Brooke’s Private Audtion

The room was fidgety, waiting for Brooke to arrive.
Boy, was she ever turning heads on “Wild On,” wearing
those tiny little bikinis and getting the
photographers and the crew, which were mostly male,
all hot and bothered during the shoots. I’d overheard
one of the producers saying he couldn’t wait to get in
the sack with her, though she of course turned him

I heard the sound of a car engine pull up, and looked
out the window. It was a red Ferrari, and I could see
the long dark hair blowing in the wind through the
open window as she drove up. My producer buddies got
out of their seats and came over to the window
to get
a look as she pulled up, driving into the parking
spot. Brooke switched off the engine and opened the
door, stepping first one and then two of the longest,
sexiest, golden-tanned legs I’d ever seen.

Brooke loved wearing the hot little outfits she wore
on the show, loved seeing the effect she had on men,
and today was no exception. As she walked toward the
door, we all got a look at the hot body underneath her
tight little white cotton t-shirt, stretched against
her taut stomach down into her painted-on little
miniskirt. The miniskirt just barely covered her sexy
little ass, and a little cheek showed as she sashayed
her way up to the door.

“Hi there!” Brooke said as she walked in the room, and
you could practically feel every man’s eyes all over
her body as she walked in. “Are all of you boys
waiting for me?” Boy, were we ever! I thought. And
glad we had.

“Well, you were worth the wait, Brooke,” I replied,
and she smiled a sexy little smile in return.

“You’re so sweet,” she said, still smiling, “I can’t
wait to hear more about the idea you guys have in mind
for me.”

“Well, then, come on over here and we can all sit down
and talk about it — right over here,” I said, leading
Brooke to her chair, and admiring the unbelievably hot
little rear end she had, as her tight little miniskirt
clung to her. I thought about what Brooke must have
been like in high school on her male teachers — when
we did this interview, my partners and I were all
around 45 to 50, and Brooke had to have been in her
twenties at the time. God, she was sexy! Her body must
have been so hot to look at back when she was a
teenager, no doubt developing early, driving all the
men wild at her school — from classmates to teachers
and probably even her principal! I’m sure they all
fantasized about her, just like we all did watching
her on the show.

Brooke sat down, and crossed her legs in a sexy way.
Her legs were so nice — bare all the way up to the
mini-skirt, tanned nicely, and toned to a perfect
firmness. She wore sexy little high-heeled shoes,
which she twirled about as she sat in the chair. Her
tight t-shirt barely held in her soft, plump breasts,
which were about to poke through the thin material of
the shirt. Her nipples seemed hard through the shirt,
and the sight of them started to get me a hard too.

“So,” Brooke said, her beautiful eyes glazing as she
looked at me, “where do we start?”

Hmmm, I have a few ideas! I thought to myself, but
then I got down to business.

“We’ve got an idea in mind for you for a new episode
of the show — it would be really great for you, we
all think.” The roomful of producer buddies of mine
grunted in agreement. “The idea we have in mind for
you is a bit of a stretch for you, considering your
image right now, but we think it would be a good
departure for you, a fresh change.

“The only catch is that we think it has some scenes
you’d need to think about doing, or at least we guess
you’ll want to think about them.”

“Hmmm– what kind of ‘scenes’ do you have in mind,”
Brooke asked with a lusty little tone, and her eyebrow
went up as she said it.

I went on. “Well, the idea is to a TV movie where you
have to take a job as exotic dancer, and there’d be a
few scenes where we’d like you to do some dancing in
the movie.” Brooke’s eyes went down and up, and she
smiled a knowing little smile.

“Wow,” Brooke said, “that sounds really– HOT,
actually.” I couldn’t believe my ears — Brooke seemed
interested in the part, interested in getting into
outfits I’d lusted to see her in for weeks since I
came up with idea for her to be in the movie. And she
was actually considering it! If I was hard before, I
was a rock now.

“You know what,” Brooke said, even more shocking, “if
you want, I can give you an idea of the things I’d do
for the dancer part right now, you know.”

Every mouth in the room fell to the floor. The dozen
or so producer colleagues of mine, all men, who were
sitting on the couches around my office, all had their
mouths open at this point, not believing what they
were hearing.

“Well, sure, if you’d like, we can get the script
and–” Brooke stopped me.

“No, just the dancing part — how about that?” Brooke
said. You could have heard a pin drop. “Have any CDs
and a stereo? Ooooh — I see one there. Hey, do you
have that Prince song, ‘Cream’? I LOVE dancing to that
— put that on!”

Needless to say, her word was my command! No sooner
had I put the CD in than Brooke was up and out of her
chair, writhing to the beginning of the song.

Did we ever have the burning desire– Brooke danced,
reaching down and caressing her body as she moved. She
rubbed her hands across her stomach and down around
her hips, swaying and rocking to the beat, looking at
each man in the room as she danced. She reached both
hands down to the zipper in the back of her miniskirt,
which she unzipped and let fall to the floor, reaching
her arms up into the air as she let it fall. Then she
stepped out of it with one leg, and with the other she
pulled it up and flipped it into the lap of my
producer buddy Fred, who was sitting there with his
mouth open and a raging hard-on for Brooke.

“Nice catch, sweetie!” Brooke said, winking at Fred as
he gazed in wonder at the tiny little piece of
clothing that moments before had been snug against
Brooke’s hot little body.

Brooke’s magnificent ass was now in full view as she
danced, hidden only by the tiny little cotton thong
underwear she wore, and which did little to cover her
hot, sexy little asscheeks. They were so tight and
firm and fine, you could have bounced a quarter off
them. No wonder every hotshot producer at E! wanted a
crack at her — one look at that fine little ass and
any man was a goner.

Brooke danced in her little pair of underwear, swaying
her hips back and forth in a sexy, seductive motion,
and you could hear her purring with satisfaction at
the hard-ons she was working us all into. Her eyes
closed as she danced, and a sultry little smile crept
across her lips, letting us know she was enjoying it
too. Her little white t-shirt still clung tightly to
her body, and you could tell all she wanted to do was
get out of it. She tugged on the edge of it, pulling
it back and forth higher across her stomach, teasing
us with a view of her magnificent breasts, which were
still cupped in the bikini top we could all see
through the t-shirt.

My friend Fred was still blown away by having Brooke’s
little skirt so close to his– well, so close. Brooke
could see how hot he was, and decided to have a little
more fun with him. Still dancing to the beat, she went
over and kneeled down in front of him, sitting on the
couch. She reached and took the skirt from his hand
and tossed it behind her, shooting him a sexy look
right into his eyes as she did. Reaching up, she
brushed one hand across his cheek, then slid a finger
in his mouth, playing and caressing his face as she
did, letting him suck on the end of her finger. She
let her hand slowly slide downward across his chest
and his stomach, getting him hotter than he could
imagine. Like a reflex, Fred jumped up slightly,
unable to believe this was Brooke Burke kneeling in
front of him.

The rest of us watched in amazement, as Brooke’s hot,
sexy little ass stuck out while she kneeled in front
of Fred, and she gave us all a show by grinding it
back and forth as she moved and rubbed Fred. Every
once in a while, she’d look back at us all and give us
a wink, letting us know she wanted a little bit of all
of us, right here, right now.

The music kept going, and so did Brooke, and she was
ready to turn up the heat.

“So,” she said to Fred, pulling his hand up to her
mouth and sticking one finger in, lightly sucking as
she asked, “you married?”

“Um–yeah,” Fred mumbled.

“Awww, that’s too bad,” Brooke said, smiling. “‘Cause
I’m in the mood for some FUN!” Every man in the room
let out a moan — “OOOOAH!” — not believing that he
could tell this hot twentysomething goddess of sex —
who, from the looks of her body, probably would have
fucked him so hard it would have blown his mind —
that he was married!

“Well then,” Brooke sighed with a sexy look on her
face, “at least help me out of my shirt!”

Fred, mumbling “oh, man!” or something like that,
helped Brooke peel her t-shirt off her hot little
stomach and chest, finally revealing in full the body
we’d all been dying to see. Brooke danced to the
middle of the room in front of all of us, putting her
hands on her hips as she twirled her behind at me. She
turned around, raised an eyebrow at me, then put up
one hand in the air and gave me the “come here” sign
with her finger.

And I did as I was told. This little sexpot had me in
the palm of her hand, and I was powerless to resist. I
walked over towards her in the room, all of my buddies
looking on, and she sat me down in a chair in the
center of them. Brooke then started dancing in front
of me, slowly moving her ass back and forth in front
of my face, looking back every now and then with a
little smile to see how turned on she was getting me.
God, was she ever, I thought as I stared at her
perfectly toned and tanned little twenty-six-year-old
rear end, just inches from my face. The sight of her
underwear tugging at her buns was so hot, I just
wanted to rip them off and bury my face in that little
ass of hers. I could hardly resist, and I reached out
at one point, but Brooke felt my hands on her and
reached around and with a little wag of her finger,
said “uh-uh!” And she smiled, a smile I knew was a
promise there’d be more to come later.

Brooke danced on in front of me, holding her hair up
with her hands and biting her bottom lip in an
oh-so-sexy way, letting us all know how hot SHE was
getting now. All the guys in the room had to adjust
themselves again and again down there as they watched
her dance her seductive little dance in front of me,
’cause it was just too much. The music started towards
a crescendo, and Brooke turned around and faced me.

“So, how’s my audition going so far? You like what you
see?” she asked.

“Oh yeah, Brooke, I LOVE what I’m seeing so far,” I

“You think you’re ready for the private show?” she
said. I gulped, barely able to speak. Brooke kept
dancing her sexy little dance in front of me, curling
my hair in her hand.

“Oh yeah, Brooke, am I ever!” I replied.

“Mmmmmmmmm, I like that…” Brooke purred in reply.
“Let’s go somewhere I can show it to you.”

Again, her word was my command, and as I rose out of
my chair to lead her to my little back office bedroom
I kept for occasions just like this, the hard-on I had
for her just grazed against her crotch, and she smiled
a little smile at that. Damn! I thought, this is
getting good. Brooke held my hand and followed me out
of the room, waving a sexy little goodbye to all my
producer buddies, who were moaning at the thought of
her leaving their sight. I couldn’t blame them, as
they weren’t about to go have the hot, sensual, sexy
little piece of ass nearly, twenty years younger than
all of us, that I was about to have.

We walked into the bedroom, Brooke stroking and
rubbing me all over as we walked, and I closed the
door behind us. Brooke turned around and faced me,
while I was still fully clothed, and planted the
wettest, sexiest, most sensual french kiss I’ve ever
had right on me. Her tongue darted in and around my
mouth, tasting, wanting, licking and even biting here
and there. We grabbed each other tightly, wrapping our
arms around each other’s bodies, my hands feeling the
toned muscles all over her torso, and her plump,
succulent breasts. I felt her amazing ass in my hands,
and with that she jumped and squeezed both of her hot
legs around my waist, pressing her crotch right into
my cock. With her around me, I walked her over to the
four-post bed, placed her on it, and we pulled away
from each other, licking and tasting.

Brooke knew what to do. She reached down towards my
belt and began unbuckling it, bending over as she did,
and I got to see her amazing body bent over towards
me, heading towards my cock. Her back and her ass were
simply unbelievable, so hot and sexy. I held her hair
in my hands, and rubbed her, and she made her way into
my pants and then into my briefs.

“Oooooh, I like a man who wears these,” she purred,
looking up at me for one last suck on my tongue. She
started unbuttoning my shirt, and kissing me all the
way down my chest and my stomach as she opened it,
making her way to my crotch, throwing my shirt to the
side so that we were now both nearly naked. Her body
began to glisten with sweat, making me desire her even
more. The lust I had for her was about to burn me up,
I thought, but I wanted to enjoy it for as long as I
could. Her thong panties and her tiny cotton bikini
bra just barely covered her hot body, and it was all I
could do to keep from ripping them off her. But I was

Brooke’s hand made its way all around my cock, rubbing
and stroking, stroking and rubbing. I placed both
hands on the wood bar of the canopy of the bed as
Brooke ripped my briefs off me, exposing my
now-throbbing cock right into her face. She moved
towards me to get her head into position, and began
lovingly licking, tasting and sucking my rock-hard
shaft, teasing me by lightly licking me up and down
the length of my shaft. God it was amazing! The
feeling of Brooke Burke’s mouth and tongue tasting me,
licking me, and of her hands reaching around to grab
my butt to hold herself there as she sucked me. The
feeling was absolutely orgasmic, I could feel her
throat pulling and taking my member in, wanting to
taste my load shooting down her throat. I held off as
long as I could, and Brooke knew I was getting close
to shooting, when she pulled away.

“Mmmmmm, let’s not get you too hot before the main
course,” she said, lightly moaning and looking up at
me as she said it. She reached both hands around my
neck and pulled me toward her, kissing me deeply as
she did. I moved toward her on the bed, reaching
around to undo her bra, which fell to the side,
exposing her large, perfectly rounded, amazing
breasts. They were heaven, so toned and tanned and
firm, and I started sucking on them.

Brooke lay back on the bed, her back arched, and there
was only one piece of clothing left to take off before
we could truly feel each other. I made my way down
toward her crotch, wrapping my fingers around the
string of her panties, pulling them down and revealing
her oh-so-heavenly bush, licking and tasting her as I
went down on her. Her skin tasted so good, so perfect
and tan, so firm and tight. God, I hadn’t tasted a
woman with a body like this in twenty years or more,
and I was enjoying every second. I got her panties all
the way off, and Brooke kicked them playfully off the

“Mmmmm…” Brooke moaned as I made my way with my tongue
back up her leg toward her crotch. “I’m ready…”

And me too, I said, tasting that luscious little bush.
I moved back up toward her head, and with a thrust of
my groin, I entered her. Her pussy felt amazing as I
came inside her, I felt like I was going to shoot
right away. She was so tight, so perfect, so fine, I
kept pushing inside her, the orgasmic pleasure about
to burst out of me. “OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH” we both
moaned, and I heard her say “YES! OH YES! OH GOD YES!

The feeling of making this unbelievably hot little
twenty-six-year-old sex goddess got me even hotter,
and I kept plunging inside her, harder and harder and
harder. The sexual ecstasy we were both having was too
much, it was so hot, my cock inside her, the friction
we were both feeling, the hotness of her wet, sweet
pussy was taking us higher and higher. Our arms and
hands held each other so tight, our naked bodies
sweating and pressed against each other, wanting,
desiring and fucking each other’s brains out.

OH YES! NEVER EVER STOP!” Brooke went on, and the
passion was about to totally make me come. And then….

pleasure and ecstasy, cumming so hard we thought we’d
never stop. Our bodies felt the pleasure of each other
washing over us, and Brooke quivered as she felt her
orgasm against me.

We both lied a while, still bathing in the heat, sweat
and sex of the fuck we’d both had. Then she turned to
me and said, “think I’ve got the job?”

“Oh yeah, Brooke,” I replied, “you’ve got it,

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