Brotherly Love: Alexandra Daddario

Brotherly Love: Alexandra Daddario
by RandyPan
Story Codes: FM, oral, cons, inc
Celebs: Alexandra Daddario
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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“Matt!  Matt, get up!” Matt Daddario was woken by his sister, Alex, flicking his nose.

“Jesus, will you stop that?” he groaned.

“C’mon, we have a flight to catch.”

“Alright, jeez…” He got up, rubbing his face.  As he sat on his bed, getting his bearings, Alex casually took off her wife-beater.  Alex had always had a casual attitude about nudity around her brother, and assumed he did, too.  Matt knew he shouldn’t take advantage, but, well…Matt checked out his sister’s tits, and her ass when she took off her panties, as discreetly as possible. “What time is it?”

“You don’t wanna know.  C’mon, get dressed.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Matt dropped his pyjama pants.  Usually, his dick managed to behave itself when they did this dance, but he had just gotten up.  When he dropped his drawers, things were already starting to get moving.  As Matt was thinking, “C’mon, not now,” he noticed Alex had already seen it.

“Um, hello there.”

“I-look it’s early.  That’s why-”

“Matt, stop looking at my tits!” Matt realized he was indeed staring at his sister’s tits. “Oh, my God, were you checking me out?”


“Have you been checking me out every time I’ve been naked in front of you?”

“Hey, wait a minute,” Matt suddenly snapped back, “How did you notice so quickly I was getting a hard-on?”

“I…well…” Alex stammered.

“You were checking me out, too, weren’t you?”

Alex turned bright red, and tried to look away from his already rock-hard member. “Look, we both know we shouldn’t be looking at each other like that.  I-” Alex started laughing nervously.  She then slowly looked directly at her brother’s by now rock-hard cock, then quickly away. “Goddammit, this is seriously fucked up!  I…shouldn’t be thinking what I’m thinking!”

“What are you thinking?”

Alex took a deep breath. “Okay, Matt, what I’m about to do, we do not talk about ever again.  If you so much as mention, ‘that thing we did that one time,’ you will end up with a black eye, a broken nose, and several cracked ribs.  Do you understand me?”

“Uh, yeah, whatever we’re talking about, I understand.”

“Okay, good.  Now, sit down.” Matt sat on the bed, and Alex kneeled in front of him. “We are both going straight to hell,” she said to herself, then closed her eyes, and wrapped her lips around her brother’s cock.

“Ah, jeez…” Matt sighed, as his sister sucked him off, licking and sucking on his head, while sliding her lips up and down the shaft.  After a while of this, Alex took it out, and started sucking on her brother’s balls.  She then continued to blow him, until he said, “Alex?”

“What?” Alex snapped, obviously a little perturbed by what she was doing.

“Can I titty-fuck you?”

Alex shot him a look, then sighed, “What the fuck, why not?” She then wrapped her big, soft titties around his cock, and he thrust into them, causing her to moan.

“That feel good?”

“Yeah, it does.” He continued to fuck her titties, until she said, “Matt?”


“Would you eat my pussy for me?”

“Okay.” The two switched places, and, as Alex spread her legs, Matt found himself staring at his sister’s pussy.  Matt had fantasized about this on occasion, knowing he shouldn’t.  After hesitating for a few seconds, Matt leaned in, and buried his tongue in Alex’s already dripping twat.

“Oh…oh…uhm…” Alex bit her lip, and started to knead her large breasts, and pinch and pull on her nipples.  As her brother’s tongue probed deeper and deeper into her cunt, Alex started to writhe on the bed. “Huh…huh…huuuh…” Alex’s brow furrowed, and she started to dig her nails into her titties. “Matt…Matt…” she gasped.


“Put your cock in me!”

“You sure?”


Alex now lay on the bed lengthwise, as Matt got on top, and inserted his cock into her. “Huuuhm!” she moaned, as he started to thrust into her.  Alex wrapped her arms around her brother, as he drove his cock into her. “Ooohhh, God, yes!  Oh, my God!” Alex came pretty quickly, partly from him eating her out earlier.  She came a few more times, as Matt pounded her twat with his dick. “OHMYGOD!!!  YES!!!  YESYESYESYESOHGOD!!!” Alex dug her nails into her brother’s back as he fucked her harder and harder.  Finally, with a loud groan, Matt came, flooding Alex’s snatch with his hot seed.

Coming down, Alex said, “Fuck, how did we end up doing this?”

“Something about…a flight?” Matt gasped, catching his breath.

“Oh, fuck!  The flight!” Alex threw Matt off of her, and leapt off the bed. “C’mon, get dressed!” She ran off, as he just lay there.

“Jesus…” he said to himself.

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