Brotherly Love: Kiernan Shipka

Brotherly Love: Kiernan Shipka
by RandyPan
Story Codes: Mf, oral, anal, reluc, inc
Celebs: Kiernan Shipka
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: As far as I can find out, this actress doesn’t have a brother.  This is just a fantasy about her involving incest.

Kiernan sat at the kitchen table, eating breakfast nervously.  Mom and Dad were away for the weekend, and she was alone with her older brother, Conor.  Kiernan ate quickly, hoping to get out before Conor got up.

“Hey, Ki.  Mom and Dad gone yet?” Kiernan’s heart sank.

“Yeah, they’ve left,” she said, with dread in her voice.

“Cool.” Kiernan finished her breakfast, and attempted to leave the table, but Conor put his hand on her arm. “Hey, where you going?”

“Conor, I…”

Conor smirked. “You weren’t gonna leave me hanging, were you?”

“Conor, please…”

“I’ve been waiting for weeks to have this much alone time with you.” Conor rubbed the front of his boxers. “You think I’m gonna let you leave before I’ve felt your mouth on my cock?” Conor pulled his throbbing, erect prick out.  Resignedly, Kiernan slowly lowered to her knees, in front of her brother, and wrapped her lips around his hard shaft. “Ah, Ki,” Conor moaned, “you give the best blowjobs…”

Ever since Kiernan started showing the first signs of puberty, her older brother saw her as his personal fuck toy.  Kiernan hated it, but knew what would happen if she flat-out refused.

“Ah, jeez.  Get up.” Kiernan stood up. “Take those off.” Kiernan took off the old t-shirt and panties she was wearing, as Conor watched, stroking his cock. “Lie down on the table.” Kiernan sat on the table, and lay back.  Conor got down in front of her, and spread her legs, then he started fingering Kiernan’s pussy.  Kiernan felt her heart race, as Conor’s fingers probed her twat, making it wet.  Conor then replaced his fingers with his tongue.  Try as she might, Kiernan couldn’t keep from moaning as her brother ate her out. “Yeah, see, I know you like when we do this.”

After a couple of minutes, Conor stood up, and Kiernan felt her brother’s cock enter her. “God, you look so hot, Ki.” Conor said, starting to thrust into her.  Kiernan remembered him saying the same thing when she was eleven, and he took her virginity.  Again, she tried not to respond, but her brother was good at fucking her.

“Oh!  Mm!” Kiernan moaned, as Conor screwed her, making her boobies bounce.  She came a few times, as Conor did her.

At one point, Conor stopped, and catching his breath, he gasped, “Get down, bend over…”

Kiernan knew what this meant, and she hated it.  She bent over the kitchen table, and soon felt her brother fingering her butt-hole.  Kiernan knew this was just getting it ready, and she soon felt Conor’s cock pressed against her asshole, before pushing its way in.

“Oooh, fuck!” Conor moaned.  As much as Kiernan didn’t like her brother molesting her, she hated this the most of all, because it hurt a lot, and yet she usually came when he did her in the butt.  It was like her body was betraying her.  As Conor began fucking her ass, Kiernan took advantage of the fact he couldn’t see her face, and began to silently cry.  How could her own brother do this to her?  Many times, she thought about telling Mom and Dad about this, but she didn’t think they would believe her.

As she thought about this, Conor pulled his cock out of her ass, and she felt his hot sperm spray all over her back.  Conor then leaned down, and kissed her cheek. “Thanks, Ki,” he whispered, then left.

Once her brother was out of the room, Kiernan began to openly sob.

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