Brotherly Love: Shailene Woodley

Brotherly Love: Shailene Woodley
by RandyPan
Story Codes: FM, oral, anal, mas, reluc, inc
Celebs: Shailene Woodley
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Shailene lay on her bed, naked, feeling herself up, pinching and pulling on her nipples.  One hand migrated to between her legs, and she started to rub her pussy.  As she rubbed and fingered herself faster and faster, it started to make a squicking sound.  When she was getting close to orgasm, Shay reached under her with her other hand, and slid her middle finger between her butt-cheeks, and into her asshole.  Finally, with a loud moan, Shay came, arching her back.  Catching her breath, Shay turned on her side, and closed her eyes.  Less than a minute later, they popped open again. “Goddammit.” she sighed.  She looked at the clock in front of her: 2:37. “Fuck.”  She had to get some sleep tonight, and there was only one way she could think of to get it.

Shay’s brother Tanner was fast asleep in his bed, when Shay came in, and lay next to him. “Tanner?” Shay started shaking Tanner. “Tanner, wake up!”

Tanner woke up, eyes barely open. “Shay, what is it?”

“Can you fuck me?”

Tanner lay there silently for a moment, then, “I’m sorry, could you say that again?”

“Tanner, I need you to fuck me.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?  You’re my goddamn sister; I’m not gonna do that with my sister!”

“Are you gonna tell me you’ve never thought about it?”

“What?  No!”

“I’ve thought about you like that.”

“Shay, what the fuck?”

“What?  Why is it so wrong for us to do that stuff, just because we’re brother and sister?  You know I love you, Tanner.  Why can’t I express that love physically?” Shay started running her fingers up and down Tanner’s bare chest. “Who knows, you might like it.”

“Shay, stop that.”

“Why?” Shay giggled, “I’m not exciting you, am I?”

“Shay, seriously, you need to stop.”

“Let’s have a look…” Shay slid her hand into Tanner’s pajama pants. “Oooh, look at that!” She pulled out Tanner’s cock, which was fully erect.

“Oh, God…” Tanner sighed, as Shay began licking and sucking on his cock’s head, while stroking his shaft.

After sucking him off for a minute, Shay said, “Wow, you must really want me; you’ve got almost a full load’s worth of pre-cum.”

Later, Shay lowered herself onto Tanner’s cock. “Oh, God, that feels sooo good,” Shay moaned, as she started riding her brother.  After about a minute or so, Tanner put his hands up, and started squeezing Shay’s breasts. “Yeah, now you’re getting into it.” Shay put her hands on Tanner’s shoulders, and started riding faster, until, her face screwing up, she came.

Later, Shay lay on her back, legs in the air, as Tanner kneeled in front of her, and inserted his cock into her. “Oh, God, Tanner…” she moaned, as he started thrusting, “Just like that…” Shay’s boobs bounced as her brother fucked her. “Oh, God…Oh, fuck…yes…” Her face screwed up like she was going to cry, as another orgasm neared.  Finally, letting out another loud moan, Shay came.  Breathing hard, she then pulled her brother down, and touched his forehead to hers. “You got much left?” she whispered.

Shay was now on her elbows, legs splayed, ass in the air. “You sure about this?” Tanner asked.

“We’ve already come this far.  Just do it.”

Tanner pressed his cock against Shay’s butt-hole, and pushed it in. “Uuuuhhg-uh…” Shay groaned, as her brother’s cock forced it’s way into her asshole. “Oh, God…deeper…” Tanner pushed his cock deeper, until Shay winced, and said, “Okay, stop.” Tanner started slowly thrusting in and out of his sister’s ass, with her moaning loudly on every thrust. “Oh, God, Tanner, I wish you knew how good this feels.” As Tanner went, Shay’s ass loosened up, allowing him to speed up slightly.  Finally, letting out a high-pitched squeal, Shay came, and when she did, her asshole tightened around Tanner’s cock, which caused him to ejaculate in his sister’s ass.

Moments later, Shay lay next to her brother, and tried to kiss him, but he shied away. “What?  After what we just did, I can’t kiss you?”

“It’s just…it would be…” Tanner sighed. “Alright.” The two shared a long, deep kiss.

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