Brotherly Love: Natalie Dormer

Brotherly Love: Natalie Dormer
by RandyPan
Story Codes: FM, oral, anal, con, inc
Celebs: Natalie Dormer
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Natalie Dormer returned home for a weekend, when she didn’t happen to be filming anything.  As she changed out of her flight clothes, she saw something out of the corner of her eye; it was her bedroom door, moving slightly.  While the doors in this old house never closed completely, she knew exactly what it was.

“Mark?” Her brother, Mark, had always been a peeping tom, ever since they were kids.  Mark had an obsession with seeing Natalie naked, and Natalie knew why. “Still obsessed with my tits, Mark?” She continued to walk around the room naked. “Or perhaps it’s my arse you like?” She then looked toward the door. “Or maybe there’s something you’d like to see a little closer?” She stepped up to the door, so she was on the other side of it from him. “Maybe I’ll show it to you,” she whispered, “but there’s something of yours you have to show me.”

Mark finally pushed open the door. “Alright, I get it.  It’s funny.”

“No need to be coy, Mark.  I know you’ve always wanted to fuck me.”

“You seem oddly okay with that.”

“Well, let’s just say there’s a reason I never told Mom and Dad.”

“Well,” Mark smirked, starting to see where this conversation was headed, “Mom and Dad aren’t here right now.  It’s just you…and me…”

Natalie shared her brother’s smirk. “Oh, God, this is so wrong, I can’t stand it!” She immediately shoved her tongue in his mouth, and the two made out against the bedroom door, as Natalie rubbed Mark’s throbbing cock through his jeans.

Natalie then lowered to her knees, and undid Mark’s pants, and then pulled out his by now rigid dick.  She looked up at Mark, then began to lick and suck on the head.  Mark sighed and moaned, as his sister sucked his cock.  As Natalie sucked her brother off, she licked up a surprising amount of pre-cum.  Mark’s groans told Natalie he was getting close to cumming, so she took his cock out of her mouth.

“My turn,” she said, breathily.

Natalie sat on her dresser, as her brother fingered her cunt, causing her face to screw up.  Mark then pulled his fingers out, and licked his sister’s pussy-juices off them, before starting to properly eat her out. “Oh, God…” Natalie moaned, closing her eyes, and shaking slightly.  Mark had fantasized on a few occasions about eating Natalie’s pussy, but now he was actually doing it. This was incredible. “Oh, God, Mark, take me over to my bed!  I need your cock!”

Natalie lay spread eagle on her bed, watching as Mark inserted his cock into her. “Ohhh, fuck…” Natalie said under her breath, as her brother started to slowly thrust into her.  Natalie grimaced and moaned, as the tip of Mark’s dick kept prodding her G-spot. “Oh, God, Mark, you’re fucking me just right!” Natalie’s breasts shook as Mark thrust into her faster and faster.  It wasn’t long before she came. “OH!  OHMYGOD!” She came a few more times, until, as they were catching their breath, Natalie said, “Turn me over.”

Natalie now kneeled on the bed with her ass in the air.  She felt Mark’s cock pressing against her butt-hole. “Push it in,” she whispered, then groaned, as her brother’s dick pushed its way into her ass. “OOOHHH, FUCK!” Mark started to slowly thrust into his sister’s asshole.  Natalie’s eyes started to tear up, as Mark’s cock slid in and out of her tight ass.  Eventually, though her pussy wasn’t even being touched, Natalie felt a powerful orgasm welling up inside her.  Finally, on one of her brother’s in-strokes, it hit, and enveloped her entire body. “AAAAAHHH!!!” Natalie screamed, as her pussy squirted all over the bed, and her asshole clenched, causing Mark to almost immediately cum inside her ass, groaning loudly.

Mark pulled his cock out of Natalie’s ass, and collapsed on the bed, as Natalie turned back over, and sat down to face him, sweating, and shaking slightly.

“So,” Natalie said, again breathing hard, “that’s incest.”

“Think you’d do it again?”

“Oh, yes,” she smirked, “you were wonderful.”

“Think Sam might join us?”

Natalie grinned. “Oh, you dirty little bastard!” They both started laughing.

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