Brotherly Love: Alice Eve

Brotherly Love: Alice Eve
by RandyPan
Story Codes: FMM, oral, cons, anal, inc
Celebs: Alice Eve
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Alice sat on her bed reading with her brothers Jack and George, who were just doing shit on their phones.  Alice got bored with her book, and looked at them.

“You two wanna fuck?”

Growing up, Alice often had casual sex with her brothers.  When one of them starting looking good, she would sneak into his room, and seduce him, and then they would frequently do it when their parents weren’t home.  Even as adults, sex was often part of any get together between them.

All three got out of their clothes quickly, and Alice lay with her legs spread, as Jack buried his tongue in her rapidly moistening snatch, and Alice sucked on George’s cock, feeling it get harder in her mouth.  As George’s dick reached full hardness, Jack slid two fingers between Alice’s butt-cheeks, and into her asshole, as he continued eating her.  Alice writhed on the sheets; she loved when her brothers would play with her butt.  This also caused her to suck harder, which George certainly appreciated.

The brothers switched places, and now Alice was sucking Jack’s cock, while George inserted his cock in his sister, and started fucking her.  Alice’s tits started to bounce as George fucked her, and Jack reached down, and gave one a squeeze. “Ah!” Alice moaned, taking George’s cock out of her mouth for a second, before continuing to suck him off.

Alice once again sucked Jack off, as George fucked her doggy-style. “Oh, God, George, your cock is so deep!” Alice’s tits almost hit her in the face, as George fucked her, creating a loud slapping noise against her butt as he thrust into her.

Suddenly, Alice took Jack’s cock out of her mouth, and let out a loud, shrill cry as she came.  As she caught her breath, George pulled his cock out of her, and pushed it into her ass. “Oooh, fuck!” Alice groaned, “God, I love having one of your cocks in my arse!” before continuing to suck Jack off.

Jack now lay on the bed, and Alice lowered herself, so his cock went into her ass. “Oh, God, you’re such good little brothers…” George stood on the bed next to her, and Alice sucked his cock as she rode Jack’s cock with her ass.

Alice now lay on her side, between her brothers, as George fucked her ass, and Jack fucked her pussy.  Alice clawed at her tits, and screamed hoarsely, as both holes were penetrated by her brothers’ big, hard cocks.  When she came, Alice almost ruptured Jack and George’s eardrums with the scream that erupted from her.  It wasn’t long after that both of her brothers came inside her, letting out loud groans as they did so.

Afterwards, as they always did after fucking, Alice and her brothers lay there, naked, and just talked about random stuff.

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