Duncan turned the tap on, watching as the water slowly filled the bath

He grabbed the bottle of bath soap from the side and took the lid off, running it under the hot tap

The bubbles soon filled the bath, replacing the clear water

Satisfied that the water was the right temperature, Duncan stripped, dropping his clothes on the floor

He lifted one leg over the side, jumping slightly as the hot water came into contact with his skin

Grabbing on to the side of the bath, he lifted the other leg in, slowly sitting down

He gasped as the hot water burned his skin slightly

Within seconds, his body had gotten
used to the temperature, and he relaxed a little

He lay back in the bath, resting his head on the pillow that was attached to the side

Cupping the water in his hands, he ran it over his chest, his nipples hardening as the his fingers grazed them. He felt a chill up his spine and put a hand to the other one, fingering it lightly

Closing his eyes, Dunk ran both hands over his chest, tweaking the buds, feeling them harden under his touch. He groaned quietly as another bolt ran up his spine

A hand went over his chest and stomach, before reaching his groin

He opened his eyes, grabbing the flannel that he had put there previously

Running the bar of soap over the flannel, he worked up a lather, bubbles soon started to form on the thick cloth

Dropping the soap in the water, he placed the cloth over his hand and reached for his cock, which was half stiff already

He rubbed the cloth over his shaft and it immediately responded, growing stiffer with every stroke

He shifted his hips, throwing a leg over the side of the bath, giving him easier access to his aching cock

Speeding up the movements on his tool, he closed his eyes again, images of naked women filled his head

He imagined their voluptuous breasts bouncing as they danced for him, their hips swaying gently to a melodious rhythm, their bodies calling out to him as they did their sexy dance

The cloth felt wonderful against his skin, almost as if it were someone else moving on him

The rough surface increased his arousal, his cock responding to each stroke

The bubbles made it more erotic, heightening the pleasure of this sexual act

Drops of pre-cum seeped from the swollen tip, landing in the water.

Duncan moved faster now, feeling the orgasm well up inside him

He ground his hips to the rhythm of his movements, his hand almost a blur as he wanked himself into frenzy

The other hand went to his balls, massaging the full sac between his chunky fingers

The climax was closer now and he held his breath, waiting for the imminent release

His eyes were screwed shut, the women were still dancing, their naked bodies moving slowly and seductively and he wanted to reach out and touch them

His cock was swollen and purple and he prepared himself as the climax neared

Any second now, he would explode, releasing the sexual desire within him

Duncan groaned loudly as climax finally took hold. Wads of come emanated from the tip flying everywhere, soaking the cloth that he had used to stroke his cock

He kept beating furiously as the orgasm reached the point of no return, making his body weak

He was completely out of control, succumbing to the climax, surrendering his body and soul as it continued to take over his body

More and more jism flowed from him, landing in the water

The orgasm seemed never ending as it enveloped him, leaving him feeling warm and tingly

Finally, it subsided and he relaxed, laying back in the bath

He let out a breath, his heart thumping in his chest, beating wildly as his body slowly returned to normal

He opened his eyes, fixing his gaze on the mess he’d created, pools of his come floated in the water

He let go of his limp cock, the floppy member returned the pinkish haze it was before

Tossing the come stained flannel aside, Duncan ran his hands over his body, the tingly feeling of desire still ran through him, the thoughts of the naked dancing women, long gone

He grabbed the bar of soap again, running it over his masculine body, cleansing himself as the warm tingly feeling within him slowly ebbed away

His breathing had returned to normal and his heart was beating steadily, the feeling of explosion no longer within him

Washing his body, he got out of the bath, wrapping a towel around his waist

He was dripping wet, but not just from the water

He cupped his cock, wiping away the remaining drops of juices from his limp member

Letting the water out of the bath, Duncan made his way to the bedroom

He lay on the bed, grabbing the bottle of baby oil that was on the side

His cock soon stirred as blood quickly rushed to it, making it hard and swollen again

He was soon ready for another masturbating session…………grabbing his cock, he stroked it slowly………..


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