Brotherly Love: Emma Watson

Brotherly Love: Emma Watson
by RandyPan
Story Codes: FM, oral, cons, inc
Celebs: Emma Watson
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Emma Watson was visiting her brother, Alex, between filming movies.  On answering the door, Alex was surprised to see his big sister.

“Emma, you’re here!  You should’ve called ahead, I could’ve made us lunch.”

“Oh, I don’t care about that,” Emma said, as she followed him into his apartment, closing the door behind her, “I’m just glad to see my little brother.”

“How long has it been, Emma?” Alex asked, turning to her.

“I don’t know.  Too long.  I’ve missed you.” Emma punctuated this by craning her neck up, and giving her brother a long, passionate kiss.

Alex and Emma Watson had an…unorthodox brother/sister relationship.  Alex used to peep on Emma when he was just going through puberty, but Emma didn’t mind, in fact she found it oddly flattering.  When Alex was twelve, Emma, once again catching him spying on her, asked him to come in.  She asked him if he was stiff, and, when he replied yes, she pulled his pants down, and gave him his first blowjob.

Ten years later, the pair were on Alex’s bed, naked, and Emma once again had her lips wrapped around Alex’s now considerably larger cock. “Oh, God, Emma, your mouth still feels incredible.”

Emma took Alex’s cock out of her mouth and jerked it, smiling. “You know nobody can love you like me, baby brother.” She then continued to suck him off, until she sensed he was about to cum. “Is your tongue still as dextrous as it was when you were fifteen?”

The two switched places, and now Alex had his tongue buried deep in his sister’s pussy, which was practically gushing with juice. “Oh, Alex…I forgot how good this feels…” Emma squeezed her tits, as Alex’s tongue went deeper into her sopping cunt, until he was just about fucking her with it. “Oh, God, Alex, fuck me!”

Alex got up on his knees, and worked his throbbing cock into Emma’s pussy, then started to slowly thrust in and out. “Oh, God, Alex, I missed your cock…” Alex grabbed hold of his sister’s sides, and started to seriously fuck her, causing Emma’s tits to bounce rapidly.  It wasn’t long before Emma came, shrieking, and her body twisting.

The two fucked for over an hour, in a few different positions, until the two were completely dripping with sweat, fucking doggy-style. “Oh, God, Alex, yes…” Emma was so hoarse at this point, she could only whisper.  Finally, with a loud groan, Alex came, filling his sister’s cunt with his hot seed.

Completely drained, the two just collapsed on the bed, saturated with perspiration, gasping and wheezing, and Alex’s jism leaking out of Emma’s pussy. “I love you, Alex,” Emma whispered.

“I love you, too, Emma.” The two scooted close, and again kissed.

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