Brotherly Love: Hayden Panettiere

Brotherly Love: Hayden Panettiere
by RandyPan
Story Codes: FM, oral, cons, inc
Celebs: Hayden Panettiere
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Hayden Panettiere was on the set of her latest movie, and was stepping into her trailer, where she found her brother Jansen sitting on the couch.

“Oh, hey, Jan.”

“Hey, sis.”

“You just get here?”


“Just wanted to shoot the shit, didja?”

“Actually, I had another idea.”

Hayden rolled her eyes. “Why didn’t you just call me from the hotel?”

“I’ve never done it in a trailer before.”

“Jan, there are people everywhere!  What do you think will happen if we get caught?”

Jan stood up. “That’s what makes it exciting, Hay!”

“Look, Jan, wait for me at the hotel, we can fuck there!”

“C’mon, sis…” Jan started pawing at Hayden. “You’re not turned on at all right now?”

Hayden didn’t want to admit it, but she was. “Goddamnit, Jan…” she whispered, looking up at her brother, “Mom and Dad could find out.”

Jan smirked. “If we get busted, I think Mom and Dad will be the least of our problems.” He then kissed Hayden on the lips, and Hayden just let him.  Their tongues quickly got involved, and the only sound in the trailer was their breathing.

Hayden started rubbing the front of her brother’s pants with her hand. “Well,” she whispered, “I see you’re all ready to go…” She then got down on her knees, and started to undo Jan’s jeans.  Hayden then pulled out her brother’s cock, and immediately started to lick and suck on the head.  Jan’s dick actually got harder as his sister sucked on it, and, as usual, he had almost a full load’s worth of pre-cum.

Minutes later, Hayden was naked, and standing with her back against the wall between the door and the window, as Jan kneeled at her feet, his mouth clamped over her dripping pussy. “Oh, fu-fuuuck!” Hayden moaned, as her brother’s tongue explored her juicy snatch. “Oh, God…” In spite of the lock Jan’s mouth had on his sister’s pussy, her juices were starting to run down his chin. “Fuck!” Hayden screeched, clawing at her tits, as she came.

More moments later, Hayden sat back on the couch, as her brother slid his rock-hard cock into her cunt.  By this point, both were sweating profusely, and Hayden’s brown nipples were achingly hard, as her titties bounced up and down, while her brother thrust into her. “Ohmygod!  Ohmygod!” Hayden came a couple of times as Jan fucked her.  Jan started to groan, and Hayden warned him, “Jan, if you cum inside me, I swear I’m gonna kick your ass!” Jan pulled out, and shot his load all over Hayden’s sweaty chest and stomach.

Hayden got up, and got her clothes back on. “That was awesome, but next time, Jan, just wait for me at the hotel, okay?”

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