Brooke’s Secret Brother

Disclaimer: This story is a complete work of my imagination and is in no way at all a reflection of real life. Jason Hogan is strictly a work of my imagination and none of the events in the following story have even the slightest sliver of truth in them. If you are offended by scenes of incest, between siblings, then this story is one you should avoid.

Brooke’s Secret Brother (m/f, cons, oral, exh, inc

Celebs: Brooke Hogan

By Hotstuff70 (

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For a family that had publicly exposed themselves as much as the Hogan family, keeping secrets was something that was all but impossible to do. However in the case of the Hogans, they had managed to keep a secret hidden from the public, and everyone but close friends and family, for over 20 years. While the public knows the family as Terry “Hulk,” Hogan Linda, Nick and Brooke, there was in fact a fourth member of the reality world clan. In 1984, when Hulk was just starting to make it big in the wrestling world, Linda became pregnant and gave birth to the couple’s first son, Jason. With Hulk’s quickly growing fame, the two decided that they would do their best to keep Jason a secret from the public eye, only letting their family, and the closest of close friends know. By some miracle, they were able to succeed in doing so, and so as far as the public was concerned, Brooke Hogan was the couple’s first born child.

As the years passed by, Jason proved to be a very bright, and handsome young kid. Thanks in part to his family keeping him a secret from the public, he was able to live a pretty normal life, and when he entered his teen years, became quite a ladies man. After graduating towards the top of his class in high school, Jason attended UCLA where he would graduate in 2002 with a degree in accounting. Once out of school, he quickly managed to get his own place in California, and opened up a fairly successful production

company that would produce music videos among other things. As he had his own personal success, he watched as the rest of his family joined his father in the spotlight of fame, and eventually began to really appreciate how his parents decided to keep him out of that same light at all costs.

Growing up, Jason got along well with both of his younger siblings, but it was his sister that he had a very close bond with. The two were always hanging out when Brooke was younger, and as she got older, he ended up being a slight bit over protective of her, but not nearly to the extent of their father. While he didn’t have any desire for the fame that celebrity brought, he enjoyed watching his sister achieve it, as it was always a desire of hers, even when she was younger. The one down side was with her always being busy with her music career, and the reality shows, Jason rarely got to see his sister as much as he would have liked.

Thankfully he had talked with Brooke, and she was finally able to get a break from her crazy schedule and planned to visit her brother at his brand new house in California. Looking forward to the visit, Jason cleared off his own calender for the week she would be visiting, and made sure that none of his friends would be stopping by. Not having any kind of celebrity, and having a backyard with no close neighbors, his sister would not have to worry about any paparazzi trying to get photos of her.

* * * *

Jason was broken out of his sleep by the sound of banging at his front door. In his post sleep haze, he fumbled out of the bed, and put on his bathrobe, having only a pair of boxers on. Tying up the front of the robe, he went downstairs, making sure not to fall on the stairs. As he approached the door, the knocking continued until he finally got with in range, and yelled out that he was coming. As he opened the door, he was caught off guard as the figure darted forward, and locked him into a tight hug. Catching his balance after nearly being knocked over he put his arms around his sister, returning the hug.

“Oh, Jason, it’s so good to you see you again!”

“It’s good to see you too Brooke, but calm down, you nearly knocked me on my ass,” he replied with a laugh. Releasing the hug, she looked at her big brother in the eyes.

“Jeez, I’m sorry, it’s just been way to long since we’ve seen each other, and after all the crap going on, it’s just great to see you and get away from the madness.”

“Well I don’t think I’ll need a cup of coffee after that shock of you running right into me. So come on in, I’ll make you some breakfast and we can talk,” He proceeded to help his sister bring her bags into the house, amazed at the amount she had, but their mother would always had the same packing habits. After getting Brooke set up one of the two guest bedrooms, he brought her into the kitchen, and started to cook her a nice big breakfast.

As the two ate the big meal, they caught up on all the things going on in their lives and how hectic the past few years had been for Brooke. With all that had gone on though, it all seemed to drift away from her, getting to be around her big brother again. After a while, Jason realized that they had been talking for a little more than an hour, but it felt like only a few minutes. Brooke disappeared into the living room, as Jason dropped the dishes in the sink. As he walked into the living room, he saw his sister plopped down on his leather couch, flipping through the channels.

“Man, there never seems to be anything on anymore.”

“What’s the matter, can’t find your image on the TV?” the statement got a laugh out of both siblings, as Brooke picked up one of the couch pillows and tossed it at her wise cracking brother.

“Ha ha, very funny. I forgot how much of a smart ass you can be. So what do you wanna do now?”

“Well you haven’t seen my pool yet. If you brought your bathing suit, what do you say we take a dip?” The statement suddenly perked her up, and a smile came across her face.

“Of course I brought a bathing suit. Let me go get changed and I’ll met you out there.”

“Alright, you’ve got five minutes,” he replied again laughing.

“Bite me, I’ll take as long as I want,” she replied with her own laugh. The two then split up, as Jason headed up to his master bedroom as Brooke vanished into her guest bedroom. Grabbing the first pair of swim trunks he could find, he stripped down and tossed his clothes in a pile on the bed, and jumped into his trunks. Grabbing a pair of sun glasses, he rushed down to his back yard. Not surprising, Brooke was no where in sight. Sitting down in the lounge chair, he decided to relax, waiting for his sister. After a few more minutes of waiting, Jason heard the sliding glass door open, causing him to open his eyes in the direction. What he saw was his sister in a pretty skimpy black bikini that showed off all the curves of her body.

“Well it’s nice to see the diva finally grace me with her presence.”

“Oh shut up, I didn’t know what suit I wanted to wear. So what do you think, did I make a good choice.” She then raised her arms above her head, and spun around, showing that the bottoms were a thong.

“It looks like it was made for you sis. So are you gonna take a dip, or just get some sun?”

“I think I’ll get a bit of the sun first and then jump in,” she then grabbed the bottle of tanning lotion from the little patio table in between the lounge chairs. Putting a large glob in her hand, she began to spread it down her long legs, across her flat stomach, and over her large chest. “So what do you say Jay, do you wanna help me get my back?”

“Yeah, sure, toss it over,” After tossing the lotion to her brother, she laid down, face first on the lounge chair. Filling his hand with lotion as well, he began to slowly massage the substance into her back. As he rubbed the oil into her skin, she moaned lightly, loving the feel of the massage he was giving her in the process.

“Mmm, that feels good Jay. I’ve been way too stressed lately and this just hits the spot,” when he got to just above the top line of her thong, he moved to her feet, and began to work up the backs of her longs legs, rubbing the oil into the exposed portion of her butt. Unlike on the rest of her body, Jason found his hands lingering much longer on her plump butt.

“Now that’s really good Jay, rub it a bit more.” Following his sister’s request, he continued to rub, and found himself getting excited in the processes. With Brooke face down, and Jason standing up, she was not able to see what was going on in his trunks. He then found his hands moving almost under the the cloth of her bikini bottoms, but before he moved in closer, he just stopped.

“Mmm, why did you stop?”

“Well, um, I didn’t think I should be doing that, I mean, I…”

“Come on Jason, do you think I forgot when we were younger?” As soon as she said this, Jason was surprised that she still remembered their un-sibling like behavior when they were both younger. In his shock, his hands almost seemed to start up with a mind of their own, continuing to massage her butt around her bottoms.

“You remember that?”

“Of course I do silly. You do know there was a reason that I was looking forward to staying here with you.”

“So, what, are you saying you’d want to renew that little fun?”

“Can’t get anything by you bro. And judging by the way your hands are moving, I think that you’re into renewing our little fun as well,” as she said this, she looked back at him with a wicked smile on her face. Jason just returned the smile and he moved his hands in closer to the prize, causing his sister to moan a little, putting her face back down into her folded arms. Now knowing that his sister had not only remembered their naughty times, but had apparently looked forward to them re-starting it on this visit. With the green light now given to him, he continued to rub her right cheek, while moving his left hand from her butt, to her covered crotch, and began to slowly rub her crotch through the thin material of her bathing suit. The move caused a slight moan to escape her lips, as she was now getting the feeling she long desired.

“Oh God Jason, it’s been way to long for us to have done this. That feels so good.”

As his hand rubbed against her crotch, he moved his other hand off of her butt and up her bad, untying her top, letting the two back strings fall. She then told Jason to hold on, as she got up, letting her top fall onto the chair. She then stood up, and smiled as her brother looked at her bare, tanned chest.

“So what do you think Jay? Think they were money well spent?”

“Ha, I knew they couldn’t be real. I do have to say that the doctor did a hell of a job, because they look great.” She just smiled, and pulled down her bottoms, kicking them to the side once she pulled them down. Standing there for a second she got a kick how her brother’s eyes quickly darted to her completely hairless crotch.

“Damn Brooke, it looks even tastier than I remember,” She just flashed the smile again, and sat back down in the lounge chair, in a comfortable position, as Jason quickly positioned himself with his head right in between her legs as they hung off the sides of the chair. Not wasting any time, he quickly put his hands on the top of his sister’s thighs and brought his face right up to her already wet crotch, loving the heavenly aroma coming from the tight slit. Not wasting any time he stuck his tongue out and began to lick up and down her slit, taking in the taste of her sweet juices. Like a dog lapping at a bowl of water, he moved his tongue at a high speed, sending shivers of pleasure up Brooke’s spine.

“God Jason that feels so good. This is sooo what I needed big brother.” She now brought her hands to her brothers spiked blonde hair, to encourage his actions, and to let him know he was doing just what she liked. Even being legal age, it was still a bit hard to get laid as much as she wanted, with her over protective father always on the look out. Lucky for her she had a great older brother like Jason.

After a few more seconds of his tongue lapping, Jason brought his left hand down towards her crotch and began to rub his middle finger against her clit, causing her moans to increase.

“Oh God that it Jay, rub my clit! It feels so fucking good!” He then moved his middle and index finger down, and slowly began to push them against the tight entrance of his sister’s pussy, slowly bringing them into her tight hole. When they were both buried into her honey pot, he moved his thumb to replace where his middle finger had been, and started moving it against her clit. He also got his two fingers inside of her to start moving, just pushing up the pleasure he was sending into her body, causing her moans to increase even more. As he moved his hand into her and caused her to moan, Brooke moved her hands from his head up to her big chest, rubbing them, to add a little more to the incredible pleasure jolting through her body. As much as Brooke knew how wrong what she was doing, she didn’t care, as she knew it was feeling so, so right.

“That’s it Jay, that’s it, I’m close! Keep that up Jay! Make your sister cum! M-make your sister cummmmmmm!!!!” Like a bomb hitting, her orgasm hit her, sending her shivering hips up in the air, lifting her butt off of the webbed seat of the chair. Grabbing onto the handles of the chair, she did her best not to tip it over, as her body shook, while her brother continued to work his hand, even as the orgasm went through her body. As she thrashed like a woman possessed, Jason had a smile on his face, enjoying the pleasure he was giving his little sister.

As the tremors began to decrease in power, Brooke began to lower her pelvis back down, with her butt touching the webbed seat, as her hands began to loosen their grip on the metal arm rests. As the orgasm finally ended, she took a slow, deep breath, looking straight up in the air before finally moving herself up, back in a sitting position as Jason took his fingers out of her now soaking hole.

“Oh wow Jason, that was just too amazing. You’re even better now than when we used to have fun. So what do you say now that I repay the favor, uh, big bro?” Jason just smiled at his naked sister, and stood up, quickly revealing a large tent sticking out of the front of his shorts. Untying the draw string, he yanked down the trunks to his ankles and kicked them off. Standing straight back up, his now exposed, erection pointed straight in Brooks direction. Her eyes widened seeing it for the first time in years.

“Jesus, Jay, it’s so much freaking bigger than I ever remember. Now why don’t you act like a good big brother and get over here.” He just smiled, and walked forward, straddling the lounge chair, getting right in front of his sitting sister. She then reached her right hand out and grabbed a hold of him, right at the base, to stabilize his very large dick. She then treated it like a large lollipop, licking up and down the shaft, with a smile on her face. Once she licked most of the shaft, she looked up at him, gave a smile and gave his enflamed head a few kisses. She then opened her mouth and gently smacked her stuck out togue with his shaft before finally taking a few inches in. With his dick finally in his sister’s mouth after so many years, Jason let out a low moan of pleasure.

Deciding to go slow at first, Brooke just kept the few inches in her mouth, not moving her head, but just sucking in, as if she had a popsicle in her mouth. After doing this for a few seconds she realized Jason was wanting a little more as he gently tried to thrust his hips. Deciding to finally stop teasing her brother, she released her hand from the base of his dick, and began to slowly move her head forward, taking his dick farther down her throat, little by little. As his little sister did this, Jason moved his hands on the top of her blonde head and watched her do what he had secretly dreamed about since the last time they were together years ago.

“Oh God Brookie, that’s it. That feels so fucking good baby!” Hearing her brother’s words, Brooke decided to up her game a little, and began to slowly work a rhythm with her head going back and forth on her crotch. With Brooke’s movements now increasing, more senses of pleasure hit up Jason’s spine as his eyes closed, and he just stood, enjoying the sensation. As Brooke gradually would increase her speed, she brought both of her hands up and held onto her brother’s hips, in a way to make sure he didn’t try any movement of his own and mess with the pace she was setting. Eventually the speed she was going, and the amount of saliva that dripped out of the side of her mouth caused a kind of squishing noise that ended up getting Jason’s attention and he opened his eyes and looked back down at her bobbing head. It was then that Jason realized that the entire time Brooke had not stopped to gag or catch a breath and it was then that Jason realized that despite the best efforts of their father, she must have had a lot of practice doing this. As this thought passed into his pleasure filled mind, Brooke took her left hand from his hip and just gently rubbed his balls, basically pulling the trigger.

“Oh God, Brooke, I’m going to fucking cum!” Hearing this, she quickly brought her left hand back up and grabbed him back around the base as she pulled her head back to receive the prize she was looking for. Just as her mouth pulled away from the head, the first spurt of cum shot out, landing just under her right eye. Closing her mouth, Brooke let the ‘shower’ continue as more cum hit her nose, and over her close lips. She then closed her right eye just as the final spurt landed right on her lid. Once Jason was finally spent, Brooke released her grip on his dick, as he tried to make sure that he didn’t fall off of his weak legs. Speechless for a few moments, Jason was finally able to get his mouth to work again as he looked down at his sister, with her face covered in his cum.

“God Brooke, you look so fucking hot right now,” In response she just smiled with the white goo plastered over her face. Feeling the strength coming back to his legs, Jason tried to move away from the chair. However, despite just backing up, Jason tried to lift his far leg over the hair onto the other side. As he did this, the tip of his big toe clipped the edge of the chair, and he started to lose his balance. Trying not to fall, Jason hopped back a bit on one leg, until he came to the edge of the pool, and fell right in. As her brother made a giant splash into the water, Brooke giggled a bit at the stumbling scene. She then stood up from the chair, and before Jason resurfaced, she joined him, diving into the water. As Jason’s head finally broke the surface of the water, he whipped the water from his eyes and looked around to see where exactly Brooke was. Before he could actually spot her, she popped up behind him, giving him a quick hug.

“That was real impressive there twinkle toes. Good thing I was the only one here to see that impressive moment.” As she laughed at her teasing, he turned around to see her, with her face now clean, with that evil sibling smile.

“So why the hell did you jump in?”

“Well I needed to clean off your little mess, and I don’t believe we were done with our ‘reunion,’ big brother,” As she said this, Brooke reached out under the water, and grabbed his still hard dick. “And it looks like you agree with me.” She then smiled, and moved her face forward, locking her lips to his in a passionate kiss, as she lightly rubbed his dick under the warm water. After the kiss lasted about a minute, Jason broke the embrace, and put his hands on the sides of his sister’s shoulders. He then moved her around, and had her facing against the concrete wall of the pool, facing away from him. He then reached down, under the water and with his right hand, gave Brooke’s pussy a few rubs, getting a little pur from her lips. He then grabbed hold of his dick, and slowly positioned the head right at the entrance of her tight hole. When he didn’t push it in, Brooke looked back, and not saying a word, gave him a look that basically begged him to cross that line that crossed many years ago. Just giving her a smile, Jason began to slowly push his hips forward, slowly sinking his large member into the tight walls of his own sister’s pussy. As he did this, she faced back forward, and tightly closed her eyes, enjoying the taboo pleasure.

“Oh God Jason, that’s it! Oh, I don’t care if this is wrong, it feels too damn good!” As he continued to push himself into Brooke, Jason put his hands on top of her shoulders, enjoying the pleasure as much as her. Once he buried his entire length into her, Jason moved his hands off of her shoulder, and lightly hugged her neck with his arms. He began to kiss at her check, until he slightly moved her head to get an occasional kiss to the lips. As they siblings did this tender kissing, Jason began to lightly gyrate his hips, moving himself insider her, without really pulling himself out. Starting this light rhythm, he got her to start moaning again, this time into his mouth as they kissed. The longer their oral play continued, the faster Jason would try to move his hips, increasing her muffled moans the faster he went. After a short time of this, Brooke broke the kiss,

“Mmmm, it’s soooo good Jay. But, oh baby, I don’t want this love making. I want you to fuck me like a little slut. Come on big brother, pound your little sister’s pussy and treat her like the slut she really is!” With a smirk, Jason released his arms her neck, and moved his hands to her hips. The second his palms touched her submerged hips, he began to pull out of her and then quickly slam his hips back forward, over and over, causing the water around them to violently splash all around. With a more rough style, the sounds of Jason’s grunting joined Brooke’s moan and the sounds of splashing water, filling the backyard.

“Oh fuck yeah Brooke, you’re so fucking tight! You love having your brother slam his cock into your tight little pussy don’t you?!”

“Mmmmmmm yeeeeeesssssss!”

“Come on Brookie, fucking say it! Say you love fucking your own brother! You fucking love having incest!”

“Oh I love it! I’m such a dirty little whore for having my brother fuck me! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm yyyyyyyyyeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhh!!! FUCK MEEEEEEEEE!!!”

Loving the dirty talk from his own sister, Jason continued to slam into her, not caring how wrong it was what they were doing. As she was railed from behind, Brooke had her hands firmly planted on the edge of the pool, to an almost white knuckle level. With her head tilted back, and her eyes tilted back, she suddenly felt THE feeling again and build in her. As it began to hit her, she lowered her head down towards the the pool edge,



As his sister shook through her second orgasm of the day, Jason quickly pulled out of her, not wanting her to make him cum yet, and moved his hand to her pulsating pussy. Feeling the muscles in her crotch flex, Jason lightly moved his fingers to help her ride out the orgasm.

Enjoying that he had given his sister yet another powerful orgasm, Jason just stood behind her with a wicked smile, enjoying the site of her bent over the pool edge, with her head down, and her moans filling the air. Soon her breathing started to calm a bit, and the volume of her moans started to lose their strength, as Jason took his hand away from her crotch. With the orgasm finally over, Brooke slowly raised her head back up, and still bent over, with her arms resting on the pool edge, she looked back at Jason.

“Oh wow Jay. That was even better then the first one. Did you cum?”

“No, I got out before that vice between your legs could pump me out.” Giving a wink, he saw her give a quick giggle.

“Well I think it would be only fair if we got you to cum again. I mean what kind of sister would I be if I only let you cum once when you got me off twice.” With the smile, she stood up and walked over to Jason, giving him a quick peck on the check. She then waded through the water, and climbed out of the warm water on the large cement stairs of the pool. Once she walked onto the smooth concrete of the patio, she looked over her shoulder with a smirk, and motioned with her finger for her big brother to follow her.

As Jason made his way out of the pool, Brooke grabbed a towel off of the lounge chair and laid it right down on the ground. She then laid down on the out stretched towel, and spread her legs wide open, exposing her pussy once again to Jason. With that open invitation, he walked right over to his laying sister and knelt down in between her open legs. Wasting no time he positioned himself and started to guide the head of is dick back into the soft warm lips of her pussy. Unlike before he didn’t go slow at all, this time he quickly started a fast pace, this time looking right into his sister’s pleasure filled eyes. With his hands planted on either side of her head, Jason just looked straight into her eyes, as his hips went up and down, sending his dick in and out of her.

“Oh that is it Jason. Pound my pussy and make that big cock of yours explode,” as she said this, she suddenly took her long, opened legs and wrapped them around his waist, and tightened them, making sure he stayed close. Every time he did an outward stroke, she’d tighten up her legs and quickly pulled him back in. Knowing that if she came before him, her spasming pussy would easily get him to pop, so she moved her right hand in between the two of them and began to stroke her clit as his dick glided in and out of her.

“Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes Jason! That’s a good big brother! Pound your sister’s pussy! Pound it, make your sister cum! Mmmmmm!” The encouraging words caused Jason to increase his strokes to a higher pace, in and out, in and out, and after a few more minutes, he noticed Brooke lightly start to bite her bottom lip. Her eyes then began to slightly role into the back of her head as her body began to slowly start shaking, with the tremors increasing each second.


CCCCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!! OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH YYYYYYEEEEESSSSSSS!!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!” As she had her third orgasm of the day, Brooke’s legs tightened up even more around her brother’s waist, causing Jason to just barely keep his thrusting going. As she thrashed around, Jason used every ounce of self control to not cum, as with the grip her legs had on his waist, he’d never be able to pull out, and he didn’t want to dare risk cumming in her.

Just when he thought he couldn’t hold out any longer, Jason noticed her body start to calm, and her moans subside, and her legs suddenly loosened up from his waist. As soon as the grip of her long legs loosened, Jason pulled out, grabbed his dick and aimed it at her stomach as his cum shot out. Stream after stream shot out over her flat stomach as the last remnants of her orgasm finished its course through her body.

“Oh fuck yeah Brooke! FUCK!” As the last bit of cum shot out of his dick, Jason fell to the side, landing back first on the hard ground next to Brooke. Hitting the ground a little harder then he expected, Jason had the air knocked out of him for a moment. As he collected his thoughts, he saw out of the corner of his eye, Brooke rubbing the small puddle of cum on her stomach, into her skin, making it look all shinning. She then suddenly rolled over, and moved right on top of her brother’s stomach, so she was now face to face with him. Giving him another smile, she once again locked his lips into a passionate kiss. Once she broke the kiss, she rolled off of him and stood up, looking down at him.

“God Jason, I don’t know how we ended up going so long without doing this again. I’m going to take a shower, so why don’t you just stay here and rest. I have a feeling this is going to be a long, fun week, and we’re both going to need to conserve our energy,” she then turned and began walked away, with Jason’s eyes glued to her wet, naked butt. She then looked over her shoulder back at him, “oh and Jay, I am on the pill, so who knows, maybe next time you don’t have to hold out long enough to avoid cumming in me.” She then smiled and continued her walk to the house, as Jason just laid there, smiling.

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