Brotherly Love: Maisie Williams

Brotherly Love: Maisie Williams
by RandyPan
Story Codes: FM, oral, cons, anal, inc
Celebs: Maisie Williams
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: Nobody seems to know if this actress has a brother or not.  Long story short, this is just a fantasy about her committing incest.

Maisie lay on a deck chair in her backyard in a two-piece bathing suit, getting some sun.  Meanwhile, her older brother, Alfie, came into the kitchen, and saw her through the french doors.  Alfie stared for a couple of minutes, before Maisie noticed him.

“Getting an eyeful there, Alfie?”

Alfie came out of the house. “Yeah, you caught me.”

“So, you wanna see my tits?”

“Um, okay.”

Maisie untied the back of her top, and pulled it off.

“Bloody hell, you got hot.”

“Thank you.  Got a boner for me?”

“Getting one.”

“Hm, lemme see.”

Alfie came over next to Maisie, who, one-handed, undid his belt, then pulled down the front of his short-pants, and his half-hard member popped out.

“Ooh, nice.” Maisie wrapped her hand around her brother’s dick, then started to lick and suck on the head, making it fully hard.

“Ah, jeez…” Alfie sighed.  It wasn’t long before Maisie tasted the first of her brother’s pre-cum, which she licked up delightedly.  After a while of this, she pressed Alfie’s cock against his stomach, and started to lick and suck on his balls.

As she continued sucking her brother off, Maisie pulled her bottom off, and started to finger her pussy, which had grown very moist.  Finally, moaning, Maisie asked her brother, “Fuck me.  Please fuck me.”

Alfie got on one knee between Maisie’s thighs, and rubbed her twat with the tip of his cock, before inserting it.  Maisie’s brow immediately furrowed, as she felt her brother’s steel-hard dick fill up her tight snatch.  Alfie began to thrust into his little sister’s slit, and her titties began to sway, and then bounce, as her brother gradually sped up. “Oh, God!” Maisie’s voice squeaked, as Alfie’s cock moved quickly in and out of her.  Maisie’s tits were just about whipping up and down when she came, throwing her head back, and shrieking so loud, if any of their neighbors were home, they almost certainly heard her.

As both of them caught their breath, Maisie flipped over on her hands and knees, sticking her ass in the air, and sighed, “Do my arse, Alfie.”

Alfie slid his cock between Maisie’s butt-cheeks, until he felt her asshole, and he pushed his cock in. “Ooooh…” she groaned, as she felt her brother’s dick force its way into her tight anus.  Maisie grimaced, as her brother started to thrust slowly in and out of her butt-hole. “Oh, my God,” Maisie whined, “Oh, God, Alfie, I wish you knew how good this feels!” Maisie started to diddle her twat, as her asshole loosened up, allowing Alfie to thrust faster and harder.  Eventually, Alfie was fucking her ass so hard, it was starting to hurt, and Maisie began to sob from the pain, but she didn’t want him to stop.  Finally, with a hoarse scream, Maisie came, and her asshole tightened up when she did, causing her brother’s cock to explode inside her.

As they again caught their breath, Maisie turned around, and gave Alfie a kiss. “You hungry?” she asked.

“God, yes.”

“Okay, let’s get some lunch.” Maisie got up, and walked inside, naked and disheveled.

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