Brotherly Love: Willow Shields

Brotherly Love: Willow Shields
by RandyPan
Story Codes: Mf, oral, reluc, first, inc
Celebs: Willow Shields
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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River Shields walked around the house one morning after getting up, in just his pyjama bottoms.  He approached his little sister Willow’s bedroom door, to tell her to get up, and found it ajar.  As he got closer, he realized Willow was already up, and, wait a minute…

He peeked inside, and found Willow was completely naked, except for a pair of white cotton panties.  River knew he shouldn’t stare, but couldn’t help it, watching his little sister walk around, looking at her naked  little boobies.  He suddenly felt his cock twitch.  Okay, this was just messed up.  Once his cock was fully erect, River found himself thinking something he knew he shouldn’t, but did anyway.  After psyching himself up for a minute, River opened the door.

“Hey, Will, time to get up.”

“Oh, my God!” Willow quickly covered up her boobs, “River, you can’t knock?  Get out!”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” River smirked, “But, hey, if I had knocked, I wouldn’t have seen you looking as adorable as you do now!”


“Okay.  Just, can I get a little kiss before I go?”

“What?  Go away!”

“C’mon, just a little kiss for your big brother?”

Willow backed away as River approached. “River, what the hell’s gotten into you?” Willow backed into her bed, then uncovered her boobs to defend herself. “River, no!” she shrieked, as he grabbed her wrists, then forced a kiss on her.  Willow’s struggling abated as River’s tongue entered her mouth.  Despite her unwillingness, Willow felt a little tickle in her pussy as she and her brother kissed.

When they stopped, Willow’s sense briefly returned. “River, this-this is wrong.  W-we can’t do this.  It’s wrong!” Willow looked like she was about to cry.

“Do you want to?”

“I-We can’t do this!” Willow was tearing up, as River held her shoulders.

“Will, it’s alright.  Nobody has to know.  It’ll just be our little secret.” He again kissed her, and then slowly pushed her onto the bed.  River kissed Willow’s shoulders then down her chest.  Willow sighed and moaned as he gently squeezed her little boobies, and sucked her little nipples.  He kissed down her belly, before pushing aside the crotch of her panties, and sliding his tongue into her moist, fourteen year old snatch.

“Oh…oh…oh…” Willow’s breathing sped up, and her moans got more vocal, as she felt her brother’s tongue probing her holiest of holies.  River started slowly rubbing her little clitty with his thumb, and Willow’s brow furrowed, as she felt the orgasm approach.  Willow had masturbated before, but it never felt like this.  When she came, Willow let out a high-pitched whine.

As Willow caught her breath, River stood up, and dropped his pyjama bottoms.  Willow looked up. “Wait, wait, wait, no…” she said breathily.  Ignoring her, River pressed the tip of his cock against her pussy hole, and pushed it in.  Willow winced when she felt her hymen break.  Once he was in a ways, River started to thrust into his little sister.  Willow grimaced as her brother’s cock moved in and out of her little slit. “Oh!…Oh!…Oh!…” Willow moaned even more vocally, and her little boobies bounced in rhythm with River’s thrusting.  A couple of times, Willow came, letting out the same high-pitched whine, getting longer and more hoarse each time.

Finally, River felt his cock start to contract, so he pulled out, and came all over his little sister; her stomach, her little boobies, even on her face.  Willow licked her lips, and tasted her brother’s salty jism.

After all that, River’s cock was still rock-hard, so he put it back in Willow’s pussy, for a second go.  At this point, her brother’s cock was starting to hurt a little, but still felt really good, and she came a couple more times, before he came again.  Willow felt something warm and wet inside her twat, then River leaned over, and gave her another kiss.

“C’mon, Will,” he smirked, “Time to get up.”

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