Brooklyn Does Bex

Title: Brooklyn Does Bex

Author: jjgarces

Celebs: Becky Lynch

Codes: M+F, rape, anal, viol, ws

Disclaimer: “This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.” Comments or questions, find me at

WWE Diva Becky Lynch had just finished up her photo shoot for when she decided to kill some time during SummerSlam weekend by taking a tour of Brooklyn.

She was just about to head back to her hotel room when she passed an authentic Irish pub in the heart of downtown Brooklyn that was advertising a drinking contest.

Like anyone of Irish descent, Becky had never seen a drinking contest she could ever pass up, so she decided to see what it was about, and if it was too late for her to enter.

What Becky doesn’t know is that this pub is also known as a place where crimes against women, and in particular, rapes, occur often in the dingy restrooms in the back of it, thanks in large part to the shady patrons that frequent it and the high volume of alcohol that is abused there.

And as she entered the pub, she could feel every eye in the place on her, thanks to the clothes she was wearing, which were the same ones she had worn for her recently completed photo shoot, and accentuated every curve the Irish “Lass Kicker’s” tight body had.

“Am I too late for the drinking contest lads?” she asked the men behind the bar, who directed her to a table set up in the very back of the pub, which was where the drinking contest was to be held.

The fact that the table was set up in a cordoned-off area of the pub that seemed to be disconnected from the regular business traffic should’ve been a warning to Becky, but having literally grown up in the wrestling business, she figured she would be able to take care of herself and get out of any situation she might find herself in.

“WWE Diva Becky Lynch. Pleased to meet all of you. And I will drink all of you under the table,” she told every guy at the table, smiling at all of them as they checked out her ass and welcomed her to the proceedings.

“I can drink any woman alive under the table,” the man sitting next to her, named Chuck, told her, eyeing her body as he did so.

“We’ll see about that lad. I’m Irish. And everyone knows we can drink everyone under the table,” Becky told him as the contest began, quickly and easily downing her first drink as Chuck matched her, while the two other guys in the contest, named Nick and Brad, fell a little behind.

“Maybe afterwards when we’re all drunk we can go back to your hotel room and fuck,” Chuck told her as they downed more beers, quickly losing his inhibitions around her and gauging how far he might be able to get with the fiery redhead later.

About 20 minutes in, Becky could feel herself starting to get buzzed, and also noticed Chuck’s hands starting to wander as they downed the drinks, placing his hand on her thigh and moving it between her legs every now and then to reach for the zipper of her pants.

“Watch those hands you filthy Paddy!” she shouted at him, almost spilling her beer and getting herself disqualified from the competition as she swatted his hand away and continued drinking all three men under the table.

“Hey bitch! Watch your mouth! I thought for sure you’d be loosened up to want to play with me by now,” he sneered back to her, his hand going back between her legs and forcibly lowering her zipper about halfway before she finished her drink and pushed it away.

“Tell this nasty Pogue to watch his hands! I’m not interested, you freak!” Becky cried out as she finished her drink, swatting away his hand to no avail, since it went right back between her legs and started tugging at her zipper again.

“You know what, you little Carrot Top slut? I don’t like your attitude,” Chuck hissed as his other hand went up her shirt, causing Becky to cry out in panic at being molested right there in the pub in front of everyone.

“Neither do we,” Nick and Brad hissed, their hands starting to fondle her body as the contest ended, Becky having won it with the last drink she took, which had seem to hit her a lot harder than she was expecting, due to Chuck taking advantage of their distraction and dropping a date-rape drug into it.

“Keep your hands to yourself lads. Don’t make me have to Dis-Arm you,” Becky told them in a softer tone, her head beginning to pound from the adverse effects of all the beer she had drank in such a short time as Chuck once again reaching between her legs as Becky’s eyelids started to get heavy.

“Someone really ought to take you down a notch or two, you gowl,” Chuck hissed in her ear, both his hands between her legs as he unzipped her pants, slid them to her ankles, and played with her pussy through her panties.

“And it might as well be us,” Nick and Brad chimed in as they watched Becky start to drop in her chair, her eyelids snapping shut as she slumped over.

“OHGOD. I’m…going…under…” she moaned as the roofie that had been slipped into her last drink finally started to take its toll, putting her out like a light as Chuck started to drag her towards the restroom a few hundred feet away by her fiery red hair.

“A nasty, foul-mouthed gutter slut like you deserves to get treated the way you’re about to get treated,” Chuck sneered as he dragged her into the restroom, Nick and Brad following him behind him as Chuck chained the door shut.

“Let’s get the rest of these clothes off of you gowl,” Chuck hissed as Nick produced a pair of scissors, easily cutting up her shirt and exposing her tits to them as Chuck took the scissors and cut away her panties as all three men stepped out of their own clothes.

“That roofie we put in your last drink ought to give us a couple of hours to enjoy this tight body of yours, “lass-kicker,” Chuck sneered as he crawled between her legs and ran his dick along her pussy lips as Nick dropped to his knees and pushed his dick against her other set of lips.

“So tight,” Chuck hissed as he started to thrust in and out of her pussy, Nick sliding his dick between her lips and starting to face-fuck her in perfect rhythm with Chuck fucking her cunt.

“Paddy,” Chuck hissed, throwing the insult she had used on him back in her face as he worked his way in and out of her pussy while Nick drove his hips into her face and Brad sucked on her tits.

“Gowl,” Nick hissed, using the other insult of their choice against her as the three men had their way with her, Becky’s pussy stretching out around Chuck’s dick as Nick slammed his cock to the back of her throat, backhanding her every now and then.

“MMMMPPPPHHHH,” Becky moaned as she laid on the dingy bathroom floor getting double-teamed, her eyes briefly opening before they rolled back into her head.

“Cum for me slut,” Chuck hissed when he felt Becky’s pussy slickening up for him, Nick’s cock buried at the back of her throat while Chuck buried his deep in Becky’s pussy.

“Where you gonna cum Chuckie?” Nick asked Chuck as both men started to thrust a little harder into her holes, Brad sucking and biting down on her nipples as they neared orgasm.

“I’m gonna cum in her cunt, of course. Where did you think I was going to cum?” Chuck teased his friend as he lurched his hips into hers one last time and exploded into her pussy, cumming deep into her cunt as Nick came down her throat, nearly choking her with it as both men finished shooting their loads and pulled out of her.

“I’ve wanted to get a piece of this pussy from the first day I saw you in NXT, you Irish cunt,” Nick hissed as he replaced Chuck between her legs, taking them and wrapping them around his waist as he slid into her pussy while Brad took his turn with her mouth, sliding his dick between her other lips as Chuck sat on her stomach and squeezed her tits.

“UUUNNNNGGGGHHH,” she moaned, her eyes once again fluttering open and then closing again as Nick and Brad started to thrust in perfect time into her pussy and mouth, Chuck beginning to suck on her tits.

“Fire crotch,” all three men hissed as they had their way with her again, Nick’s dick stretching Becky’s tight little pussy even further than Chuck’s had as Brad force fed her more of his cock.

“Stupid gowl is gonna cum for us again,” Nick taunted her as he plowed into her pussy, Brad’s dick sliding to the back of her throat as she came all over Nick’s cock, moaning under her breath as Nick started tearing her pussy up with short, quick thrusts.

“You’re not so bitchy now, are you?” Nick taunted her as Chuck sucked on her tits, the other two men thrusting in and out of her in perfect rhythm as they approached orgasm.

“Here’s some more cum to take up your filthy Irish cunt,” Nick hissed as he grabbed her hips, pulled them forward, and shot his load into her, Brad following closely behind him as he shot his load to the back of her throat.

“So good,” Nick moaned as he emptied the rest of his load into her, both men pulling out of her after exhausting everything they had into her.

“Hurry up and cum in her Brad. We still have to try out her tight ass,” Chuck teased Brad as he slid into Becky’s pussy, Chuck forcing his dick down her throat as Nick started to work his mouth over her tits.

“Such a fuckable cunt this Irish bitch has,” Brad moaned to himself as Chuck started thrusting his hips into her face, her muffled moans only turning them on more since they knew she wouldn’t be coming out of it anytime soon.

“UH,” she moaned softly, drool starting to run down her chin due to her mouth having been overworked as Chuck’s dick lodged itself at the back of her throat, Brad’s dick pounding away on her cunt as he wrapped her legs around his waist.

“This restroom is closed!” Chuck called out to whoever was trying to undo the chain and walk in on them having their way with Becky, Brad’s dick finding her g-spot and causing her pussy to tighten up around him even more as Chuck fucked her face while Nick played with her tits.

“Might be fun to let everyone in this place have a turn with her, but not while we’re still having fun with her,” Chuck whispered to Brad as Brad’s cock tore up her cunt, her walls squeezing on his dick as she came for him.

“UNGH,” she softly whimpered as Chuck fucked her face and Brad assaulted her tender pussy, her cum staining his dick as he buried himself inside of her and came deep inside of her.

“OH YEAH,” he moaned as he shot a few more loads into her, Chuck following suit and cumming down her throat, holding her face against his dick as he shot his load.

“Bend her over the sink,” Chuck directed them as they pulled out of her and picked her up, bending her over the sink as Chuck and Brad put their hands on her hips.

“Time for round 2 fire bush,” Chuck sneered in her ear as Brad slid back into her pussy, Chuck running his dick along her ass cheeks and starting to thrust into her ass.

“UNGH,” she mumbled to herself, still in a drugged-up stupor as Chuck and Brad abused her holes, her anal ring squeezing down on Chuck’s dick as Brad’s dick ravaged her pussy some more while Nick waited on the sidelines for his next turn with her.

“Wonder if this dumb gowl is on birth control. She’ll have a hell of time figuring out which one of knocked her up if she isn’t,” Brad joked with them as he thrust in and out of her pussy, Chuck’s dick thrusting in and out of her ass as they placed all four of their hands on  her hips.

“I didn’t see any in her bag, so I doubt this cunt came to Brooklyn looking for some cock,” Chuck sneered as he drove his dick into her ass one last time, cumming into her tight anal cavity with a grunt as Brad thrust into her other hole a few more times and came in her pussy again.

“Too bad for her we’re giving her all she’ll ever need,” all three guys laughed as Brad’s seed spread throughout her womb for the second time, filling up her baby maker while Chuck’s cum filled up her bowels.

“My turn to get at this pussy again slut,” Chuck taunted her as he grabbed her by the hair and impaled her worn-out pussy with his dick, Nick coming up behind her and sliding his dick into her ass as she moaned and threw her hips back into theirs, her mind elsewhere thanks to her drugged stupor while her body continued to betray her and give in.

“This bitch’s ass is even tighter than her cunt,” Nick hissed as his dick worked its way in and out of her ass, Chuck putting a death grip on her hips as he pounded away on her pussy, both men spitting on her as they looked in the mirror and watched themselves raping her.

“Worthless cunt! Don’t feel like you’re above us now, do you?” they sneered as Nick slammed into her ass, causing her to throw her head back as Chuck pounded her pussy some more, feeling her loosening walls putting the squeeze on his dick again.

“Cumming,” they both hissed as Nick grabbed her hips, using them to propel himself into balls-deep into her ass as he came in her, Chuck pushing the back of her head into the sink as he shot his load into her pussy.

Nick and Brad were next to double-team Becky, Nick sliding his dick into her pussy and Brad having a go at her ass as all three of them spat on her, taunting her with every insult they could think of as the peppered her holes with their cocks while Chuck made sure that the other part of their plan could be completed.

“This slut’s starting to wake up. We should probably finish up with her,” Nick told Brad as Becky started to stir, trying to push them away, but using so much energy that she wound up going under again as they had her way with her holes.

“Quiet down bitch!” Nick hissed as she moaned out in pleasure, her body still playing tricks on her as she tries to fight off the drugs that were still working through her system.

“One last load of cum for the little Irish cum slut,” Nick hissed as he thrust into her one last time and came in her, slapping the back of her head as he filled her one last time, Brad pounding away on her ass until he came deep into her bowels.

“UH,” she moaned as the three of them let her fall to the floor, then stood over her, taking out their dicks and aiming them at her face.

“Time to give you a shower, you filthy Paddy,” they sneered as they simultaneously started to piss, all three of them raining their piss down over her tight body until they had covered her with it.

“Take her clothes. She won’t be needing them either where she’s about to go,” Chuck called out to them as they got dressed, each of them taking an article of clothing with them as they dragged Becky’s still-lifeless body to the back exit of the bar and into the alley behind it.

“Good luck getting where you need to go smelling like that gowl,” the three men sneered as they left Becky in the alley, naked and covered in piss.

“Good thing she’s going to be waking up soon. Cause she’ll probably have to fuck all of Brooklyn to get back to her to her hotel room,” the men taunted her as they returned to the pub and had a few more drinks, no one inside of it any the wiser to the crime that had committed inside of it earlier.

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