Brotherly Love: Amber Heard

Brotherly Love: Amber Heard
by RandyPan
Story Codes: FM, oral, cons, anal, inc
Celebs: Amber Heard
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This actress doesn’t actually have a brother.  This is just a fantasy about her committing incest.

Amber strolled through her house one morning completely naked.  She tended to sleep in the nude, and, because she knew she would have the entire house to her self this morning, she decided it was a good opportunity to strut around in her birthday suit.

As she approached the bathroom, though, she realized she had made a miscalculation, as she heard the shower running.  Wondering who was in there, she cracked the door to take a peek.  It was her younger brother, Jimmy. “What the hell is he doing here?” Amber was thinking, when she saw his ass peek out from behind the shower curtain, which he hadn’t closed properly.

Jimmy…had a habit of trying to see Amber naked, which she would often yell at him about.  Now, she found herself staring at his ass.  What was she doing?  Suddenly, the shower stopped, and he came out.  Clear as day, Amber saw her brother’s cock, and again found herself staring. “Okay,” she thought, “This is just wrong.  I am ogling my own brother’s naked body, especially his…his…” Amber started breathing heavily, felt her heart pounding, her nipples getting hard, and even her pussy getting wet.

As she stood there, unable to stop looking, her subconscious kept goading her, “Go on.  You know you want to.  You know he wants to.  Nobody has to know.” She kept countering, “No!  He’s my brother!” but somehow, that only weakened her resolve.

Eventually, Jimmy noticed she was there. “Amber?  That you out there?” Sheepishly, Amber pushed open the door.  Seeing she was naked, Jimmy stammered. “Oh, uh, did you want, uh…” Now completely helpless to stop herself, Amber came in, insinuated herself between the sink and Jimmy, and, her heart about to explode in her chest, gave her brother a long, lusty tongue kiss.  Jimmy made no attempt to resist.

As their making out got more and more impassioned, Amber wrapped her hand around her brother’s cock, which was already starting to get hard, and began to stroke it.  She then started to kiss down his chest and stomach, until she was on her knees.  Taking a deep breath and closing her eyes, Amber wrapped her lips around Jimmy’s now rock-hard member, and began to suck him off.  She could hear her brother sigh and moan as she licked and suck on his head, while sliding her lips up and down the shaft.

Jimmy then went and sat on the toilet.  Crawling in front of him, Amber licked up his shaft, and sucked on his balls, before continuing.  Sensing he was close to cumming, but not wanting to end it there, Amber stood up, and leaned against the sink again.  Her brother now kneeled in front of her and fingered her clammy pussy. “Oh, fff…” Amber’s brow furrowed, as Jimmy’s first two fingers moved up and down inside her.  Jimmy then replaced his fingers with his tongue. “Uhm!  Mmm!” Amber felt her knees start to shake as her brother’s tongue probed her juicy twat.

Suddenly, Jimmy put his hands around Amber’s waist, then spun her around.  As Amber was wondering what he was going to do next, she felt her brother’s tongue on her asshole. “Oh, Jimmy!  Oh, God!” Amber had, on occasion, when her masturbation sessions got intense, moved one hand to the back of her, and inserted a finger or two into her butt, but that didn’t compare to this.

Jimmy again sat on the toilet, and Amber, facing him, lowered herself onto his lap, and slid his cock into her tight, dripping cunt.  “Oh, God, Jimmy…This is wrong…”

“I know it’s wrong, sis.  But I don’t care.” The two again tongue kissed, as Amber rode her brother’s cock.

Some time later, Amber lay on the bathroom floor, her head peeking out the open door into the hallway, as Jimmy, kneeling in front of her, fucked her hard, causing her tits to flail around, and her face to screw up, as she came multiple times.

Amber was now on her hands and knees, still in the same place, with Jimmy kneeling behind her.  As she felt her brother’s cock push its way into her ass, Amber grimaced, and let out a throaty groan.  Amber had always been unwilling to let any guy go in that way, but now she was letting her own brother take her butt cherry. “Oh, God, Jimmy!” Amber wailed, making a face like she was going to start crying.

“Does it hurt?”

“Yeah,” she whined.

“Want me to stop?”


Jimmy slowly thrust his cock in and out of his sister’s ass.  As Amber’s ass loosened up, he was able to speed up, causing her to wail even louder.  Finally, he felt his cock tighten up, and let out a long grunt, as Amber felt her brother’s hot jism spew into her now sore ass.

Lying on the floor together, sweaty and exhausted, Amber said, “God, I hope nobody finds out what we just did.”

“Yeah.  Also, I think we both need a shower now.”

“Good idea.”

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