Brotherly Love: Hayley Atwell

Brotherly Love: Hayley Atwell
by RandyPan
Story Codes: FM, oral, cons, anal, mas, preg, inc
Celebs: Hayley Atwell
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This actress doesn’t actually have a brother.  This is just a fantasy about her committing incest.

Michael Atwell was walking around the house one morning in his tighty whities, thinking about breakfast, when he suddenly remembered: Hayley’s here!  His sister was staying for the weekend.  Maybe he was in time to see her get up…

Michael crept up to his sister’s bedroom door, and opened it a crack, just in time to see Hayley walk up to her mirror.  Right away, Michael’s cock quickly expanded to full hardness, in anticipation.  After looking at herself in the mirror for a moment, Hayley grabbed the bottom of her night-shirt, and pulled it off.  Michael’s cock did an extra jump when he saw his sister’s huge, luscious, squeezable titties, with their big nipples.  Michael gasped at this beautiful sight.

Hayley knew for years her brother wanted to fuck her, but lamented that he never did anything about it.  All she ever wanted was for him to act on his burning lust for her.  Starting to squeeze and fondle her breasts, Hayley said, “Still can’t resist looking at my tits, Michael?” She turned toward the door as she said this. “And, I suppose once the free show is over, you’re going to go back to your room, and wank, like you always did after peeping on me when we were younger?” She looked back at the mirror. “You always were a sick little pervert, looking at your own sister in that way.  I’ll bet your cock is already hard enough to chip marble.  You’re probably thinking about how you’d like to come in, throw me on the bed, and fuck my brains out.”

Michael finally pushed the door open. “Oh!  For a second I was thinking you weren’t there after all.” Without a word, Michael came over, grabbed Hayley’s titties roughly, and started sucking them. “Oh, my!” Hayley gasped, smiling.  As Michael sucked and manhandled her titties, almost ripping them off her body, Hayley felt his hard-on poking her stomach. “Mmm, got something to you’d like to share with me, little brother?” Hayley started to stroke her brother’s cock through his underwear.  As she did this, Michael stopped suckling her for a moment, and let out a sighing moan.

Now set free, Hayley dropped down in front of him. “Oh, God,” Hayley breathed, “look at that!” Hayley started to suck her brother’s cock through his tighty whities.  Michael groaned as his sister sucked him through his briefs, until they were soaked with her spit, before pulling them down, and properly sucking her brother off.  “Fuck,” Hayley gasped between sucks, “I’ve wanted this cock for so long…” Hayley deep-throated Michael’s cock, until she sensed he was getting close to cumming, then tilted it up, and began to suck on his balls, even squeezing them a little in her mouth, causing her brother to groan even louder.

As she sucked her brother off, Hayley was so turned on, she started rubbing her twat through her panties, soaking them thoroughly, before pulling the crotch aside, and fingering herself.  After coating her brother’s balls with her spit, Hayley wrapped her tits around his cock, and jerked him off with them.  After several strokes, Michael started thrusting into Hayley’s titties, fucking them so hard, the tip of his cock was poking Hayley’s sternum.  Again, Hayley sensed her brother was close to cumming, so she stood up, then sat up on her dresser, and spread her legs, then spread her pussy lips with her fingers. “C’mon,” she whispered authoritatively, “shove your tongue in their.”

Michael got on his knees, and began to eat his sister’s dripping cunt. “Oh, God, yes!” Hayley moaned, digging her nails into her tits, leaving white marks.  Michael’s tongue probed deeper into his sister’s twat, until he was just about fucking her with it.  Meanwhile, he pinched and rubbed her clit with his thumb and forefinger.  Hayley was clawing at her tits as her brother ate her out, almost breaking the skin.  As she felt the orgasm well up within her, Hayley started holding her tits up to her mouth, and biting down hard on her nipples, which pushed her closer to climax. “FUCK!” Hayley shrieked, when she finally came, legs shaking.

Michael came up, and Hayley immediately grabbed his head, and shoved her tongue in his mouth.  As they snogged, Hayley could taste her pussy on her brother’s tongue.  She suddenly stopped, and moaned, again with an authoritative tone, “Take me over to that bed, and fuck me!”

Lying on her back, Hayley watched as her brother inserted his big cock into her tight, sopping wet pussy. “Ooohhh, God!” Hayley groaned, tilting her head back, as Michael started thrusting into her, her big tits already starting to sway.  The morning was hot, and Hayley and Michael were already starting to sweat, as they fucked.  Michael grabbed his sister’s sides, and started fucking her harder and faster. “OHGOD!  OHGOD!  OHMYGOD!” Hayley cried out, her tits whipping up and down, and her body becoming shiny with sweat, as her brother pounded her cunt, his pelvis slapping against her thighs.  Finally, Hayley screamed, and her body twisted, as she came.

Dripping with sweat and sucking air, Hayley lay there, listening to her heart slow down from light speed, until her brother again grabbed her sides, and started to turn her over, so her ass was in the air.  As Hayley wondered what her brother was going to do next, she suddenly felt him holding open her cheeks, and then felt his tongue on her asshole. “Oh, Michael…” she smiled, still catching her breath, “you are a dirty little bastard, aren’t you?” Hayley started to diddle her twat, as her brother ate her asshole out.

Suddenly, Michael stopped, and soon Hayley felt her brother’s big, steel-hard cock forcing its way into her tight asshole.  Hayley’s mouth gaped, as Michael’s cock pushed into her, until it was all the way in.  It was then that Michael started to slowly thrust into her asshole. “Ooohhh myyy Goood!” Hayley’s faced screwed up, like she was going to cry, and her voice sounded like that, too. “Oh, God, Michael, your cock feels so good in my arse!” Hayley felt it through her entire body, which was starting to shake, as her brother thrust his cock into her ass repeatedly, faster and faster, as her ass started to loosen up.  Hayley again clawed at her tits, as she felt, in spite of her pussy not being touched, she was going to cum again. “OH, GOD!!!” Hayley screamed, as the orgasm spread through her body.

Hayley was on her back again, and by now her and her brother were completely soaked with sweat, so that their hair looked like they’d just come from the shower, as Michael continued to fuck her asshole, which was now loose enough that he could fuck it as hard as her pussy.  Hayley’s tits were starting to hurt from whipping up and down, but that somehow added to her pleasure, as did the pain in her ass from her brother’s cock beating it senseless.  Hayley screamed so hard it hurt her throat, as she came, her pussy squirting all over Michael’s stomach.  Again catching their breath, Hayley, her whole body shiny with sweat, and starting to hurt, gasped, “Michael, I want your cum in my pussy.”

Michael pulled his cock out of his sister’s ass, and put it back in her cunt, then started thrusting, intent on coming. “Oh, God!” Hayley moaned weakly, “Oh, Michael!  I want to have your baby!  I want you to knock me up!” As she said this, Michael felt his cock contract, and then explode inside his sister’s pussy.

Exhausted, Michael all but passed out on top of Hayley.  As they caught their breath, Michael gasped, “You were kidding about having my baby, right?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Hayley rubbed her pussy, and licked her lips, as she felt her brother’s hot jism ooze deeper into her vagina.

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