Brotherly Love: Carey Mulligan

Brotherly Love: Carey Mulligan
by RandyPan
Story Codes: FM, oral, anal, con, inc
Celebs: Carey Mulligan
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Owain Mulligan lay awake in his bed.  A couple of years ago, he saw the movie, “Shame” with his sister, Carey.  The nude scene…was a surprise, and he couldn’t stop thinking about it.  He bought the DVD, and watched that scene repeatedly.  Sometimes, he would freeze-frame on one shot of her, and stare at it, until he got a hard-on.  It wasn’t long before he started thinking of his sister while he jerked off.  It made him feel guilty, but he couldn’t help himself.

He was staying with Carey for the week, but it was during a lull, where he wasn’t thinking of her as much, so he thought he could act normally around her.  Tonight, though, all he could think of was that Carey was sleeping down the hall.  A voice inside him kept telling him, “Go in there.  Do it.  She wants you to take her.  Go now.” Finally, Owain got up, and went in to the room where his sister slept.

“Carey.” Owain stood next to his sister’s bed. “Carey?” Carey woke up.

“Owain, what is it?” Without a word, Owain got on the bed on top of her. “Owain, what are you doing?” Owain put his hand on the back of Carey’s head, and forced a kiss on her. “Owain, what the hell are you doing?” Owain grabbed the spaghetti straps on Carey’s nightgown, and Carey’s heart started pounding as Owain whipped them down, exposing her breasts.  Even though she knew what was happening was extremely wrong, something about her brother’s forcefulness was…turning her on.  At this moment, the idea of committing incest aroused Carey.  She wanted it to happen.

Owain leaned down, and started sucking on his sister’s nipples. “Ooohhh…” Carey sighed, and put her hand on the back of her brother’s head. “Oh, God, Owain.  Make love to me.”

Owain moved down, to Carey’s hairy pussy, and began to perform cunnilingus on her. “Oh…” Carey tilted her head back, and furrowed her brow. “Oh, God…Oh, God, Owain…” As Owain ate his sister’s pussy, her juices dribbled down his chin.  Carey started to buck her hips as the climax got closer, so, on one jerk, Owain slid his fingers between Carey’s cheeks, and inserted the middle one into her butt-hole. “Oh, God, yes!” This made Carey jerk her hips even more, and soon she was repeating, “Gonna cum…gonna cum…I’m gonna cum…” When she came, Carey let out a long, loud moan.

Owain took off his pajama bottoms, then knelt in front of Carey, rock-hard cock pointed right at her.  Catching her breath and starting to sweat, Carey whispered, “Please, do it…” Owain placed his hands on Carey’s hips, and inserted his cock into his sister, causing her to moan as it worked its way in. “Oh, God…” Carey’s breasts started to sway, as Owain thrust into her.  As Owain thrust faster, Carey’s body started to shake, and her moans turned into cries. “Oh, God!  Oh, my God!” Her whole body jerked as she came again.

As both caught their breath, Owain lifted up Carey’s ass, and spread her cheeks.  Before she knew what was happening, Carey felt Owain’s cock push its way into her tight asshole.  Carey had never been done in the ass before.  This felt…incredible. “Oh, God, Owain.” Carey’s tone showed her amazement at how good this new thing felt. “Oh, fuck.” Carey grasped her breasts, as Owain fucked her ass. “Oh, fuck!  Fuck!” In spite of her pussy not even being touched, Carey felt another orgasm welling up within her.  When it did, it was the most intense Carey had ever felt, and she let out a hoarse scream.

After another breather, Owain put his cock back in his sister’s cunt.  He then started thrusting fast and hard right away this time, intent on getting off.  Being fucked so hard, Carey started to scream like she was being raped, “Ohgodohgodohmygodyes!” as her tits whipped up and down violently.  Carey came a couple more times before Owain felt his cock contract, and, with a loud groan, shot his massive load inside his sister.

Now wheezing and covered in sweat, the two just caught their breath, not moving.  Owain then started to leave, but Carey grabbed his arm. “No, Owain, stay.”

“You’re sure?”

“Oh, yes,” Carey smirked, “I’m gonna want more of that in the morning.”

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