Brotherly Love: Emma Stone

Brotherly Love: Emma Stone
by RandyPan
Story Codes: FM, oral, rape, nc/cons, inc
Celebs: Emma Stone
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Emma woke up early on that day, as she had a flight to catch.  Bleary-eyed, she walked around her kitchen in an old, hanging-off-the-shoulder t-shirt, and equally worn panties, cup of coffee in one hand, scratching her ass with the other.

As she was standing in front of the island, her brother Spencer, who was staying with her temporarily, came in, having also just gotten up.  Spencer had had another of those dreams last night.  He had a subconscious attraction to his sister, which mainly manifested through these messed up dreams he’d have now and then, and the one he had last night was more lurid than usual.  Now, he got up, to find Emma standing in the kitchen, looking, well…very fuckable.  He tried to think about something else, but found himself staring at his sister’s ass in those ratty old panties, and then something evil took over.

“Looking good, Em.”

Emma assumed this was sarcasm. “Yeah, yeah, I know.”

“No, really, you look kinda hot.” That was when Emma felt Spencer caressing her arm.

“Spencer, knock it off, you’re acting we-” She then felt something poking her butt. “Spencer, what’s that?”

“What do you think it is?”

A feeling of cold dread washed over Emma. “Spencer, I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but…” Her voice started to waver. “Whatever you’re thinking of doing…”

“C’mon, Em, haven’t you ever wondered what it would be like…” Spencer started to grope at his sister’s body.

“Spencer, no!” Emma tried to pry her brother’s hands off her, until he pushed her over, bending her over the island.  When he did so, the coffee cup flew out of her hand, and shattered on the floor.  Emma then felt Spencer lower her panties, and then…

“Oh, God, Emma, your pussy feels good.” Spencer’s big, rock-hard cock thrusted into her cunt repeatedly.  In spite of how mortified she was that this was happening, her brother’s cock felt really good, and she came a couple of times.  Finally, she felt Spencer pull out, heard him groan, then felt something hot and wet land on her ass, and run down her crack.

After Spencer came, the evil inside him left, and it hit him what he’d just done. “Oh, my God, Emma, I-”

Emma, near to tears, screamed, “Spencer, get the fuck out of my house!” Spencer, realizing he just did something really wrong, quickly packed up and bolted, leaving Emma sitting on the floor of her kitchen, trying to process what just happened.

Months went by, with no contact between them, until, one day, Spencer got an email from Emma, that read simply, “We need to talk.”

Spencer showed up at Emma’s house, to find her leaning against the island, right where it happened, looking at the floor. “Spencer,” she said, “Come here.  In front of me.” Sheepishly, Spencer stood where she told him. “Spencer,” she now looked him in the eye, “we need to talk about what happened.”

“I know.”

“Why did you do it?”

“I…it doesn’t matter.  Nothing could justify what I did.”

“I’m not looking for justification, just an explanation.  Was it the dreams?”

“Wh…how do you know about that?”

“You left your laptop behind when you bolted.  When I found it still in your room, I went looking through it for any clue as to why you did what you did.”

“How did you figure out my password?”

“Well, given what had just happened, I guessed my name, and…” Emma started to chuckle, then stopped herself. “Look, we need to talk about what you did.  You…you fucking raped me.”

“I know.”

“And, as if that wasn’t bad enough…I’m you’re goddamn sister.  That’s fucking incest.”

“Yeah.  Listen, I know there’s no way I could ever-”

“That’s not why I had you come here, though, Spencer.”

“Wh-what do you mean?”

“What you did to me really messed me up for a few days, but, once that passed, whenever I thought about that morning, I didn’t feel dread or pain, or whatever you’re supposed to feel when something like that happens.  I felt…aroused.  Turned on.”

“Emma, what are you talking about?”

“You raped me, there’s no debating that fact,” Emma started to step towards Spencer, “and believe me, there is that small part of me that wants to give you what you deserve; to rip your balls off and feed them to you.” Now face to face with an understandably nervous Spencer, she started to rub his crotch. “But, what I really want…”

“Emma, we can’t…”

“We already did, Spencer.” With that, Emma lowered to her knees, and started undoing her brother’s belt, then his jeans.  As Spencer watched, Emma pulled out his throbbing member, and started to suck him off.  In the months since the incident, Emma had repeatedly thought about doing this, about how she wanted to suck her brother’s cock.  Now, she licked and sucked on his head, while stroking his shaft, and actually felt happy she was finally doing it.

Some minutes later, Emma lay on the island, again, in the spot where Spencer raped her, now naked, propped up on her elbows, watching as her brother inserted his cock in her. “Ohhh, fuck…” Emma moaned, tilting her head back. “God, I’ve been wanting that again for so long…” Spencer started to thrust into his sister’s twat.  As he did so, Emma’s tits bounced with every thrust. “Oh, God, Spencer, I’m gonna cum…” she moaned, as he sped up.  Finally, Emma came, and her cunt tightened up, which caused Spencer to ejaculate inside her.

As she felt her brother’s hot jism flow inside her, Emma sighed. “That was really messed up, what we just did.”

“Are you…still mad at me?”

“No, Spencer.  We’re cool.” She then started laughing.

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