Brotherly Love: Morgan Lily

Brotherly Love: Morgan Lily
by RandyPan
Story Codes: Mf, oral, reluc, first, anal, mas, inc
Celebs: Morgan Lily
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Morgan Lily was snooping around on her older brother, Jordan’s computer, when she came across his porno stash.  Quickly making sure nobody was home, Morgan clicked on a video, and started to watch it.  It was a chick getting fucked, and she was doing everything in this video; sucking cock, taking a cock in the ass, all that stuff.  As Morgan watched, she felt a tickle in her pussy, and so slid her hand in the front of her shorts, and started to play with herself.

As she was getting into it, she suddenly heard Jordan behind her. “Morgan?”

Morgan immediately pulled her hand out of her panties, and spun around in the chair. “Oh, God, Jordan, I’m sorry, I know I’m not supposed to be on here…”

“Were you…masturbating?”


“You were just masturbating.” It dawned on Jordan what he’d just walked in on, and he started having evil thoughts. “Did you like the video?”

“Um, yeah.”

“Why don’t you take your clothes off?” Morgan had an inkling what was happening wasn’t right, but was still a little turned on from touching herself, so got up, and undressed.  Seeing his little sister naked, Jordan immediately got a rigid hard-on. “Why don’t you show me how you touch yourself?” Morgan sat back down, and started fingering her twat.  Jordan got the urge to whip his cock out, so asked, “Would you like to see me play with myself?”

“Um, okay.” Jordan reached into his pants, pulled out his rock hard cock, and started stroking it.  As he jerked it, he saw Morgan stare at his cock, and lick her lips. “Do you want to give me a blowjob, like that girl did in the video?”

“Uhm…” Jordan stepped forward. “Put your lips on that.” Morgan hesitated, then put her lips on the head. “Yeah…slide your mouth over that…suck it.” Morgan began to fellate her brother’s cock, and heard him moan and sigh.  She definitely knew she shouldn’t be doing this, but couldn’t help herself. “Want me to fuck you, Morgan?” Morgan looked up at her brother.  She knew this was wrong, but couldn’t say no.

Moments later, her brother was naked, and she was lying on his bed. “Spread your legs.” Morgan did so, and Jordan got on the bed between them.  As Morgan watched, Jordan pressed the tip of his cock against her twat, then pushed it in.  As her brother’s cock worked its way in, Morgan felt her hymen break.

“Oh!  Oh!” Morgan moaned as her brother’s cock moved in and out of her, causing her little boobies to shake slightly.  Jordan then grabbed Morgan’s sides, and started to speed up, causing Morgan’s moans to turn into high-pitched whines.

Morgan came a few times, before Jordan, catching his breath, gasped, “Turn over.”  Now that Morgan was on her stomach, Jordan spread her butt-cheeks, then licked his finger, and stuck it in Morgan’s butt-hole. “You like the way that feels, sis?”

It did feel a little nice, so Morgan sighed, “Yeah,” but she dreaded what was coming next.  The next thing she felt was Jordan’s cock, pushing against her butt-hole, and then into it, stretching it. “Ow!”

“That hurt?”

“Yes!” she whined.

“Want me to stop?”

This time, all she could say was “No!” Jordan started to slowly fuck his little sister’s ass.  It hurt, but Morgan couldn’t tell him to stop, especially as, while Jordan’s cock moved in and out of her ass, she felt another orgasm welling up in her pussy.  When it finally hit, Morgan let out a high-pitched shriek, and her asshole tightened up.  Jordan then pulled his cock out, and Morgan soon felt his hot jism splash on her back and butt-cheeks.

Jordan leaned down, and kissed Morgan’s cheek. “Next time you wanna watch porn in my room, just ask, okay?”

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