Buckingham Palace 1988

Early December, 1988,Buckingham Palace,.London, England

Sarah Ferguson, the flame haired Duchess of York, had never seen Princess Diana
so drunk before! She had talked Diana into leaving the Royal Hall earlier
because the Princess had sipped so much champagne that she was giggling more and
more at even the tiniest jokes and starting to tell dirty jokes herself. Each
one had gotten more risque than the one previous and they were getting bluer and

Sarah feared that the press would get wind of Diana’s active, though secret, sex
life if the Princess was allowed to start talking too much. They stumbled up the
huge staircase in the palace to Fergie’s room and Sarah let Diana flop onto the
bed. Diana was growing hysterical with laughter as she enjoyed her own jokes.

“Ever hear this one, Fergie?” Diana said as she sat up and started to fiddle
with her dress.

“There once was a bitch from Norway..(hic)

That,that hung naked upside down in the doorway,,

The Princess burst into a long and loud giggle as Fergie tried to “shush” her.
Diana was too tipsy to unzip her beautiful gown and asked Fergie to help her.

“Y’know,” the Princess began in slurred speech, “those tabloids are right!”

“About what?” asked Sarah as she tried to unzip her own gown. Apparently the
both of them were too tipsy to adequately deal with their dress zips and
buttons. Eventually, Diana grasped the tab of Fergie’s zipper and pulled it down
enough for the gown to come loose. Fergie removed her low cut Dior gown and
carefully placed it in the wardrobe.

The Duchess then turned back to the bed where the drunken Diana was pawing
unsuccessfully at the
discreet zipper of her bright red, off-the-shoulder Halston gown.

“‘Bout the story that Charles and I are living in separate bedrooms,” slurred
the Princess while Fergie gently maneuvered her expensive gown off and folded it
over her arm.

“But,but I thought you told me you were still in bed with Charles?” Fergie said
surprised. She hung Diana’s gown in the wardrobe beside her own and then turned
around. She used to tow of one navy blue high heel to flick the other off her
foot, kicking it free.

“Ohhh,” sputtered the percolated Princess with mock surprise, “Put your
pretty,bl,blue heels back on Fergie! You look much sexier that (hic) way.”

Sarah shrugged her shoulders and slipped the shoe back on, as if to humor her
tipsy sister-in-law.
“What do you mean?” Sarah asked again. “Aren’t you still going to bed with
Charles like you told me?”

“Yes,” smiled the drunken Diana, “I’m still shagging Charles,only I didn’t say
WHICH CHARLES!!” The Princess burst into a fit of giggles, then looked up at
the lingerie clad Duchess.

“Take off that corset Sarah,” said Diana. “Let’s have a look at your big boobs!”

Fergie was stunned! Two ways! First with the news that the Princess was fucking
a different Charles, and secondly that she had just asked her to remove her
brassiere. Diana had never been so explicit before. They had started nuzzling
each other in private recently and she had felt Diana’s body quiver that
fleeting moment when they had kissed on the mouth at the party.

Diana had thrust her tongue deep into Fergie’s mouth and whipped it around all
over inside before the Duchess could even react! She herself had not expected
the French kiss and it had excited her tremendously when Diana had done it.

“Who is this other Charles? You,you don’t mean Charles,Charles the chauffeur?”
Fergie asked incredulously as she slowly undid her black and red corset. Doing
so she revealed a beautiful set of tits and a tawny, curvy figure. She
automatically started to slip the waistband of her pink panties down, but then

“Keep going! I’d love to see ALL of you,” squealed Diana. “Just keep your
stockings, garter belt and heels on,you look so beautiful Sarah.”

Fergie could feel her pulse starting to pump harder as Diana said the words.
“Thanks,” said the Duchess as she complied with the request, removing the bikini
panties and hanging them over the back of the chair. She was still wearing her
gold rings and bracelets and a diamond necklace, which were stark against her
naked flesh.

“Wow!” smiled Diana as she looked at Sarah Ferguson’s bright red, full pussy
bush. “You are REALLY a real redhead.”

“Tell me about your other Charles,” said Fergie as she crossed to the bed and
sat next to Diana.

“Well, he’s a great (hic) fuck, Fergie!” giggled Diana. “Not like the Prince,
believe me!” Diana suddenly leapt up from the bed.

“Not fair!” she abruptly announced nearly falling over as she tried to kick away
her own high heels. “You are already naked and I’m still dressed!”

“Would you like ME to undress you, Diana?” Fergie suddenly asked with a flirty
smile. Diana simply nodded her head “yes” and Sarah set about the task.

First, she removed Diana’s black, strapless bandeau style bra, followed by her
black pantyhose and finally the lace black bikini panties. Diana giggled as she
looked down at the Duchess who was on her knees slipping the panties under the
Princess’ feet. She swayed unevenly on her feet, wearing nothing but a ton of
expensive jewelry.

“Now that’s more like it, isn’t t?” asked Fergie as she looked up at Di.

Diana grinned and placed her two hands on Sarah’s shoulders and held her down in
the kneeling position. She didn’t say a word.

“Wha,what is it?” Fergie asked softly, unsure of whether what was about to
happen would really happen. Diana didn’t speak. She DID look intently into
Sarah’s pretty eyes and let her glance linger, then trail slowly over to her own
pussy. The Princess hunched her pelvis forward slightly, then stared back into
Fergie’s eyes.

“What?” mouthed Sarah in a soft whisper that was almost silent. Was this a
dream? Was the champagne making her imagine things? Was Diana doing what she
thought she was?

Still there was no answer from the Princess. This time she placed one hand upon
her pussy and pulled it open as she placed her other hand on Fergie’s head
and,as she bent her knees slightly to bring her pussy even with Sarah’s
mouth,she urged Fergie’s head in close to her.

Fergie was shocked now that it was happening. She had suspected that something
like this could happen between them, given how isolated they were and dependent
they had become on one another in the glare of the spotlight since Fergie
married Andrew and they became more like sisters than sisters-in-law.
“Do you want this really?” asked Sarah staring up into Di’s eyes. “For me to
make love to you?”

Diana pushed Fergie’s face right up to her cunt as Fergie brought her hands up
behind Diana’s ass and pulled her forward. As she came in, she could see Diana’s
erect clitoris rising and poking out,and she slipped her mouth right over it!
Diana sucked in her breath as Fergie started to suck on her clit, then lapped
all around deeper.

It wasn’t the first time Sarah has sucked on a pussy. She had done it several
times in her college years and in Europe, but this was the first time that she
knew of Diana wanting to be eaten. All of the years they’d wasted! She could
have been eating one of the most beautiful women in the world all this time!
Diana was wavering as she was standing while Fergie ate her pussy. She put one
leg up over the Duchess shoulder so that Fergie could lap in deeper.

Suddenly, they were falling over, squealing with laughter!

They untangled themselves and jumped up from the floor laughing and leapt onto
the bed. There Diana laid back and spread her long, elegant legs wide. And Sarah
went right back in!

Diana placed both hands in Sarah’s long, silky red tresses and pressed her
friend’s face right into her cunt as she started to cum! She held the Duchess
and her fabulous tongue there through a second climax. Then the gasping and
panting Diana got up on her hands and knees.

“Now, Fergie!” smiled Di, “it’s 69 time!”

Fergie couldn’t believe her ears! “69!”
She hadn’t done 69 since she was a teenager and that was with her cousin while
on holiday in Switzerland. He sure seemed to enjoy it though. Before her mind
could reminisce any more, Diana spun around and dove her mouth into Fergie’s not
wet cunt as she lowered her own just-orgasmed pussy down over the Duchess’

They ate each other heatedly, as Sarah, too, was a woman who could achieve
multiple climaxes from a well-applied tongue. She began cumming soon after
Diana’s tongue touched her erect clit and kept cumming until the Princess ran
out of strength.

With all of the hot sex, the effect of the champagne was beginning to wear off.
The two simply lay next to each other on the large bed, simply relaxing. Then
Diana got up and walked over to the dressing area. She picked up one of Fergie’s
ivory hairbrushes and began to slip it into herself to masturbate. She was
already going strong when the drowsy Duchess looked up and saw her.

“What are you doing?” asked Sarah with a knowing grin. “I have something for
that much better than a hairbrush!”

She bounced up off the bed and crossed the room to the side dresser. There she
bent over at the waist and rummaged through the bottom drawer. Diana was
enjoying the hard thrusting of the hairbrush handle as she looked at Sarah’s
firm, rounded rump bent over in front of her. The curly red hairs of Fergie’s
bush contrasted very sexily with her pink labial folds that were also visible

“Ahh, here it is!” smiled Fergie triumphantly as she produced a long,
double-headed dildo. “This is what we need!”

In moments the two royals had positioned themselves on the large bed so that
both ends of the large dildo were inserted in their open cunts at the same time
and their feet nearly touched as they sat facing each other with their legs open
wide. Sarah shimmied up a bit closer and then instructed Diana in how to thrust
her hips in time so that soon the two were humping the big cock substitute deep
into each other’s vaginas.

“This is amazing, Fergie!” said Diana in between gasps and moans as she
shuddered. “But,I,ohh! Oh yesssss,..I’m cummmming!”

Both women humped the toy faster and soon they both came with a chorus of groans
and pants. Then they lay still together for several minutes.

“Whew, that was nice,” said Diana rising up on her elbows. “But it still doesn’t
beat the real thing.” Then
she leaned over to the Duchess’ nightstand and grabbed the phone. She pressed a
two-digit code.

“Hello? Charlie? Yes, I’m up in the Duchess of York’s bedchambers,”
said Diana in a quiet whisper. “Yes,.What?,Yes, that’s right. Please get here as
soon as you can. I have a particular job for you.”

Diana laughed as she hung up and looked at the slightly unnerved looking Sarah;
“My chauffeur is on his way up. I know you know him, but you don’t know him like

Sarah was a little flustered that Diana had invited her driver up without
consulting her first. “What will we do?” she asked with a nervous laugh.

“Well,” replied the Princess climbing onto the bed, “First I think we should
point our asses toward the door and let Charlie decide what we do!”

Diana turned around and aimed her naked buns at the door and put her head and
shoulders on the bed raising her delightful rump high into the air. She got
Fergie to follow suit and just I time as the door suddenly swung open.

Diana peeked back upside down between the curves of her pert, hanging breasts
and saw the chauffeur from the waist down standing in the open doorway. He took
in a sharp whistling breath as he took in the view of the two delectable royal
asses displayed for him.

Fergie’s body was trembling, as she too looked back, through her open legs and
pendulous dangling tits and watched the driver begin to quickly undress. He was
not wearing any shorts and his beautiful cock came into full view as soon as he
dropped his pants. Then he was walking closer.

“I think I’ll try the Red first,” Charlie announced and walked to the edge of
the bed where he immediately mounted the Duchess from behind, sliding the full
length of his tremendous cock into her pussy doggy style.

“Awww,” complained Diana as she heard Sarah be mounted.

“I’ll,ungh,get to you soon enough m’lady,” said Charlie giving the Princess’ ass
a light spank.

Charlie reached around and grabbed Fergie’s big tits and they dangled and jumped
from the speed of their coupling. Her tweaked her left nipple hard between his
finger and thumb and the Duchess moaned loudly.
Fergie was practically cross-eyed from the feel of his huge cock in her. The
hard pounding was making the horny redhead even more aroused. He was quite
larger than Prince Andrew and really knew what he was doing. Sarah managed to
bring her head up as he rode her hard and fast.

“Don’t,ungh,don’t cum in me, Charlie. I,don’t,ungh,don’t,ungh,want to get
pregnant from this!” she gasped.

Sarah could barely get the words out as Charlie was really ramming it home now.
Her stopped for a second, withdrawing his great erection, flipped her onto her
back and then resumed fucking.

“I like to watch a woman’s expression whilst I fuck her,” Charlie said with a
grin. He started to lift her ass up off the bed and into the air. He raised her
legs until they were up on his shoulders, and then he started to stand up!

Fergie was impressed by the stunt. He was still fucking her but now she was
practically upside down, held at her ample hips by his strong hands and with her
ankles up at his shoulders, Her shoulders still on the bed.

“Isn’t he just great,” enthused Diana sitting on the edge of the bed beside
Fergie’s head and shoulders.

At that moment Charlie pulled his thrusting member back and out of the Duchess’
pussy and began to spurt his large load of thick white jism onto her bright red
bush and thighs. Hot cum shot again and again out of his cock and ran down
Sarah’s belly and hips. One long jet actually began to trickle down to the
underside of her breasts and down along her ribcage.

Panting heavily, Charlie eased Sarah’s butt to the bed and staggered back a

“Let ME clean you up, sweetie!” said Diana as she raced to slip a tongue over
Sarah’s cum spattered belly and hips. Sarah’s body was still jumpy with the
electricity of the incredible lovemaking and quaked when Diana would lick up
spunk from her flushed flesh. Charlie just sat and smiled in a chair by the bed
as he watched the Princess Of Wales slip her mouth down over the red tuft of the
Duchess Of York’s beaver and begin to eat her out.

Each time Diana came up for air, her beautiful face, so often photographed and
beloved around the world was coated in his spunk and Fergie’s pussy juice. As Di
ate her sister-in-law thoroughly, Charlie dressed quickly and left the room.
“I’ll be right back,” he announced.

Moments later he returned with a strange box with him. Both the royals were
laying, in each other’s arms, nude, on the big bed.

“I’ve a real surprise for you two,” Charlie said setting the box on a table and
quickly stripping nude. He opened the teakwood box and produced a large golden
dildo, exquisitely crafted like a magnificent penis right down to a faux peehole
and lots of thick veins and foreskin.

“This is from the Royal Erotica Collection,” Charlie boasted, waving it at the
two Wives of Windsor. “From India, circa 1750.”

“How did YOU get hold of it?” asked Diana reaching out her hand and accepting it
from Charlie.

“Do you know that little graduate scholar in the Royal Archives? The little
blonde with the glasses?” asked Charlie. “Name’s Glynnis I believe. It seems
that she sometimes needs a special friend on those long nights of cataloging
papers. I introduced her to my ‘special friend’ and we made a deal.”
At the words “special friend” Charlie made his rapidly hardening penis bob and
jump with a flex of his muscles.

“You randy little devil you,” laughed Diana, switching her gaze back and forth
from the golden dildo to Charlie’s gorgeous meat. The Indian treasure was a good
14″ long and ol’ Charlie was darn near 11″ and thicker than the dildo.

Diana laid back and let her long, shapely and tan legs ease open like the petals
of a flower. Her pussy was open and wet her labial lips puffy and aroused from
her night of fun. She slipped the golden head into her pussy and sighed heavily.
After a stroke or two she nodded to Charlie who took over the task of stroking
it into and out of her.

Fergie placed a hand on Charlie’s throbbing cock and began to stroke and squeeze
it as he masturbated the Princess, driving nearly the entire Indian dildo up her
beautiful and surprisingly tight pussy. Sarah knelt beside the bed and placed
her tongue on Charlie’s balls, licking and lapping at them as she stroked his

Soon Diana gasped and groaned loudly and began to cum and that was when Charlie
pulled the dildo out and climbed quickly between the Princess’ legs and mounted

“Yessss!!” screamed Di as the real cock replaced the ancient sex-toy in her
sopping wet twat. She wrapped her legs around his body and pulled him in tightly
as he fucked her.

Fergie watched amazed at how quickly Charlie was able to be mounting Diana after
just having screwed her not more than ten minutes earlier. She was also very
impressed by Diana’s long and lovely legs and neatly trimmed dark blonde bush.
Just a little triangle of hair around her sister-in-law’s succulent pussy, never
enough there to show accidentally in a swimsuit or if her skirt would fly up.
‘God knows the paparazzi are waiting for everyone of those,” thought Fergie,
“and I should know.”

She looked back again at the power of Charlie as he rode Di and the strength of
Diana’s legs wrapped around his hips with her ankles crossed behind his tight,
muscled butt. “I should swim more,” thought the Duchess glancing down at her
own, fuller thighs. “She’s so sexy in short skirts!”

Fergie was brought out of her daydream by two distinct sounds at once.

First, Diana was cumming and cumming hard and loud. Her hands failing about
grabbing at the pillows, the sheets, the silk cord next to the bed and clawing
at Charlie’s back.

The second was a distinctly shocked gasping sound and the words, “Oh! Madam!”
exclaimed loudly.

It was Fergie’s personal butler, Edgar, who had come to the room when Diana Ð
flailing about in her orgasm Ð pulled the cord to ring him. Now here he stood,
frozen in place, as he looked upon the Duchess of York squatting beside her bed
with a golden dildo in her hairy twat and the Princess of Wales crying out like
a bitch in heat as her chauffeur pulled a massive cock out of her pussy
showering her in sperm.

“You,.er,rang, m’lady?” Edgar said standing just inside the doorway at complete,
dumbfounded, attention. He tried to avoid making eye contact with anything or
anyone near the bed, but the large bulge in the front of his slacks indicated
that the loyal servant had seen plenty enough.

“Er,no,I,YES!” cried Fergie, “I do need you Edgar. For a special service.”
Edgar was now beet red but his erection appeared to grow even larger in his
pants. This was the first time he had seen his Mistress in anything less than a
one-piece swimsuit- much less naked. And the Princess! It was all he could do
to avoid fainting on the spot.

“Edgar,take off all of your clothes please,” Fergie ordered, standing up from
the golden dildo.

Blushing from head-to-toe, the butler did as he was told. He was an older
gentleman, slightly past 50 years of age and had been from a long line of royal
servants to the Windsors.

“Can you keep it up?” asked the Duchess as Edgar was down to only his shorts.
The answer was made clear when he removed the shorts to display his quite erect
cock of about 8 and a half inches and with above average thickness. A droplet of
pre-cum was on the head already.

“I’ll try M’lady,” said Edgar.

“I’m sure you will,” said the Duchess as she reached out and let Edgar to the
bed by his penis that she grasped firmly in her right hand.

On the bed, Diana had taken to sucking Charlie back to an erection, her pretty
mouth expanded around the big, still somewhat limp, cock. Fergie lay back beside
her and used her legs to wrap up Edgar’s thighs and pull the older man into a
standing position at her crotch.

She nodded and smiled at her butler and he eased his cockhead into her pink
folds. She rolled her head back on the bed and smiled at Diana.

“Now Di,” she giggled, “you’re not the only one with a special handyman.”


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