of Kelly.”

Seconds later I watched as my two girls got into position.

69’s are a beautiful position, especially when concerning women. The female
form is a remarkable thing anyway, but watching two women service one another
has got to be one of the most amazing sights of life. Now, as I looked on,
this experience only solidified my belief.

Here she was, my favorite girl, Kelly, on her back, her breasts jutting
towards the ceiling, even as this extraordinary young ten year old climbed
atop her and began moving her tongue over the blonde’s hairless slit. I found
myself transfixed at the sight, only being able to watch as the child parted
the woman’s lips and moved her tongue up and down the split.

Kelly, herself, was forced to raise her head substantially to reach the
kid’s own cunt, but she managed quite nicely and her eyes smiled at me as I
approached the two.

My hands wandered down Brooke’s small frame, stopping at her ass. I palmed
her cheeks slightly and then spread them, allowing Kelly better access. Then,
licking my middle finger, I ran it over her small pucker, just above Kelly’s
tongue. Brooke stiffened slightly and I knew. Knew I had to bury my prick
deep inside this child.



I joined her a few seconds later, licking Kelly’s pussy lightly and then
showed her how Kelly would react if you sent a finger up inside her. Brooke
followed suit, sending three fingers inside our lover while I sent my
lubricated middle finger up the blonde’s asshole.

She screamed.

Brooke and I kissed.

“I need to be inside you.” I said. “Now.”

She only smiled and said, “Yes, please fuck me.”

We took a short break so Kelly could find the lubricant.

When the busty young thing entered the room again, Brooke was in my arms,
asking me if it would hurt.

“Yeah, it will, honey.” I said. There was something about the girl that told
me I could not lie to her. “Especially since I’m so big.”

“Will it all fit?” she asked.

“Probably not, sweetie,” Kelly responded, sitting at the edge of the bed.
“but he’ll fit as much of it in you as possible, wontcha Tam?”

“Yep.” I responded. I kissed Brooke again, letting my tongue languish in her
mouth a bit. Then I told her “If it hurts too much, you say so and we’ll
stop, ok?”

“Ok.” she said, rising a bit. “But I want you to fuck me hard…like you do
with Kelly and the rest. You promise you’ll fuck me like you fuck Kelly?”

I kissed her again, this time hard and passionate and told her I would.

Kelly lubed my cock up and we made eye contact.

“Thank you.” I said. I knew that she knew me better than I did. Knew that she
knew that I would want this, even if I hadn’t.

And then here I was, staring down at this naked ten year old girl, ready to
insert my cock, one almost as big as her forearm, into her. Ready to fuck
this child for her first time.

I ran my hand over her chest and stomach even as I moved closer to her,
lifting her legs over mine and pulling her, light as she was, into me. Kelly,
meanwhile, laid herself next to Brooke and began whispering to the girl, even
as she smeared more lubricant onto the girl’s vagina.

Brooke began moaning as Kelly rubbed the shit in, letting a finger slip
inside the ten year old.

“Fuck me.” she was moaning. “Please Mr. Asitam. Fuck me.”

Placing the head of my cock at her entrance, I played with her a moment,
first rubbing it up and down her bare gash and then doing the same with the
full length of my cock. She began breathing hard as I started pushing my
shaft harder against her sex. Kelly’s eyes met mine and she began

Finally, pointing the tip of my tool towards her, I began to slowly push the
head of my cock into her.

“Yes!” the little girl began to scream, “Yes! Put it in! Fuck me!”

I was about an inch inside her when I felt something give way. Pulling out
slightly, I saw the bright red blood that covered my prick and then pushed
back in.

She was tighter than anything I’d ever felt, the walls of her pre-pubescent
cunt gripping my hardness. Leaning down, I kissed her long and hard as I once
again withdrew and then pushed inside her again.

I reached a stopping point. Pulling completely out, I bit her lower lip
playfully just as I plunged my cock in her as deep as it would go. She yelped

My tongue explored hers for a few more seconds, pumping in and out of the
child a little faster now, and then wandered down her chin, neck, chest and
finally, tits. I played with a hardening nipple for a few seconds and then
began earnestly fucking the little beauty. Withdrawing from her breasts, I
looked over her small body even as I continued inside her.

She was such a tiny young thing, with her non-existent breasts, tiny waist
and still innocent face. She was so beautiful! “You’re incredible.” I
whispered to her, one of my thumbs massaging her clit just above our

“So are you,” she breathed.

We`ll do this every night,” I said as I brought her up to me. She moaned even
more but whether that was because of this new revelation or the change of
positions, who could tell? “You and me and Kelly.”

Then, almost falling backwards, I got her on top of me, all while still
inside her. This new change was a welcome one, for both of us. She
immediately took control, bouncing up and down and practically screaming.

“And Rebecca?” Kelly asked.

My answer came as a deep, long kiss.

Brooke was riding me like an unbroken stallion now, throwing her chest out
and retracting it, getting her whole body into the motion.

And then Kelly was on top of me.

And I could barely hold back, this beautiful little thing fucking me with her
incredibly tight cunt and my gorgeous in-house blonde moving her pussy over
my mouth.

I licked and sucked her pussy for everything I was worth.

Sent a finger up her ass.

And released a stream of semen into Brooke.

I fucked Brooke one more time that night. Twice the next night.

The ten year old couldn’t seem to get enough.

Throughout the year she was with me, she never seemed to get enough.

A little over ten months later, we threw Brooke a sort of going-away party.

The night of the party, I dressed in my usual attire for a party such as
this. I was clothed in nothing but black leather, from head to toe. For
effect, I also wore a form fitting black leather mask that concealed every
feature save my eyes, nose and mouth. Oh, and there was an opening at the
front to allow my cock to hang out.

Brooke wore an identical outfit. Same mask, same opening at the crotch.

Yeah. I’d become a real twisted fuck in the year I had been allowed to defile
this beautiful ten year old girl.

Eleven now.

Anyway, to make a long story short, we all told Brooke how much we would miss
her, told her she could come and visit the estate anytime she wanted to and
then proceeded to fuck the shit out of her.

One part of the night that I found particularly arousing was when, early in
the evening, I approached the little orgy that had young Brooke in the middle
of it and told them to stop.

Kelly had long since left, disturbed by my almost excessive need for young
flesh now, and so I told Carol, a little 13 year old girl I had picked up in
Brussels, to lube me up.

She did so and then smeared the jelly all over Brooke.

Ten seconds later, I was pushing my cock into the girl’s only undefiled
orifice, doggie style.

Her little puckered asshole was just as tight as her cunt had been that first
night. It was like slipping into her for the first time.

She was virtually screaming now, the rest of the room’s participants cheering
her on.

Pushing into her gently at first, once I had the first few inches in, I began
pumping. Grunting hard, I managed to utter two words.

“Robert. Now.”

Robert was a thirty year old man I had found in Hollywood just a few months
before. He was a beautiful specimen of manhood, with his broad shoulders,
tight stomach and attractive face. But, more importantly, I had chosen him
for his big, black 12 inch cock. I’ve had very few men who were bigger than
me, but he was the best, by far. And he would fuck anything. As I think back
on him now, I only wish I could send that beautiful man’s cock down my throat
one last time.

In any case, Robert succeeded in placing himself underneath the eleven year
old girl and was now slipping his gigantic tool inside the cunt I was so
familiar with.

We fucked her like that for what seemed like hours, I slipping in as he
slipped out. She licked a little pussy, Tony’s I think (another 13 year old
beauty), while we fucked her up the ass and pussy and we all finally came in
this fabulous orgasm that rocked all of us.

And that’s the story of Brooke Shield’s time with me.

I will never forget her. As my first, and pretty close to youngest, underage
conquest, she will always be my favorite.

She comes around less often now, meeting me in London or Moscow from time to
time. But, whenever she does, she let’s me fuck her ass.

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