Bryan’s Birthday Surprise

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And now the story –

Bryan’s Birthday Surprise

By TSSA’s Newest Perv

MF, MFF – conc, oral, inc, voy

* * * * * * * * *

Britney Spears was a very happy young woman. And why shouldn’t she be? She was famous beyond her wildest dreams. She had more money than she could count – not that she could count that high, that’s what accountants were for anyway, to count stuff. She had a body millions of men worshiped, routinely placing in the top 10 of various magazines’ sexiest polls. And all this at the age of 22. That fact alone made Britney happy and proud, that she had achieved her fabulous wealth and popularity at such a young age. It had often been said of her that never before had one person made it so far so fast on so little talent, not even Madonna. Take that you aging skank!

But none of these were the cause of Britney’s current good mood. Tonight Britney was deliriously happy because she had pulled off the world’s greatest prank on her older brother Bryan. She and a couple of her friends had arranged for Bryan to be ‘arrested’ by the FBI and taken away in handcuffs, only to be brought to Joseph’s nightclub to celebrate his birthday with Brit and all his pals.

Britney had planted herself right in front of the side door the ‘agents’ would use to bring Bryan in for his ‘interrogation’. When the door opened and Bryan was ushered in she led the crowd as they cried “Surprise!”, the look of shock on the young man’s face an indication of just how successful their charade had been.

Britney stood there laughing madly as Bryan looked around in bewilderment. The ‘agents’ that led him in removed the handcuffs and handed them to him as a souvenir of his ‘arrest’. Everyone crowded around, congratulating him and getting in some good-natured ribbing at his expense. When the crowd finally thinned he was left facing his baby sister and erstwhile tormentor.

“You arranged all this?”

Britney leaped forward and gave him a big hug, “Happy Birthday big brother!”

Bryan returned the hug, thanking his sister for the party, but still wanting to know who had arranged for his brief detainment, “And the FBI guys? That your idea too?”

“Yep! Pretty cool, huh? You shoulda seen the look on your face! As the commercial goes, it was like, priceline!”

“That’s priceless, Brit.”

‘What’s priceless?”

“The commercial. The tag line is priceless, not priceline.”

Britney looked at him, uncomprehending, so he tried to explain again, “Priceline is the commercial with Captain Kirk in it. You know the one where they say they have to let him go because they found someone else to hawk their product?”

“You mean the old guy with like, the funny hair? That’s not Captain Kirk!”

“Sure it is. He’s part owner of the company and he does all their commercials.”

“Captain Kirk. Of Star Trak. That is like, so not him. I’ve seen Star Trak and Kirk is some older guy in like, his 30’s or 40’s. That other guy is like, totally really old!”

“It’s Star Trek, Brit. Trek, not Trak. And it was filmed in the 1960’s so of course he looks younger in them.”

Britney was beginning to get annoyed, “You always do that! Why do you always do that?”

“Do what?”

“Try to make me look stupid! Every time I’m like, winning an argument you try to like, change the subject just to make me look stupid!”

‘Uh oh. Full fledged diva tantrum dead ahead complete with foot stamping. Alert! Alert!’

“You’re right, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t go out of my way to make you look stupid. Especially when you’ve gone to all this trouble to have your staff arrange this kick-ass birthday party for me. I’m sorry. Forgive me?”

“Well… okay. But only because it’s your birthday. Now c’mon let’s mingle.”

“So who are you here with?”

“I’m with you silly!”

“You’re my date for the evening?”

“Well sure. You’re like, not seeing anybody and I’m not either, not that I could bring someone even if I was, fucking paparazzi, and I can’t be seen at a party alone, so it like, makes sense, ya know?”

Bryan took it on faith that what his younger sister had said did indeed make sense, he wasn’t interested enough to try and wade through her statement. He also let the comment about not being able to come to the party alone pass. If he asked she would try to explain and he really didn’t want to have to listen to her. Over the last two years or so Britney had really gotten into the whole Diva act, even when communicating with her family, and Bryan had come to the conclusion that the fewer opportunities he gave his kid sister to trot out her ‘tude, the better.

“Then we’d better get out there. Which way is the bar? I need alcohol.”

“Ooh, me too! I haven’t had a drink in like, hours!”

“Hey, have I told you how much I like your outfit?”

“Yeah, yeah. It’s a big hit with all the guys.”

“And more than a couple of the girls from the looks you’ve been getting.”

“Ha. Ha. Britney’s being like, checked out by some MTV lesbians. Very funny. You should work for one of those gossip rags, ya know?”

“Hey! I’m not the one who made you wear three pieces of crepe paper held together by a ring as a top now am I?”

Britney pushed her brother in the direction of the bar, “C’mon, I hear a Sea Breeze calling.”

* * * * * * * * *

Some hours later…

Britney stood by a wall off to one side of the dance floor, by some quirk of fate alone for the moment. A quick glance at her watch told her the time was just after 2 am. The crowd was much thinner than it had been at the beginning of the evening and the people who were still there were starting to pair off. She heaved a big sigh and took a sip from her drink, momentarily peeved.

‘Fucking paparazzi! I could be out there right now with some studly if it weren’t for those fucking vultures. Always sticking their cameras into other peoples business. It’s not fair! Did I ask for all this attention? I don’t think so! Why can’t they just leave me alone so I can make my music and be with my fans? No, instead they have to hound me so I can’t even bring a date to my brother’s birthday party! And after all the work I did getting my people to set this up! It’s not fair!’

Britney was interrupted mid-rant by a pair of arms wrapping themselves around her waist. Bryan looked out at the dance floor over her shoulder as she finished off her drink and settled her own hands on top of his.

“Hey there Pinkey.”

“Don’t call me that.”

“You wanna go out and dance some more?”

Britney shook her head no. She had been drinking steadily since the beginning of the night and even though she had eaten throughout the party and had spent a good amount of time showing off some of her hard learned dance moves, the alcohol was beginning to take its toll on her.

Bryan saw the gesture and tightened his hold around his sister, “Probably a good idea. Last time out you put on more of a show than I think you realized.”

Thinking he was referring to the flimsiness of the top scarcely concealing her breasts, Britney replied “Oh please! These people have seen like, far more of me than the sides of my boobs! Have you even like, seen ‘Toxic’?”

“Wasn’t talking about your boobs…” Bryan took the opportunity to check out the boobs in question, not entirely surprised to find both ready to make a break for it. Reaching up with one hand he adjusted his sister’s top, pulling the red material back into place barely covering her nipples, getting a good look at the erect pink nubs as he did. “…Jeez Brit can’t you even keep those puppies covered when you’re standing still?”

Britney slapped his hand away and readjusted her top, pretty much reversing the territory gained when Bryan had positioned the material and practically exposing both breasts to the remaining party guests. Bryan sighed briefly then shrugged his shoulders.

‘Well, I tried. Can’t say I don’t appreciate the view though.’

“What show?”

Brit’s question caught him by surprise, “Huh? What?”

“What show? You said I like, put on a show while dancing. I want to know what show. You talking about those dance moves. Those are like, from the new tour. Everybody’s seen those moves!”

“I’m not talking about some stupid dance moves. I’m talking about your jeans nearly falling off and you being bare-assed on the dance floor!”

“Shut Up! I so was not bare-assed!”

“Please Brit! If your pants had fallen one more inch the entire club would know whether you shave or not. Are you even wearing panties?”

Bryan took advantage of the placement of his hands and pulled the waist band of his sister’s ultra-low rider jeans away from her body expecting to see the top of her thong or a pair of sexy panties. He was not prepared to find that Britney was indeed not wearing any panties and she did shave, mostly. Even in the darkened light in their corner of the club he could make out the narrow landing strip of hair that Britney kept above her vagina.

Britney either didn’t notice or didn’t care how much of her flesh was being exposed to her brother as he pawed at her clothing. Mimicking her earlier move she slapped his hand away from her jeans but other than a mild scolding “Stop that!” she gave no other protest. She didn’t even attempt to extricate herself from his arms which had remained wrapped around her body.

What Britney did notice was the growing bulge in her brother’s pants. She looked up to Bryan’s face and saw that his eyes appeared to be focused on the dance floor. On a stunning brunette on the dance floor. Well that would explain his burgeoning hard-on. Thinking she knew what had caused the sudden erection in her brother’s Dockers Britney decided it was time to turn the tables on her obviously horny sibling.

“See something you like on the dance floor big brother?” She ground her ass into Bryans groin hoping to increase his discomfort.

Bryan rewarded her with a groan and she increased the pressure she was applying to his pelvis. He tried in vain to get her to stop, but not too hard, he really didn’t want the impromptu lap dance to end. It felt pretty good, even if it was his little sister doing it. An idea began to form in Bryan’s head. An idea about how he could get some payback for his phony arrest at the beginning of the evening.

Britney continued to grind away until she judged Bryan was close to popping. As much fun as it might be to see him cream his pants she thought it was better to just leave him hanging with a serious case of blue balls. In a heartbeat she stopped rubbing her ass against his cloth-covered boner and stepped out of his embrace.

Britney turned to face her frustrated brother, “Why don’t you go talk to her?” Deliberately lowering her eyes to the obvious tent in his pants she continued, “Oh. I guess you can’t. Not like that anyway. Wouldn’t want to like, put on a show now would you? Oh well, guess you’re S.O.L. I’m gonna go to the bar and like, get another drink. See ya!”

Bryan watched his cock-tease of a sister move through the greatly thinned out crowd to the bar. He stayed in the shadows off the dance floor until his erection had gone down some and went off in search of some of his buddies. His idea had blossomed into the beginnings of a plan and it was time to set it in motion.

* * * * * * * * *

Still later…

“You’re drunk!”

“No you’re drunk!’

Britney Spears and her brother were engaging in this particularly witty repartee on the way to her hotel suite across the street from Joseph’s nightclub. They staggered down the hall leading to her room, each with an arm around the other, pretending to be keeping one another from falling to the floor in a drunken stupor. In reality neither of them was all that drunk, but in the tradition of millions of party-goers who came before them, they were honor-bound to act as if they were each one sip away from falling flat on their faces in a pool of their own vomit. Though they may not have been drunk, they weren’t exactly sober either, and their inhibitions were down. Way down.

The drunk act also meant that both of them had to pretend that Bryan was not taking complete advantage of these lowered inhibitions and his greater reach and that he did not in fact have his right hand firmly cupping his sister’s right boob. Britney wasn’t about to complain, the rough skin of his palm kept rubbing against her nipple as they walked and the pleasure was more than she had received from someone other than herself in weeks. And Bryan, well Bryan used their stumbling gait to keep repositioning his hand on his sister’s tit, squeezing and releasing the breast and periodically rolling the nipple under his palm and fingers. He took it one step further when Brit did actually trip, bringing his left hand up in front of her to break her fall, ‘accidentally’ missing her arm and grabbing her other boob.

They finally reached the door to Britney’s suite and released their hold on each other as the mouseketeer fumbled for the door’s electronic key. After several unsuccessful tries she got the door open and they lurched into the room. Bryan immediately going into the bedroom and falling onto the bed face down.

Britney followed him into the room and moved over to the dresser, kicking off the comfortable yet stylish shoes she had been wearing all night. She removed her jewelry and bracelets next, placing them on the dresser next to the room key.

“Hey! Get up! That’s like, my bed. Go find some other place to sleep! I didn’t offer to let you stay here so you could like, take my bed!”

Bryan mumbled an answer into the bed linens.

Britney walked over to the prone figure and shook him by the foot, “I said get up! That’s my bed!”

Bryan rolled over onto his back and watched his sister as she continued to remove the accessories she had been wearing to his party. When she lifted both hands to take her hair out of the loose ponytail she wore, the red straps of her top moved up with her and both boobs were again exposed to his view. The reaction of his cock was immediate.

Britney saw his erection return and stood facing him with her hands on her hips, not even realizing her tits were still on display, “Jesus Bryan, doesn’t that thing ever like, go down!”

Bryan was pretty much at full staff now. At least as full as the constrictions of his clothing would let him be.

“Yeah, well, it’s all your fault ya know.”

“My fault! How the fuck is this my fault?”

“Because! You wear that top that can’t even keep your tits covered and then you do that lap dance to me in the club…”

“I can too keep my tits covered! And I was not like, giving you a lap dance…”

“… Oh yeah? Then why aren’t they covered now? You might as well be standing there topless for all the good that shit is doing ya!”

Bryan got up from the bed and took a few steps away before stopping in disgust. He looked down at his hard-on and threw his hands in the air.

“Great! What the hell am I supposed to do with this now! Son of a fucking bitch! You know Brit, maybe it woulda been better if you’d told me about the party tonight. That way I coulda brought a date and at least I woulda gotten a blowjob out of it.”

“But I was your date for the party. If you’d brought someone what was I going to do? Go like, stag? I don’t think so!. Besides. What makes you like, so sure you’d get a blowjob if you’d had a date tonight?”

“C’mon Brit. It’s my birthday. Any girl that’d go out with a guy on his birthday would at least be up for a BJ at the end of the night. Probably a whole lot more, too. BJ, heh, those are your initials. BJ. That’s funny.”

Britney ignored her brother’s ramblings about her initials. She was busy thinking about what he’d said before that. She was doing something she very rarely did, she was thinking about someone else’s feelings for a change.

‘Is Bryan right? Would he have gotten laid if he’d brought a real date to the party? What if it was my birthday? I woulda wanted some after-hours fun wouldn’t I? Damn fucking straight! Shit! Fuck, fuck, fuck! This’ll ruin everything! This was supposed to be perfect! FUCK!… Wait! I’m his date! So maybe I could blow him. Yeah, he’s my brother, but so what? It’s not like I’m gonna fuck him. What harm could a little suck do? He said that’s all he woulda gotten from a real date, so… Yeah. I blow him and he goes to sleep happy and in the morning he probably won’t even remember doing it he’s so fucking drunk. I probably won’t remember either. I drank even more than usual. And if he does remember he won’t say anything, he’d be too embarrassed. And if he says something then I tell him he imagined it or dreamed it or something. Yeah, I can get real mad and call him a sick pervert and stuff. Besides, it’s not even really sex. It’s just a blowjob. This is perfect!’

Bryan had gone back to the bed and laid down face up on it again. Britney walked over to him and began removing his shoes and socks.

“What are you doing?”

“Just shut up and like, relax!”

When both shoes and socks had hit the floor Britney moved up to Bryan’s belt and started to undo it. Bryan grabbed her hands in his as he struggled to sit up.

“Brit, what the hell are you doing?”

Britney pulled her hands from his grasp and pushed him back down to the bed then went back to undoing his belt. Pulling the belt from the loops of his Dockers she moved on to the snap and zipper. Again Bryan tried to stop her.

“Brit stop! What are you doing?”

“What does it look like I’m doing?”

“It looks like you’re trying to remove my pants. I wanna know why.”

“What do you think? You said if you had like, a real date you’d get a blowjob for your birthday, so, I’m your date and you’re like, gonna get a blowjob.”

“Just like that? So matter of fact.”

“Why not? What’s the big deal? It’s only like, a blowjob.”

“Brit we can’t do that! You’re my sister!”

“And you’re my brother and I wanna like, give you one last birthday present. Like you said, any girl that’d go out with you on your birthday would do it, so I’m gonna like, do it.”

Bryan gave one final half-hearted protest, “Brit, no. It’s wrong. I can’t do that with you, you’re my sister.”

Britney pulled back from her position kneeling on the bed and stood at the foot looking down on her brother. She saw that his erection had gone down some, but not entirely.

‘Maybe he really doesn’t want this. One way to find out.’

“You’re telling me you like, don’t want a blowjob? You’re sure?”

Bryan nodded in assent.

Britney lifted the red strap garment over her head. Now she didn’t even have the illusion of clothing covering her boobs as she stood there completely topless.

She waited for a sign of life in Bryan’s pants before again asking him, “Are you like, really sure? Last chance.”

When Bryan gave no response other than his rapidly hardening prick Brit smiled slyly, “That’s what I thought.”

The mouseketeer returned to her task of removing Bryan’s pants and boxers. Without much fanfare she yanked them down his legs and off, sending them to the floor to join his shoes and socks. With his cock waving in the wind she crawled up on the bed and positioned her head near her brother’s crotch. Using her right hand she grasped his shaft near the base and held it upright, mentally appraising it. Unfortunately for Brit, her limited experiences had not exposed her to any well, or even moderately, endowed men. Fortunately for Bryan this made him seem huge by comparison and Brit wasted no time in telling him that.

“Fuck. Bryan you’ve got like, a nice cock going on here! Shit, that’s gotta be at least two inches bigger than Justin’s, easy!”

Bryan looked down at his 6” member in amazement, ‘Two fucking inches! Timberlake you pussy! Oh this is gonna be choice! I can’t wait until the next time I see you, you prissy fuck!’ His silent crowing was interrupted by the feeling of his sister’s tongue landing on the head of his prick for the first time.

Britney spent a few more seconds checking out her brother’s penis before she opened her mouth and licked the head of his cock. Finding the flavor acceptable she went back for more and soon was licking Bryan’s shaft like an ice cream cone. The sensations of her tongue on his member were pleasant, but Bryan wanted more.

“Suck it. Please Brit, suck it!”

Britney took the head in her mouth and began sucking it, but not hard enough to be much good. Bryan kept waiting for her to take more of his shaft into her mouth but the blonde superstar seemed content with the amount she already had. He put his hand on the back of her head and began pushing down steadily and Brit grudgingly allowed another inch or two into her mouth. Figuring that he wasn’t going to get her to accept anymore without a fight Bryan eased off on the pressure and started to work on getting her to apply more suction instead.

Some women are born sword swallowers, some women are taught, and some are just plain lousy at giving head. Bryan didn’t know which of the latter two categories his sister would ultimately fall into, he just knew that she definitely wasn’t in the first category and for now she fell neatly into the third. It wasn’t really Britney’s fault. Even though she was 22 his sister did have limited experience sexually. At the beginning of her singing career the mouseketeer really did believe all the shit she spouted about staying a virgin until marriage and not doing anything that her mother wouldn’t approve of. She was only 16 at the time so swearing off sex was pretty easy for her. By the time she was 18 it was no longer easy, in fact it was damn hard, and by the time she was 20 she was so horny she would’ve fucked Carrot Top if the opportunity had presented itself. When she finally did give up her cherry to JT she was so far behind the eight ball it was going to take years for her to catch up in terms of experience. Adding to her lack of skill was the fact that through some fluke of nature she had only been with men who were, to be frank, small. So even when presented with the opportunity to advance her oral talents she was left with little to work with. Literally.

So it was really no surprise that she was doing a less than stellar job playing Bryan’s organ. He watched as Brit did her best to please him, but it wasn’t enough, and that did shock him. He was getting a blowjob from his sister. From his sister! The thought alone should have had him ready to launch and the first touch of her lips to his cock should have sent him into orbit, but there he was, still grounded. Maybe he had had more to drink than he originally thought and the alcohol was preventing him from achieving liftoff.

Or maybe if Britney relaxed a little bit she’d get into it more and he’d reap the benefits. Britney was on her knees on the bed to Bryan’s right, still wearing her jeans but nothing else. Bryan placed his right hand on his sister’s back and began to stroke her tanned skin.

‘Fuck she feels good! She’s got one fucking tight body! And her skin! I’ve never felt anything this soft. Oh, fuck! I forgot about her tits!’

Bryan moved his hand down Brit’s side and onto her left breast. He squeezed the mound of flesh and pinched the nipple, getting a moan of obvious pleasure from his baby sister. He also got the reaction he had been aiming for as Brit followed her moan with the hardest suck on his dick yet. Bryan continued to knead his sister’s tit, paying plenty of attention to her sensitive nipples, and Britney continued to moan and suck his cock, getting more into the felatio with every passing second. When he felt he had paid enough attention to Brit’s left boob he reached under her body and attacked the right. Again Britney signaled her approval with a loud moan and a judicious application of suction to his member.

Bryan was pleased with the noticeable improvement Britney had shown in her pole smoking talents in just the brief time she had been giving him head. It appeared he had been right in his assumptions, the more relaxed she became the more she got into it. But he suspected that he had gotten as much improvement out of her as he was likely to get just by groping her boobs. Even though he didn’t want to stop, it was time to take things up a notch.

Bryan moved his hand down Brit’s body to her stomach. Whatever else anybody might think of the pop star, it was an undeniable fact, Britney had a rock hard body. She might suck as a singer and be ludicrous as a dancer, but she did work hard to stay in shape, and it showed in her abs and shoulders and butt.

He spent some time exploring his sister’s six-pack before allowing his hand to continue roaming down her body to the top of her jeans. Britney never reacted as his hand slipped up over her hip to her back and plunged into the seat of her pants. Bryan’s hand traveled down the flesh of Britney’s left cheek but he was unable to move beyond the curve of her ass due to the tightness of her jeans. The low cut pants were loose enough to threaten to fall off with every shake of the teen queen’s hips, but between his hand feeling up her ass and Brit’s kneeling position the fabric was stretched taut and he could not reach his desired goal.

Rethinking his plan of attack Bryan removed his hand from his sister’s ass and brought it back underneath her body to her lower abdomen. Rather than try to shove his hand down the front of Britney’s jeans Bryan learned from his experience and in a display of some impressive manual dexterity he began to undo the buttons of his sister’s fly using only his right hand.

When the third button came undone Bryan again moved his hand down his sister’s body, pushing her jeans down her hips as he went. Having already determined earlier at the club that Britney was not wearing any underwear at all Bryan was not surprised when his fingers encountered the sparse tuft that was all that remained of her bush. He ran his fingers through what little hair there was, amazed at how soft it felt to his touch.

For her part Britney was still sucking her little heart out, Bryan’s cock slipping in and out of her mouth as she attempted to give her brother the birthday orgasm he had insisted he was due. At first she had been somewhat hesitant, not because she was sucking off her brother, but because she had never been able to get really comfortable when giving head. When Bryan had started to fondle her tits she was able to forget for a while what she was doing and concentrate on the pleasure she was receiving as he kneaded her boobs, twisting and pulling on her nipples with just the right force, almost as if they had been lovers for months and he knew exactly how she liked to be touched. As soon as Bryan abandoned her breasts and started to move down her body Brit returned her attention to his cock and was shocked to find herself sucking his member like it was a straw and she was trying to get a frozen milkshake to come through it.

Bryan’s aborted attempt to get his hand into her pants distracted Britney from her oral stimulation of her brother’s dick. She could feel his hand as it moved onto her ass and was brought to a stop by the tightness of her jeans. Thinking that he would quit there she was a bit surprised when his hand came back down to her stomach and started to slip under her waistband, pausing only to unbutton her fly. She was astounded by her brother’s single-handed success and didn’t even try to stop him as his hand continued down her body coming to a stop just above her vagina.

By this point stopping Bryan from caressing her body was the last thing on Britney’s mind. She had enjoyed every one of his assaults on the most personal parts of her body. It had been weeks since she had felt the intimate touch of another person, being manhandled by a bunch of gay backup dancers did not count, and even though Bryan was her brother, she was in a highly aroused state from his strokes. Of course the fact that she had most of his cock down her throat might have added to the excitement.

Bryan also wasn’t in any mood to stop. Random feelings of embarrassment from his sister’s prank at the beginning of the evening mixed with thoughts of payback but were largely being eclipsed by an overwhelming sense of horniness. The blowjob Brit was giving him might not get ranked as the best he ever received in terms of technique, although she had improved once she relaxed a little, but the added eroticism of getting head from the reigning pop princess and teen queen, who was also his sister, went a long way to making up for any technical deficiencies. On top of which Bryan had it in mind to try to push things even further.

Having spent sufficient time riffling his fingers through Brit’s pubic hair Bryan moved his hand between her legs and began to stroke his sister’s slit. Her reaction was immediate and unexpected.

As soon as Bryan touched Britney’s vulva with his index and middle fingers he felt the moisture that had been gathering there. That and the almost palpable heat as blood rushed to her groin in response to his touch. Before he could slide his fingers back over her labia Britney began to shove her pants further down past her knees with one hand then proceeded to try to kick them off with sharp jerks of her legs. In a few short seconds they were falling to the floor alongside the bed with the rest of the pair’s garments and Britney was totally nude. Without ever removing her mouth from her brother’s penis she pivoted on the bed, swinging her ass around towards Bryan’s head and lifting her left leg over him to bring it down on the other side of his body, setting things up so they could sixty-nine.

Bryan absorbed the view before him, several thoughts competing for his attention. First and foremost was lust. Gone was any reluctance on his part, however contrived, to participate in an incestuous coupling with his sister. All that was left was desire. For the moment that desire entailed sticking his tongue as far up his sister’s snatch as was humanly possible. However, being that they were brother and sister, their childish rivalries could never be completely put away, and even as he extended his tongue for his first taste of Britney’s pussy Bryan could not help but think,

‘Fuck her thighs are HUGE! Guess all that dancing has its drawbacks. Hope she doesn’t squeeze ‘em, I’ll pop like a zit.’

Further critique of his sister’s stubby appendages was cut off as Bryan slipped his tongue into her folds and tasted the juices that had already collected. Britney moaned around his cock and Bryan felt her start to use her tongue as she released his shaft from her mouth.

‘If she’d use her hands some more this just might work!’

Shoving a couple of pillows under his neck for support Bryan reached down with his right hand and covered Britney’s hand where it rested on his dick. She had only used her hand to hold his member upright while she sucked and now he began to move her hand up and down in sync with her bobbing head. Releasing her hand he was pleased to find that she understood what he wanted and continued to jerk his shaft as she sucked him.

“Good. Oh yeah. Real good.”

With many of the technical difficulties finally addressed Bryan concentrated on enjoying the head while he explored his sister’s cunt with his tongue. After a bad start he was very pleased to find that Britney could actually be competent at sucking cock. All she had needed was a little coaching and encouragement. With practice she could possibly even become great at it. Maybe he could help her out there. Take one for the team, so to speak.

‘Maybe not. Not if things go the way I think they will.’

While Britney continued to improve her proficiency at felatio Bryan demonstrated his own oral skills to his kid sister. He had already discovered that Brit loved having a tongue pushed up inside her labia and he made tongue-fucking the center point around which the rest of his oral attack rotated. That is not to say that he ignored the rest of Britney’s pussy. He alternated thrusting his tongue as deeply into her as could reach, allowing her juices to glide over his taste buds and down his throat, with small nips and licks and sucks of her lips. Every so often he would suck one or both of his sister’s labia into his mouth and pull them away from her as far as they would extend then let them slip out of his mouth and curl back up to her body. Judging by the moans this would elicit Britney was particularly fond of that particular act.

Bryan also paid close attention to his sister’s clit. He was diligently searching for the spot nearest, or on, her clit that would send surges of pleasure through her body, and coincidentally produce considerable volumes of pussy juice for his dining enjoyment. If Brit had not been otherwise engaged he could simply have asked her to guide him to the area, but he didn’t feel like interrupting her efforts, especially when she was improving with each passing minute. Besides, where was the fun in asking? It was far more pleasing to both partners for him to continue searching, paying close attention to Brit’s responses, until he knew exactly where and how to use his tongue to bring her to climax.

And so they continued, each doing their best to give pleasure to their partner, and each succeeding in their task. Bryan had been aware that Brit was enjoying his muff diving because of the increased frequency and volume of her moans which he felt as well as heard. He had found the place near her clit that he had been searching for and as time passed he had dedicated more and more of his attention to that spot, focusing his efforts to bring Britney to climax. The attempt was working. With each slash of Bryan’s tongue the blonde strumpet was nearing her orgasm and her breathing was growing shallower and faster. Seeing his sister approaching her climax was having an effect on him as well and he felt the tingling in his balls that signaled an impending orgasm.

With Britney’s climax so close Bryan moved from licking near her clit to directly sucking the tiny bundle of nerves. This proved to be the last stimulus the mouseketeer needed and with a loud shriek she came all over her brother’s face.

“Oh Fuck! Fucking. Cummmminnnngggg. I’m like, Cummmmmm… AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!”

Bryan kept furiously licking up the fluids escaping Britney’s twat, swallowing any he could get his tongue on and allowing the overflow to slide down his cheeks and onto the surface of the bed beneath him. Fortunately he was able to capture the majority of his sister’s cream before his own orgasm took hold.

When Britney came, she came loudly, screaming out her pleasure for anyone in the hallway to hear. Of course while she was screaming she could no longer be sucking, but that did not mean she was not still attending to Bryan’s needs. If it was accidental or intended Bryan could not have said but either way Britney had continued to stroke his cock with her hand even as she climaxed. The movements were spasmodic as a result, but still they proved to be just enough stimulation to send Bryan over the edge and into his own, far quieter, orgasm.

The first jet of cum landed in Britney’s open mouth but most fell right back out and onto Bryan’s abdomen. The second jet hit the teen queen on her upper lip and the third landed partly on her tongue and partly on her chin. Bryan’s fourth and fifth squirts were too weak to go anywhere and dribbled down the sides of his dick and onto his sister’s fingers.

Instead of being disgusted or freaked by the events Britney was giddy. She had done it! She had given her brother a birthday blowjob and had made him cum. On top of which she had received the best head she had ever gotten from a guy and had achieved a thoroughly satisfying climax, thank you very much!

The only downside was that now it was all over. Bryan had cum, she had cum, there was nothing left to do, except cleanup, go to sleep and pretend none of it had happened when morning came. But she didn’t want to do any of that.

Britney tried to delay the end of her encounter with Bryan by cleaning up the mess they had made. The pop star was no stranger to eating cum, before giving up her cherry to the boy band fag she had swallowed his cum on several occasions. While some girls found the taste repulsive Britney found it kind of neutral, sometimes salty, sometimes sweet, but not offensive. So she had no problem lifting her fingers to her mouth and using her tongue to clean her brother’s jizz off them. She also removed the sticky mixture from her lip and chin then proceeded to lick up and swallow the puddles that had formed on Bryan’s abdomen. When she had cleaned up every drop on his body she turned her attention to his shaft and licked it from top to bottom removing every trace that he had even had an orgasm. And the erection Bryan was still sporting helped to foster the image in her mind. Maybe there was more fun to be had yet.

Bryan had been as busy as his sister after they had come down from their near simultaneous orgasms. His tongue had stopped for only a brief moment when he came and then had returned to its previous task of collecting every drop of pussy juice Britney manufactured. While his sister cleaned him off Bryan used his tongue to keep her at a simmer. Assuming that she would be too sensitive this soon after climaxing he avoided her clitoris and concentrated on keeping his tongue supple as he stroked her slit with long leisurely caresses.

As Britney finished cleaning her brother off she began to feel the first stirrings of renewed arousal.

‘What the fuck?’

She hadn’t noticed before but Bryan had never really stopped working on her pussy with his tongue. Whether he was doing it for her pleasure or his she didn’t care, she only knew that it was having an effect on her. She was becoming horny. Rapidly. And judging by the still erect penis waving at her face she wasn’t the only one.

Giving Bryan no time to even fake a protest Britney swung her leg over his head and once again pivoted on the bed, ending up with her snatch poised over her brother’s pole. The movement was so sudden that Bryan was left with his tongue waggling uselessly in the empty air, searching in vain for the cream-filled treat that it had until recently been devouring.

Just as Bryan was reacting with disappointment to the removal of his sister’s pussy from its position planted on his face that same pussy smashed down onto his cock, impaling itself in one swift motion and causing any possible complaint to die unvoiced. Instead of protesting, Bryan could only muster a single syllable of surprise, more of a noise then anything coherent.


Bryan looked up into his sister’s eyes as she started to ride his dick. He wasn’t sure what to expect in them but whatever it was he was not prepared for the look of unbridled lust he found there. And unbridled was the perfect word for it as Britney began to ride him at a gallop. Bryan had never given the subject much thought before but if a month ago someone had asked him to imagine what his sister was like in bed the best he could have come up with would have been ‘stiff’. Even with the ultra-slutty image Britney projected and her practically x-rated stage performances Bryan still couldn’t have imagined his sister as being anything but the diva at all times. And that would have to include during sex. Maybe even especially during sex. But that was proving not to be the case at all.

As soon as she had positioned herself over Bryan’s member Britney slammed down onto it. Taking only a couple of seconds to adjust to the presence of something inside her she began to move her hips up and down as quickly as she could, intent on bringing the friction and heat caused by her movements to the maximum level possible in the shortest period of time. The mouseketeer was horny, and she was going to do something about it.

But Britney was close to ruining everything. She was no longer a virgin, but she was also not exactly loose. Rather the opposite. She was very, very tight. In fact, Britney was the tightest girl Bryan had been with in many years, and the combination of tightness, moisture and the heat he felt emanating from her vagina plus the bonus fact that he was indeed fucking his sister had brought the eldest Spears sibling to the edge of another orgasm, in spite of the fact that mere minutes had passed since his first climax. He may not have had the stamina of a 19 year old anymore, but at 27 he was far from ready to be put out to pasture and with the right stimuli he could recover as quickly as the best of them. And this would definitely qualify as the right stimuli.

As much as he would have loved to simply lay there and let Britney ride him until he exploded, painting her insides with his cum, Bryan had other plans. And these plans relied upon him not pissing his sister off. At least not until he was ready. So with a great deal of reluctance Bryan grabbed his sister by the arms and rolled her over onto her back.

“Like, what the fuck are you doing? I liked that!”

“So did I. Too much. You want this to last a little while don’t you?”

Britney gave no answer but a bounce of her hips as she tried to get her brother to start moving inside her. He did, but at a greatly reduced pace as he tried to pull back from the brink.

Establishing a rhythm that would keep Britney content while allowing him to recover from his near disaster was not easy for Bryan but he succeeded somehow. Except for the part about keeping Britney content. The pop princess kept trying to get her brother to pick up his pace and when that failed she tried to push him onto his back so she could get on top again. It became something of a game between the two, Britney trying to control the pace and Bryan trying to maintain his cool and let things build up slowly. After some minutes of the back and forth he had finally had enough of her constant attempts to get him on his back and he decided to do something about it. Realizing that the tree trunks his sister called legs were giving her tremendous leverage he got into a kneeling position and grabbed his sister by the ankles and pushed her stems back towards her head, being careful to move with her so his penis did not fall out. He had expected to bring her knees up to her chest, maybe not quite that far, but far enough that she would no longer be in any position to try to roll them both over and he could go about the business of fucking her without further interference. However he had not counted on how limber his sister would be from all her exercises and it was with total shock and more than a touch of awe that he watched as her knees continued traveling beyond her chest and ended up touching the bed by her shoulders.

‘Guess all that dancing has its benefits, too. And lucky me I’m the beneficiary!’

Britney enhanced her position by bringing her shoulders in front of her knees, effectively folding her body in half and leaving her slit pointing directly at the ceiling.

“What the fuck are you waiting for? Are you gonna like, fuck me or what?”

Where all the mouseketeer’s prior attempts to get Bryan to pick up speed had failed, seeing his sister with her knees behind her head and her pussy pointed skyward did the trick. Forgetting his plan to take it slow all Bryan wanted now was to shove his cock into Brit and start pounding her snatch. It was difficult going initially, Britney’s natural tightness was intensified by her new position, but with some effort, and increased lubrication from his sister, Bryan was able to resume thrusting, slowly at first but with increasing velocity over time.

Britney loved her new arrangement. She made a mental note to use this particular position regularly in the future. Maybe even with Bryan if he didn’t freak out when they woke up in the morning. The angle of his cock as it entered her kept constant pressure applied to the front wall of her vagina and the stimulation as he hit some of her most sensitive spots over and over was rapidly bringing Britney to the cusp of another orgasm. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the pleasure she was feeling, low moans escaping her lips with increasing frequency.

Bryan heard the moans and grimaced slightly, ‘Jeez. Please don’t start singing.’

It wasn’t that Bryan thought his sister was a bad singer. She wasn’t. In fact back home in Louisiana Britney had been one of the better singers in their church choir. She just wasn’t as good a singer as all the sycophants at her record label had led her to believe, and over time Bryan had started to hate the sound of his sister’s voice lifted in song.

Hoping to prevent the pop tart from breaking into song Bryan upped his pace once again, pleased when Britney’s moans morphed into louder wails as well. The amplified rate had an impact on him also and once again he found himself hell bent on the path to orgasm.

The race was on and this time both participants could read the signs of impending climax in the other. Britney was no longer moaning, her breathing was too shallow to allow for such extravagances, and Bryan’s face was contorting into ridiculous expressions as he tried desperately to stave off his climax.

And then it was over and Britney was crossing the finish line first. Unlike the first time she did not announce her orgasm verbally, instead she tightened her hold around Bryan’s neck as her pussy clamped down on his cock. With her shoulders no longer holding her legs in position they slid forward as Britney curled them around her brother, her heels slamming into his back with all the power of a fourth degree black belt. Or someone with really, really muscular legs.

For a brief second Bryan knew exactly how the mouse in a trap must feel as the spring released the metal bar, smashing it down on the helpless rodent and snapping its back in two. Feeling his sister’s heels striking him he gave up a silent prayer, begging for just a few more seconds before he lost all sensation below the waist so he could have this one last orgasm, and hoping it would be worth the price.

With his sister’s arms wrapped tightly around his neck and her legs equally tight around his back and his prick firmly held by the muscles in her vagina Bryan didn’t have much room to move. But he didn’t need much, he only needed enough to move his hips so he could continue thrusting his manhood in and out of Britney’s twat. As her orgasm was receding Bryan’s was building and again it would be an inadvertent move on Britney’s part that would set him off.

“Cum inside me. I want to feel you cum.”

The words were no sooner out of Brit’s mouth than Bryan was granting her wish as his climax arrived and he began shooting his load into her. Smaller than his first orgasm but far more satisfying, Bryan sent three squirts of his cum into his sister’s cunt, then collapsed on the bed beside her, laughing softly to himself.

‘Yep, definitely worth it.’

The two siblings lay quietly on the bed for some time, enjoying their afterglow. Britney noticed the sky outside her hotel room window was brightening as dawn approached. Getting up from the bed she padded into the bathroom to clean up the remnants of her sexual encounter and prepare for sleep. Bryan also took the opportunity to get out of bed and moved over to the dresser along the wall. Pausing to run his hands through his hair to bring back some semblance of order to the mess he looked over the jewelry strewn over the dresser surface. Finding the item he wanted he picked it up and went back to his pants, still lying in a pile on the floor, and slipped the trinket into a pocket.

Moving back to the dresser he consulted a mirror about his hair and called to his sister still puttering about the bathroom.

“Hey Brit, weren’t you wearing a pearl choker at the club tonight?”

Britney walked back into the room with her hairbrush and took a seat on the bed, “Sorry, did you like, say something?”

“I said, weren’t you wearing a pearl choker last night?”

”Yeah. What of it?”

“Well I don’t see it here.”

“What? Of course it’s there. Don’t be silly.” She got up from the bed and walked over to join him at the dresser.

“I don’t see it. Are you sure you had it on when we got here?”

“It has to be there. Look again!”

Bryan pretended to look for the lost item again while Britney began her own search of the dresser top and surrounding area, “Oh shit! Oh shit!”

“Nope, not here. Maybe you lost it at the club, or outside somewhere?”

“Fuck! We have to find it!” the blonde singer whined.

“What’s the big deal? It’s not like you can’t afford a replacement. How much could the thing cost anyway?”

“More than you’ll ever earn in a year, that’s for sure. Besides, it’s not mine. It belongs to mom. C’mon, we have to like, find it.”

Almost. Bryan had almost decided against going forward with his plans to get back at his younger sister. When they had returned to the room earlier Bryan had no clue about what was going to transpire between he and Britney. He had planned to hide the expensive piece of jewelry in the first few minutes or so and had arranged with his friend AJ to hang around the club for a while and wait for them to come back down looking for the lost bauble. Together they were going to maneuver Britney into some kind of compromising situation, they were still fuzzy on the details, and let the paparazzi that always stalked the pop star catch it all on film.

Then Brit had surprised him with a birthday blowjob, and things had accelerated from there until Bryan found himself spilling his seed in his sister’s beaver. And then there was Brit’s obvious distress over losing her mother’s choker. When Bryan saw how upset she was he was ready to call the plan off. Until the diva showed up and made the crack about his yearly earnings potential. In the bat of an eye Bryan was 14 again and Britney was 9 and their sibling rivalry was in full bloom and he had to get back at her for the insult and her earlier humiliating prank any way he could, consequences be damned.

Britney threw her clothes back on and stepped into her shoes as Bryan slipped on his pants. Grabbing the room key from the dresser they retraced their steps all the way to the nightclub door through which they had exited, only to find the door locked and the club dark.

“Damn it! Now what the fuck do we do?”

“C’mon. Let’s go to the side door. I’ll bet someone will let us in there.”

If it ever occurred to Britney that the probability of finding someone still on the premises of a nightclub at 6:00am was between slim and no fucking way, she did not let on. They went around to the side door where Bryan had been brought into the club by the fake FBI agents and began pounding on it. No one answered. On a whim Bryan pulled on the handle and the door popped open. Again this did not seem to bother the mouseketeer, rather she took it as a given that the door would be unlocked.

They entered the nightclub and Bryan went in search of the light switch to illuminate the room for their treasure hunt, but not before sending Britney off in the opposite direction to begin her exploration, “I’m gonna go find the lights. Why don’t you start over there and we’ll meet in the middle.”

“Okay. Shouldn’t we like, let somebody know we’re here or something?”

“I’ll go to the office and try to find somebody, you just get started.”


Bryan moved off toward the private offices of the club. Odds were most of the control switches would be over that way or behind one of the bars. As he neared the hallway leading back to the offices he heard someone quietly calling his name.

“Bryan. Hey, dude.”

“AJ, you’re still here. Good.”

“Yeah man, what took so long? It’s been hours dude.”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. You get the camera?”

“Sure did. And the paparazzi are waiting around back in the parking lot. Some of them anyway. Lots already took off, thought we were yanking them or something.”

“That’s okay. So long as some remained.”

For the first time Bryan noticed that they were not alone. A young woman was lurking in the shadows behind AJ. Seeing that his friend had noticed their companion AJ motioned her forward to join them. It was the brunette that had been on the dance floor while Britney was doing her lap dance. How the hell did AJ hook up with this uber-cutie?

“Who’s your friend AJ?”

“Bryan this is Masiella. Masiella this is the dude I told you about, Bryan Spears.”

“Masiella is it?”

“Mah-see-ell-a. And you’re Britney Spears’ brother? Pleased to meet you.” She was pleased to meet him, but she was also miffed that neither he nor AJ seemed to recognize her. Oh well, maybe they never watched the George Lopez show.

“And you. AJ told you what’s going on here?”

“What he could. Didn’t sound like you guys really knew what you were going to do once you got her down here.”

“We do now. You both in?”

AJ gave him a skeptical look, “Dude, you gonna tell us what you’re gonna do or should we just guess?”

“You just get the camera ready and you’ll know when to start. Any idea where the light switches are?”

“Over there behind the big bar.”

“Perfect. And we’re alone here, right? No owners or managers or janitors are going to interrupt us right?”

“Right. I slipped the manager a couple thou like you said, and told him that Ms. Britney Spears wanted to entertain a couple of close friends after hours and she would like complete privacy, wink wink, nudge nudge. And she would be eternally grateful if he could see his way clear to letting her use the club without any outside interference. He totally bought it. Made the usual noise about we break it we bought it and stuff so I gave him an extra five and told him no problemo.”

“Good job dude. Alright. Why don’t you guys go over to the bar and hide behind it while I go over and get things rolling with Ms. Teen Diva 2003. Oh yeah, turn all the lights on okay, I don’t want you missing any of the action because it’s too dark in here.”

“What kind of action we talking about dude?”

“Just wait, you guys are gonna shit.”

They all walked over to the bar and AJ and Masiella crouched down behind the bar to hide. Bryan waited for them to turn the lights on then started to walk over to Britney on the other side of the room. As he neared his sister he began calling out to her,

“I found them! Brit, I found the pearls!”

Britney screamed in excitement at the news, “You found them! Oh my fucking GOD! Bryan you rock! You are so like, my hero! Where did you find them?”

Gesturing vaguely over his shoulder Bryan barely had time to prepare as Britney leaped into his arms and wrapped her hands behind his neck as she continued to heap praise on him, “Oh thank you, thank you, thank you! You are like, the greatest brother. I can’t thank you enough! I’m like, gonna tell the world what a wonderful brother you are. I’m gonna sing it out for the whole world to hear. That’s it! I’m gonna like, write a song so everyone will know what a wonderful brother you are!”

‘Please God, not that. Anything but that!’

“You know, there’s another way you could thank me.”

“There is? Name it. Anything you want and it’s yours!”


“Anyth… Oh, I get it. Well, yeah sure, if you want. I mean, why not, it’s not like we haven’t already done stuff. Let’s go back to the room and I’ll give you your reward. I’m feeling kinda energized, if you know what I mean.”

“No, not the room.”

“Not the hotel room? Then where… you mean here? In like, the club?”

“Yeah. Why not? We’re alone here. I checked the offices and there’s no one around. Please Brit? It’ll be really hot doing it here in the club.”

“But there aren’t even any couches here. Where are we gonna do it?”

“Come with me, over to that table over there.”

Britney followed her brother to a table off to the side of the room, “What? You want me to lie down on that? I don’t know Bryan, it doesn’t look very comfortable.”

“Not lie down on it. Bend over it, like this.”

Bryan moved Britney over to stand in front of the table facing the wall and pushed down between her shoulders getting her to bend over the table until her weight was resting on her forearms on the table. He moved around to the other side and pulled her arms forward just a bit so that her hands were hanging off the far side of the table but she could still support her upper body on her arms. Taking one of the chairs grouped around the table he moved it so that the back of the chair was directly in front of his sisters hands. Bryan removed the handcuffs from his pants pocket and before Britney could react he placed them on her wrists, wrapping them through one of the chair’s upright supports, effectively cuffing his sister to the chair.


“Brit relax, those are just to make sure you don’t try to take control again. This is my reward, remember?”

“Where did you get fucking handcuffs from? Have you been like, carrying these around all night?”

“Don’t you remember Brit? These are the cuffs I was ‘arrested’ in. Your friends gave them to me as a souvenir.”

“Well I hope they gave you the fucking key ‘cause I want these things off me right NOW!”

Bryan removed the key from his pocket and placed it on the table to the left of his sister, “Relax, would you? There’s the key, okay? C’mon Brit, I’m not gonna hurt you, so just relax and I’ll let you go when we’re done, okay?”

If Britney had thought about it she would have realized that there was nothing holding the chair in place and if she wanted to she could get out of her compromising position. And the chair itself was made of wood, so if she really wanted to she could probably break free enough to get out of the club and back to her room. But Britney was not much of a thinker and she resigned herself to the idea that the only way out of the situation was to let her brother have his way.

“Okay. But if you don’t I’m gonna have Rob beat you so bad you’ll be taking your meals through a straw for a month!”

The mention of Britney’s massive bodyguard dampened Bryan’s enthusiasm for a moment. He knew his sister was not making an idle threat. Rob was paid to protect the pop star and if she gave him the word, brother or not, Bryan would be in serious pain.

“I promise. Soon as we’re done here I’ll let you loose.”

Taking her silence for agreement Bryan moved back behind his sister and placed his hands on her ass, feeling her butt through the denim of her jeans. He looked back towards the bar where he could see AJ and Masiella peeking out from behind it and flashed them a cheeky grin. Watching for their reaction he reached around with his hand and undid his sister’s fly letting her pants drop to the floor and exposing her bare ass to their scrutiny. The two voyeurs exchanged a surprised look and came out from behind the bar for a closer view.

AJ figured that this was what Bryan meant when he said they would know when to start so he moved up behind Britney and started to take pictures with the digital camera he had been told to get. The first 10 or so pictures he took were awful, the pop tart’s bum was out of focus or frame in all of them, mostly because AJ could not tear his eyes away from the naked flesh in front of him. So he was randomly pointing the camera in the general direction of his friends and snapping off one or two shots at a time all the while cackling silently to himself like a madman.

‘Holy Shit! That’s her gash! That’s Britney fucking Spears’ gash! Fuck ME!’

“HOLY SHIT!!” This last came from both AJ and Masiella when they saw Bryan position himself underneath his sister and start to run his tongue through her slit.

Masiella started to hit AJ on the shoulder repeatedly asking him, “Aren’t they brother and sister? Didn’t you tell me that she was his sister?”

All AJ could do was nod his assent as Masiella repeated her exclamation, “HOLY SHIT!”

Bryan knew that his sister had heard the outburst from the other two occupants of the room and swiftly stood up to prevent her from being able to see anything when she inevitably turned to find the source. Sure enough as he got to his feet Britney was struggling to look over her shoulder to see where the cries had originated but her position was making it awkward and Bryan placed his body in her way, blocking her view.

“What was that? Bryan! Get out of the way! What was that? Is there someone else here?”

Knowing he had to answer her or distract her Bryan opted for the latter and quickly undid his pants and dropped them to the floor. Stepping out of them he pulled his shirt over his head leaving him naked except for his shoes.

AJ and Masiella were speechless as they watched Bryan strip. When he took his cock in his hand and started to rub it up and down along his sister’s slit the brunette beauty couldn’t take anymore and moved to join them at the table.

“What are you doing?” AJ asked in a rough whisper.

Masiella turned to him and gave the obvious answer, “I’m going to join them.”

“You can’t. She’s not supposed to know we’re here!”

“She already knows someone is here, Bryan just distracted her for the moment. The second she remembers she’s gonna be asking him all over again and he’d better have an answer that she likes. And something tells me that you taking pictures of her while she gets fucked by her brother ain’t gonna do it. So I’m gonna be the answer. Besides if you think I’m gonna pass up a chance to get my tongue in Britney Spears’ snatch you’re high.”

AJ decided that Masiella had a point. Two points actually. They had to admit to the presence of at least one other person in the room, there was no way around it. Having Masiella join in should solve that problem, but it wouldn’t explain why she was there. And he agreed with her about shoving a tongue up Britney’s pussy. The mere thought had him ready to cream. But, where Britney might accept the presence of a hot young girl being thrown into the mix she was far less likely to be open to one of Bryan’s friends getting a poke at her, and certainly not while she was handcuffed to a chair. And then there was the fact that Bryan’s cock was already nestled in his sister’s twat, making the idea of AJ putting his tongue anywhere near it less than appealing for the time being.

Bryan heard the whispering going on behind him, but could not make out any of the words. Fortunately it did not look like his sister was hearing anything. Her eyes were closed tightly as she concentrated on the sensations she was feeling as he rubbed his cock along her vulva. He would have liked to go back down and finish giving his sister head, but he could not risk her turning around and seeing AJ taking pictures of their adventure. Not that AJ was taking any pictures. The camera had fallen to the floor with the first pass of Bryan’s tongue through Britney’s labia and lay there still, completely forgotten.

Bryan felt Britney’s lips start to open as she became aroused, and her cunt was getting wetter with each stroke of his dick along her slit. He spread some of the moisture around his glans, preparing the way for his reentry into his sister’s pussy. Just as he was about to slide in he felt movement by his feet. Looking down he met Masiella’s eyes as she assumed his earlier position and extended her tongue, reaching for Britney’s juiced up snatch. Before she made her first contact Bryan intercepted her with his cock, hoping that she was not a strict veggie eater and liked some meat in her diet.

Masiella did not disappoint as she opened her mouth and swallowed his entire dick with practiced ease, ‘God Damn! She’s already better at that then Brit! I have to get some time with her after this is all over!’

Bryan let his prick slide in and out of Masiella’s mouth a couple times before he pulled away and brought it back to his sister’s opening. Timing his penetration to coincide with the first touch of Masiella’s tongue to his sister’s clit, Bryan slipped in with one abrupt thrust. Britney gasped loudly at the sudden overload of stimulation. Setting a brisk pace, Bryan began pumping his hips, his cock moving in and out of his sister’s slick cunt effortlessly. By this time Britney was finally realizing that there was more going on between her legs than simple screwing.

“What the hell is like, going on? Who else is in here? Answer me Bryan!”

Thinking quickly Bryan came up with the best excuse he could given the circumstances, “Relax Brit. I brought you a present.”

‘She’s never gonna buy it. I am so busted!’

“A present? I like presents. Especially presents with… fuck that feels good… oh yeah, right there… ooh baby keep licking just like that!”

‘That’s it? Just like that and it’s ‘Oh, Okay, I like presents’!’

Once again his sister’s complete lack of curiosity astounded Bryan. To be fair he wasn’t entirely sure how inquisitive he could be while being blown so perhaps some slack cutting was in order. Moreover this lack of inquisitiveness kept him from having to come up with some sort of lame excuse to explain Masiella’s presence in the club. And anything he came up with was going to be very, very lame. So he accepted his good fortune without further thought and concentrated on fucking his sister senseless while Masiella tongued her clit.

After releasing Bryan’s dick from her mouth Masiella used the tip of her tongue to caress Britney’s already engorged clit. She felt more than heard the blonde singer’s reaction to the double stimulation she was receiving. She didn’t mind Bryan sticking his cock down her throat for a couple of quick sucks but she would have preferred an opportunity to really drive her tongue into Britney’s twat and get a thorough taste of the pop tart’s juices before being relegated to the clitoris.

As if he could sense Masiella’s desire for a more active role Bryan withdrew briefly from his sister’s box. The brunette seized the opening and promptly drilled her tongue deeply into Britney’s beaver, licking up and swallowing as much of the juice as she could find. A few seconds later Bryan was pushing back into Britney’s muff and Masiella had to back off, but not before taking a couple of long licks up and down his shaft to gather the white pussy cream covering it.

When Britney had determined the sensations coming from her vagina were being caused by two different people her first instinct had been to demand an answer from her brother. When she figured out that one of the stimuli was obviously coming from her brother’s prick and the other was coming from a tongue, specifically a woman’s tongue, she was no longer terribly interested in his answer. Britney wasn’t the smartest girl on the planet, she wasn’t even the smartest girl in the room, but she was smart enough to know that whatever answer Bryan gave her was going to be a complete load. And since the third person at their little soiree was a girl, and Britney really liked getting head from another girl, she didn’t press for an answer. There would be plenty of time for answers later, for now it was time to get royally fucked.

Being double teamed was a brand new experience for Britney, and the novelty of the situation was taking its toll on her. Even though they had already brought each other to orgasm twice that night, the idea of sex with her brother was still incredibly exciting to Britney and she was rapidly approaching another climax. Adding to the thrill was the venue. Britney had never had sex in such a public place before, once in her dressing room before a concert hardly counted, and even if the club was supposedly empty the possibility of being discovered contributed to her exhilaration. And topping it all off was the presence of a warm, talented tongue diligently working at her clit, dedicated to the single goal of getting her off.

At least Britney considered Masiella devoted to one purpose, but the brunette would have disagreed if asked. Sure the ultimate goal was to drink down as much of the pop princess’ cum as feasible, but that didn’t make it her only ambition. Masiella also wanted to sample every centimeter of the blonde’s incredibly tasty pussy while enjoying some side trips down Bryan’s cock and finishing off by sucking on his nuts, and since Britney’s snatch was currently otherwise occupied that left only the one selection.

Shifting slightly forward, Masiella tilted her head and let her tongue rub against the bottom of Bryan’s shaft as he thrust in and out of his sister’s cunt, providing considerable added pleasure to the experience. She flattened her tongue against his pole as much as she could, given her position, maximizing the area of contact and, coincidentally, confiscating whatever fluids were being dragged along for the ride. Bryan altered his stroke somewhat to facilitate this new development, pressing down toward the ground as he backed out of his sister and pushing up as he entered, lifting his dick slightly away from the brunette’s tongue. The change in angle made up for the absence Britney felt when Masiella deserted her post, and the blonde was still on course for a killer climax.

Bryan was certainly not complaining about Masiella’s shift in focus. He had never had a threesome before either, and feeling a tongue sliding along his meat while he fucked an amazingly hot and tight twat was quickly overwhelming him. He started to groan from the sensations and attempted to dampen some of the delight he was experiencing by adjusting his stroke, hoping that by limiting his exposure to Masiella’s tongue he could delay, if only temporarily, his orgasm.

Instead Bryan made it easier for Masiella to get her mouth around his balls as he pumped forward. When he lifted his shaft off her tongue Masiella ducked her head slightly and after a couple of failed attempts she succeeded in capturing his testicles as they swung forward. As he backed away she applied light suction to them, pulling them into her mouth and slowly releasing them to let them drop back into place. With some practice she was able to return to her first position running her tongue along Bryan’s rod as soon as she let his nuts drop from her mouth.

When Masiella’s mouth closed around his balls for the first time Bryan gave up trying to hold off his orgasm. He began to pick up the speed of his thrusts into his sister’s beaver and his groans were replaced by the sounds of panting as he struggled to take in air. He wasn’t the only one making noises, Britney had been practically purring since Masiella had joined the party, and when she felt Bryan shift gears she nearly started growling.

Regrettably, as Bryan sped up it became impossible for Masiella to continue sucking on his nuts and she returned her tongue to its original starting point, dancing around Britney’s clit and consuming the juices trickling from her beaver. After doing her best to clean up the fluids that had leaked from Britney’s cunt in her absence, Masiella wrapped her lips around the blonde’s engorged clitoris and gently sucked the nub into her mouth. This would be just the thing Britney needed to push her over the edge and into her third orgasm of the night.

“Oh my God! Oh my God!! Oh… fuck! Unh… I’m cum… AAAAHHHrrrrgggg!!”

Under normal circumstances having a second and third orgasm on the same night usually meant a lessening of intensity for each successive climax, but, as has already been established, these were not normal circumstances for anyone involved. So instead of being diminished in force for Britney her third orgasm was her most intense of the night, and arguably of her life. Britney could not remember ever cuming as hard as she did when Masiella sucked on her clit. Her entire body contracted as she came, from her toes to her face every muscle tensed up while Masiella kept applying suction and Bryan stopped thrusting. Even her throat muscles constricted and her breathing was cut off mid-scream. She may have actually lost consciousness, it was so powerful an experience. In any event her head fell to the table and she floated in a haze for a period of time.

Bryan felt his sister’s orgasm start as her vagina contracted around his cock, but this time he had essentially beaten her to the punch, his own climax arriving mere seconds before Britney’s, and he was already in the process of pulling out as hers began. Once he had lost his composure due to Masiella’s gifted tongue it had only been a matter of time before he began to deliver his load into his sister’s box. He struggled to regain some control and succeeded in pulling out of her muff so he could plant his second and third spurts on the singing sensation’s butt, careful to position the sticky mess where it would run down the crack of Britney’s ass and pool in her open pussy before dribbling down her legs to… where it would finally end up seemed to be undecided for the moment.

As soon as Bryan pulled out of the pop princess’ snatch Masiella filled it with her tongue. She liberated every delicious drop of Britney’s girl cum from the moist prison where it was being held and when there was no more to be found she turned her attention to the blonde’s trunk-like legs and began to lick off any stray drops that had escaped her lips.

With his last squirt delivered Bryan backed slightly away from his sister and bent down to the brunette still munching happily on her carpet, “Hey. Masiella. We have to get out of here…”

He looked back to where AJ had been waiting for his signal, happy to see that his friend had known not to wait and was even now rounding up the photographers for the final act in this revenge scenario.

“… c’mon, this place is going to be crawling with paparazzi in a few minutes!”

He thought he had gotten through to the brunette when she suddenly removed her mouth from his sister’s cunt and got up onto her knees, but she ignored his warning and instead grabbed his cock and sucked it hard into her mouth, cleaning off the mixture of juices that coated it and releasing it. Masiella then reinserted her tongue in Britney’s twat and resumed her search for pussy juice while she waited for the cream filling covering the blonde’s ass to slowly drip down to her.

Bryan heard the side door open as AJ and the photographers filed into the club. He picked up his shirt and pants and ran over to the main bar, ducking down behind it as the paparazzi saw their apparent targets and swarmed over to them. Less than ten photographers had remained, so it wasn’t much of a swarm, but there were still enough for them to jostle one another in their efforts to get the best angle. It was pretty clear that they didn’t even know who they were taking pictures of yet, Britney’s head was still down on the table and her face was obscured by her arm, but when they finally got around to noticing the distinctive top she was wearing, or if she lifted her head, all hell was going to break loose. Right now they were way too interested in snapping one shot after another of an ultra-hot brunette sucking cum out of a passed-out blonde’s pussy.

Bryan took advantage of the distraction his sister was unwittingly providing and got dressed behind the bar. He exited from the far end and moved over to join AJ near the door.

They watched the photographers in their feeding frenzy for a minute or so then Bryan turned to AJ and asked, “Did you get the pictures?”

AJ gave no indication he had heard the question, responding instead, “Dude! You fucked your sister!”

“I told you you were gonna shit! Did you get some good shots?”

AJ was not ready to move on to another topic just yet, “Dude! You fucked your sister!! In like, public!”

“Yeah dude, I know that. Now I wanna know where the camera is.”

“Dude! You’re like a fucking god!”

“Yeah, yeah. Can we get back to the camera?”

“The camera? Oh, yeah. The camera. I dropped it. I think it’s under a table somewhere.”

“You dropped it. Before or after you took the pictures?”

“After. I think. Yeah, definitely after.”

“Okay, good. We’ll have to find it later, but we’d better get out of here before Brit figures out what’s going on.”

“Don’cha think you should unlock her or something first?”

“Masiella can take care of that, the keys are on the table. C’mon we gotta get out of here before someone sees us.”

AJ didn’t respond so Bryan gave up trying to get his friend to leave with him. If he wanted to stay to watch the rest of the action, and risk being there when Britney realized what had happened, then so be it. Bryan on the other hand was going to get out while he still could. Preparing to leave the club Bryan took a step back only to run into a wall.

‘What the hell? How’d I get so close to the wall? Where’s the door?’

He turned around and found himself facing the purple fabric of the nightclub wall.

‘That’s odd, I didn’t notice the wall was purple. And why are there buttons on the wall?’

It wasn’t until the wall reached out and grabbed him by the neck that he realized his mistake, “Hello Rob.” At least that’s what he tried to say, the hand crushing his windpipe was making it difficult for him to form coherent words.

“Hello Mr. Bryan. Looks like we has ourselves a problem here.”

Britney’s personal bodyguard reviewed the scene unfolding before him, his employer unconscious, naked and handcuffed? Yes handcuffed to a chair while an unidentified brunette ate her out and a handful of paparazzi snapped merrily away. Yes indeed this was a problem. Rob tightened his grip around Bryan’s throat and lifted Britney’s older brother off his feet, bringing the boy up closer to where he would be able to hear the bodyguard’s softly spoken words clearly.

“If I lose my job ‘cause of this you and I will be spendin’ some quality time t’gether. You catchin’ my drift asswipe?”

Bryan could do nothing but nod, and even that was nearly impossible due to the overly large hand around his neck. Rob wasn’t all that interested in his answer anyway and the bodyguard continued to enlighten Bryan as to what his future might entail, “And if you hurt her you ain’t never gonna get no pussy in your life ever again ‘cause you will be lackin’ the necessary ‘quipment. That I promise you.”

Rob lowered Bryan back onto his feet and loosened his grip on the boy’s neck just enough for him to spit out, “She’s fine, I swear! I didn’t hurt her, she’s just a little worn out. See for yourself!”

Rob looked over to AJ who was swinging from the bodyguard’s other meaty fist, “You sit over there. And don’t you even be thinkin’ of runnin’ off now. I surely do not want to have to come find you. Understan’ me?”

AJ nodded his understanding and Rob released his shirt and pushed him over to the side to sit in the indicated chair. Spinning Bryan around he resettled his hand around the less than happy young man’s neck and guided him over to the unwary paparazzi, who were still mesmerized by the sight of the two unidentified women lezzing out.

As Rob and Bryan moved closer to the crowd several paparazzo noticed them approaching. When they realized that Rob was coming two things happened. First they began to scramble backwards as the displeased look on the black man’s face became apparent, and second they recognized who Rob was and that led them to the obvious conclusion as to who the blonde on the table was.

One of the photographers called out “It’s Britney!” just before he tripped and landed on his ass on the barroom floor.

This started a chain reaction among the rest of the small swarm and the camera’s began flashing even more rapidly as they excitedly repeated the pop singer’s name to each other, “That’s Britney Spears!” “Holy Fuck! It’s Britney” “Who’s the brunette with her?” “Holy Shit! That’s Britney!” “Check out those fucking fat thighs!”

Rob continued to move menacingly forward and the paparazzi realized that it was time to cut and run. Still falling over each other as they tried to exit the club while getting off a few last shots they stumbled out of the club’s front doors and into the early morning light. Rob pushed Bryan forward the last couple of feet and signaled to him to get the brunette away from the bodyguard’s charge.

Rob moved to the side of the table and softly called his employer’s name, “Miss Britney, you okay?”

The blonde head sprang off the table and she gave her friend and bodyguard a huge grin, “Rob! There you are! You here to release me?”

“That I am Miss Britney. Are you hurt anywhere?”

“Me? No I’m fine. Where are the photographers? Did you like, chase them all away?”

“I s’pose so Miss Britney. When I saw you here I came over and they all scrambled off.”

“Fucking Paparazzi. I hope they get hit by a bus.”

“This is L.A. Miss Britney, not much chance o’ that happenin’ here.”

“Fine. Then I like, hope they get hit by Arnold’s Hummer. Twice. Can you like, unlock me now? I really gotta go pee.”

Rob grabbed the keys from the table and removed the cuffs from Britney’s wrists. She stood up and rubbed the chafed skin briefly then turned her head and looked at the other occupants of the club. Masiella was standing a couple of feet away with Bryan while AJ sat meekly off to the side.

She trotted off to the bathroom and the left the remaining foursome waiting for her in an awkward and uncomfortable silence. Returning after a couple of minutes she approached Masiella and her brother and came to a stop in front of them, still nude from the waist down and outwardly unconcerned by it.

Reaching out her hand to Masiella, Britney introduced herself, “Hi, I’m Britney. And I’m guessing that it was you that was doing such a fine job licking my slit.”

“Hi, I’m Masiella. And yeah, that was me. Though if I’d known you were that close to peeing I might have stopped a lot sooner.”

Britney wrapped her arm around the brunette and smiled, “Well I’m really glad you didn’t. You’re gonna have to give me your number so we can like, do this again some time. Deal?”

“You’ve got a deal!”

Britney released her new friend and lover and stood facing her brother. Bryan was trying not to meet her eyes but she just stood there until he did.

Hoping that his boss would want some serious retribution Rob asked, “You want me to give Mr. Bryan a ‘fresher course in manners Miss Britney?”

Instead of answering directly Britney found her pants where they had been discarded on the floor and proceeded to put them on, covering up her nude lower half at last. She adjusted her top so her boobs were covered as well as they could be and only then did she answer Rob, but she answered with a question of her own.

“Did you like, see who the vultures were?”

“Yes. All part of the reg’lar crowd.”

“So we can like, make them the usual offer and like, buy up all the pictures.”

“I don’t think so Miss Britney. These were sorta different then any of the others.”

Bryan was shaking his head in confusion, “Wait, wait! There have been other naked pictures taken of you? When? Where? Why don’t we know about these? Why haven’t they been published?”

Britney ignored most of her brothers questions, choosing only to answer the first and last, “Of course there have. You think all those times I’ve gone to the beach no one like, caught me taking off my top? Whenever something like this happens Rob like, explains to the photographer that we’ll pay him twice what the scandal rags will pay and they always sell back the pictures we want. Isn’t that right Rob?”

“Yes Miss Britney, that’s surely how it happens.”

Bryan was skeptical to say the least, “Oh, so Rob here ‘explains’ it to them and just like that they sell you the photographs that could make them tens of thousands, maybe more?”

Rob gave Bryan a toothy grin, “I’m real good at explainin’. Want me to demonstrate?”

Britney didn’t realize it, but her next words probably saved her brother from a visit to the hospital, “We don’t have time for that now Rob. You’ve gotta like, go find those leeches and start collecting those photos, or they will get published and the PR people are gonna get real pissed.”

“But Miss Britney, like I said before, these are sorta different from all the others. I don’t think they’re gonna be as easy to collect.”

“Why not? ‘Cause my pants were down and my cooch was showing?”

“That and the brunette here shovin’ her tongue up your yahoo.”

“Hey! The name’s Masiella buddy!”

Rob just glared at the young TV star and she subsided quietly. He was obviously unhappy with the situation and Masiella didn’t want him to focus any of his displeasure on her. It was far better he stayed concentrated on Bryan, at least the boy wouldn’t have to explain any bruises or contusions to George or a producer.

Britney continued to try to convince Rob that this time would be no different from any other, “None of that matters. So what if they saw Masiella licking my carpet? It’s not like they saw her face. They didn’t like, see your face, did they?”

“I seriously doubt it. I was pressed up pretty tight against your… umm, carpet.”

“So, that’s good! They didn’t get any snaps of Masiella’s face or mine, so we’re like, scotch free!”

Bryan was too stunned by the revelation that none of the pictures would include a shot of his sister’s face to correct her inaccurate phrase, “Not one fucking picture of your face! There were, what? Ten? There were ten photographers, they must’ve taken over a thousand photos between them! And you’re saying not one got a shot of your face!”

“First off, it wasn’t a thousand pictures. It was probably a lot closer to like, five hundred. Not even. Second, yes I’m sure no one got a shot with like, my face in it. Why do you think I kept my head down and covered my face with like, my hair and arm?


“You know Bryan, I’m starting to think you like, wanted them to get those pictures of me. Like you set this whole thing up.”

Before Bryan could answer Rob jumped in, “Course he did Miss Britney. Who else even knew you was gonna be here? It was him and his buddies.” Rob jerked a thumb toward where Masiella had last been seen standing only to find the brunette was no longer there.

“Hey! That’s right! I didn’t even know I was gonna be here! You did set me up! You know, I should be like, so mad at you!”

Bryan was at sea. His carefully planned – okay, so it wasn’t all that carefully planned, it was more like a loose plan that changed with the circumstances – revenge had failed and his sister had uncovered his plotting. To make matters worse her bodyguard was also aware of his scheming and was just waiting for permission to rip out some of Bryan’s inner organs with his bare hands. Bryan didn’t want that to happen, he was rather fond of his inner organs and he was pretty sure he needed them.

“Huh? You’re not mad? Why aren’t you mad?”

“Don’t be silly! Why should I be mad? None of the pictures has my face in it, and even if they did no one is gonna like, believe that they’re real. One plus of all those Internet fakes is that no one ever believes any of the pictures of me that end up in like, the scandal rags. And being mad is for wimps anyway! It’s so much more fun to get even.”

‘Get even? Did she just say ‘get even’? That can’t be good!’

“Brit, what do you mean ‘get even’?”

Britney ignored her brother’s question, instead going off on an ostensibly new tangent, “Hey Bryan. Remember how you said you wanted to like, come along with me on part of the tour and I said I didn’t think you could because there wasn’t like, a job for you to do?…”

The apparent non-sequitur did nothing to restore Bryan’s equilibrium and he struggled to make sense of his sister’s shift in direction. He gave no reply to her question but she seemed not to notice or care as she continued to speak,

“… Well I think I’ve like, come up with a job you could do.”

Britney began to look around for Masiella and quickly found the uber-hottie over to the side by AJ. She was on her knees in front of his chair and Bryan’s friend had a huge smile on his face as the teenager’s head bobbed up and down on his cock. Britney started to make her way over to the pair and Bryan and Rob followed in her wake.

Bryan was still trying to understand where his sister was going with the whole job thing, but he didn’t even know what kind of job she was referring to, “Brit, what kind of job?”

“Hmmm? Oh, entertainment.”

‘Entertainment? What the fuck is that supposed to mean? Does she expect me to sing? What are we? The new Donny and Marie? Although, I couldn’t really be any worse than she is I suppose.’

Bryan looked over to Rob and saw that the oversized man was wearing that toothy grin again. The one that said ‘I’ve just spotted my next meal, and you’re it!’

‘Oh Shit! That really can’t be good!’

Britney had reached Masiella and AJ and started to remove her top. The pair had moved passed the blowjob phase and on to some energetic screwing. Masiella was lying on a nearby table on her back with her feet up on the edge and AJ was happily thrusting his cock in and out of her, each slam of his hips against hers sending ripples through her body and causing her surprisingly large tits to shake enticingly.

Alarmed almost to the point of panic, Bryan stepped over to his sister and tried to get her to expand on the job description for the position title ‘Entertainment’, “Brit, what does that mean? Entertainment?”

“You know, entertainment. Like on the bus, or when we’re not playing or rehearsing. Entertainment. Face it big brother, for all intensive purposes you’re like, my bitch now.”

Even though he was still rocked by the recent developments and his sister’s easy acceptance of his deception, it was not in Bryan’s nature to let Brit get away with a misused, or simply incorrect, phrase or word. Once in a while he would ignore her, or be too distracted with his own thoughts to be paying close enough attention to what she said, but most of the time he would correct her, usually without even realizing it. Such was the case this time.

Bryan had a very baffled look on his face as he fought to comprehend his sister’s explanation, and he replied in a kind of detached way, “Intents. The phrase is intents and purposes, not intensive purposes…” getting more animated as he persisted “…What kind of entertainment?”

Instead of getting angry as she usually did when her brother corrected her Britney just smiled. She stepped out of her jeans, once again standing naked before him, except this time her nudity was not for his enjoyment.

Wearing only her shoes and her smile Britney responded to his question, “As I was saying, for all intents and purposes you’re my bitch now. So when I like, say entertainment, I mean entertainment. Like, for the dancers. The male dancers. Rob, why don’t you like, explain it to him?”

“I can surely do that Miss Britney.”

Satisfied that Rob would clear up any remaining confusion Bryan might have Britney moved over to the pair at the table and began speaking to them in a low voice. Whatever she said they must have liked as both nodded their heads vigorously in agreement and AJ pulled his dick out of Masiella’s cunt. Britney moved into position between the girl’s upraised knee’s and bent over, jamming her tongue into the brunette’s sopping snatch. AJ, huge smile grown even larger, moved behind the pop star and swiftly buried his cock in her pussy, pushing her forward and causing her tongue to slide deeper into a very happy Masiella.

Meanwhile Bryan was slowly figuring out what Britney meant. His mouth opened in a silent ‘Oh!’ and he started to make a break for it, only to feel Rob’s meaty paw close around the back of his neck once again. The bodyguard turned his captive around until they faced each other, Bryan’s mouth still hanging conveniently open.

“Why Mr. Bryan. You surely do have a purty mouth.”


* * * * * * * * *

Well, that’s my second story. As I said in the intro, this will probably be a one-off, but that was before I added Masiella Lusha to the story. I don’t know, I may want to do another one with her. I guess it depends on feedback and such. If you don’t know who Masiella is I suggest you check out the George Lopez show. She plays the daughter and I think she is incredibly hot. The show, well let’s put it this way, when that show goes off the air there won’t be anywhere near as much hype as when Friends went off.

Speaking of feedback, as long as it, assuming there is any, is not overwhelmingly negative I will probably write some others. I have a few ideas for more stories in the Charmed universe and maybe even a Buffy/Charmed crossover. And I have a story idea or two set in the Buffyverse. Maybe even Alias.

But first I’m working on a series of stories set around Rory of the Gilmore Girls. 18 years old, attending Yale and still the girl doesn’t get any. I think it’s time to change that so I’m working on giving Rory a sex life. And a depraved one at that.

So that’s it for now. Until next time.


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