Brooke’s First Time [Parts 1-3]

Brooke’s First Time

Hi guys-

After I mentioned the whole idea of doing a …’s first time series, I
started really thinking about who to do. Then the whole story started coming
to me of someone who makes the starlet’s who they are…and this first story
was born. It is far from done, but I think this one’s a good start. I’ll tell
ya the same warning…There’s no underage sex (yet), but there’s underage
nudity, graphic sex acts (including anal) and, well, a bunch of unclean
thoughts, so you Jesus Freaks can just get lost right now. Otherwise,
everyone else, Enjoy!

(P.S. I think I’m going to
start every new tale with the following beginning.
It just makes sense, since it’s short, to the point and goes at length to
introduce the new reader to the series)

My life prior to 1924 was less than notable. I had succeeded in growing up
generally unscathed, got little or no education (which was typical in my part
of the world for that period), married and had a number of children I am sure
are dead by now. A general laborer, my break came when, in August of 1924,
an archaeologist took me under his wing and allowed me to accompany him to a
dig in Egypt. It was there, on the 24th of that month, that I found it.

The ring was unremarkable. It was silver in color and obviously very old, but
otherwise was a simple band. I began wearing it the day I found it and it was
that night when I noticed the change. I am a Turk by birth, but had always
had light skin color since my mother was of Irish descent. Now, looking in
the mirror that fateful night, I realized I was becoming someone else. I had
grown dark, was slightly taller and my face seemed to be changing. Further,
the next morning, I realized the extent of the change. I had changed,
overnight, into another man. I had rippling muscles, like a man who lifted
weights for hours every day. And I was as dark as any of the local Egyptians
I had seen there. And, having been an unremarkable 5 inches prior to the
change, I noticed one last change. When erect, my cock size had more than
doubled, easily 11 inches long. Other changes came to my attention less
swiftly. The ring, for instance, seems to have the ability to allow me to
influence others. It’s not mind control, really…It’s more like I heighten
their suggestibility. Oh, and then there’s the fact that I haven’t aged a
day since August 25th, 1924.

Needless to say, my life changed that day.

Of course, this is neither here nor there in regards to our present story.
Suffice it to say that I have, since that day in 1924, amassed a rather large
for tune, based mostly on my looks and the size of my cock. I am not ashamed
to admit that since I believe, as many do, that what you do in this world
depends on what you’ve been given. And that brings us to the topic at hand:
What I do. I create celebrities. If I see a pretty face on the corner of
Sunset Boulevard on Monday, it is not an exaggeration to say that I can make
her the “it” girl by Friday. I have done that many times with many, many
famous faces. Of course, I have the right, therefore, to sample the goods.
This is the story of one such occasion.

Teri Shields was a stunning picture of a woman, having been a model at a
young age. A model, however, of little comparative success. And that was why
she was before me now. She knew that her daughter, Brooke, was a beautiful
young thing. But, as she had seen, beauty alone was not enough. Brooke would
need more to achieve what her mother never really had. Fame. She was referred
to me by a man I had met in Paris. He had lent a number of his models (in the
goodness of his heart, of course) to me…

…Come to think of it, Kelly, a nubile young blonde, was there that day. I
had kept her after she had shown a particularly savageness in the bedroom
chamber. (Please note, by the way, that when I say that Kelly was “young,”
what I really mean to say was that she was relatively young. This was 1975
and I was not yet acquainted with ALL of the pleasures of the flesh. Kelly
had been 19 when I “acquired” her and she had served me, not without
compensation, for two or three years when I met with Teri Shields. A rather
busty blonde, she was typically the center of all my orgies.)

In any case, Teri was there because of the man in Paris and because she knew
I had the power to make her child a star. No. More than that. I had the power
to make her daughter a phenomenon. But why?

“What’s in it for me?” I asked the woman in my then-poor English. I mean,
here I was, a multi-millionaire (oh, the days! To think I once thought a
few paltry million was enough to sustain my tastes) surrounded by scantily
clad women who let me use and abuse them and there she stood, a woman with
limited means and now, limited beauty. As I saw it, she had nothing to offer


I rolled my eyes.

“I have every bit of money I will ever need.” I commented. “The limited
amount of capital such a girl could make from films, even in America, is a
paltry sum. I could have 200 percent of her earnings here in one hour.” I
laughed at the idea.

“Not a cut of Brooke’s earnings, Mr. Asitam.” she said, quietly. “Brooke.”

The deal, as proposed by Mrs. Shields, was thus. I was to take young Brooke
for a year, to do with her as I pleased, and, at the end of that year, I was
to make her an international superstar.

Again, this was 1975. I had hosted my share of orgies and had, generally,
fulfilled my every fantasy. Had done so, in fact, by the 1950’s, really. Yet,
this was not something I had ever considered. Certainly, I had been with
young women, one as young as 16, but this…

I turned the woman down flat and could barely contain myself from physically
removing her from the grounds myself.

Two days later, I was trying to find the number of one of my dealers in
Toulouse when I happened upon a folder marked only “Brooke.” By then, I had
forgotten the exchange between myself and Mrs. Shields and opened the

…and gazed upon the most beautiful young girl I had ever seen. The
pictures, ten in all, were head shots of young Brooke and I must say, I was
immediately taken by her splendor. She had gorgeous long brown hair, a
serious, but almost playful face, deep, penetrating eyes. This one, Brooke,
was probably the most striking visage of femininity I had ever laid eyes on.

Two days after that, I called Teri Shields.

“Let me meet the girl.”

Brooke Shields entered my private chambers without her mother, as per our
agreement. The child wore a simple outfit composed of a white blouse and
black slacks and approached me with those piercing eyes of hers on me. I,
myself, wore my traditional garb, a one piece jumpsuit that was so
fashionable in those days.

“Hello.” I greeted her.

“Hello.” she said back to me in a melodious voice that conveyed her youth and
her maturity simultaneously.

I asked her to sit at the table with me and I rang a bell. Brooke watched the
women enter the chamber with the food. The food was placed on the table and I
watched the girl’s playfulness first hand as she made eye contact with one of
the women and smiled a strange little smile. We talked (a prolific child) and
she flashed me the same strange little smile a few minutes later.

We struck a deal with Mrs. Shields that same day.

Not that I knew what to do with her once she moved in. It had been an implied
fact from Teri that Brooke was not just another naive ten year old girl.
Still, I watched on as she unpacked a few of her bags the night she moved in
and marveled at how small she really was. A tiny young thing, Brooke was not
even remotely developed. She moved around her new room, however, with a grace
befitting a princess. She flitted from here to there, finding a place for her
things and humming all the while like the little pixie she seemed.

“Will this be to your liking?” I asked from the doorway.

“Oh yes, Mr. Asitam.” she said, smiling at me.

“Well, you let me know if there’s anything you need, ok?”

“I can’t imagine needing anything,” she said “in such a huge place.” We
talked about my place…how I had acquired it, how much it had cost, and such
things…when she asked me to sit with her. I sat on the silver posted bed I
had bought specifically for her. Crossed my legs as we talked about how much
money I really had, what I did to pass the days and other things.

Again, I was amazed at how intelligent the child seemed when she spoke and
reminded myself to make sure we obtained a small library for her. And so
animated! We spoke shortly about the art of riding and it was obvious how
much she loved horses and riding them by her exaggerated hand gestures. I
allowed myself a light chuckle when she jumped up and down on the bed after I
told her of our stables on the grounds of the estate.

We discussed her arrangements here (she was to see her mother twice a month,
two full weekends) and it occurred to me to ask her if she was comfortable
with that. She indicated that it was, and even though she knew she would be a
little homesick, she was sure she would become accustomed to the place. She
understood the agreement perfectly and even told me what she wanted to do
once she was an internationally acclaimed actress. And then it was time to
turn in.

Rising, I began to once again tell that if there was anything she needed to
simply ring, when she too rose and, telling me she would, removed the light
blouse she had been wearing. Putting me in a rather strange position. I
stared at her for a brief second, taking in the half nude form before me, and
then turned away abruptly.

I heard her giggle behind me.

Then I felt her take my hand, telling me that nudity was natural and good and
that if everyone was nude all the time, there would be no secrets in the

Thinking that over in a split second, I agreed with her and she unbuttoned
the top of her jeans. I watched as she moved them off of her hips and stepped
out of them, now in only the pink underwear she had worn underneath and bare

“Don’t you ever go naked?” she then asked. “With all the pretty girls who
live here with you, I would think being naked would be a benefit worth

I laughed, less nervous now, and told her she was quite right. Such an
intelligent and clever little girl!

She jumped into bed and moved the covers over her.

I turned off her light and told her my chambers were just across the hall if
she needed anything. Why I said that, knowing full well that she had a bell
to ring for servants anytime, I don’t know.

The first week was uneventful. I went about my usual wheel and deals and
young Br ooke quickly adjusted to this new life. I had a children’s library
put in her room after a few days and she was using it by the end of the week
for a project her tutor had given her.

Animated as she was, she made friends at the estate quickly. Both Kelly and
another one of my girls, Rebecca, a raven haired beauty I had picked up in
sunny California, had bonded with her before the week was finished. Soon,
between studies, I would see her and the girls playing freeze tag out on the
lawn, or talking about the horses and which one rode the best. Kelly had even
brought up (in bed, no less!) how beautiful she thought the little girl was
and said she thought Brooke had a great chance of becoming a highly paid

Knowing what she was getting at, I eased her fears by telling her I had every
intention of fulfilling my end of the contract…in other words, her stay
would only be a one year affair.

“When are you going to teach her?” she asked the next night. This time I was
flanked by both Kelley and Rebecca and Rebecca had my cock in her hand.

Again, knowing what she was getting at, I dodged the question by moving my
tongue into her mouth. We kissed passionately even as Rebecca began sucking
my tool deep into her throat. Having been with me the longest, she knew
exactly how to deal with me, fondling my scrotum lightly and then moving a
lubricated finger up inside my rectum.

I moaned inside Kelly’s mouth and she moved one of my hands over her breast.
I squeezed it and broke our kiss.

“Rebecca.” The deepthroating vixen took all eleven inches of my cock out of
her mouth. “The blue strap-on.” was all I said, but within seconds, this
gorgeous young thing was moving into a harness that had a six inch dildo
attached to it. It was made of a blue, rubber-like substance, but I knew by
experience it was a remarkable tool.

The brunette walked over to us, her fake penis bobbing up and down like a
strange pointing device, and said “Suck his cock, you bitch!”

Kelly and Rebecca had a strange little lesbian affair going on on the side,
one that I was only privy to in instances like these. Rebecca was very much
the dominant of the two and their sex was almost violent at times, so this
display was nothing I had not seen.

In any case, Kelly obediently began deepthroating me herself, even as Rebecca
circled around to the other side of the bed. I didn’t watch her lube the cock
up since my face was planted inside Kelly’s thighs in a traditional 69, but
I knew she was getting the tool ready for me. Sure enough, a few seconds
later I felt a warm, slippery hand cup my balls and lift my pelvis slightly
so my anus was in view. Kelly continued sucking faithfully as I felt the head
of the dildo press against my entrance.

And then slide about half way in.

I felt a tremor run through my body and I quit licking pussy long enough to
groan loudly. Sucking at a furious rate now, Kelly dismounted me and I
watched as my entire cock disappeared into her mouth. Felt her tongue slide
along the underside of my shaft. Watched as big breasted Rebecca slammed her
cock further into me.

And felt myself beginning to build, the ejaculate building up in my loins.

It was right then that I saw her. She was well hidden, shrouded in the
darkness that surrounded the thick curtains, but she was there.

My little Brooke had somehow made it halfway across the room and had hid
among the drapes to watch this spectacle that must have been strange to say
the least. Yet, as I watched the youth in the shadows, I realized that this
was not so strange to her after all. In fact, though I could not make out
much, it appeared as if she was pleasuring herself, a movement, ever so
slight, coming from her nether regions.

And then she did something unexpected.

She came out into the open, but only just so. I watched as she moved out from
behind the drapes, still shrouded in the shadows but in enough light to
reveal more than just her outline. Sitting on the floor next to the curtains,
she was, as I suspected, bare butt naked, and, again, like I thought, she had
one hand between her legs.

It was obvious the other girls, their backs to her, did not see the child
and, somehow, I felt the fear of getting caught, staring at this ten year old
angel, mingle with the incredibly erotic vision her masturbating. Factor in
the sex going on inside of me with the fact that I was being expertly
deepthroated and you come to the conclusion that there was no way around that
I was going to come early. I did everything in my power to delay it, but
watching the 10 year-old fingerfuck herself, dark as it was, just set me off.

I closed my eyes and entered nirvana, waves of orgasm hitting simultaneously
and semen ejecting into Kelly’s mouth and down her throat. I was screaming
“Yeah, Fuck me!” loudly now and thought (funny what thoughts you think of
when you are cumming in someone’s mouth) that Brooke wouldn’t have slept
through this anyway.

I pumped the last vestige of jism into Kelly, holding her head down on my
cock, and then let her move my tool out of her mouth.

Rebecca removed the dildo from my asshole a minute or so later and we all
collapsed into a clump, exhausted.

When I looked over again, I noticed Brooke had slipped out as stealthily as
she had slipped in.

Part 2

In the three weeks that she’d been here, we’d made a practice of eating
breakfast and dinner together. I had felt she needed the stability of a
routine and, even though it had wrecked havok on my somewhat busy schedule,
I had kept to it.

With that said, we spoke nothing of what had transpired the night before when
we saw each other the next morning.

I did notice a difference, however, in Brooke’s demeanor. The girl seemed a
little more subdued, maybe thoughtful. We discussed what her plans were for
the day and I even asked she intended to tell Kelly to take her riding, to
see if that would brighten the girl up.

It did not.

I told her about my day and we went our separate ways, me to my activities
and her to hers.

I returned around 6 P.M., famished. I was greeted by an elegant meal and the
ever-lovely Brooke. Tonight she wore a beautiful white dress I didn’t even
know she owned.

“What’s the occasion?” I asked, half joking.

“No occasion,” she said, “I just wanted to look nice for dinner.” She seemed
much more jovial tonight as we talked about the day, what her instructors had
taught her and what she intended to do for the rest of the night.

“Melissa suggested we watch a movie in the theatre tonight.” she said,
motioning behind her. Melissa was another one of my big breasted blondes,
around only for the money. Of course, I paid her handsomely for her services
(she was another who loved the company of many different women and who loved,
much to my joy, taking it up the ass), but her enthusiasm always seemed to be
lacking. So the fact that I had heard that she had taken an interest in young
Brooke was encouraging.

“An excellent idea.” I said, and, after dinner, she and I departed for the
corner of the mansion. The movie theatre I had placed there, with it’s huge
screen and then-state-of-the-art sound system, was small, seating only a
dozen, but then, I rarely had more than four or five guests. I had viewed
quite a number of adult movies on this screen and, I thought, quite at least
a dozen impromptu orgies had begun in the very seats we sat at.

I had never read Kesey’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, so I figured this,
a new release, was something Brooke would enjoy.

Obviously, I had miscalculated. While she had grasped the more adult theme
of the movie, it was the cruelness and savageness that had taken her aback.
Still, she stuck it out. I even, at one point, asked her if she wanted to
stop the film and she said she did not.

She did, however, take my hand shortly thereafter. And I would be lying if I
said that at that moment I was not aroused.

Melissa and Phil joined me that night.

No matter what one says, money does buy happiness…or at least a certain
amount of it.

I loved the diversity of it all.

Phil was a young man (25, perhaps) who I had encountered on the streets of
New York. He was tall, had short blonde hair and, as I had suspected on the
street the moment I laid eyes on him, hung like a horse. Not as big as mine,
he still sported a beautiful 9 inch cock that bended slightly to the left.

He and Melissa had hit it off immediately and when the pair were not in my
bed chamber fucking and sucking to my enjoyment, they were together in one
the numerous rooms on the estate.

In any case, I mentioned the diversity…It is an incredible thing to be able
to able to be able to be with two women one night, a man and a woman the next
night and, perhaps, have a full blown orgy the next one after that.

This particular night was fabulous. Perhaps it was because I love men almost
as much as women and it always excites me to have cock in my mouth while I
fuck a beautiful large breasted woman.

Or perhaps it was because, for the second night in a row, there was an
underage voyeur located just inside my room.

She stayed long enough to watch my 69 with Phil and the double penetration we
gave Melissa. But, as far as I could tell, she left immediately after we

I didn’t know she’d be coming back.

I looked over at the clock and realized it was past 2 A.M. Phil and Melissa
had left just after 1 (I usually only allowed Kelly and Rebecca (and
sometimes Emily) to stay the night…everyone else understood they were to
leave once the sex was finished) and I had been asleep very soon after.

But something had awoken me.

“Mr. Asitam?” came a small voice from above my bed. I knew it as Brooke’s,
but it took a second to wake myself up.

“Yes?” I said, squinting in the darkness. “Brooke?”

She didn’t answer, but said only “Can I sleep with you?” She was already
lifting the covers and, nude as I was, I was immediately awake. “I miss my
mom tonight and she always used to let me sleep with her.”

And then, in a millisecond, her naked form was next to mine. She wrapped one
arm around my waist and I felt her warm body press against me. She wore
nothing, not even the panties I knew she typically wore for sleep.

Instinctively, I put my arm around her, my hand just above her buttocks, and
we held each other.

My cock hardened, pressed against her upper leg like it was and I knew she
felt it grow and stiffen.

She said nothing, however, and she was almost immediately asleep, leaving me
holding the beautiful 10 year old and wondering how it had all happened so

I fell asleep sometime around 4, trying to reason out why I was having the
feelings I was and trying not to feel guilty for having them.

I awoke in the same embrace and it was no less awkward waking the girl. I
moved away from her slightly, wrapping the blankets around me a bit to cover
my excited organ.

She was awake in an instant and smiling at me.

“Hello.” she said to me.

I smiled back. “Hello.” I said.

“I hope you didn’t mind.” she says to me, rubbing her eyes with one hand and
propping herself on the other hand.

When she did so, the blankets fell from her slightly and she was exposing her
pre-pubescent chest to me.

I was staring at her beautiful naked form when I realized she was talking.

“It’s just I’ve been thinking of my mom and seeing her today and I got a
little lonely.” she was saying.

“It’s no big deal.” I said.

“Good.” she said, her smile becoming an ear to ear grin. She leaned forward
and kissed me on the cheek and then she was out of the bed. “I guess I’ll see
you at breakfast then?”

I nodded that she would and I watched as she smiled again and skipped out of
the room, her small bare buttocks and back exciting me even further.

I did something that morning that I had not done in quite some time.

I masturbated before showering and coming downstairs.

We talked little at breakfast that morning, but this time it was because I
was the quiet one. She talked on and on about seeing her mom and what they
were going to do that day, she without her studies and told me how nice it
would be to be out and about the city.

I think I smiled and said about ten words to her the whole time.

“She was lonely,” I said two days later. Brooke had been with her mother all
weekend and had come back a little earlier that night. “That’s all.”

“Sure she was.” Kelly said. We were watching the last of a porn in the
theatre an d she had my cock in her hand.

“That why she watched us the other night.”

Her hand had been stroking my hardened flesh and I put my hand over hers,
stopping her. “You knew she was there?” I asked, looking at the gorgeous

“Of course.” she said, squeezing my rod. “She didn’t hide very well behind
those drapes…didn’t seem to care if she got caught.” I removed my hand and
she continued her handjob. “She wasn’t lonely, Tam. She was curious.

A few seconds passed, a girl getting a cock stuffed up her ass, and then I
said, “She’s so young, Kel.”

“I was a year older than her when I blew my first guy,” she said abruptly.
“Twelve when one of my teachers taught me how to fuck…What an after-school
activity, huh?”

I had known part of the story, but had not known how old she had been.

“And you hate him, don’t you?”

“Nope.” she said simply. “I was a very sexually curious kid and he was one
hell of a fuck.”

And, with that, she removed her hand from my cock and turned in her seat.
Yelling behind her, she said “Henry? Can you set up the other film, please?”

“What other film?” I asked, but only received the darkness as a reply. The
movie on the screen had stopped and it was obvious Henry, my film man, was
loading another film.

“What other film?” I asked again. As the lights came on slightly, Kelly was
able to dodge the question momentarily by grabbing my softening penis once
again. She was so good at this! I closed my eyes and forgot about my

Then, seconds later, the lights dimmed again. Suddenly, there was a picture
on the screen.

A small Asian girl had sat down in front of the camera. She was around
Brooke’s age, probably nine or ten, and wore nothing but a T-shirt and a pair
of panties. She was absolutely stunning, with her almond shaped eyes, pretty
face and exceptionally long, black hair. She was the picture of the beautiful
young Asian girl and smiled into the camera.

She motioned to someone off camera.

Suddenly, an older man, perhaps 40, entered the picture. He sat on the bed
and watched the girl begin removing her clothes in a strange little
striptease. The camera moved to catch the girl’s every action, first moving a
hand underneath the cloth of her panties and then back up underneath her

I looked to Kelly and she was transfixed on the scene playing itself out. She
squeezed my cock again, knowing that I was looking at her.

“Watch.” is all she said.

And I did.

In the few seconds I had glanced away from the movie, the girl had apparently
moved to the bed and had a hand on the man’s leg while she lifted her shirt
slightly. Not enough to see, but enough to get one excited.

And I was excited. I was hard and excited and a little confused.

Confusion left me once the little girl had lifted her shirt completely off
her the man was moving his tongue over one of her small nipples. The camera
focused in tightly and you could see the child’s nipple stiffen and harden.

Then, like a wild animal, the man almost pounced on the girl, lifting her
fully onto the bed and kissing her on the mouth. I felt Kelly slip from the
chair, get on her hands and knees and slip her mouth over my engorged cock
just as the man slipped one hand beneath the girl’s cotton panties.

I was transfixed. I watched as the man moved slightly to remove the girl’s
panties and then began kissing her small body, working his way downward. The
camera tightened in again and followed him downward, capturing the image of
his tongue licking her belly button, his hand on her chest. And then, further
down, I saw her hairless slit, as he ran his tongue over it and she arched
her back slightly.

Another tight shot and his long, wet tongue was disappearing inside the young
creature, pushing aside the folds of flesh and truly tongue fucking her now.
Between his thumb and forefinger he took her small clitoris and moved his
mouth over it.

I could barely watch any further. Kelly’s advances on my own cock were
speeding up and it was obvious she trying to get me off. One hand squeezed my
scrotum lightly and a finger of her other hand was fondling myrectum.

I came just about the same time the man in the movie was moving the girl into
a sitting position on his lap, his long, hard cock pressed up against her
tiny slit.

She swallowed every bit of my cum and then raised herself up to me to kiss
me. I tasted my own semen in her mouth and she broke the kiss to nibble my
ear slightly.

I was startled to hear the closing of the theatre door.

“She’s been watching.” Kelly whispered to me.

“She’s a sexually curious kid.”

Part 3

“Brooke.” I had said, holding out my hand. “Come. Join us.”

We had thrown on our robes upon leaving the theatre and had made our way
upstairs. Then, in an act I could not have even imagined a month prior, I
loosened the sash on my robe, allowing it to fall open, and had knocked on
the young girl’s door.

The child had been pretending to read in her bed, though the room was almost
completely dark. Upon hearing the invitation, however, she silently threw
back the covers and rose.

And, for the first time, I witnessed her complete, naked beauty. Her
exquisite young face had a serious look to it, her eyebrows furrowed slightly
and a slight scowl on her face. Her miniscule body glistened slightly in the
light of the hallway, and I knew she had been perspiring, likely because of
her trip downstairs to the theatre. Open as it was, my flaccid penis once
again stirred and I caught her glancing at it as I offered her her own silk

It was fully erect by the time I was moving the fabric over her shoulders.

She did not tie the sash but left it open, perhaps emulating mine.

“Hi, honey,” Kelly was saying, almost mother-like, as we entered the hall and
walked towards my bed chamber.

We said nothing.

We entered the bed chamber and Kelly took Brooke’s hand, leading the child.
I stood back and watched as the two young women, one young and the other very
young, first pulled the sheets aside and then sat on the side.

She whispered something to Brooke and then motioned for me.

I approached the two lovely creatures and knelt beside the bed, between them.

“Kiss me.” Kelly said, and I did, passionately.

Kelly was, by far, a favorite.

We kissed for, perhaps, a minute. Then, suddenly, Kelly was embracing me,
breathing on my ear. I took in the fragrance of her hair and she spoke to me.

“Now, kiss her.”

Our eyes met and the delightful young thing smiled at me. I was astonished at
how the child seemed to understand so much and I moved my head closer to
hers. My lips. I closed my eyes and our lips touched. Hers parted slightly
and she seemed to know she was to receive me. My tongue slipped inside her
mouth and I began kissing this ten year old beauty deeply. I wrapped a hand
around the back of her neck and allowed myself to breath her in.

Kelly moved in and began kissing my neck, stroking my cock. I felt myself
sigh even as I nibbled the girl’s lower lip.

I felt her giggle ever so slightly at that, not knowing before, I thought,
that nibbling was part of the experience.

Then my mouth was on her chin, her neck, her ear.

And it was her turn to sigh.

I withdrew slightly and watched her, her eyes closed, her head tilted back on
a gentle angle. She opened her eyes and moved back toward me and began doing
the same thing, licking and sucking my neck.

And then Kelly was there.

My favorite blonde took matters in her own hand, moving Brooke ever so
slightly and kissing the girl herself. I watched as their mouths began to
intertwine and saw Kelly suck Brooke’s tongue into her mouth. Kelly’s hand
was on the child’s chest and her fingers began to explore each nipple,
hardening them as she pinched them ever so slightly.

And then suddenly I found myself at Brooke’s chest, my head resting against
her non-existent breasts. I opened my mouth and let my tongue dart out,
moving it against a nipple. Sucking it into my mouth. Biting the erect flesh

Brooke let out a yelp and then Kelly was laughing.

I looked up and watched as Kelly asked her if she had liked that. Brooke
giggled a bit and said she did.

“I do, too.” Kelly exclaimed, a huge grin on her face.

“Try it on me.” she said.

In seconds, Kelly was on her back and Brooke’s gorgeous, naked, ten year old
form was on top of her, grasping at the young woman’s tit and sucking a
nipple into her mouth. Kelly was groaning, but all I could do was stare at
beautiful, pre-pubescent form that lay atop of her.

Reaching out, I took both of Brooke’s buttocks, the size of small oranges, in
my hands. Her skin was so smooth.

So smooth, in fact, that for seconds, I could only touch it, feel it’s
silkiness under my palm. Then, Kelly’s hands are on mine and she is making me
squeeze them. I feel their firmness and push them out, spreading her cheeks.
I see the small pucker and her slit beneath it.

And I see that she’s wet.

Kelly and I are still massaging her ass and I keep watching as her wet little
vagina keeps coming into view.

Wondering what it will be like to push my cock into her…or feed it into her

And then Kelly has removed her hands, guiding one hand down, towards the
girl’s sex and saying “Lick her, Tam. Suck our pussies.”

It’s then that I noticed that Kelly had shaved.

Wanting this to be perfect, Kelly and I position Brooke so she is on her
back. Kneeling, we both stare at this wonder of nature for a second and the
descend on her. Kelly is at her mouth, kissing the young thing. Brooke is
kissing her back like she has been doing this for the entire ten years that
she’s been alive and I watch as the younger of the two sucks Kelly’s tongue
into her mouth. She also has one hand on Kelly’s tit, squeezing.

I watch only long enough to see that and then turn my attention on Brooke’s
nether regions. I moved my hand over onto her calf and stare at her small,
wet slit. I watch and realize the more she kisses Kelly, the more she seems
to inch her pelvis forward.

She wants this. Wants to feel my tongue inside her. My fingers. My cock. My
hand moves slightly, edging closer, first resting on her knee and then
sliding up her thigh. Her hand moves from Kelly’s breast and catches my hand
as I touch her inner thigh. She moves my hand, guides it over her pubic
mound, pressing my fingers against that which gives her gender. It’s wet.
She’s wet. I look up to see them continuing their kiss even as I moved one
finger up and down the trail of her lips, feeling her wetness. Her warmth.
I feel her moan, even as she continued kissing Kelly.

I once again traced the trail of her lips with my finger, feeling her
wetness, and look up. The child is now arching her back and Kelly was
suckling her neck. I watch a moment as Kelly’s tongue leaps immediately to
Brooke’s breasts the minute she saw the girl react to my touch. Kelly’s mouth
encircles a nipple, the left, and she uses her hand to manipulate the right.

Being as excited as I am by the sight, my tongue immediately takes the place
of my fingers and, suddenly, I am tasting this gorgeous young thing. Licking
a ten year old pussy. I first move my tongue over her clit, then run it over
her sensitive pussy lips, breathing in her pre-pubescent scent. The child’s
moaning ever louder now, whispering something to her young friend. They
giggle, the both of them and Kelly bites a nipple. Again, Brooke yelps
slightly and I find that precise moment to push my tongue inside the gorgeous
creature. Kelly says something out loud, but I am not listening.

And then, instantly, Kelly is moving down the child’s body, staring at me the
entire way, a smile on her face. “I want some,” is all she says before
pushing me aside and beginning to lick the girl’s young slit.

I make eye contact with Brooke and she motions for me.

I move to her and we kiss, she sucking my tongue deep into her mouth. Then
she is at my ear, sucking my earlobe and whispering to me.

“Kelly says I should tell you that I want to suck your cock..”

I close my eyes as she bites my earlobe.

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